King Hiram Baldwin

Contributed by Judy Morgan

KING HIRAM BALDWIN was born in the town of Westford, Otsego County, 
February 3, 1851. He is a son of Henry and Eve (Nelllis)
Baldwin, who were married December 27, 1838, and were the parents
of eight children. Henry Baldwin was born March 12, 1817. He
was a son of Aaron and Harriet (Baker) Baldwin, who were married
May 26, 1808. Aaron Baldwin was born June 26, 1788, and died
October 29, 1838. They were among the pioneers of Otsego County,
coming here at an early day. King Hiram Baldwin remained at home until he married, working on the
farm, and after his father's death he lived on the old home farm
for five years. He then removed to the town of Middlefield,
where he has lived ever since. His father a self-made man, was
very successful in the accumulation of property, and left a
considerable estate when he died. In politics he was a Democrat.
King Hiram Baldwin married Dec 9, 1874 Miss Lenora Howland, a
daughter of Ira Howland who was a son of Henry and Diadema
(Humphrey) Howland. The Howland family lived in Dutchess Co, NY
and removed to Otsego Co in 1830. Ira Howland's grandfather was
a physician. The family were for the most part either
professional men or mechanics, the father of Ira having been a
cooper. Ira was one of four children, two of whom are still
living. He remained at home until his father's death, and still
owns the old home farm. He was married, at the age of
twenty-seven, to Miss Betsey Cooper, who was born in the town of
Middlefield, and died there at the age of sixty-six.
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