Otsego Business Directory
Town of Butternuts
Contributed by Jean Chapman Snow


Explanations: Directory is arranged as follows: 1. Name of individual or firm. 2. Jpost office address in parenthesis. 3. Business or occupation A Star (*) placed before a name, indicates an advertiser in this work. Figures placed after the occupation of farmers, indicate the number of acres of land owned or leased by the parties. Names set in CAPITALS indicate subscribers to this work. The word Street is implied as regards directory for the villages.


Butternuts, p 149-152
(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses)

Adam, Alvah, (Butternuts) farmer 65 Alslop [sic], James, (Butternuts) farmer leases of James Godsby, 125 Babcock, W.D., (Butternuts) merchant Bailey, Wm., (Butternuts) farmer 197 Ball, Martin B., South New Berlin, Chenango Co.) farmer 70 Barnes, Abel, (Maple Grove) farmer 60 Barse, Alonzo, (Butternuts) farmer leases 60 Beardsley, Chauncey, (Butternuts) farmer 100 Beardsley, Erastus, (Butternuts) farmer 90 Beardsley, Wm., (Butternuts) farmer leases of Harmon Norton, 100 Bedient, Daniel, (Butternuts) farmer 6 Bedient, George C., (Butternuts) (Blackman & Bedient) Bedient, J.W., (Butternuts) farmer leases of Walter, 115 Bedient, L., Mrs., (Butternuts) farmer 65 Benedict, F.B., (Butternuts) farmer 100 Bentley, W.C., (Butternuts) lawyer Birdsell, Wm. H. Rev., (Butternuts) Baptist minister and farmer 175 Birdsell, Wm. O., (Butternuts) farmer 80 Bishop, Francis, (Butternuts) farmer 123 Bishop, Joseph, (Butternuts) farmer 170 Bishop, Joseph, (Butternuts) farmer leases of Daniel White, 180 [??] Blackman & Bedient, (Butternuts) (Francis Blackman & Geo. C. Bedient) furniture dealers and undertakers Blackman, Francis, (Butternuts) (Blackman & Bedient) Blackman, James R., (Butternuts) farmer 190 Blackman, J.R., (Butternuts) (with J. Mayne & J. Turner) saw mill Blore, Isaac, (Butternuts) farmer 200 Boraley, James, (Butternuts) farmer 180 Brewer, J.L., (Butternuts) merchant Briggs, Andrew, (Butternuts) farmer 42 Bronson, Joseph, (South New Berlin, Chenango Co.) farmer 100 Brown, J.O., (South New Berlin, Chenango Co.) farmer 150 Bryant, Henry C., (Butternuts) livery stable Bryant, Lewis, (Butternuts) farmer 19 Buckman, Horatio, (Butternuts) farmer leases Bundy, Jerome, (Butternuts) farmer 100 Burgiss, Jeannette, Mrs. (Butternuts) farmer 100 Burlingame, Otis E., (Butternuts) farmer leases 75 Burr, Edward, (South New Berlin, Chenango Co.) Carpenter and farmer 25 Bushnell, H.C., (Butternuts) sash, blind and door manuf. Bushnell, Henry, (Butternuts) barber Bushnell, Lucius, (Butternuts) farmer 125 Cady, Andrew, (Butternuts) farmer 5 Cady, C.C., (Butternuts) farmer leases 180 Cady, George, (Butternuts) farmer leases of Asel Halbert, 180 Calkins, Charles, (Butternuts) farmer 126 Calkins, Ezra, (Butternuts) farmer 190 Calkins, Wright, (Butternuts) farmer 94 Card, Luther, (Maple Grove) farmer 200 CARR, SAMUEL R., (Butternuts) farmer 124 Cass, Fred, (Butternuts) harness manuf. Chapel, John, (Butternuts) farmer 60 Chapin, Ezra O., (Butternuts) farmer 69 CHURCH, ISAAC D., (Butternuts) wagon maker and farmer 58 Clark, T.C., (Butternuts) farmer 125 Clinton, Dewitt, (Butternuts) farmer 5 Clinton, Eli R., (Butternuts) retired farmer 130 CLINTON, ELI R., Jr. (Butternuts) school commissioner, 2nd dist. Clinton, Frederick, (Butternuts) farmer 35 Clinton, William Y., (Butternuts) farmer 18 CLINTON, WM. Y., Jr (Butternuts) farmer 14 Cobb, E.N., (Butternuts) postmaster Coe, H.N., (Butternuts) farmer 131 Cole, Henry, (South New Berlin, Chenango Co) farmer 127 Cole, Wm. E. (Butternuts) farmer 116 Colgrove, A.M. Rev., (Butternuts) Methodist minister Collar, George, (Butternuts) farmer 225 Collar, Russell (South New Berlin, Chenango Co.) farmer 75 Comstock, J., (Butternuts) farmer 14 Cone, Solomon, (Butternuts) shoe maker Converse, Edward, (Mount Upton, Chenango Co.) farmer 146 Cook, John, (Butternuts) farmer 70 Cook, Scott, (Butternuts) farmer 180 Coon, Harmon, (Maple Grove) farmer 74 Coon Hiram, (Mount Upton, Chenango Co.) farmer 200 Coon, Peter, (Mount Upton, Chenango Co.) farmer leases 200 Coon, Samuel, (Butternuts) farmer leases 140 Coon, W., (Butternuts) farmer 65 Cope, Edward, Rev., (Butternuts) Presbyterian clergyman and farmer 200 Cornell, E.B., (Butternuts) farmer 180 COWAN, ANDREW J. (Butternuts) farmer 50 Cox, Richard, (Butternuts) shoemaker and farmer 10 Cox, Warren J., (South New Berlin, Chenango Co) farmer leases 50 Cox, Wm., (Butternuts) farmer 6 Davis, John R. (South New Berlin, Chenango Co) farmer 156 Dibble, Dan., (Butternuts) (with Oscar Gager) farmer 50 Dibble, Geo. W., (Butternuts) farmer leases of David S. Hurd 70 Dixon, A.J., (Butternuts) blacksmith Donaldson, Chester, (Butternuts) farmer 117 Donaldson, E., (Butternuts) carpenter Donaldson, H.D., (Butternuts) supervisor Donaldson, Lewis, (Butternuts) farmer 60 Downing, W.A., (Butternuts) farmer leases 125 Egleston, Rufus, (Butternuts) farmer 250 Emerson, Leander, (Butternuts) farmer 50 Emerson, Russell, (Maple Grove) farmer 100 Fenno, John, (Mount Upton, Chenango Co) farmer 350 Filer, Charles, (Butternuts) farmer 137 Fish, Wm. M., (Butternuts) farmer 260 Fisk, Amos, (Butternuts) farmer Foster, George, (Butternuts) farmer leases 84 Frear, Thomas, (Butternuts) farmer 525 Freidhbenburg, [sic] Uri, (Maple Grove) farmer 80 Frone, Henry, (Butternuts) farmer 100 Frone, John, (Butternuts) farmer 400 Gadsby, John, (Butternuts) farmer 80 Gadsby, John H., (Butternuts) tailor Gadsby, Wm., (Butternuts) farmer works Geo. Gadsby estate 250 Gager, Alson W., (South New Berlin, Chenango Co) farmer 126 Gager, Oscar, (Butternuts) (with Dan Dibble) farmer 50 GARDNER, O.E., (Butternuts) saloon and livery stable Gardner, W., (Butternuts) prop. Empire House Getchel, Harvey, (Butternuts) farmer 40 Gibson, Abel, (Butternuts) farmer 110 Gibson, Geo., (Butternuts) farmer 100 Gibson, Lyman, (Butternuts) farmer 1 Gibson, S., (South New Berlin, Chenango Co) farmer 55 Gilbert, Ebin S., (Butternuts) farmer 32 Gilbert, Geo., (Butternuts) speculator Gilbert, J.L., (Butternuts) retired merchant Gilbert, John, (Butternuts) farmer leases 150 Gilbert, John H., (Butternuts) commission merchant and farmer 250 Gilbert, Samuel, (Butternuts) farmer 112 Gilbert, Samuel C., (Butternuts) exchange and farmer 4000 [sic] Gilbertsville Academy and Collegiate Institute, (Butternuts) Rev. Abel Wood, A.M., Mrs. S.P. Wood, Miss E.J. Hutchins and Miss M.E. Wood, teachers Goodsell, Lorenzo D., (Butternuts) farmer leases 135 GRAY, D.C., (Butternuts) restaurant, dealer in fruits, fish, oysters, clams &c. Gray, Harvey, (Butternuts) farmer 90 Green, John R., (Butternuts) carriage maker Greene, Arthur, (White's Store, Chenango Co) farmer 177 Greene, Edwin R., (Mount Upton, Chenango Co) farmer 150 Gregory, A.S., (Butternuts) farmer 102 Gregory, Henry, (Butternuts) saloon GRIFFIN, EDWARD, (Butternuts) harness manuf. Griffin, Jehial, (Butternuts) cooper Haines, George (Butternuts) farmer 300 Hakes, Alonzo, (Butternuts) farmer 120 Hakes, Elihu, (Butternuts) farmer 175 Hakes, T.G., (Butternuts) farmer 120 Halbert, A., (Butternuts) farmer 100 Halbert Emmitt, (Butternuts) farmer 102 Halbert, E.S., (Butternuts) justice of the peace Hammond, Edgar W., (South New Berlin, Chenango Co) farmer 50 Hanford, Benj. L. (Butternuts) shoe maker and farmer 89 Hanford, Bradley M. (Butternuts) farmer 62 Hartwell, A., (Butternuts) grist mill Hartwell, David, (Butternuts) farmer 14 Hastings, Henry, (Butternuts) farmer leases 150 Hastings, John, (Butternuts) farmer 105 Helsinger, Jacob, (Butternuts) farmer Hendrix, Charles, (Maple Grove) farmer 118 Hendrix, Henry, (Butternuts) farmer leases 120 Heslup, John, (Butternuts) farmer 200 Hoag, Stephen, (Butternuts) farmer 142 Holbert, Julius, (Butternuts) farmer 35 Hollis, Anthony B., (Butternuts) farmer 160 Hollis, R.S., (Butternuts) blacksmith Holls, Robert, (Butternuts) farmer leases 125 Hood, Philip, (Butternuts) farmer 164 Hopkins, C.O. (Butternuts) dairyman and farmer 240 Howard, E.A., (Butternuts) prop. Of Central Hotel Howland, James, (Butternuts) farmer 60 Hughes, John V. Rev., (Butternuts) Episcopal minister Hurd, D.N., (Hurd & Shaw) Hurd & Shaw, (Butternuts) (D.N. Hurd and F. Shaw) general merchants and produce dealers Hurlburt, David, (Butternuts) farmer 200 Hurlburt, John, (Butternuts) farmer 160 Hurlbut, [sic] Abram, (Butternuts) farmer 95 Hurlbutt, [sic] Elias, (Butternuts) farmer 196 Huson, N., (Butternuts) farmer 175 Hutchings, E.J. Miss (Butternuts) teacher Gilbertsville Academy and Collegiate Institute Hutchinson, Josiah, (Butternuts) farmer leases 150 Hutchinson, Josiah, (Butternuts) meat market Isbel, Andrew, (White's Store, Chenango Co) farmer 8 Jackson, Andrew, (Butternuts) farmer leases 150 Jackson, Thomas, (Butternuts) farmer 204 Jeffrey, John, (Butternuts) farmer 100 Jewel, F., (Butternuts) farmer leases 198 Johnson, Albert, (Butternuts) farmer leases 175 Jones, Ishmael, (Butternuts) farmer 4 Keen, Thomas, (Butternuts) farmer 80 Kellogg, John, (Butternuts) painter Kellogg, John S., (Butternuts) painter and farmer 6 KINNE, JOHN J., (Butternuts) farmer 102 Kinne, Wm. R., (Butternuts) farmer 157 Lamphire, Lyman G.W., (Mount Upton, Chenango Co) cooper Leonard, Wm., (Butternuts) farmer 200 Lillie, Elisha, (South New Berlin, Chenango Co) farmer 150 Lincoln, Johnson, (Butternuts) saw mill and farmer 2 Littlewood, Edward, (Butternuts) farmer 12 Lockwood, Joseph, (Butternuts) farmer leases 120 Lyon, Otis, (Butternuts) dairyman and farmer 161 Mallory, Edward, (Butternuts) farmer 200 Mallory, Uri, (Butternuts) farmer 100 Marks, Matthew, (Butternuts) farmer 105 Marsh, Benjamin, (Butternuts) farmer 14 Marsh, Nelson, (Butternuts) farmer 104 Marsh, S., (Butternuts) farmer 100 Masters, Francis Mrs., (Mount Upton, Chenango Co) farmer 409 Mayne, J., (Butternuts) (with J.R. Blackman and J. Turner) saw mill Mayne, John, (Butternuts) foundry McCulloch, Alexander, (Butternuts) (with John Woodlands) farmer leases 125 Merrick, Charles, (Butternuts) farmer 160 Millard, Henry, (Butternuts) farmer 200 Millard, John R. (Butternuts) farmer 150 Miller, E., (Butternuts) farmer 66 Miller, Riley, (South New Berlin, Chenango Co) farmer 32 Moore, Samuel C. Rev., (Butternuts) Baptist clergyman Morris, Adelaide Miss, (Mount Upton, Chenango Co) farmer 500 Morris, Charles V., (Butternuts) farmer 150 Morrisey, John, (Butternuts) carriage maker and blacksmith Morse, Arvin, (White's Store, Chenango Co) farmer 105 Morse, Stephen, (Mount Upton, Chenango Co) farmer 150 Morse, Stephen Jr., (Mount Upton, Chenango Co) farmer 200 Morton, H.P., (Butternuts) farmer 550 Moulton, Samuel, (Butternuts) shoe maker Mussen, [sic] Benjamin, (Butternuts) farmer 20 Musson, Daniel, (Butternuts) farmer 20 Musson, James, (Butternuts) farmer 90 Musson, Judson, (Butternuts) farmer 80 Musson, R.H., (Butternuts) farmer 132 Musson, Theodore, (Butternuts) farmer leases 160 Myrick, Albert, (Butternuts) farmer 8 Myrick, James, (Butternuts) farmer 20 Nearing, Ebenezer, (Butternuts) farmer 116 Nearing, Sylvester, (Butternuts) farmer 100 Neering, [sic] Hezekiah, (Butternuts) farmer 50 Nichols, Norman, (Mount Upton, Chenango Co) farmer 44 Nichols, Norman, (Butternuts) farmer 67 Northcolt, John W., (Butternuts) farmer leases 100 Oliver, Henry, (Butternuts) carriage shop Oliver, Wm., (Butternuts) general merchant Ollis, Clay, (Butternuts) farmer 100 Palmer, R.B., (Butternuts) farmer leases 162 Park, John M., (Butternuts) fire and life insurance agent Park, L.W., (Butternuts) shoe maker Patrick, Eliza Mrs., (Butternuts) farmer 115 Payne, Arthur, (South New Berlin, Chenango Co) cooper Peabody, P., (Butternuts) farmer 50 Pearce, George, (Butternuts) farmer 100 Pearce, Ira, (Butternuts) farmer 100 Platt, David, (Butternuts) farmer 15 Polly, John, (Butternuts) farmer 70 Porter, Albert, (Butternuts) farmer 140 Porter, Ann Mrs., (Butternuts) farmer 144 Potter, Harvey, (South New Berlin, Chenango Co) farmer leases 165 Powers, Alvin, (South New Berlin, Chenango Co) farmer leases 140 Prentice, E., (Butternuts) farmer 175 Prentice, John R., (Mount Upton, Chenango Co) farmer leases 100 Randall, N., (Butternuts) farmer 14 RAWLINGS, JOHN H., (Butternuts) dairyman, cheese manuf. And farmer 265 Raymond, Nathan, (Butternuts) farmer 152 Redman, James, (Butternuts) (with Samuel) farmer leases 150 Redman, Samuel, (Butternuts) (with Jas.) farmer leases 150 Reynolds, Sullivan, (Mount Upton, Chenango Co) farmer 200 Rice, Augustus, (Butternuts) farmer leases 200 Richards, Lucius, (Butternuts) farmer 120 Richmond, Antoinette Mrs., (Mount Upton, Chenango Co) farmer 200 Richmond, H.D. & G.A., (South New Berlin, Chenango Co) farmer 80 Richmond, S.D., (Mount Upton, Chenango Co) retired farmer Robinson, Hiram, (Butternuts) farmer leases 100 Rockwell, G.A., (Butternuts) dentist Rockwell, J.M., (Butternuts) farmer 200 Rockwell, S., (Butternuts) tannery Rodman, Wm., (Butternuts) farmer 2 Rogers, Hiram, (Butternuts) barber ROOT, C.P., Major, (Butternuts) justice of the peace, dairyman and farmer 500 Rowe, Benjamin, (Mount Upton, Chenango Co) farmer leases 190 Rowe, Benj., (Butternuts) farmer leases 190 Rowlstone, Wm., (Butternuts) bowling alley Russell, David A., (Butternuts) butcher Sage, Adelia Mrs., (South New Berlin, Chenango Co) farmer 96 SAGE, GEORGE W., Jr., (Butternuts) farmer leases of H. Jenks, 170 Sage, Wm, (South New Berlin, Chenango Co) farmer 77 Sawyer, Charles, (Butternuts) farmer 150 Sawyer, Miles, (Butternuts) farmer 112 Sawyer, Wm., (Butternuts) farmer 75 Sergent [sic] [sic], Charles, (South New Berlin, Chenango Co) farmer 125 Sharts, Salmon, (Butternuts) farmer leases 50 Shaw, F., (Butternuts) (Hurd & Shaw) Shaw, Lorenzo, (Butternuts) farmer 80 Shaw, Zadoc E., (Butternuts) farmer 40 Sherman, Perry, (South New Berlin, Chenango Co) farmer 125 Sherwood, Clement, (Mount Upton, Chenango Co) farmer 60 Sherwood, R., (Butternuts) farmer leases 200 [?? Unreadable] Sherwood, Wm., (Butternuts) farmer leases 200 Sillie, G.W. (Butternuts) general merchant Silvey, John, (Butternuts) farmer 70 Silvey, Samuel, (Butternuts) farmer 30 Slade, Henry R., (Butternuts) sash, doors and blinds Slade, Orville, (Butternuts) farmer works A. Slade estate 75 Smith, J.H., (Mount Upton, Chenango Co) farmer 118 Smith, S., (Butternuts) farmer 100 Smith, Wm. R., (Butternuts) jeweler Southard, Abram, (Butternuts) farmer 20 Spencer, Franklin, (Butternuts) farmer 70 Stebbins, Jesse M., (Butternuts) farmer 62 Stebbins, John, (Butternuts) farmer 100 Stebbins, Wm., (Butternuts) farmer 170 Stenson, Edward (Butternuts) farmer leases 175 Stenson, John C., (Butternuts) farmer 50 Stenson, Robert Y., (Butternuts) farmer leases of John S. Jackson, 230 Stenson, Wm., (Butternuts) farmer 65 St. John, Lorin, (Butternuts) farmer leases140 Stockwell, W.W., (Butternuts) hardware Stoddard, George Z., (Butternuts) town assessor and farmer 80 Sturges, John A., (Butternuts) farmer 93 Sull, J., (Butternuts) farmer leases 100 Sutton, Merritt, (Butternuts) mason Sweet, Ephraim, (Butternuts) farmer 25 and leases 50 Tanner, Alanson, (Butternuts) farmer 20 Thayer, John, (Butternuts) saddle maker Thayer, Wm., (Mount Upton, Chenango Co) harness maker and farmer 20 Thomas, Alfred, (Butternuts) farmer 75 Thompson, A.L., (Butternuts) blacksmith Thompson, Charles, (Butternuts) farmer leases 100 Thorp, Henry, (Butternuts) farmer 300 Thorp, L.E., (Butternuts) physician and surgeon Toles, H.P., (Butternuts) (with M.W.,) farmer 240 Toles, M.W., (Butternuts) (with H. P.,) farmer 240 Tolls, [sic] David, (Butternuts) farmer 150 Townsend, Israel, (Mount Upton, Chenango Co) farmer 14 TRUAX, S.J., (Butternuts) marble dealer Truesdell, Ransom, (Butternuts) carpenter Truman, Nathan, (Butternuts) farmer 130 Tucker, Ansel, (Butternuts) farmer 100 Turner, Amos, (Butternuts) farmer 50 Turner, J., (Butternuts) (with J.R. Blackman and J. Mayne) saw mill Turney, Austin, (Butternuts) farmer 150 Tyler, Colonel, (Butternuts) farmer 70 Valentine, John G., (Butternuts) dairyman and farmer 120 Vanname, John, (Butternuts) farmer 145 Vanscoy, Hiram C., (Butternuts) farmer leases 230 Vanscoy, Stephen, (Butternuts) farmer 15 Walker, F., (Butternuts) farmer 50 Wallace, A. Mrs., (Butternuts) milliner Wallace, Geo. W., (Butternuts) painter Wallace, Homer, (Butternuts) farmer leases of David Barritt,100 Walling, Theodore, (Butternuts) farmer 200 Walling, Wm., (Butternuts) farmer 160 Ward, Ira L., (Butternuts) farmer 75 Watkins, John, (Mount Upton, Chenango Co) farmer 92 Webb, Jared, (Butternuts) farmer 136 Weston, Wm., (South New Berlin, Chenango Co) farmer 50 White, Geo.A., (White's Store, Chenango Co) farmer 108 White, John D., (Butternuts) farmer leases of R.Turner 60 Whiting, John, (Butternuts) shoemaker Whitmore, John, (Butternuts) farmer 12 Wickes, H.H., (Butternuts) physician and surgeon WILBER, JACOB, (Butternuts) wagon maker Wilbur, Wm., (Butternuts) farmer leases 150 Wilcox, Ephraim, (Butternuts) farmer 110 Wildo, Chester, (Butternuts) farmer leases 525 Williams, Asel, (Butternuts) farmer 170 Wood, Abel, Rev., A.M., (Butternuts) Gilbertsville Academy and Collegiate Institute Wood, Gilbert, (Butternuts) farmer 110 Wood, Irving, (Butternuts) farmer 60 Wood, Leonard, (Butternuts) farmer 200 Wood, M.E. Miss, (Butternuts) teacher Gilbertsville Academy and Collegiate Institute Wood, S.P., Mrs. (Butternuts) teacher Gilbertsville Academy and Collegiate Institute Wood, Walter L., (Butternuts) farmer 105 Wood, Wm., (Butternuts) harness shop Wood, William H., (Butternuts) carpenter and farmer 13 Woodlands, John, (Butternuts) (with Alex. McCulloch) farmer leases 125 Woodlands, John Jr., (Butternuts) carpenter

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