Lleuellyn Williams

Mr. LLEUELLYN WILLIAMS, the subject of this sketch, was born in Milford Center, NY, 
July 5, 1870. At the age of five years he removed with his parents to the town of
Liverpool, Onondaga Co. NY. At the age of twelve years he began learning his trade
as a baker at Oneonta, NY. The first of January, 1894, Mr. Williams began an
engagement with Mr. Alonzo Almy of this town, which lasted nine years. He married
Miss Mollie E. Wainright, Oct. 25, 1894. Mr. Williams branched out in business for
himself, March 1, 1903, and rented the bakery in the Watson Building. Being a
superior workman, making unimpeachable bread and cake and possessing a host of
friends, he has enjoyed a large and lucrative business. In addition he has opened an
ice cream parlor and has a soda fountain from which he draws the most cooling and
satisfying of beverages in the season. The quality of his ice cream is pronounced by
his customers to be the very finest, and that it is not excelled by any they have
ever tasted in city parlors. Mr. Williams sells also a choice line of confectionery.
His bread and cake are his specialties. He uses the best of material in their
manufacture, and spares no pains in order to suit the tastes of his customers. He
fills special orders at short notice. Mr. Williams is a very obliging and genial business man.
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