George W. Head
Contributed by Rene' Treffeisen

George W. Head, of Cherry Valley, was born in the town of Cherry Valley,
February 27, 1833.  His father, Hamilton Head, was born in Schoharie
County NY, July 25 1808, and Sylvester Head, the father of Hamilton, was
born in Rhode Island.  He removed from Rhode Island to Schoharie County
in an early day, and was among the first settlers there, where he resided
until 1810, and then removed to Otsego County, and purchased 100 acres
of land in that part of the town of Cherry valley now included in the
town of Roseboom.  Upon this farm he resided till his death, The maiden
name of his wife was Polly Snyder.
Hamilton Head was about two years old when his parents came to Otsego County.
  At that time the country was but little improved.  Neither railroads
nor canals had been constructed, and the people of this portion of the
State had to go to Albany with their surplus products and to buy their
family supplies.  Several days were required to make the round trip, and
those who went used to take their provisions along, which would in these
days of rapid travel and comfortable hotels be considered a great
hardship.  They, however, had to pay for lodging at the hotels and for
hay for their horses.  The grandmother of our subject used to card, spin
and weave the cloth for the family, and made their clothes with her own
hands.  Hamilton Head lived with his parents until he was twenty-one
years old, and then commenced to learn the trade of carpenter ,which
occupation he followed until obliged to retire from active life, owing
to the infirmities of old age.  Since the death of his wife he has made his
home with his children.  The maiden name of his wife was Anna Maria
Salisbury.  She was a native of this State, and was a daughter of John
and Catherine Salisbury.  She died March 4, 1892.  She and her husband
reared eleven children, all of whom survive.
George W. Head began working out at the age of thirteen years, receiving $3
per month and his board.  His father received his wages until he was
twenty-one, and he then began for himself even with the world.  He
continued working for four years longer, and then purchased the lease to
a tract of land, which he operated for fourteen years.  He then rented
another farm for five years, at the end of which time he bought the farm
he now occupies.  This is one of the finest farms in Cherry Valley.  It
contains 185 acres of land on the west side of Cherry Valley Creek, and
is situated two miles below the village.  The improvements on this farm
rank with the best in the county.  Mr. Head is engaged in general
farming, dairying and hop-raising.
He was married, March 3, 1859, to Sarah E. Gould, who was born in Cooperstown, April 11, 
1841, and is a daughter of Henry and Hannah (Pratt) Gould. Mr. and Mrs. Head have three
children, viz: William G., Charles E. and Anna M. William G. married Lottie Rogers, and has
one child, George. Charles E. married Fannie Coats. Mrs. Head is a member of the
Methodist Episcopal Church, and Mr. Head is a republican in politics. He is one of the
industrious, enterprising and successful men of the county, and is esteemed by all for his
character and achievements.
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