Theobald Smith

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Rene' Treffeisen

Theobald Smith, who was formerly a prominent farmer and stockraiser, was 
born July 9, 1813, in the town of Worcester, and is a son of Whitehead and 
Sarah Jane (Bartholomew) Smith, the former of whom was born on Long Island, 
of English parents. He had two brothers i the revolutionary War, one of 
whom was taken prisoner until his death. The other brother was killed in the 
war. He was himself taken to England at the age of sixteen, and lived there 
thirteen years, and while in England learned the trade of weaver. While 
there he married, and afterward came to the United States, settling in the 
State of New York. Soon after arriving in this country his wife died. He 
was married twice afterward, and by his three wives reared a family of seven 
children. He died in the town of Westford, at the age of eighty-one, and 
was buried in the town of Worcester. The father of Whitehead Smith, 
Israel Smith, was born on Long Island, and lived there all his life, dying 
when an old man. 

The mother of our subject died when he was five years old, and 
his father's home being thus broken up, he was reared by Mr.
George W. Butler until the latter's death. Mr. Butler had been a
school teacher, and he taught young Smith the rudiments of his
education at home. Mr. Smith was married at the age of
twenty-three to Ann Eliza Miller, who was born in the town of Cambridge,
Washington Co., N.Y. She died in her forty-ninth year, in the
town of Worcester. He was married again in 1861 to Mary Holmes,
who was born December 22, 1825, in Schoharie County, and is the
daughter of Deacon William and Mary Holmes. They reared a
family of eight children, four of whom are still living, viz:
Rosanna Simmons, Sally Ann Phillips, Mrs. Smith and John Homes.
Deacon Holmes died at the age of ninety-nine on his farm, upon
which he had settled upon coming to this county, and upon which
he had lived seventy years. his wife died on the same farm at
the age of ninety-two. They were both members of the Baptist
church. He was a Republican in politics. His father, James
Holmes, was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. Theobald Smith fell heir to Mr. Butler's farm, to which he added
until he had 113 acres. He has lived in the house where he now
resides for some twenty-three years. Mrs. Smith has a one-half
interest in a farm of 200 acres, located in Fulton, Schoharie
County. Mr. Smith has had three children by his two marriages,
only one of whom is living, Henry H., who was born July 3, 1842,
and is Assistant Postmaster in the village of Worcester. George
W. died at the age of three years, and Mary Ann, who was the wife
of Adelbert Partridge, died when thirty-five years of age,
leaving one son, Henry, now living in Binghamton, and engaged in
the office of the Delaware & Hudson Railroad Company. Mr. and
Mrs. Smith are members of the Baptist Church. In politics he is
a Republican. He was Assessor of the town of Westford three
years, and has held other minor offices. Mrs. Smith has one brother, John Holmes, a leading merchant and
Postmaster in the village of Richmondville, Schoharie County. He
has a family of two children, viz: Rose, wife of George Winter,
Assistant Postmaster, and John D., cashier in the bank at
Richmondville. Whitehead Smith, a brother of Theobald, had four
sons in the Union army, in the war of the Rebellion, one of whom
was killed at the last battle of Chancellorsville.
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