Smith Gordon

Contributed by Lori Driver

Smith S. Gordon,  Supervisor of the town of Cherry Valley, was born December 30, 1833 
in Charleston, Montgomery County, New York., of which town his father Schuyler Gordon,
was also a native. His father Ezekial Gordon, was born in New Jersey but moved to
Montgomery County at an early day. He owned a farm in Charleston, and following farming
and brick making, living there until his death. The maiden name of his wife was Maybee.
Schuyler Gordon was reared on the farm and always followed farming. He came to Otsego
County in the year 1836, and bought a farm in Cherry Valley, upon which he resided until
his death. The maiden name of his wife was Susan Smith. She was born either in Charleston
or in Bennington, VT. Her father was formerly a resident of Vermont, and was an early
settler in Charleston. She died on the home farm in Cherry Valley. She reared three
children- Margaret Ann, Smith S., and Mary E. Smith Gordon was three years old when his parents removed to Cherry Valley. He was
educated at that place, and at the age of eighteen began teaching school, the first
four months receiving, $12.50 per month and board. He boarded around among the patrons
of the school. He continued teaching in the winter season several years, during the
remainder of the year being engaged in farming, and succeeded his father in the
ownership of the home farm. In 1862 he married Ann Eliza Thompson, who was born in
Cherry Valley, as was her father, David Thompson, and also his father John Thompson.
The father of John Thompson was one of the early settlers of Cherry Valley, locating
there previous to the Revolutionary War. He was a farmer by occupation, and spent his
last years with his daughter, Mrs. James Horton. The maiden name of his wife was Rhoda
Hull. She was born in Bennington, Vermont, and died in the town of Cherry Valley. The
father of Mrs. Gordon learned the Smith S. Gordon attended the meeting at which the Republican Party was organized, at
Cherry Valley. There were but three men present besides himself, their names being
Jabez D. Hammond, Oliver A. Morse, and George Storey. He has been a member of the party
ever since, and a most intelligent and strong defender of its principles. He is now
serving his second term as a member of the County Board of Supervisors. He is one of
the best known men of this town, as well as one of the most enterprising and useful.
Mrs. Gordon is a member of the Presbyterian Church. ** Note: I believe the maiden name of Squire Briggs' wife ( Desire ) to be Wickes,
not Suites. Compendium of Early Mohawk Valley Families. Volume 1 Written by Marilynn Penrose
Published 1990. _____________________________________________________________________ Briggs, Squire a Cherry Valley resident, died 12/5/1866, aged 89 years; removed to
Cherry Valley Cemetery; buried on the lot of his son in law Ralph Rudd Sr., his son in law.
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