Stanton M. Monroe

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Rene' Treffeisen

Stanton M. Monroe, a practical and successful farmer and stock dealer, is living on a 
good farm in the town of Unadilla, not far from Sidney, which he has owned for three
years. He was previously a lumber dealer and also a successful speculator. He was
born in the town of Guilford, Chenango County, November 10 1857, and his parents
removed to the town of Unadilla, in 1858, since which time he has been a resident of
this latter town, attending the Union Graded School at Sidney, and remaining at home
until he became of age. he is the eldest of three sons born to his parents, one of
whom, Bennett W., was killed by the kick of a vicious horse when he was twenty-six
years of age. he was a very promising young man, and was unusually successful as a
speculator. he had married Eva M. Collins, who is now living with her father, Le Roy
Collins, of Unadilla, but had no children. Another of the sons, Roswell A., is a
merchant at Liberty, Sullivan Co., N. Y. He married Clarinda Young, of Liberty.
Julia E. is the wife of George L. Harding, of Binghamton, N. Y. The parents of these children are Thomas C. and Julia E. Monroe, the former a
native of Broome County, the latter of Chenango. They were married in Guilford,
and began life there on a farm. Not long afterward they settled on their present
farm of 200 acres, in the town of Unadilla, and here they have lived ever since,
owning, however, eight acres in another part of the town. Mr. Monroe was for many
years a farmer and dairyman, but of late years had turned his attention more to
speculation and dealing in stock, and has been successful in this line as well as
the others mentioned. Both he and his wife are active and prominent in local and
social affairs, and attend the Episcopal Church, of which Mrs. Monroe is a
communicant. Politically, Mr. Monroe is a Republican, but, although he has held
some of the local offices of the town, gives little time to politics. Stanton M. Monroe was married, in the town of Guilford, to Miss M. Blanche Miller,
who was born, reared and educated in East Guilford, She is a daughter of Austin
and Sarah (Arms) Miller, successful farmers living on the old Miller homestead at
East Guilford, the farm having been owned by the family since the early part of the
present century. They were both born and reared in Guilford, and are now past
fifty years of age. They are excellent people, and are active members of the
Presbyterian Church, of which church their parents were among the founders in
Guilford. The family originally, so far as this branch is concerned, came from
Connecticut, and were highly respectable people. Mrs. Monroe is the eldest of six children, three of whom are deceased, viz:
Charles A., who died when eleven years of age; Amelia L., at the age of six,
and Edward G., at the age of four and a half, all dying of diptheria. Those
living are: Mrs. Monroe; Fred S. and John H., the former a bookkeeper, and
the latter at home. Mr. and Mrs. Monroe have one chld, Margaret L., a little
maiden one year and four months old.
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