Isaiah Blanchard was born in Rhode Island, May 27, 1787. His 
ancestors originally came from Scotland. When he was nine years
of age his father moved to Vermont. He came to Otsego County
in the year 1806, and settled in the town of Unadilla. Dec.
28, 1813, he was married to Mehetabel Knapp. Twelve children
were the result of this marriage, six of whom are now living.
He died Dec. 22, 1866; Mrs. Blanchard died Jan. 22,
1859. Ebenezer is living on the old homestead, and Larkin H.
has a fine farm in the immediate vicinity, a view of whose
residence can be seen by referring to another page of this
work. Larkin H. married Miss Mary Wyman. They are pleasantly
located, and are surrounded by the attributes of a happy
rural home.
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