John L. Sawyer

Contributed by Rene' Treffeisen

John L. Sawyer, a resident of Cherry Valley, NY, was born in the 
county of Stanstead, Province of Quebec, Canada, April 25, 1827.
His father, John Sawyer, was born in Vermont, and his father,
Captain Josiah Sawyer, was born in Massachusetts. The great
grandfather and seven sons, including the grandfather of the
subject, were officers in the Revolutionary Army. The
grandfather received a large grant of land in the Province of
Quebec on the condition that he settle there and induce others to
do so. He was a United States pensioner during his last years,
which he spent in what is now Campton County. John Sawyer was five years old when his parents went to Canada, and
he was there reared and married. He followed farming, and also
owned and operated a carding mill in Eaton, Campton County, where
he spent his last years. The maiden name of his wife was
Theodosia Labaree. She was born in Massachusetts, and was the
daughter of Rufus Labaree, also of the Bay State, and a pioneer
in the county of Sherbrooke, Canada. She died in the village of
Eaton. Her paternal grandfather was a soldier in the French and
Indian War, was captured by the enemy and taken from Maine to
Quebec. He finally made his escape and returned to the United
States, locating in Massachusetts. One of his sons fell at
Bunker Hill. The mother of the subject of this sketch reared
four cildren, viz: William, Lucretia, Lucina and John L. William
was for twenty years a member of the Canadian parliament, and
still resided in Quebec; Lucretia became the wife of a Mr.
Osgood, and Lucina of Nelson Hill. John L. Sawyer received his early education at the Grand River
Institute, at Austinburg, Ohio, and was three years at Middlebury
College, at Middlebury, VT, a non-sectarian institution
established in 1800. He was graduated from Trinity College, a
Protestant Episcopal institution at Hartford, Conn., with the
class of 1850. he then engaged in teaching in an academy at
Hartford, Conn., remaining there four years, and was then in
charge of the academy at Delhi, Delaware County NY, ten years.
During this time he raised $30,000 and erected new buildings. He
resigned his position there in 1863, and removed to Cherry Valley
to accept the principalship of the academy there, and remained
two years. He then engaged in institute work, conducting
institutes six years, when he turned his attention to journalism,
buying the Cherry Valley Gazette, and has been engaged in the
publication of that paper since that time. In addition to his
paper he has a book and stationery store. In 1850 Mr. Sawyer married Charlotte Root, of Catskill, NY. They
have one son living, John, who married Ruth Roseboom, and has
three children, viz: Blanche L., John L. and Henry R. Mr. Sawyer
is a member of the Protestant Episcopal Church. Politically, he
is a Democrat.
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