Walter G. Rose

Walter G. Rose was born in Coventry, near Hartford, CT on October 2, 1814. Horace 
Rose, the father of Walter, was a native of Connecticut, born in 1788. He was a
man of the best education and in his younger days was a teacher. In 1825 he
moved to NY State and settled on a farm in the town of Hartwick, OTSEGO county,
NY, where he made his home until the fall of 1844, when he brought his family to
Steuben County and settled in the village of Hornellsville, and died here
February 8, 1862. The mother of our subject, Marcia Edgerton, was born in
Connecticut in 1789, and died in Hornellsville in 1875 at eighty-six years of
age. To them six children were born, all of them gone but Walter. He was given a
good common school education, and his first occupation was serving as an
apprentice to the tinsmith trade. Three and a half years later when he was
twenty-one he started as journeyman and was two and a half years at the bench.
In 1838 he formed a co-partnership with his former employer in Hartwick, and was
a member of the firm for four years. He then started for himself and conducted a
dry-goods business til the emigration of the family to this county. April 9,
1845, he had his goods all here and ready to start in business, where his
residence is now located. The business then was manufacturing of tinware and
dealing in stoves, which gradually grew into the dealing in all classes of
hardware and farming implements. The business increasing, in 1848 Mr. Rose
removed to the north side of Main St. where the present place of business is. At
that time there were but two stores on the north side of Main St., that of
Charles Baldwin, a drug store and one dry-goods store. Mr. Rose has ever since
been engaged in business in this city. He has occupied many positions of trust
and honor in this town. He was a director of the Bank of Hornellsville and was
nine years accessor and was five years supervisor of the town. About the close
of the war Mr. Rose purchased thirteen acres of farm land on Canisteo street,
which he opened up for village residences and erected twenty to twenty five
buildings. The three beautiful residences on Main St. and the many stores of the
village have been built by him. He was married in 1838 to Miss Glovina Olendorf
of Hartwick, OTSEGO county, who is still spared to his partnership. The three
children of this union are John R., a partner in the store, and Charles O., a
manufacturer. Annie, the only daughter, was drowned in 1869. From "Landmarks of Steuben County" By Hon. Harlo Hakes 1896.
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