Otsego Business Directory
Town of Cherry Valley
Contributed by Jean Chapman Snow


Explanations: Directory is arranged as follows: 1. Name of individual or firm. 2. Jpost office address in parenthesis. 3. Business or occupation A Star (*) placed before a name, indicates an advertiser in this work. Figures placed after the occupation of farmers, indicate the number of acres of land owned or leased by the parties. Names set in CAPITALS indicate subscribers to this work. The word Street is implied as regards directory for the villages.


Cherry Valley

Otsego County Business Directory 1872-3   Cherry Valley, p 153-157
(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses)

Allen, Edward, (Sprout Brook, Montgomery Co) farmer 180
Ashton, Thos.,  (Cherry Valley) farmer 125 
Atinks, Clinton, (Sprout Brook, Montgomery Co) farmer leases of Harriet
Garlick, 164
Austen, Thomas,  (Sprout Brook, Montgomery Co) farmer 10
Austin, Wm.,  (Buel, Montgomery Co) farmer 13
BALDWIN, WM. H., (Cherry Valley) cashier National Central Bank and farmer
140, Montgomery
Banker, Henry, (Cherry Valley) farmer 223
Barnum, J.W., (Cherry Valley) lawyer, Main
Barringer, Edward, (Cherry Valley) farmer leases of John Gilday 140
Bartlett, R.H. (Cherry Valley) conductor Cherry Valley Branch R.R.
Bastian, Wm. V.S., (Cherry Valley) painter and grainer
Bates, Davis W., (Cherry Valley) lawyer and hop buyer, Lancaster
Bates, Dewitt C., (Cherry Valley) notary public, corner Main and Montgomery
Bates, Wm. G., (Cherry Valley) farmer 82 3/4
Bates, W.H., (Cherry Valley) lawyer, corner Main and Montgomery
Baxter, Benjamin, (Cherry Valley) farmer 100
Baxter, Tobias, (Cherry Valley) farmer 50
Baxter, Urah (sic), (Cherry Valley) farmer 120
Beaumont, Jane C., Mrs., ladies' furnishing goods, Main
Bellman, Christopher, (Buel, Montgomery Co) farmer 80
Berger, William, (Cherry Valley) farmer 100
Best, H.W., (Cherry Valley) judge and farmer 26
Best, J., (Cherry Valley) farmer 103
Bocock, John, (Cherry Valley) farmer 2
Botts, J., (Cherry Valley) farmer 150
Bowman, Obed., (Cherry Valley) farmer 196
Bradley, John W., (Cherry Valley) harness maker, Main
Brien, Thos., (Cherry Valley) stoves and tinware, Main
Bronson, C.W., (Cherry Valley) dentist, Main
Brown, Almon, (Cherry Valley) marble dealer, Main
Brown, Henry (Cherry Valley) farmer 144
BURCH, WM., (Cherry Valley) attorney at law, Harmony Row, Main
Burger, C., (Cherry Valley) farmer 106
Burger, Horatio,  (Cherry Valley) farmer 50
Bush, Elijah, (Cherry Valley) farmer 100
Campbell, A., (Cherry Valley) farmer 100 and leases of George Clark, 100
Campbell, Dewillt C., (Center Valley) farmer 92
Campbell, J.S., (Cherry Valley) farmer 140
Campbell, Samuel, Mrs., (Cherry Valley) farmer 170
CAMPBELL, WM. W. (Cherry Valley) lawyer and farmer 230
Cary, David, (Cherry Valley) farmer
*CHERRY VALLEY GAZETTE, (Cherry Valley) Main St., Wm. A. Smith, prop.
Clark, George, (Cherry Valley) post master, corner Main and Alden
Clark, J.W., (Cherry Valley) groceries and fancy goods, corner Main and Alden
Clearwatter, (sic) Joseph, (East Springfield) dry goods and groceries,
Clyde, J.D., (Cherry Valley) (Clyde & Sharp)
Clyde & Sharp,  (Cherry Valley) (J.D.Clyde & J. Sharp) physicians and
druggists, Harmony Row
Coats & Rudd, (Cherry Valley) (S. Coats and R. Rudd) (Cherry Valley)
butchers, Lancaster
Coats, S., (Cherry Valley) (Coats & Rudd) farmer 44
Coats, Solomon (Cherry Valley) farmer 40
Coonradt, Jonas, (Cherry Valley) farmer 124
Coonradt, Joseph, (Cherry Valley) cooper, Church
Countryman, Hiram, (Cherry Valley) farmer 85
Cox, Abraham B., (Cherry Valley) farmer 240
Cramers, James, (Cherry Valley) farmer 70
Crouch, Thos. J., (Cherry Valley) mail carrier from Cherry Valley to Fort
Plain, Genesee
Culver, John (Cherry Valley) farmer leases of Harriet and Sophia Watson, 100
DAKIN, GEORGE W.B., (Cherry Valley) assistant cashier National Central
Bank, corner Main and Lancaster
Dart, F.W., (Cherry Valley) meat market, Genesee
Davidson, Andrew, (Cherry Valley) agent for Continental Life Insurance Co.,
Davidson, Robert, (Cherry Valley) farmer 300
Davis, Joseph, (Cherry Valley) farmer 11
Decker, _____,  (Cherry Valley) (Spraker & Decker)
Delany, Henry,  (Cherry Valley) blacksmith, Main
Diell, John K., (Cherry Valley) barber and town clerk, Main
Doran, Patrick, (Cherry Valley) farmer leases of George Clark
Drake, Joel B.,  (Cherry Valley) farmer 115
Drain, Wm., (Cherry Valley) organ maker, Montgomery
Duffin, B. Mrs., (Cherry Valley) farmer 60
Dutcher, Geo. M., (Cherry Valley) farmer 105
Dutcher & Selmson, (Cherry Valley) farmer 197
Dutcher, W., (Cherry Valley) farmer 50
Dutton, E.G. (Cherry Valley) saloon, Main
Eckler, J.F., (Cherry Valley) farmer 59
Eckler, W.H., (Cherry Valley) farmer 2
ELDREDGE, O.H., (Cherry Valley) manuf. organs and melodeons, Montgomery
Engall,James, (Center Valley) farmer leases of Adam Engell, (sic) 132
Engell, Adam, (Center Valley) farmer 208
Farquherson, Robert, (Sprout Brook, Montgomery Co.) Farmer 120
Fea, Alex., (Cherry Valley) organ maker, Montgomery
Fea, John, (Cherry Valley) editor of Saw Buck and organ builder, Montgomery
Fellows, E.E., Mrs., (Cherry Valley) dress making and furnishing goods, Alden
Fern, James, (Cherry Valley) farmer
Fields, Seth, (Cherry Valley) farmer 112
Fitzgerald, Alfred, (Cherry Valley) wagon and sleigh maker, Main
Fitzgerald, Arthur, (Cherry Valley) wagon maker, Main
Flint, Daniel, (East Springfield) farmer 200, Saltspringsville
FLINT, GEORGE J., (Cherry Valley) attorney and counselor at law, Main
Flint, Hiram, (Cherry Valley) farmer 72
Flint, John K., (Cherry Valley) farmer 86
Flint, Nelson, (Sprout Brook, Montgomery Co) farmer 27
Foland, H., (Cherry Valley) farmer 200
Foland, Wm., (Cherry Valley) farmer leases of Geo. Clark 200
Foland, Z., (Cherry Valley) farmer 127
Fonda, James J., (Cherry Valley) boots and shoes, hats and caps, Alden
Fuller, H.H., (Cherry Valley) general merchant, Main
Gales, Chancy, (Cherry Valley) farmer 90
Galt, John, (Cherry Valley) farmer
Galt, John S., (Cherry Valley) farmer 4
Galt, Wm., (Cherry Valley) farmer 96
George, Thos. Mrs., (Cherry Valley) hotel keeper, corner Genesee and Railroad
Gilbert, Delfonzo, (Cherry Valley) farmer 223
GILDAY, JOHN, (Cherry Valley) carpenter and builder, and farmer 160 Genesee
Gilday, Owen, (Cherry Valley) carpenter
Goodell, E., (Cherry Valley) (with Jacob) farmer 180
Goodell, Jacob, (Cherry Valley) (with E.,) farmer 180
Gordon, S. (Cherry Valley) farmer 140 (?)
Gordon, Smith, (Cherry Valley) farmer leases of J.C. Winnie, 100
GRAND HOTEL, (Cherry Valley) Alden, J.E. Robinson, prop.
Gross, Denison, (Cherry Valley) last maker, Main
Hall, Thos., (Cherry Valley) farmer 97 
Hamilton, L., (Cherry Valley) saloon and mail carrier, Main
Hawver, Andrew, (Cherry Valley) farmer leases of Geo. Clark, 70
Hawver, John, (Cherry Valley) farmer 4
Head, Albert, (Cherry Valley) farmer
Head, Delos, (Cherry Valley) farmer leases of Geo. Clark
Head, George, (Cherry Valley) farmer 96
Head, Hamilton, (Cherry Valley) carpenter
Herdman, Nelson, (Cherry Valley) carpenter, Lancaster
Herdman, William, (Cherry Valley) farmer 240
Hetherington, James, (Cherry Valley) (with J.E.) apiarian, Church
Hetherington, J.E., (Cherry Valley) (with James) apiarian, Church
HILLMAN, CALVIN, (Cherry Valley) dealer in pianos, organs and melodeons,
Hone, Jacob, (Leesville, Schoharie Co) farmer 200
Horning, Norman, (Sprout Brook, Montgomery Co) farmer 90
Horning, R.G., (Sprout Brook, Montgomery Co) farmer 170
Horton, Jacob,  (Center Valley) farmer 30
Horton, James, (Cherry Valley) farmer 114
Hubbard, J.F., (Cherry Valley) restaurant, Genesee
JUDD, EDWIN, (Cherry Valley) (E. & J. Judd)
JUDD, E. & J., (Cherry Valley) (Edwin & John)  manufs. blind trimmings, Main
JUDD, JOHN, (Cherry Valley)   (E. & J. Judd) manuf. Light iron castings, Main
Keller, John, (Sprout Brook, Montgomery Co) farmer 200
Kipple, James, (Cherry Valley) farmer 50 and leases of Rachel and Catharine
Rose, 100
Kirby, Wm., (Cherry Valley) farmer 200
La Homadue, Isaac, (Cherry Valley) carpenter and farmer 8
Leaning, R.H., (Cherry Valley) station agent, New
Lettice, Stephen, (Sprout Brook, Montgomery Co) farmer 100
Lewis, Charles H., (Cherry Valley) farmer leases of Geo. Clark 233
Lewis, Theodore, (Sprout Brook, Montgomery Co) farmer 166
Low, Henry, (Cherry Valley) farmer 128
Ludlam, Stephen, (Cherry Valley) sash, blinds and doors, Wall
Lumley, John Jr., (Cherry Valley) farmer leases 170
Lumley, John Sr., (Cherry Valley) farmer 170
Luscomb, D., (Cherry Valley) farmer 17
Lyke, Peter F., (Cherry Valley) farmer
Lynk, Edward, (Cherry Valley) (with Thos.) farmer 160
Lynk, Thomas, (Cherry Valley) (with Edward) farmer 150
Mallett, Chas., (Cherry Valley) farmer 400
Mathias, John O., (Buel, Montgomery Co) farmer 97
McFarran, Wm. E., (Cherry Valley) cabinet maker and deputy sheriff
McFee, Albert, (Cherry Valley) farmer 4
McFee, A.C., (Sprout Brook, Montgomery Co) farmer 62
McFee, George, (Sprout Brook, Montgomery Co) farmer 100
McFee, James, (Sprout Brook, Montgomery Co) farmer 163
McFee, John, (Sprout Brook, Montgomery Co) farmer 40
McFee, J.M. (Sprout Brook, Montgomery Co) farmer 50
McFee,Melvin, (Cherry Valley) farmer 60
McFee, Norman, (Sprout Brook, Montgomery Co) farmer 62
McKelley, Daniel,  (Cherry Valley) farmer 300
McKelley, Joseph,  (Cherry Valley) farmer 100
McLEAN, CHAS., (Cherry Valley) justice of the peace and conveyancer,
Harmony Row
MERRITT, GEORGE,  (Cherry Valley) physician and surgeon, Main
Michels, Philip, (Cherry Valley) farmer 1
Mills, Jacob, (Cherry Valley) farmer 30
Millson, John, (Cherry Valley) farmer 120
Millson, John, (Cherry Valley) blacksmith, Main
Millson, Samuel  (Cherry Valley) prop. Harmony Row Saloon, Harmony Row
Monheson, Wm., (Cherry Valley) farmer leases of Geo. Clark 130
Moore, E., (Cherry Valley) farmer 170
Moore, John, (Cherry Valley) farmer 2
More, Augustus, (Cherry Valley) farmer 64
More, Philip, (Cherry Valley) farmer 170
Nash, David, (Cherry Valley) merchant tailor, Main
NATIONAL CENTRAL BANK, (Cherry Valley) capital $200,000; Horatio J. Olcott,
prest. (sic); Wm. H. Baldwin, cashier; Geo. W.B. Dakin, asst. cashier;
corner Main and Lancaster
Nellis, Peter A., (Cherry Valley) farmer 92
Nelson, John, (Cherry Valley) moulder
Nestell, Geo. (East Springfield) farmer 92 Saltspringville
OLCOTT, HORATIO J., (Cherry Valley) prest. National Central Bank, corner
Main and Lancaster
Oliver, Thos., (Cherry Valley) saw mill and farmer 110
Ough, Peter, (Cherry Valley) farmer 125
Palmer, H.P., (Cherry Valley) prop. Palmer Hotel, Main
Palmer, Wm., (Cherry Valley) farmer leases of Hardy & Hues 150
Peaslee, Joseph B. (East Springfield) farmer 175 Saltspringville
Pegg, John, (Cherry Valley) farmer
Phelon, Joseph, (Cherry Valley) farmer 260
Pickard, Moses,  (Cherry Valley) farmer 75
Pickard, Simeon, (Cherry Valley) farmer 120
Platner, C.H., (Cherry Valley) farmer 164
Platner, Jacob, (Cherry Valley) farmer 297
Platner, Walter,  (Cherry Valley) farmer 35
Platner, Wm., (Cherry Valley) farmer 132
Prime, John H., (East Springfield) farmer 73, Saltspringville
Prockter (sic), Andrew, (Cherry Valley) blacksmith
RATHBUN, G.A., (Cherry Valley) dealer in dry goods groceries and crockery,
corner Main and Montgomery
Reynolds, Mary Miss,  (Cherry Valley) dress maker, Alden
Rich, Washington,  (Cherry Valley) farmer 245
RISK, JAMES, (Cherry Valley) prop. Caloric Mill, Main
Robbins, Wm., (Cherry Valley) grist and saw mills and farmer 12
Roberts, George,  (Cherry Valley) farmer 98
ROBINSON, J.E., (Cherry Valley) prop. Grand Hotel, Alden
Rose, David, (Cherry Valley) Agent Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Co. of
Hartford, Genesee
Rowley, Ann Mrs., (Cherry Valley) farmer 25
Rudd, R., (Cherry Valley) (Coats & Rudd)
Rutt, Norman, (Cherry Valley) farmer 14
Salisbury, Joanna Mrs., (Cherry Valley) millinery, Main
Salisbury, Aaron, (Cherry Valley) saloon, corner Main and Montgomery
Sawyer, J.L., (Cherry Valley) teacher select school, Montgomery
Schwartz, D.L. Rev., (Cherry Valley) rector of Grace Church, Montgomery
Scism, Chas., (Cherry Valley) farmer 112
Scoot, E.C. Mrs., (Cherry Valley) millinery, Main
Scott, Chas. W., (Cherry Valley) general agent for Empire State Life
Insurance Co. For Otsego Co.
Scott, John, (Cherry Valley) farmer 130
Selmson, ______, (Cherry Valley) (Dutcher & Selmson)
Sharp, J., (Cherry Valley) (Clyde & Sharp)
Sharp, Jacob, (Cherry Valley) merchant tailor, Harmony Row
Shaul, Adam,  (Cherry Valley) farmer 
Shaul, John, (Cherry Valley) farmer 178
Shaul, Norman (Cherry Valley) farmer 100
Shear, Pat. B., (Cherry Valley) farmer 200
Sheerar, J.B. Rev., (Cherry Valley) pastor M.E. Church, Main
Sherman, Geo., (Cherry Valley) farmer 6
Sherman, S.V., (Cherry Valley) farmer 200
Sherman, William, (Cherry Valley) farmer 187
Siber, Peter, (Cherry Valley) hop buyer and farmer 590
Sisum, James E., (Cherry Valley) carpenter
Smith, John, (Cherry Valley) photographer, Lancaster
SMITH, WM. A., (Cherry Valley) prop. Cherry Valley Gazette, Main
Snow, George, (Cherry Valley) farmer 8
Snyder, Henry, (Cherry Valley) (with Venus) farmer 160
Snyder, Isaac,  (Cherry Valley) farmer 80
Snyder, Venus, (Cherry Valley) (with Henry) farmer 160
Spencer, Wm. (Cherry Valley) farmer 100
Spraker & Decker (Cherry Valley) farmers lease of George Clark 239
Spraker, J., (Cherry Valley) farmer 100
Sternberg, J.H., (Cherry Valley) physician and surgeon, Montgomery
Sterns, Daniel, (Cherry Valley) farmer 55
Stiles, C.W., (Cherry Valley) farmer leases 200
Stringer, George (Center Valley) farmer 165
Sutliff, J.R., (Cherry Valley) farmer 200
Sutliff, Edward H., (Cherry Valley) farmer 144
SWAN, A.L., (Cherry Valley) undertaker, telegraph operator and prop. Swan
Patent Door Bell Pull &c., Main
Swift, Seth, (Cherry Valley) farmer 175
Swinnerton, H.U. Rev., (Cherry Valley) pastor Presb. Church, Alden
Talcott, H.W., (Cherry Valley) marble worker, Main
Teabout, Wm., (Cherry Valley) barber, Harmony Row
Thompson, A., (Cherry Valley) farmer 108
Thompson, Elijah,  (Center Valley) farmer 140
Thompson H.R., (Cherry Valley) carpenter, Main
Thompson, Jason, (Cherry Valley) farmer 265
Thompson, L.W., (Cherry Valley) jeweler and agent for Singer Sewing
Machines, Main
Thompson, O., (Cherry Valley) farmer 47
Tucker, J.J., (Buel, Montgomery Co) farmer 140
Ulman, Barrent,  (Center Valley) farmer 72
Ulman, Benjamin,  (Center Valley) farmer 50
Ulman, Frederick, (Center Valley) farmer 129
Van Alstine, Abram,  (Cherry Valley) farmer 50
Van Alstine, Elias, (Cherry Valley) farmer 59
Van Derwerker, Peter, (Cherry Valley) farmer 52
Van Slyke, Adam, (Cherry Valley) (Van Slyke & Son)
Van Valkenburg, George, (Center Valley) farmer 93
Van Valkenburgh (sic), Henry B.,  (Cherry Valley) farmer 97
Voorhees, V.,  (Cherry Valley) farmer 90
Vosburg, Jacob, (East Springfield) hotel
Wales, Philip R.,  (Cherry Valley) shoe maker, Lancaster
Wales, Robert, (Cherry Valley) sash, doors and blinds, Genesee
Walrad, Jonas, (East Springfield) farmer 50, Saltspringville
Walradt (sic), James, (East Springfield) farmer 210 Saltspringville
Walrath, L.C., (Cherry Valley) farmer leases 200
Wandell, Geo., (Cherry Valley) farmer 52
Waterhouse, J.B., (Cherry Valley) shoe maker, Main
Waterhouse, N.W., (Cherry Valley) boots and shoes, Main
Watrous, O., (Cherry Valley) farmer 60
Watrous, O.F., (Cherry Valley) farmer 128
Weller, Hiram, (East Springfield) grist and saw mill, Saltspringsville
Wentworth, Chas. H., (Cherry Valley) (Wentworth & Son)
Wentworth, Henry, (Cherry Valley) (Wentworth & Son)
Wentworth, Seymour M., (Cherry Valley) (Wentworth & Son)
Wentworth & Son, (Cherry Valley) (Henry & Chas. H.) painters, Main
Wentworth & Son,  (Cherry Valley) (Henry & Seymour M.) photographers, Main
Whitbeck, Albert, (Cherry Valley) prop. of hotel
White, J.M., (Cherry Valley) physician and surgeon, Alden
White, Willard D. (Sprout Brook, Montgomery Co) farmer 100
Whiteman, John, (Cherry Valley) farmer 150
Wickwire, Amos F., (Cherry Valley) farmer 150
Wicoff, Truman,  (Cherry Valley) farmer 200
Wiles, William,  (Cherry Valley) farmer 188
Wilkins, C.M., (Cherry Valley) blacksmith, Genesee
WILLSON, WM.C., (Cherry Valley) groceries, stoneware and woodenware
Wils (sic) Moses, (Sprout Brook, Montgomery Co) farmer 100
Wilson, W.C., (Cherry Valley) farmer 116
Winne, A. & Co., (Cherry Valley) (J.C. Winne) boots, shoes, hats, caps and
trunks, Harmony Row
Winne, J.C., (Cherry Valley) (A. Winne & Co)
Winney (sic) Adolphus,  (Center Valley) carpenter
Winnie (sic) Isaac, (Cherry Valley) farmer 110
Woodburn, R.R., (Cherry Valley) farmer 57
Woolcott, John (Cherry Valley) farmer 92
Wyckoof (sic) John,  (Cherry Valley) farmer 17
Wykoff, John, (Cherry Valley) farmer 68
Wykoff, Thomas, (Cherry Valley) farmer 50
Yardon, Samuel, (Cherry Valley) farmer 100
Yindley, Francis, (Cherry Valley) farmer 133
Yordon, A., (Cherry Valley) farmer 100
Yordon, M., (Cherry Valley) farmer 100
Yordon, Peter D., (Cherry Valley) farmer 115
Youdon, (sic), Adam, (Buel, Montgomery Co) farmer 100
Young, James, (Cherry Valley) lawyer, corner Main and Montgomery
Young, John, (Cherry Valley) carpenter and farmer 243, Alden

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