Luther Williams
Contributed by Rene' Treffeisen

 Luther Williams, deceased, one of the early settlers of this county, was born in the 
town of Johnstown, Providence Col, RI, June 2, 1778. His father, Daniel Williams,
was born in the same town, and was a direct descendant of the Rev. Roger Williams,
the famous divine of early Colonial days, who founded Rhode Island. Daniel Williams
was a farmer by occupation, and so far as known was a lifelong resident of his native
State The subject of this sketch passed his boyhood in Johnstown, and was educated
in its schools. Before attaining his majority he migrated from the old New England
home with his brother Silas and family, journeying with an oxteam through the
wilderness, where the road could oftentimes only be distinguished by the means of
blazed trees. The little party arrived safely at its destination in this county, and
Mr. Williams made a permanent settlement in the town of Otsego. He bought a tract of
heavily timbered land, cleared a space, and erected a log cabin, to which he took his
bride when he married. When he came here Otsego was considered to be in the Far
West, so little was the country settled beyond it, and there were but few people
living here then. It required courage, a resolute will and excellent powers of
endurance, to face the hardships of pioneer life. The early settlers lived
principally from the products of their land and from the wild game that was abundant.
For many years Albany was their chief market, and they could not obtain a very high
price for their produce butter selling at from eight to ten cents a pound, eggs at
from six to eight cents a dozen, and their grain and pork did not command any better
prices accordingly. Mr. Williams was a man of industrious habits, and ben this
energies to clearing a farm from the forest wilds. He placed it under fine
cultivation, made substantial improvements, and in due time his farm compared
favorable with the best in the locality. In the home that he established he died in
January, 1853, a busy, well-spent life thus ending at a ripe age. He was a man of
sound common sense, and was greatly respected by his neighbors and all who knew him,
for those qualities that go to make a good citizen. In his politics he was a stanch
upholder of the Whig doctrines. The wife of Luther Williams, who followed him to the grave in 1855, was Phebe Davidson in
her maiden days, and was born in the town of Kingsbury, October 28, 1787. Her father
was Richard Davidson, who was of New England birth. He came from his early home to
Kingsbury, in this State, and subsequently removed from there to Otsego, where he
bought land adjoining the Williams' homestead, and spent the rest of his days on the
farm that he improved. He married Elizabeth Beach, who is thought to have been born
at Sandy Hill, Washington County. Our subject and his wife reared ten children,
named as follows: Thomas, Timothy, Calvin, Elizabeth, Edmund, Harriet, Chauncey,
Hannah E., Sherman and Phebe.
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