Township Sections of Mini-Biographies

The History of Otsego County, New York


D. Hamilton Hurd

Published by Everts & Fariss, Philadelphia



HUNT- The settlement of the town commenced soon after the 
close of the Revolution. Among the first settlers was Ransom HUNT, 
who with a wife and four children came from Bennington, Vt., in 
about the year 1800, and purchased land on the present site of the 
village. He purchased several hundred acres of land at one dollar 
and twenty-five cents per acre. Mr. Hunt built the first tavern in 
the town, which was of logs, and stood a short distance south of 
the Sliter hotel. Seven years later, in 1807, he erected a frame 
tavern which he kept more than forty years. The old building, 
which burned in April 1877, stood on the site now occupied by the 
Sliter hotel. Mr. Hunt was a prominent pioneer, and did much to 
advance the interests of the settlement. His family consisted of 
four sons and two daughters. A daughter, Mrs. HUGHSON, 
resides in the village, and two sons, Harvey and Ransom, in the 
Another prominent early settler as Daniel WELLER, who emigrated 
from Roxbury, Conn., in 1809, and located in the village. He was 
closely identified with the interests of the town, and was its first 
supervisor, and continued in office eight years. He was also a 
justice of the peace, and officiated in that capacity nearly twenty 
years. Two daughters reside in Laurens.
Nathan EMERSON from Connecticut, was a pioneer in the vicinity 
of Otsdawa, where he died. Two sons, Samuel L. and Lewis D., 
are residents of the town. 
SHELDON- Another prominent pioneer on the west branch of 
the Otsdawa was Henry SHELDON, who came from Rhode Island, 
in about the year 1817, and settled about two miles above Otego 
village. He reared a large family. One son, Timothy Sheldon, 
resides in the vicinity. The old homestead is occupied by Mrs. 
HOPKINS, a sister of Henry Sheldon. 
Jonathan WEAVER was also an early settler from Rhode Island. 
He came into the town in about the year 1800, and located on 
Smith's patent, about four miles from Otego. With Mr. Weaver 
came Thurston BROWN, also from Rhode Island, who married 
his daughter, and located in the vicinity. He was a soldier in the 
war of 1812, and was in the engagement at Queenstown. A son, 
Thurston, resides in the town, and occupies the farm upon which 
he was born in 1806. 
Benjamin EDSON, a soldier of the Revolution, came from 
Massachusetts in 1816. Freeman EDSON, S. L. EMERSON, and 
Thurston BROWN are the only surviving old settlers in the valley.
Frederick MARTIN came from Amsterdam, N.Y., in about 1799,
and settled on the east branch of the Otsdawa. His family consisted 
of ten children,- four sons and six daughters. A son, Samuel, came 
with his father and settled upon an adjoining farm, where he died, 
aged seventy-three years. Numerous descendants are numbered 
among the respectable citizens of the town.
King HATHAWAY and a son, Cephus, emigrated from the "land 
of steady habits" in about the year 1799, and settled at Otsdawa. 
Cyrus and Lysander Hathaway reside in the town.
Deacon Lester NEWLAND settled in Otego, then known as 
Huntsville, in 1822. The old homestead is owned by his son, Henry.