Martin VanBuren
Contributed by Judy Morgan

Copied from Biographical Review Otsego Co, NY 1893, p. 710
Martin VanBuren who for the past 20 years, has been residing at his present pleasant 
home, was born in Milford, Otsego Co., Dec 21, 1822. His father was Cornelius
VanBuren. He was born in Glen, Montgomery Co, NY Sept 14, 1792. He was the son of
William VanBuren b. May 2, 1757 at Kinderhook, Columbia Co, NY. William VanBuren was
a blacksmith by trade, which trade he learned and followed in Albany and Otsego Co.
He married Catherine Putnam who was related to Gen. Putnam of Rev. fame?, and who had
a brother who served as a Capt. in the Revolutionary Army. She and her husband had 4
sons and 1 daughter, who arrived at adult age, the sons all becoming heads of
families. Their names were Barney VanBuren, who had 2 sons and who died in the county
when a very old man; Cornelius, a farmer, who died at Mount Vision in 1881 age 87.
He had 3 sons and 4 daughters; Henry who died on his farm in Stanton, Montcalm Co,
Mich, age 75 leaving 1 sons, 1 dau., Tobias was a farmer and mechanic, who died in
the town of Laurens age 75, leaving 1 son and 3 dau. and Elizabeth who never married
and who died in Montgomery Co. age 70. William VanBuren came to Otsego Co, from Montgomery Co, in 1812. He was a man of
moderate means and bought 300 acres in Milford, 3 mi. S.E. of Mt Vision where he
lived until his death, which occurred in Feb 1830 when in his 74th year. His widow
survived him until 1839 and died age 73. They are sleeping in the little family
burying ground in Laurens. When he came to this part of the state the country was
yet wild, and though the red men had gone to the westward, yet the woods were full of
wild beasts and contained much game. Cornelius VanBuren married Magdalene Martin of Montgomery Co, and came to Otsego Co.
about 1821. Here he joined his father on a farm of 400 acres which they owned in
common. By this wife he had 3 sons and 3 dau, viz, Peter Putnam who died in
Montgomery Co, age 35, leaving 3 sons and 2 dau; Susan C. the widow of George D. Hoag
and now living in MIlford, Otsego Co, Hester, widow of Samuel Edres of Middlebury,
Schoharie Co, William who died in 1871 age 51, Martin the subject of this sketch; and
Elizabeth the wife of Martin Pine, now of Oneonta. Cornelius VanBuren was married a
second time to Margaret (Putnam) Hardenburg in 1826, widow of Cornelius Hardenburg
and a dau. of Capt. Putnam of the Rev. Army and a pensioner. She bore her husband (I
think this means 1st husband), one dau. Delaney, who married Silas Robinson, and died
in Albany in 1887, age 60, the 2nd wife of Cornelius VanBuren died in Nov 1872 age
87. Mr VanBuren was married a 3rd time to Mrs Rachel Field, nee Smith, widow of
Albert Field of Fly Creek. She now resides in Oneonta and is an old lady. Mr
VanBuren died Aug 29, 1881, age 79. Martin VanBuren was reared to farm life and labor but with limited educational
opportunities, attending school usually in the winter-time in the little log school-
house. He was married at 23, Feb 4, 1846 to Rebecca Pettengill of Milford, a dau. of
Samuel and Catherine (Putnam) Pettengill, both of Montgomery Co., NY. Mr Pettengill
was a farmer and died in Milford in 1863 in his 75th year, his wife died in Feb 1877,
age 86. They had 2 dau. Rebecca and Sarah Ann, wife of Alfred E. Wellman, who died
in the town of Laurens in June 1882, at about 55. Martin VanBuren and his wife began
their married life on their own farm in Hartwick where they lived and labored for 27
years. They had a good farm of 111 acres, a part of which they have sold. They
removed to their present home in Dec 1872 where Mr VanBuren, who has always been a
farmer, is still actively engaged in that useful occupation. He has 7 acres in the
village of Mt Vision, 47 acres in Hartwick, a part of the old farm, and also owns 125
acres, a part of the old farm on which he was born. He has served as supervisor for
2 terms, and has also served several other minor offices, such as school trustee,
etc. He assisted in building the present village school house. He is a Republican
and was elected Supervisor by a handsome majority altho in a Democratic town. Mr VanBuren and wife have lost one dau. Helen Catherine who died Nov 29, 1862 in her 14th
year. They now have one son and one dau. Putnam E. now in Leland, Oregon, and
Maggie, wife of Elmer L. Field living at home with her parents. The son Putnam
married Viola Tucker by whom he has a dau. Hattie 19, and a son Jay, 17. Mr Field is
a farmer and ships cattle and hay to Station Island. Mrs Field is a music teacher
and a graduate of Prof. Russell's Conservatory in Oneonta.
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