Orange H. Conklin
Transcribed by Rene' Treffeisen

Orange H. Conklin, who resides at Richfield Springs, was born in the town of
Springfield, Otsego County, January 12, 1815.  He is a son of Silas Conklin,
who was born on the east end of Long Island, and whose father, Jacob, was,
so far as known, also born on Long Island, and was of Welsh ancestry,  He
removed from Long Island to Herkimer County, and resided some years at Van
Hornesville, and then removed to Pompey, Onondaga county, where he died.
The maiden name of his wife was Schelenger.
Silas Conklin, the father of Orange H., went from Long Island to Connecticut
  and there learned the trade of carpenter and millwright.  From Connecticut
he removed, when a young man, to the State of New York, his wealth
consisting of a few tools and his trade.  In this State he followed his
trade for some years, and at the time of his marriage bought land in the
town of Springfield, and erected a house upon the place.  He superintended
the improvement of the land, and carried on the business of contractor and
builder.  Continuing to reside on his farm he added thereto, and at the time
of his death, which occurred in 1855, owned 400 acres.  The maiden name of
his wife was Ann Eliza Hicks.  She was born in the eastern part of the State
of New York, and was a daughter of Dr. Thomas and Annie (Doty) Hicks.  She
and her husband reared eight children, viz:  Henry W., Nancy, Milton,
Catherine, Ann Eliza, Luther, Orange H. and Melita, all of whom are dead but
the two last named.  Silas Conklin and his wife were both members of the
Methodist Episcopal Church.  Mrs. Conklin died in 1857.
Orange H. Conklin and his sister Melita were both educated at Springfield.
He was reared to agricultural pursuits and remained on the farm until 1856,
when he removed to Richfield Springs, and has since devoted his time to his
own private affairs.  Melita, at the age of twenty-six, married Sebra Reed,
who was born in Warren, Herkimer County, and was a son of Benjamin Reed.  He
early began the study of medicine, graduated in Vermont, and commenced
practice at Van Hornesville.  From that place he removed to Richfield
Springs, and opened a drug store, continuing in the business a number of
years, when, on account of ill health, he went West, and died in Illinois.
Since the death of her husband, Mrs. Reed has lived with her brother, Orange
H.  They are among the oldest of the native born residents of the county now
residing at Richfield Springs.

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