Township Sections of Mini-Biographies

The History of Otsego County, New York


D. Hamilton Hurd

Published by Everts & Fariss, Philadelphia



Major TUNNICLIFF located near Schuyler's Lake, in the south-
eastern part of the town, on lands now owned by J. FERN. 
He was a prominent citizen, and did much toward the improvement 
of this locality. He reared a large family. One daughter, Mrs. 
JUDD, now about seventy-five years of age, resides at 
Schuyler's Lake.
William ANGELL, who settled contemporaneously with Major 
Tunnicliff, came from Rhode Island, and located on what has 
subsequently been known as "Angell's Hill, " in school district 
No. 3. His family consisted of six sons and several daughters. 
The sons were Caleb, Joshua, Prentiss, Stephen, Robinson, and 
William G., all of whom were esteemed citizens. William G. 
was an influential man, and represented this district in congress; 
Joshua settled on the farm where H. FAY now resides, and 
Thomas Angell on premises owned by Milton TAYLOR. David 
R. and Joseph, sons of Caleb Angell, are residents of the town. 
The former resides on the old homestead, and the latter at 
Exeter Centre, on the farm formerly owned by Dr. BUCKINGHAM.
Among the many worthy pioneers who left the "land of steady 
habits" and sought homes in what was then considered the 
"western wilderness," was Jonathan Angell, who located in 
Burlington in 1806, and a few years later in this town. He 
settled on the farm now occupied by Marvin T. MATTERSON. 
His family consisted of nine children, only one of whom 
survives, viz., Jonathan Angell, at the advanced age of seventy-
five, who resides at Exeter Centre.
BEARDSLEY - One of the prominent and early settlers of the 
was Levi BEARDSLEY, who came to the "Herkimer farm" 
with his father in 1790. He remained here one or two years, 
and then removed to Richfield.