Jesse Evans

Contributed by Rene' Treffeisen

Rev. Jesse Evans, of Worcester, Otsego County, was born in cheddar, 
Somersetshire, England, April 3, 1820. He is a son of William
Evans, who was born in the same place, and was a son of William
and Elizabeth Evans, who were also natives of England, and spent
their entire lives in Cheddar. Elizabeth Evans was a
well-educated woman, and was associated with Hannah More in her
work for the Sunday school. William Evans, the father of the
subject of this sketch, was reared on a farm and always followed
farming. He came to the United States in 1852, resided in
Cooperstown three or four years, and then went to Michigan,
settling in Brooklyn, Jackson County. He and his wife both died
at that place. Her maiden name was Elizabeth Andrews, and she
was born in Cheddar, a daughter of Aaron and Betsy Andrews. They
were the parents of four children, viz: Jesse, William, James and
Esther, all of whom came to this country. William and James live
at Sandstone, Jackson Co., Mich.; Esther spent her last years in
that State. Rev. Jesse Evans received his education in the village of Cheddar,
and was reared an Episcopalian, but became a Baptist in his
nineteenth year. He began preaching in his twentieth year on the
cheddar circuit, and continued preaching in England until 1850,
when he came to the United States sailing from Bristol may 12, on
the sailing vessel “Java”, and six weeks later landed at New
York. Locating at Cooperstown, he preached there seven years.
Then, after preaching two years at New Berlin, he preached five
years at Gilbertsville. After a five-years pastorate at Croton,
Delaware County, he went to Unadilla Forks, preaching there four
years. His next pastorate was at Burlington, lasting two years,
and then he went to East Worcester, where he remained seven
years. He then preached two years at Schenevus, and finally went
to Worcester, erected a home, and has resided there ever since.
During his residence at Worcester he has preached four years at
Seward Valley, Schoharie County, besides supplying various
pulpits, and is now retired from active labor. He was married, September 23, 1846, to Frances T. Tucker, who was
born in Blackford, Somersetshire, England, and by whom he has one d
aughter, Euna F. Mrs. Evans is a daughter of John and Hannah
(Taylor) Tucker, natives of Somersetshire, England, where they
spent their entire lives. Euna F. Evans resides at home with her
parents, and is a well educated and accomplished lady. She is a
member of the Fort nightly Club, a literary society of Worcester,
and is Secretary of the Women’s Missionary Society of the
Worcester Baptist Association Mr. Phinney was married, in June, 1851, to Sarah L. Stewart. She was
born in New York City, and now lives in Cooperstown, where also
resides her son, Alexander S.
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