Otsego Business Directory
Town of Burlington
Contributed by Jean Chapman Snow


Explanations: Directory is arranged as follows: 1. Name of individual or firm. 2. Jpost office address in parenthesis. 3. Business or occupation A Star (*) placed before a name, indicates an advertiser in this work. Figures placed after the occupation of farmers, indicate the number of acres of land owned or leased by the parties. Names set in CAPITALS indicate subscribers to this work. The word Street is implied as regards directory for the villages.



Ackerman, G.M. (Burlington) cheese maker and painter. ADAMS, BARNEY (Burlington) dairyman and farmer 90 Ainslie, Wm. (Burlington) farmer 131 Alger, Margaret (Hartwick) farmer 60 Arnold, Chas. (Burlington Flats) dairyman and farmer 70 Arnold, E.D. (Burlington Flats) dairyman and farmer 76 Arnold, E. Darwin (Burlington Flats) (with Henry) farmer 76 Arnold, Henry (Burlington Flats) (with E. Darwin) farmer 76 Arnold, H.B. (Burlington) physician Arnold, H.P. (Burlington Flats) watchmaker and farmer 92 Arnold, Welcome (Burlington Flats) farmer 70 Austin, Jessie P. (West Burlington) resident AUSTIN, SAMUEL J (West Burlington) egg dealer, hop raiser and farmer 127 Aylsworth, Lyman (Garrattsville) farmer 100 Bailey, Albert (Burlington) farmer leases of Edward Phillips 130 BAILEY, S.P. (West Burlington) cooper BAKER, BENJAMIN (Burlington) farmer 40 Balcom, Amasa N. (Hartwick) hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 91 Barber, Alanson (Burlington Flats) carpenter and farmer 41 Baulch, Henry (Burlington) farmer 80 Benjamin, Park (Burlington Flats) farmer 61 Bennett, Alva (West Burlington) farmer 46 Bilyea, Jefferson (Hartwick) farmer 33 Bingham, O.H. (West Burlington) wagon maker and blacksmith Bishop, Irving P. (Burlington Flats) cheese maker and teacher Bishop, John (Burlington Flats) book agent, raiser of sage and farmer 50 Boardman, Garus (Burlington Flats) farmer 27 Bolton, Amos H. (Burlington) butcher and farmer 149 Bolton, A.P. (Burlington) farmer leases of A.S. 90 Bolton, A.S. (Burlington) overseer of the poor, hop raiser and farmer 200 Bolton, Chas. S. (Burlington) (with A.S.) farmer BOLTON, DANFORTH D. (Burlington) dairyman and farmer 80 Bolton, L.D. (Burlington) farmer leases of A.S. 80 Bolton, Morris (Burlington) dairyman and farmer 180 Bolton, N.D. (Burlington) hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 180 Bolton, P. (Burlington) farmer 50 Bolton, R.E. (BURLINGTON) hop raiser and farmer 221 BOWDISH, GEORGE N. (Garrattsville) dairyman and farmer 118 Brady, Anthony (Burlington) dairyman and farmer 96 Brady, Anthony (Burlington) dairyman and farmer 82 Brady, John (Burlington) farmer 60 Brainerd, Jonathan (Burlington Flats) dairyman and farmer 132 BRAINERD, JUSTUS (Burlington Flats) (with Jonathan) farmer Brainerd, Peter (Burlington Flats) dairyman and farmer 92 Breese, H.L. (West Burlington) general merchant Briggs, Caleb (Burlington Flats) farmer leases of Hart Mellis 94 Briggs, Lyman (Garrattsville) farmer BRIGGS, MELVIN D. (Burlington Flats) hop raiser and farmer 36 Bristoll, Chas. (Burlington) farmer Bristoll, Ruth Ann (Burlington) farmer 150 Brooks, Mrs. & Daughter (Burlington Flats) milliners and dress makers Buel, Henry (Burlington) hop raiser and farmer 42 Burdick, Augustus, (Burlington Flats) farmer 100 BURDICK, CHARLES (Burlington Flats) dairyman and farmer 280 Burdick, L.C. (Burlington Flats) dairyman and farmer 61 BURLINGTON FLATS HOTEL (Burlington Flats) Clark M. Huestis, prop. BURLINGTON GREEN HOTEL (Burlington) M.W. Denmark, prop. Burrett, Henry, (Burlington) (with Wm.) Farmer Burrett, Wm. (Burlington) dairyman and farmer 140 Cane, John (Hartwick) hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 100 Case, Bogardus (West Burlington) hop raiser and farmer 57 Case, Henry H. (West Burlington) musician and farmer Caulkins, Nelson (Burlington Flats) hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 173 CHAPIN, I.C. ((Burlington Flats) justice of the peace, shingle manuf., prop. of cheese box factory, saw and cider mill and farmer 30 CHAPMAN, WM. (Burlington Flats) dairyman and farmer 100 CHASE, ALONZO W. (Burlington Flats) dairyman and farmer 153 Chase, Benjamin Jr. (Burlington Flats) dairyman and farmer 120 Chase, Willet (Garrattsville) commissioner of highways and farmer 138 Chisholm, George (West Burlington) dairyman and farmer 160 Chisholm, R.D. (West Burlington) farmer Church, Wm. Rev. (Burlington Flats) clergyman and farmer 35 Clark, Caleb (Burlington) commissioner of highways, hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 300 Coleman, Alvin (Garrattsville) retired farmer 22 Colgrove, Uri (West Burlington) dairyman and farmer 118 Cook, H.S. (West Burlington) farmer leases of A.A. Matteson 157 Cook, Pitman (West Burlington) house painter and farmer 35 Coon, James (Burlington) shoemaker and farmer 3 Cornell, Daniel (West Burlington) dairyman and farmer 275 Cornell, Peleg (West Burlington) dairyman and farmer 110 Cronk, Wallace (Burlington Flats) farmer 70 Cronk, Wm. (West Burlington) farmer 15 Curry, Thomas (Burlington) hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 100 CUSHMAN, DELOS (Burlington) hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 130 Cushman, J.C. (Burlington) dairyman and farmer 128 Cushman, Orsemus (Burlington) carpenter Cutler, I.W. (Burlington Flats) grist and saw mills Cutter, David (Burlington Flats) dairyman and farmer 112 Dauchey, Daniel (Burlinton Flats) farmer 110 Day, Ira (Burlington Flats) town assessor, dairyman and farmer 127 Day, Martha, Mrs. (Burlington Flats) milliner and dress maker DELONG, GEO. M. (Garrattsville) (with Orange) farmer Delong, Orange (Garrattsville) dairyman and farmer 140 DENMARK, MARTIN W. (Burlington) prop. of Burlington Green Hotel Dignan, David (Burlington Flats) hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 197 Donaldson, John C. (Burlington) farmer DONALDSON, WM. JR. (Burlington) Dairyman and farmer leases of H. Bush 180 DORAN, J. & D. (Burlington) blacksmiths Dorsey, Daniel H. Jr. (Burlington Flats) farmer 23 Downing, Charles I. (Burlington Flats) farmer 5 Dye, David (West Exeter) farmer 90 Dyer, H.L. (Burlington Flats) rake manuf. Dyer, Isaac (West Burlington) dairyman and farmer 250 Dyer, Ziba [sic] (Burlington Flats) blacksmith and farmer 6 Evans, Henry (Burlington Flats) farmer 70 FAY, RUSSELL (Burlington) hop grower and farmer 215 Fenton, George (Burlington Flats) dairyman and farmer 105 FENTON, MILES A. (Burlington Flats) dairyman and farmer 105 Ferris, Jesse (West Burlington) retired farmer Ferris, Norman (West Burlington) farmer Firman, S.C. (Burlington Flats) general merchant Fisk, David (Burlington) miller, mechanic and justice of the peace Fisk, W.C. (Burlington Flats) local preacher Fitch, Jerome (Burlington Flats) prop. of brick yard, dairyman and farmer 120 Fitch, Joseph (Burlington Flats) dairyman and farmer 168 Fitch, O.H. (West Burlington) harness maker Flinn, Patrick (Burlington) farmer 160 Frater, John (Burlington) hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 130 Freeman, Robert (Garrattsville) (with Joel Porter) dairyman and farmer 130 Gardner, Clark (West Burlington) retired farmer Gardner, Edward (West Burlington) dairyman and farmer 390 Gardner, Orange (West Burlington) dairyman and farmer 270 Gifford, D.M. (West Burlington) carpenter Gorham, G.S. (Burlington) lawyer and farmer 20 Guage [sic], Henry (West Burlington) farmer 35 Hall, E.W. (Burlington) deputy sheriff, supervisor, hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 170 Hall, James H. (Burlington) (Hall & Rutherford) Hall, John (Burlington) hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 83 HALL, MARK (Burlington) dairyman and farmer 163 HALL, ROSWELL S. (Burlington) farmer Hall & Rutherford (Burlington) (James H. Hall and T.A. Rutherford) merchants Hall, Wm (Hartwick) hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 115 HAND, AMOS H. (Burlington) egg dealer, dairyman and farmer 200 HARRINGTON, ANDREW (Burlington Flats) dairyman and farmer 90 Harrington, David (West Burlington) dairyman and farmer 171 HARRINGTON, HULBERT (Burlington) farmer Harrington, John W. (Burlington Flats) hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 100 HARRINGTON, LEWIS (Garratsville) (with Lodewick) farmer HARRINGTON, LODEWICK (Garrattsville) farmer 64 HAWKINS, SILAS K. (Burlington Flats) (V.R. Hawkins & Son) HAWKINS, V.R. & SON (Burlington Flats) (Silas K.) millwrights, manufs. of water wheels and farmers 20 Higbee, John (Burlington Flats) farmer 32 HIGGINS, SELDEN (Burlington Flats) farmer 77 Hills, E.D. (Burlington Flats) physician and surgeon Hitchcock, Morell (Burlington) prop. of hotel HOLCOMB, ASA F. (Burlington Flats) shoe maker and farmer 12 Holdridge, Artemus (West Burlington) patentee of rectangular cheese and curb, dairyman and farmer 300 Holdridge, George (West Burlington) farmer 65 Holdridge, Henry M. (West Burlington) dairyman and farmer 96 Holdridge, John A. (West Burlington) dairyman and farmer 72 Holdridge, Wm. M. (West Burlington) farmer 55 HOLLISTER, WM. H. (Burlington Flats) dairyman and farmer 125 HOLLOWAY, H.P. (Burlington Flats) dairyman and farmer 44 Hood, David (Burlington) farmer 123 Horan, Daniel (Burlington Flats) farmer 100 HOUSE, JAMES (Burlington) hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 115 HUBBARD, LANGFORD T. (Burlington Flats) farmer 76 3/4 HUBBELL, I.C. (Burlington Flats) notary public and retired merchant Hubbell, L.F. (Burlington Flats) dairyman and farmer 52 HUESTIS, CLARK M. (Burlington Flats) prop.of Burlington Flats Hotel, constable and farmer 24 1/2 Huestis, Giles (Burlington Flats) shoemaker Huestis, L.J. Mrs (Burlington Flats) farmer 40 Hume, Rober (West Burlington) dairyman and farmer 100 Irving, ______ (Burlington Flats) town clerk Jacobs, Harvey (West Burlington) hotel keeper Jenks, Daniel (Hartwick) carpenter and farmer 13 JENKS, HAWKINS, 2ND (Burlington) carpenter and joiner, and farmer 13 Jenks, Peter (Hartwick) hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 100 Jennings, David F. (West Burlington) farmer 100 JOHNSON, C.M. (West Burlington) prop. of cheese factory Johnson, Elisha (Burlington Flats) farmer 90 Johnson, Eri [sic] (Burlington Flats) dairyman and farmer 100 Johnson, Ira (Burlington Flats) dairyman and farmer 120 JOHNSON, L.D. (Burlington Flats) commissioner of highways, cheese manuf. and farmer 235 JOSLIN, NATHAN (Burlington) prop. of saw and cider mills, shingle maker, manuf. Of coffins and farmer 80 Kellogg, Wm. H., (Burlington Flats) shoemaker Klock, Lorenzo, (West Burlington) hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 100 KRILL, HIRAM, (Burlington Flats) (with Loren) farmer 180 KRILL, LOREN F., (Burlington Flats) (with Hiram) farmer 180 Ladd, Cyrus, (Garrattsville) carpenter and blacksmith Ladd, Sylvenus, (Burlington) carpenter LE VALLEY, LEVI, (Burlington Flats) prop. of cheese factory Light, Dana, (Burlington Flats) farmer 55 Light, Devillo, (Burlington Flats) farmer leases of Isaac, 113 Light, Henry, (Burlington Flats) farmer 53 Light, Isaac, (Burlington Flats) farmer 100 Lines, Ferdinand, (West Burlington) farmer Lines, Rufus, (West Burlington) farmer 77 Lines, Wm., (West Burlington) town assessor and farmer, leases of Roswell Kelsey, 200 Loomis, Sidney, (Burlington) (with Henry L. Pierce) hop raiser, dairyman and farmer Low, Thomas, (Burlington) farmer leases of Wm Hall, 100 Luce, Stephen, (Burlington Flats) saw mill and farmer 20 LYMES, D.F., (West Burlington) farmer Mack, J. J., (Burlington Flats) general merchant Main, Albert, (Burlington Flats) dairyman and farmer leases 134 Main, Madison, (Burlington Flats) dairyman and farmer 134 Marcey, Abraham, (Burlington Flats) hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 125 MARCY, NEWTON A., (Burlington Flats) postmaster, general merchant and produce dealer Marian, Asahel, (Garrattsville) farmer 50 Mather, A.A., (Garrattsville) breeder of Leicester sheep, dairyman and farmer 140 MATHER, CHARLES C., (Burlington) farmer 110 Mather, Dan, (Garrattsville) dairyman and farmer 78 Mather, E.C. (Garrattsville) dairyman and farmer 137 Mather, Francis, (Hartwick) sawmill and farmer 102 Matterson, Harrison, (Burlington Flats) farmer 224 Matteson, A. Alonzo, (West Burlington) farmer 8 Maxson, C.A., (Burlington Flats) resident MAYNE, ALVA, (Burlington Flats) dealer in eggs and poultry Mayne, Estelle, Mrs., (Burlington Flats) milliner and dressmaker Meacham, J.H., (Burlington) farmer 100 MEEKER, HIRAM G. Rev., (Burlington Flats) minister, manuf. Of wagons and sleighs and farmer 10 MEEKER, PHILO, (Burlington Flats) mason and farmer 10 Merville, Lora, (Burlington Flats) farmer leases of Nathan W., 71 MILBERT, BERNARD, (Burlington Flats) farmer 50 Millis, Hart, (Burlington Flats) farmer 23 Millis, Wm., (Burlington Flats) farmer 108 Morey, Stephen V., (Garrattsville) hop raiser and farmer 65 Munroe, Wm. R., (Burlington) farmer 80 and (with John Prentice) 94 Munson, Charles T., (Burlington Flats) teacher and farmer 88 Munson, George, (Burlington Flats) farmer 80 MYERS, M.L., (Burlington) town assessor, drover, hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 85 Nearing, John, (Garrattsville) farmer 100 Norton, Chancey, (Burlington Flats) (with John) farmer 71 Norton, John, (Burlington Flats) (with Chancey) farmer 70 NORTON, WM., (Burlington Flats) carpenter OLIVER, JAMES, (Burlington) dairyman and farmer 257 Ousterhout, Henry, (Burlington) hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 110 PALMER, ELIJAH, (Burlington) farmer 127 PALMER, WM. G., (Burlington Flats) blacksmith and horse shoer Park, Avery, (Burlington) farmer 200 Park, Daniel A., (Burlington) cheese manuf. and prop. of grist mill Parker, David, (West Burlington) dairyman and farmer 330 Parker, Harry, (Burlington) farmer 100 Parker, Henry, (Burlington Flats) (with Merrill) farmer 102 Parker, Merrill, (Burlington Flats) (with Henry) farmer 102 Pashley Brothers, (Garrattsville) farmer 250 PASHLEY, ROBERT, (Burlington) farmer 150 PASHLEY, WM., (Burlington) prop. of threshing machine and farmer 50 PAYNE, JOHN, (Burlington) FARMER Perkins, Wm., (Burlington Flats) dairyman and farmer 100 Perry, Polly, (Burlington) farmer 9 Phillips, Edward, (Burlington) farmer 126 Pierce, Henry L., (Burlington) (with Sidney Loomis) hop raiser, dairyman and farmer Pierson, Delos, (West Burlington) mason PIERSON, GEO. W., (Burlington Flats) dairyman and farmer 96 Pope, Stephen I., (West Burlington) willow raiser and farmer 83 Porter, Joel, (Garrattsville) (with Robert Freeman) dairyman and farmer 112 Potter, Alfred, (Hartwick) farmer 50 Potter, James (West Burlington) general merchant Potter, Wm., (Hartwick) farmer 75 Powers, Patrick, (Burlington) farmer 77 PRATT, HENRY, (Burlington) prop. of saw mill, hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 400 Pratt, Henry O., (Burlington) hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 139 Pratt, Thomas, (Hartwick) hop raiser and farmer 67 Prentice, John, (Burlington) (with Wm R. Munroe,) farmer 94 RATHBUN, I. P., (Burlington Flats) farmer 54 Rea, Wm., (Burlington) blacksmith Reed, Calvin, (Garrattsville) dairyman and farmer 125 Reed, I.E., (Garrattsville) dairyman and farmer 140 Reynolds, Stephen, (Hartwick) brick maker, hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 100 Rice, John J., (West Burlington) hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 235 Ritter, Daniel B., (Burlington) school teacher and (with G.C.) farmer 146 Ritter, G.C., (Burlington) justice of the peace and (with Daniel H.) farmer 146 Robbinson, F.H., (Burlington Flats) traveling agent ROBINSON, J.M., (West Burlington) justice of the peace, hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 161 Rose, Alexander S., (West Exeter) hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 126 ROSE, JOSHUA J., (Burlington Flats) hop raiser, dairyman and farmer leases of G. Munson, 60 Rutherford, James, (Burlington) farmer leases of L.B. Loomis, 135 Rutherford, John, (Burlington) farmer 275 Rutherford, T.A., (Burlington) (Hall & Rutherford) post master SAUNDERS, ERASTUS H., Rev., (West Burlington) clergyman SHAUL, STEPHEN, (Burlington Flats) dairyman and farmer 233 Sheils, Patrick, (Burlington Flats) hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 100 Shield, Patrick, (Burlington Flats) farmer 100 [I wonder if these 2 are the same??] Shipman, Burt, (Burlington Flats) saw mill SILL, ABEL, (Burlington) stock raiser, dairyman and farmer 140 SILL, G.W., (Hartwick) hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 170 Simmons, George, (West Burlington) mason Sits, Abram, (Burlington) hop raiser and farmer 40 Sloan, Joshua G., (Hartwick) hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 209 Smart, James, (Burlington) (with Thomas) hop grower, dairyman and farmer 127 Smart, Thomas, (Burlington) (with James) hop grower, dairyman and farmer 127 Smith, John, (Burlington Flats) farmer 53 Spencer, Ambrose, (West Burlington) farmer SPRAGUE, CHARLES P., (Burlington) farmer 70 Sprague, W. (Burlington Flats) farmer 90 Stanhouse, George, (Burlington) carpenter and farmer 140 STEELMAN, HENRY, (Burlington) pastor of First Baptist Church Summers, David E. (West Burlington) hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 118 Sweet, Timothy, (Burlington Flats) wagon maker and farmer 11 Talbot, Albert, (Burlington Flats) farmer 100 Talbot, Daniel, (Hartwick) dairyman and farmer 100 Talbot, Edwin, (Burlington Flats) cooper and farmer 100 Taylor, John B., (West Burlington) wool manuf. Teft, Samuel, (Burlington) dairyman and farmer 110 Telfer, James, (Burlington) farmer 320 and leases 40 Telfer, John, (Burlington) farmer 94 Telfer, Robert, (Burlington) farmer Telfer, Samuel T., (Burlington) farmer Telfer, Thomas, (Burlington) farmer 105 Telfer, Wm., (Burlington) dairyman and farmer eases of J. Neff, 217 Telfer, Wm. J., (Burlington) farmer leases of James, 140 TELFOR, WALTER, (Burlington) farmer THOMPSON, ELIHU, (Burlington Flats) shoe maker THOMPSON, ELLIS, (Burlington Flats) tanner and currier Thompson, Milo J., (Burlington Flats) farmer leases 160 Town, Whitman, (Burlington Flats) dairyman and farmer 150 Trewhit, James, (Burlington) dairyman and farmer 150 VAN FRADENBURGH, EDWARD, Rev., (Burlington Flats) pastor of Baptist Church VAN WAGNER, MELVIN, (Burlington Flats) farmer 24 and leases of Gilbert, 71 WAGNER, ANDREW V., (Burlington Flats) farmer leases of Gilbert, 85 WALLING, WILBUR F., (Garrattsville) hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 124 Walworth, B.S., (Burlington) dairyman and farmer 240 WARD, W.H., (Garrattsville) carriage maker Washburne, Clark J., (Burlington) constable, collector and farmer 31 Welch, Artemus, (West Burlington) farmer 40 WELCH, M.A., (West Burlington) hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 240 White, Andrew, (Garrattsville) hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 75 WHITMARSH, BENJAMIN, (Burlington) dairyman and farmer leases 150 Wightman, Dexter, (Burlington Flats) blacksmith WINTERS, ANDREW T., (Garrattsville) prop. of saw mill and threshing machine, and farmer 68 Winters, Lauriston, (Garrattsville) (with Andrew) farmer WOOD, A., (West Burlington) notary public and farmer 8 Wood, George, (Burlington Flats) shoe maker Wright, Emeline, (Burlington Flats) farmer 71
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