Seymour S. Kilborn
Transcribed by Rene' Treffeisen

Seymour S. Kilborn was born in the town of Oneonta, NY., December 9, 1835. 
He was brought up to agricultural pursuits in his native town, and was 
educated in the public schools. After managing the farm some years he sold 
it, and became engaged as a stonemason and contractor, removing to Oneonta. 
He as been successful in this business, having done much work on business 
blocks and public buildings. He was contractor for the stone work of the new 
iron bridge across the Susquehanna River, at the foot of Main Street, 
Oneonta, and has built many of the bridges of the town and county, and has 
been for many years Highway Commissioner. He has always taken an active 
part in local matters, is well known to the people, and has hosts of friends 
both in the village and county. All the work he has done for the town and 
the village of Oneonta has received approval, and given satisfaction to the 
public. He has always been a sound Republican, taking active interest in 
local politics, and in general respects has always been prominent as a good 
and public spirited citizen. 
His father, Elisha B. Kilborn, was born in the town of Meredith, Delaware Co., 
NY July 17, 1807, and his parents, Elisha B. and Polly (Seymour) Kilborn, were native of Litchfield, Conn. After their marriage they removed to Delaware County, and settled in the town of Meredith, on Elk Creek. After some years, having had enough of farm life, and having improved the farm greatly, they removed to the town of Franklin, and later, when well advanced in life, removed to the town of Walton, where they died. They are now remembered as having been good citizens and kind hearted neighbors. They were members of the Baptist Church. Elisha B. Kilborn, Jr., was the third of five children, all of whom married and all of whom reared children but one. There were two sons and three daughters, who are all now deceased. Elsisha B. Kilborn was reared a farmer boy, received a common school education, and was married, in the town of Franklin, to Miss Mary Fitch, who was born and brought up in that town, and was a daughter of Samuel and Naomi (Sumner) Fitch, who were both natives of Connecticut. They were both of good New England families, Mrs. Fitch being a member of the same family with Senator Charles Sumner. Mr. and Mrs. Fitch, after their marriage, removed from Connecticut and settled in the town of Franklin, Delaware County, and there lived and died, the former at the age of sixty, the latter at seventy years of age. Mrs. Fitch was one of a large family, all of whom were good and worthy people, and members of the Presbyterian and Baptist Churches. A few years after their marriage Elisha B. Kilborn and wife settled down on a farm, living on improved lands in Otego and Franklin, up to the time of their removing to Oneonta, in the year 1843. Here they lived, highly esteemed as good citizens, Mr. Kilborn being very successful in his business He died in 1878, at the age of seventy-one. He was a Baptist in religion, and up to 1860 was a Democrat in politics, but at that time became a Republican, and remained on to the end of his life. He was well known as one of the best of farmers, and as a good, quiet, unassuming man. His wife died in 1861, at the age of fifty. She was a devoted woman, wife and mother and a kind neighbor, and was recognized everywhere as a true Christian woman. She was the mother of three children, viz: Seymour S.; Mary, wife of Allen Adams, a farmer, of Floyd County, Iowa; and Lodema, widow of William A Dewey, and living in Postdam, St. Lawrence Co. NY. Seymour S. Kilborn was married in the town of Oneonta, October 3, 1860, to Miss
Delilah Shepherd, who was born in Oneonta, NY, December 8, 1839, and was
educated in the public schools of the town. She is one of a family of one son
and five daughters, born to Isaac and Caroline (Camp) Shepherd, natives of
Connecticut, who after they grew up removed to the State of New York, and were
married in St. Lawrence County. Not long after their marriage they removed to
the town of Oneonta, Otsego County, and there spent the remainder of their days.
Mr. Shepherd died at the age of seventy years. His wife died in March 1892, aged
eighty eight. She was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and a true
example of worthy womanhood. Mr. and Mrs. Kilborn are members of the First
Methodist Episcopal Church of Oneonta, which Mr. Kilborn has served as trustee
and steward. In politics he is a stanch Republican. He and his wife are the
parents of two children, one of whom, Lilian, died when twenty years of age, and
accomplished and elegant young lady. The other, also a daughter, Carrie M., is
still at home and is well educated and intelligent.
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