Whitman Town
Contributed by Rene' Treffeisen

Whitman Town, one of the old and prominent settlers of Otsego County, is a son of Rufus 
Town, who was born in Massachusetts, but emigrated to Connecticut, and there began
life farming, together with an uncle. He afterward came to the State of New York,
locating in Washington County, where he married Abigail Crocker, and later came to
Otsego County, settling in the town of Richfield. There he bought a farm, upon which
he lived until his death. This farm he improved greatly, made it a good home for
himself and family, and took much pride in its improved condition. His wife died
some time before him, and after he death he lived with his children the remainder of
his life. He and his wife were the parents of eight children, viz: Amelia, Hulda,
Benjamin, Rufus and Feeman, all deceased: Whitman, the subject of this sketch; Seth
C. and Josiah, both deceased. Whitman Town was born in the town of Richfield, Otsego Col, NY., July 11, 1808, and spent
his youth on a farm, clearing land and doing the regular and necessary farm work. He
secured a good common-school education, and afterward supplemented this elementary
education largely by observation, actual contact with the world, and private reading.
He remained at home until he was twenty-one years of age, then started out in life
for himself, without money, but with energy and determination to make his way.
Having a brother older than himself at work on the Erie Canal, he went to him and
worked for a time on a boat. This work being very distasteful to him, he gave it up
in about two months, and hired out by the month on a farm, and was engaged for the
most part in cutting wood at $10 per month. At this work he continued for some years,
and then engaged in teaching school in the winter months, following that profession
for nine successive winters. he was also engaged in teaching vocal music, and served
as School Commissioner. When twenty-nine years old he married Sarah Porter, daughter
of Alfred and Deborah (Gates) Porter, and then rented a farm in the town of
Burlington for one year. He next bought eighty acres of land where he now lives and
has since added to his original purchase until at the present time he has 148 acres,
and has made of it a good farm, and home. He has been engaged in farming, mostly
dairying, ever since his marriage, and has been very successful. Mr. Town and his wife have become the parents of five children. Sarah Jane, now
deceased, was the wife of Park Benjamin, and the mother of four childre, viz: Claude,
who is now in Cornell University; Camilla, Dora and Elida, the latter deceased.
Helen is the wife of Samuel Teft, a farmer of Burlington; to them were born two sons,
Olin and Murz, the former of whom died at the age of six, and Murz at the age of
three. Theodore is deceased. Fremont married De Ette Arnold, and lives on the farm
with his parents. Irwin P. is principal of the High school at Paterson, NJ; he
married Lizzie Johnston, and to them was born a son, who died in infancy. Mr. Town
gave his children the best possible opportunities for securing a good education. Politically, he is a Republican. While he and his wife are Christian people, they are not members of any church. Mr. Town has held local office occasionally, serving three years as Commissioner of Highways. He has obtained a competence for his old age, and is now enjoying a well-erned rest. He has been a man of more than ordinary energy and influence, and has always been held in the highest esteem by his fellowmen.
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