J. P. Butts
Rene' Treffeisen

J. P. Butts, a successful contractor and builder, and wholesale and retail dealer in 
lime, cement, and all kinds of masons' supplies, and also a high grade of
fertilizers, located at the foot of Broad Street, began dealing in Oneonta in a
small way, but now does from $40,000 to $50,000 worth of business each year. He
has been a successful builder of houses, and business blocks of al kinds, for
the past ten years, and has been a mason and mechanic all his active life. He
employs during the building season from thirty to forty men, and more or less
all the year round. The success he has met with in his business career is due
entirely to his own efforts. He was born in the town of Walton, Delaware Co., NY, August 22, 1844, and when he
was yet young his parents removed to Davenport, Delaware County, where he was
educated in the public schools. He served an apprenticeship to the carpenter
trade for two years, and when he was eighteen years old enlisted in Company I,
144th New York Volunteer Infantry, his Captain being Captain Crawford, and his
Colonel, Colonel Huston. The regiment was raised in Delaware County, the
enlistment being dated August 28, 1862. This regiment was assigned to the Army
of the Potomac, and participated in many of the important battles fought by that
noble army. At the battle of Honeyhill Mr. Butts was wounded through the right
leg, and was confined to the hospital at Hilton Head for two months. He then
after a furlough of thirty days at home, rejoined his regiment, and was with it
until the close of the war, when he was honorably discharged from service. This
was at Hilton Head, SC, and when he had served within a few days of three years.
After returning home he worked around for a period of two years before resuming
his trade of mason. His father, Martin Butts, died when he was twelve years
old, and after this event he became the main support of his mother, aided by his
elder brother, Charles H., now deceased, but long well known in Oneonta for his
connection with the freight department of the Delaware and Hudson River Railroad
Company. J. P. Butts, after resuming his trade, was thus engaged form some years. Later he
engaged in farming, and still later returned to his trade, and has given it his
attention ever since. He has been a very successful business man, and is a most
excellent mason and builder. His mother died in Otsego County in 1872, at the
age of fifty-four. Her maiden name was Polly Hallock, and she, as well as her
husband, was a native of the Empire State. J. P. Butts is the only surviving
male member of the family, but he has four sisters still living. He was
married, in Otsego County, to Miss Adeline Peck, who was born and reared in
Delaware County, and educated at Sidney. She is the mother of six children,
viz: Arthur M., the clerk and assistant of his father, who deals also in farm
implements; he married Miss Lula Woodin, and they reside in Oneonta. Howard L,
a mason by trade, and carrying on business on his own account in Laurens, Otsego
Co., NY; he married Miss Fannie Whiteman. Bertha, Laverne P., Harry L. and
Nellie, all four at home. Mr. and Mrs. Butts attend the Methodist Episcopal
Church. Mr. Butts is a Democrat in politics. He is a Master Mason, and a
member of Blue Lodge No. 548, of Laurens, NY. He is also a member of the order
of Red Men of Oneonta, and of E. D. Farmer Post No. 66, G. A. R., of Oneonta.
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