The subject of this sketch was born in Meredith, Delaware Co., N. Y., July 30, 1808. He was the son of John and Sally Chapman. The family came to Unadilla in the year 1816, and the following year purchased the farm on which the Chapman family still resides. The land at that time was nearly all heavily timbered. John was unfortunate in business; and about the year 1830 left the farm, which was considerably encumbered, in the possession of Uriah, and went to Tompkins county, where he died march 18, 1858, his wife having died a few years earlier.

Upon the departure of his father for Tompkins county, Uriah set himself to work with a will to pay off the indebtedness; and the results show that he was successful in accomplishing the undertaking, which was no small matter in those early days, when money was so hard to get.

Dec. 3, 1835, he married Maria Spencer, daughter of Ithamer and Matilda Spencer. Mr. Spencer was born in Columbia Co., N. Y. He came to this county with his parents in 1796, and settled in the town of Maryland. He moved to Unadilla in 1840, and in 1844 was chosen a ruling elder of the Presbyterian Church.

To Mr. and Mrs. Chapman were born four children, two of whom are now living, namely, David P. and Watson, both of whom are living on the old homestead with their mother. They have a fine farm, and some of the best stock in town. Mr. Chapman was a man of unusual industry, of unbending integrity, of unflinching fidelity to his convictions, and of consistent piety. Hence he was highly esteemed by all who knew him. He was for many years a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He died Feb. 1, 1869.

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