Samuel N. Hodges

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Rene' Treffeisen

Samuel N. Hodges, manager of the country seat of D. M. Ferry, the great Detroit seed 
man, the farm embracing about 100 acres in the northern part of the town of Unadilla,
and well supplied with beautiful residences, stock barns, etc., was formerly in the
meat market business in Unadilla. This country seat is one of hte most beautiful
spots in Otsego Cunty, and Mr. Hodges has had charge of it for abut a year. Previous
to being occupied in the meat market and truck-raising business, Mr. Hodges was a
farmer in Sidney, Delaware County, where he still owns sixty-two acres of land, which
is highly improved, and has excellent buildings. Mr. Hodges was born in Sidney, September 25, 1840, and was educated in his native town.
He there became a farmer on his own account, and was educated in his native town. He
there became a farmer on his own account, and was thus engaged until about two years
ago, when he removed to Unadilla. he has always been an energetic and successful man,
and has made what he has by his own exertions. He is a son of Albert F. Hodges, and
also a native of Sidney, and who is now living in Unadilla, at the age of seventy-two,
having removed there in the fall of 1892. In Sidney he became a farmer and miller,
following the latter business, however, but a short time, and making farming his life
work. he is a son of Andrew Hodges, a native of Connecticut, who before his marriage
removed from that State to Delaware County, and there secured a piece of wild land in
the town of Sidney, where he lived and worked until his death, which occurred when he
was eighty-four years of age. His wife, Miss Mary E. Wattles, was born in Delaware
County, reared in Sidney, and died in middle life. The mother of Samuel N. Hodges was formerly Miss Jane Carley. She was born in Sidney,
reared and married there, and since her marriage has been an excellent wife and kind
mother. She is now living in Unadiilla, well preserved for her age, and is the mother
of the following children: Samuel N., the subject of this sketch; Catherine, wife of
Eugene Carr, who is running a meat market in Unadilla; Elizabeth, wife of M. D. Cornish,
partner of Mr. Carr; Ralph C., single, and living with his parents. Mr. Hodges married Miss Sarah Noxon, of Masonville, Delaware County, who has borne her
husband one child, Edna, who died in infancy. Mr. Hodges has always taken an active
part in the affairs of the town where he has lived, and is a Democrat in politics, but
not an office-seeker. He is an honest man and good citizen, and is highly esteemed
wherever known.
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