Patrick Mooney

Contributed by Rene' Treffeisen

Patrick Mooney, a general farmer and stock raiser, was born April 9, 1822, 
in County Meath, Ireland, and is a son of Christopher and Catharine Mooney, 
both of whom were born in the Erin Isle. Christopher Mooney was by trade a 
carpenter, and with his wife and three children emigrated from his native 
land to the United States in 1823. He settled in Otsego County, and 
purchased 140 acres of land. Upon this farm there were born to him and his 
wife three more children. Of the family of six children only two are now 
living, Patrick and Peter, the latter of whom lives in Gloversville, and is 
a butcher by trade. Christopher Mooney died in the city of Troy, at the age 
of fifty-two; his wife died on the farm, at the age of eighty-three. In 
religion both were Catholics, and in politics he was a Democrat. He was a 
hard-working, honest and industrious man, and won the respect of all who 
knew him. 
Patrick Mooney was educated in the district schools of Otsego County, and 
remained at home until he was twenty-eight years of age, when he was married 
to Mary Spellman, who like himself, was born in Ireland. She came to the 
United States with her parents, Philip and Catharine Spellman, when she was 
fifteen years of age. They settled upon a farm in the town of Worcester. 
Mr. Spellman died in the the city of Troy; his wife died on the farm. 
Patrick Mooney bought his first tract of land when he was twenty-eight years 
old. this contained 120 acres, and he still owns and occupies it. he has 
owned at one time as much as 230 acres, but has given land to his sons. The 
improvements on his farm were all made by himself. The farm is supplied 
with good buildings, and is on e of the best in the county. Besides general 
farming and dairying, he also grown hops, making a specialty of the latter 
Mrs. Mooney died in 1871, at the age of forty, leaving her husband with seven children, 
six of whom are now living, viz; Christopher, living in Amsterdam, NY; Philip, whose
farm adjoins his father's; Libbie, wife of William Keegan, and living at
Gloversville; Maggie, wife of Jack Northrup, and living at East Worcester; Charles
and William, both living at home. Mrs. Mooney was, as is Mr. Mooney, a member of the
Catholic Church. He is a Democrat. The Mooney family were among the early settlers in
the town of Worcester, and Mr. Mooney can remember the day when wild game was
plentiful. He has seen deer and their fawns come home with the cows in bad weather
and feed with them. His mother was accustomed to weave, card and spin, and make the
clothing for the family, all of whom dressed in homespun. Mr. Mooney is a highly
respected citizen, and takes great interest in everything calculated to promote the
prosperity of the town.
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