Horace L. Chase

Contributed by Rene' Treffeisen

Horace I. Chase, of Pittsfield, NY was born on his fathers farm two

miles east of his present home, July 28 1854. His is a son of Joseph
Chase and his wife, Hulda A. Chase, who was of the same name as her
husband, and a very distant relative. Joseph Chase was born in this
county in 1812, and is now in his eighty-first year, living retired
at New Berlin. His father, Asa Chase, was born in Rhode Island, as
was also his wife, who was Hannah Buffum. There they lived until
about 1808. A portion of their family of thirteen children were born
in Rhode Island. Their names were as follows: Thaddeus, Sweat,
Buffum, Caleb, Benjamin, Asa, Elisha, Joshua, Willett, Betsy, Hannah,
Joseph and Daniel, of whom only the last named survive. Daniel is a
well to do farmer, living on his excellent farm in the town of
Pittsfield; he is seventy-eight years old. Willett was a blacksmith
by trade, and a farmer in Burlington; he died in Niagara County in
1886, at the age of eighty-four, having reared a large family. The
two daughters died in early maidenhood. The parents of this large
family came to this county, making the journey with teams and lived a
short time in New Lisbon. They then removed to the vicinity of
Pittsfield, cutting their way through the forest around Turtle Lake.
here they bought a small tract of land of a Mr. Gratz, and building a
rough log house, made a home in the woods some miles from any
neighbor. Coming with small means, they never accumulated much of
this world's goods, but their lives must be considered a grand success
in that they reared this large family to habits of industry, economy
and honesty. The father was quite a hunter and a crack marksman,
which enabled him to live well on wild game, when domestic animals
were scarce and valuable. The mother of our subject, Hulda Ann
Chase, was a daughter of Comfort Chase, and was very remotely related
to her husband. Her parents were from New England, her mother's
maiden name having been Mercy Murdock. They were farmers, and reared
a family of ten children. Joseph Chase had by his first wife three children, sons, viz: J. L.
Chase, a farmer on the old homestead on which his father settled;
Comfort, a farmer of the town of Pittsfield, and Horace L., the
subject of this notice. The latter was reared on the farm near
his present home, and was educated in the district school only,
but is an intelligent and well informed man. He lives on a farm
of 105 acres, to which he removed in the spring of 1889. In 1878
he married Mary A. Bell, who died October 15, 1878. He was again
married, September 17, 1884, to Eliza E. Tilley, of the town of
Pittsfield, and daughter of William F. Tilley. They have buried
twin daughters, and have living one son, a fine, bright boy, who
was born January 29, 1891. Mr. Chase has thirty-five acres of timber on his farm, a portion of
which is a good sugar bush. He carries on general farming, and
keeps a small dairy of eight cows, also a few young cattle and
sheep. He is a Democrat in politics, and has served his town as
Inspector of Elections.
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