James R. L. Walling

Contributed by Rene' Treffeisen

James R. L. Walling was born in the city of Oneonta on the 12th day of March, 1832, and 
died very nearly on the same spot december 10 1892. He was the last of three generations
of the same name, all of whom have been owners of the farm upon which he was born and
upon which he spent his life. He was brought up on this farm, was educated in the public
and in private schools, among them the Delaware Literary Institute, and was a intelligent,
well-informed man. He was a competent, and in fact a skillful, surveyor and civil engineer.
He became a wealthy man, and owned property in the city containing 120 acres, most of it
laid out in city lots. He also owned a farm of 200 acres outside of hte city limits but
not many miles away. He was for some years Superindendent and Village Trustee. He was
a Democrat in politics, a liberal-minded man in matters of religion, and strictly moral
in every sense of the word. He was well known to the people o fht county as a strictly
upright and honest man. Joseph Walling, father of our subject, was a native of the county of Otsego, and died
there in June 1867, when he was sixty-three years old. Joseph's father was Simeon
Walling, a native of Connecticut, a son of New England parents, and a soliere in the
Revolutionary War. He was married in Connecticut, his wife dying at Wallingford in
that State, leaving him with several small children. In 1784 he left Connecticut and
removed into the new county of the New York State, locating in Otsego County, on the
present site of Oneonta, on the banks of the Susquehanna River. Oneonta was then but
a hamlet, and he settled in teh wilderness with his children, his daughters keeping
house and his sons when old enough helping him to clear up the land and to make a
home in the woods. Here Simeon Walling lived and died, and here his children grew
to manhood and womanhood. His son Joeph Walling, the oungest of the family, came
to be owner of the farm. In this town he married Miss Mary B. Lee, who was born at
Edson's Corners, Otsego Cunty, December 1 1812. she is eighty-two years old, but
well and active, and resides in Knoxville, Pa.: she is well known and beloved by
all who know her. She is a dfaughter of Daniel Lee, a native of the Empire
State, and a patriot also of the War of the Revolution. Sometime prior to the War of
1812 he settled in the town of Milford, Otsego County, where he lived a number of years.
He removed form there to pennsylvania when quite an old man. He was married twice,
and reared a large family of children, twenty-one in all. His last wife, the mother
of Mary b., was formerly Miss Mary Butts, who lived to an advance age of and died
in Otosego County. James R. L. Walling was the only child born to his parents. He was married, November
27 1870, to Miss Alevia Ette Yager, who was born in Oneonta, Octobe 1 1844. She was
well educated, and since the death of her husband has had control of the property.
She is a daughter of Jacob and Eliza (Woodbeck) Yager, natives of Rensselaer County,
N.Y., of Holland-Dutch ancestry, who lived for many years in Dutchess County, N.Y.
In 1814 the family removed to Otsego County, and settled on a farm. Here the parents
of Jacob Yager lived and died. He was only two years old at the time of the removal
to this county. When twenty-five years old he married Miss Eliza Woodbeck, and they
lived on a farm in the town of Oneonta until their death, Mr. yager dying January 20
1866, at the age of fifty years, and his wife October 27 1880, at the age of fifty-eight.
They were both members of the Baptist Church, he being steward of his church. His
father, John S. Yager, was a minister of the Baptist Church at an early day in this
county. Mrs. Walling is the eldest of five children, all living, as follows: Burton
C., a retired farmer now living in Oneonta, and who married Angenette yager, of the
town of Oneonta; Edith, wife of Delos Yager, a farmer; Dewitt C., a shipping clerk in
J. O. & G. N. Rowe's wholesale house, and living with his sister; Adelle E., at present
with her sister, Mrs. Wallig. The three Yager sisters have all been teachers for some
years in Otsego County.
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