Otsego Business Directory
Town of Exeter
Contributed by Jean Chapman Snow


Explanations: Directory is arranged as follows: 1. Name of individual or firm. 2. Jpost office address in parenthesis. 3. Business or occupation A Star (*) placed before a name, indicates an advertiser in this work. Figures placed after the occupation of farmers, indicate the number of acres of land owned or leased by the parties. Names set in CAPITALS indicate subscribers to this work. The word Street is implied as regards directory for the villages.



Otsego County Business Directory 1872-3   Exeter pp 168-171
(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses)

Allen, David, (West Exeter) blacksmith.
Anderson, Philander, (Schuyler’s Lake) (with John Austick) farmer, 14
ANDERSON, WILLIAM, (Richfield) farmer leases of Joseph Wilmarth, 300
Angell, Byron P., (Exeter) insurance agent and farmer, 100
Angell, David R., (Exeter) farmer, 125
Angell, Henry J., (Exeter) carpenter
Angell, Jonathan, (Exeter) farmer, 160
Angell, Joseph, (Exeter) farmer, 15
Angell, Oscar E., (Exeter) farmer, 90
Arnold, James, (West Exeter) picture and frame peddler
Austick, John, (Schuyler’s Lake) (Austick & Mitchell) (with Philander Anderson) farmer, 14
Austick & Mitchell, (Schuyler’s Lake) (John Austick & D. W. Mitchell) general merchants
Babcock, Almon, (Exeter) farmer 130
Baker, Henry J., (Schuyler’s Lake) cheese factory and farmer, 18
BALL, JOHN W., (Exeter) notary public and farmer, 100
Bard, John A., (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 114
Barstow, George T., (West Exeter) farmer 323
Benjamin, Caleb. F., (Exeter) farmer, 9
BENJAMIN, RUDOLPH, (Exeter) blacksmith and owns 2
Bennett, Lewis J., (West Exeter) farmer leases 165
Bliss, Eunice A., Mrs., (Exeter) farmer, 60
Bliss, John L., (Exeter) farmer, 120
Bliss, Newel, (Exeter) cooper and farmer, 70
Bliss, Seth L., (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 11
Bliss, Theodore, (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 190
Bowers, G.D., (Exeter) (with Russell) farmer, 130
Brady, James, 1st, (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 100
Brady, James, 2nd, (Schuyler’s Lake) (with John) farmer, 180
Brady, John, (Schuyler’s Lake) (with James, 2nd) farmer, 180
Brady, Thomas, (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 80
BROWN, WILLIAM G., (West Exeter) farmer, 110
Bullion, George D., (Schuyler’s Lake) prop of Schuyler’s Lake House
CANEY, JOHN A., (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 30
Carson, James, (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer leases of J.J. Rider, 200
CASS, JOHN T., (Exeter) school teacher and farmer, 92
CASWELL, D.H., (Exeter) school teacher
Caswell, John R., (Exeter) farmer, 50 and leases of Banyer estate, 210
Chappell, Charles, (Exeter) physician and farmer, 7
Chappell, John, (Schuyler’s Lake) town clerk, tailor and farmer, 15
Clark, D.W., (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 108
Clark, John, (Exeter) farmer, 109
Clark, John F., (Exeter) farmer, 97
Clark, Joshua, (Exeter) farmer, 78
Clark, Manville, (West Exeter) farmer leases of John T. Barstow, 247
Clark, Wayne, (Schuyler’s Lake) (with Robert Wright) farmer, 40
CLARK, WILLIAM, (Exeter) with John
Clark, William D., (Exeter) farmer, leases 142
Coats Brothers, (West Exeter) Henry O., and Charles T.,) general merchants
Coats, Charles T., (West Exeter) (Coats Brothers)
Coats, Henry O., (West Exeter) (Coats Brothers)
Cochrane, William R. Rev., (West Exeter) pastor of M.E. Church
Coffin, William, (Exeter) farmer, 11
Coleman, Murell, (Exeter) farmer, 140
Counrod, Calvin, (Exeter) farmer 80
Counrod, George, (Exeter) agent for A.B. Howe Sewing Machine
Crumb, H., (West Eaton) farmer, 100
Curley, Martin, (Exeter) (with Thomas) farmer, 80
Curley, Thomas, (Exeter) with Martin) farmer, 80
Curtis, Charles, estate of, (Schuyler’s Lake) 229 acres
Curtis, David, (Exeter) farmer 56
CURTISS, ALONZO, (Exeter) wagon maker
Daley, Moses, (Exeter) farmer, 115
Darbey, Alonzo, (Exeter) (with Rufus) farmer, 140
Darby [sic], Rufus, (Exeter) (with Alonzo) farmer, 140
Dauchy, Clark R., (Burlington Flats) farmer, 25
Dauchy, George D., (Burlington Flats) farmer 113
Dauchy, George T., (Burlington Flats) farmer, 85
Davenport, Richard, (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 120
Davis, Delos, (West Exeter) deputy sheriff, constable and farmer leases of Harvey Hull, 106
Devendorf, Nelson (West Exeter) prop. of West Exeter Hotel
Doleman, James, (Exeter) farmer leases 250 
Downs, James, (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer 6
Durfy, John, (Schuyler’s Lake) (J. & J. Durfy)
Durfy, Judson, (Schuyler’s Lake) (J. & J. Durfy)
Durfy, J. & J., (Schuyler’s Lake) (John and Judson) cabinet makers and undertakers
Dyer, Henry, (West Exeter) farmer, 100
Dyer, Philip, (West Exeter) farmer, 50
Dygert, Daniel L., (Schuyler’s Lake) cooper, assessor and farmer, 24
Edick, Andrew M., (West Exeter) farmer leases 96
Edmonds, Amos, (Richfield) resident
EDMONDS, GEORGE P., (Richfield) farmer, 107
Eygabroat, L.F., (Schuyler’s Lake) (L.O. Veber & Co.)
Fairchild, Lewis D., (West Exeter) farmer, 2
Fay, Hiram, (Exeter) farmer, 64
Fay, John, (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 43
Fearn, John, (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 315
FIRMAN, JAMES, (Schuyler’s Lake) wagon maker, blacksmith, painter and trimmer, owns 23
Fitch, Lewis W., (Exeter) farmer leases of Milo B. Robinson, 100
Flewellin, David A., (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 100
Garlick, Henry, Rev., (Schuyler’s Lake) pastor of Baptist Church
Gates, Alfred, (West Exeter) (with Lafayette) farmer, 133
Gates, Fernando C., (West Exeter) farmer, 220
Gates, Hiram, (West Exeter) resident
Gates, Lafayette, (West Exeter) (with Alfred) farmer, 133
Gilmore, Cyrus A., (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 80
Gray, John F., (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 7
GREEN, THOMAS J., (Richfield) farmer, 268
Hadsell, Jesse, (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, leases 80
Hall, William, (West Exeter) carpenter and farmer, 6
Henderson, A.W., (Schuyler’s Lake) produce dealer and farmer, 60
HENRY, LOWELL S., (Schuyler’s Lake) lawyer
Herkimer, Nelson T., (Schuyler’s Lake) wagon maker and farmer, 300
Herkimer, Sarah, Mrs., (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 78
Herkimer, Timothy, (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 430
Higbie, Delavan E., (Exeter) farmer, 35
Higbie, Milton, (Exeter) farmer, 100
Higgins, Levi, (Burlington Flats) farmer, 107
Hills, L.H., (Schuyler’s Lake) physician and surgeon, and coroner
Hinds, George W., (Richfield) farmer, 52
Hinds, O.C., (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 140
Hinds, O. W., (Schuyler’s Lake) saw, grist and cider mills and farmer 12
Hollister, DeWitt C., (Burlington Flats) farmer, 107
Horan, John, (Exeter) farmer, 120
Horan, Patrick, (Exeter) farmer, 60
Horton, Daniel, (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 80
Horton, John W., (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 54
Hubbard, Deloss E., (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer
Hubbard, Seth, (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 168
Hull, Harvey, (West Exeter) farmer, 106
Huntley, C., (West Exeter) farmer, 200
Huntley, Charles, (West Exeter) farmer, 140
Huntley, D.C., (West Exeter) farmer, 110
Huntley, Elisha, (West Exeter) farmer, 130
Huntley, Starr D., (West Exeter) farmer leases of Loring Huntley (West Exeter), 130
Huntly, [sic] Loring, (West Exeter) farmer, 600
Hurelle, J.T., (Schuyler’s Lake) shoe maker
Huyck, Robert L., (Exeter) farmer, 93
Huyck, Theodore C., (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 30
Jackson, Nathaniel B., (West Exeter) farmer, 168
Joels, Hiram, (West Exeter) shoemaker
Johnson, Charles A., (West Exeter) (W.A. & C.A. Johnson)
Johnson, Marquis D., (Exeter) farmer, 80
Johnson, William, (West Exeter) mechanic and farmer, 5
Johnson, W. Anson, (West Exeter) (W.A. & C. A. Johnson) wagon maker
Johnson, W.A. & C.A., (West Exeter) (W. Anson and Charles A.,) props of saw mill and broom handle manufs.
Jones, John C., (West Exeter) farmer leases 96
JONES, SAMUEL, (Schuyler’s Lake) blacksmith
JONES, WILLIAM P., (Exeter) general merchant and post master
Judd, L.C., (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 150
Judd, Mary A., Mrs., (Schuyler’s Lake) milliner
Judd, Orrin A., (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer leases of Amelia Davenport, 96
King, Constantine, (West Exeter) farmer 306
Lidell, Allen, (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 200
Lidell, B.W., (Schuyler’s Lake) supervisor and farmer, 156
Lidell, Jonas A., (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 275
LIDELL, PAUL A., (Exeter) cheese manuf.
Lipe, Joshua F., (Exeter) farmer, 93
Mallory, Lucius S., (Exeter) shoemaker and farmer, 80
Matteson, Charles W., (West Exeter) carpenter and farmer, 8
Matteson, Josiah, (West Exeter) farmer, 76
MATTESON, MARVIN, (West Exeter) farmer leases of Jonathan Angell, 160
Mattison, Peleg, (Richfield) farmer, 100
May, Erastus, (Exeter) blacksmith and farmer 5
May, George, (Schuyler’s Lake) cheese maker
McCrorie, James M., (Schuyler’s Lake) saw and cider mills, and farmer 16
McDonoough, John, (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 100
Minacuse, Matthias, (Exeter) farmer 2
Minor, William, (Schuyler’s Lake) 
Mitchell, D.W., (Schuyler’s Lake) (Austick & Mitchell)
Mitchell, S.B.L., (Exeter) farmer, 350
Monk, Daniel A., (West Exeter) farmer, 120
Mooney, William, (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 143
Morey, George W., (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer 83
Morey, Smith, (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 65
Mott, Robert C., (Exeter) carpenter and farmer 76
Mulvey, ____, (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 13
Newkirk, Charles H., (Schuyler’s Lake) cider mill and farmer 21
Newkirk, William, (Schuyler’s Lake) blacksmith and farmer 105
Newkirk, William S., (Schuyler’s Lake) (with William) farmer
Palmer, Ira, (Schuyler’s Lake) shoe maker
Patrick, David W., (Schuyler’s Lake) physician and farmer 70
Perkins, Lewis, (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 100
Phillips, Seth, (Exeter) justice of the peace, farmer 33 and leases 150
Phillips, W. Irving, (Exeter) farmer 94 and leases 60
Pickens, Philip, (Exeter) shoe maker and farmer 6
PLUMB, ORVILLE L., (Schuyler’s Lake) (O. L. & V. Plumb)
PLUMB, O.L. & V. (Schuyler’s Lake) (Orville L. and Volney) hotel props.
PLUMB, VOLNEY, (Schuyler’s Lake) (O.L. & V. Plumb)
Pope, Joseph, (Exeter) physician, commissioner of highways and farmer 150
Pratt, George W., (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer 58 ½
Pritchard, John E., (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer 132
Purchase, Horace C., (Exeter) cheese manuf.
Rider, J.J., (Schuyler’s Lake) cheese factory and farmer 300
Roberts, Thomas, (West Exeter) farmer, 73
ROBINSON, Barzilla, (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 26
Robinson, Henry C., (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 209
Robinson, Milo B., (Exeter) farmer, 100
Robinson, Truman, (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 54
Rood, Elias, (West Exeter) carpenter
Rose, Benajah, (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 140
Rose, Dorre, (Schuyler’s Lake) carpenter and farmer, 150
Rose, George G., (West Exeter) farmer, 50
Rose, Montgomery, (Schuyler’s Lake) carpenter and farmer, 2
Rose, Norman, (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 131
Rose, Samuel, (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 75
ROSE, WILLIAM, (Schuyler’s Lake) mechanic, prop. of steam, saw and grist mills, justice of the peace and farmer, 10
Ruto, Luman B., (Exeter) farmer, 41
Scott, George, (Schuyler’s Lake) dealer in butter and cheese
Scott, Harriet, Mrs., (Schuyler’s Lake) confectionery
Seeber, Matilda, Mrs., (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 60
Shumway, John W., (Schuyler’s Lake) carpenter and farmer, 50
Simmons, Frank, (Exeter) farmer, 200
Simms, E.F., (West Exeter) farmer, 50
Sloat, Irwin, (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 27
Smith, Philemon, (Schuyler’s Lake) cooper, carpenter and farmer, 2
Smith, Reuben D., (Schuyler’s Lake) harness maker
Southworth, William, (Schuyler’s Lake) general merchant and life insurance agent
Stener, George, (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer leases of Daniel Peak, 300
Sternberg, D.S., (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 40
Stewart, F.B., (West Exeter) farmer, 48
Stone, Salmon, (Exeter) carpenter and farmer, 140
Sumner, George B., (Exeter) farmer, 121
SUTHERLAND, JOHN, (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 531
Sutherland, Orlando, (Schuyler’s Lake) general merchant
Sweet, Mary, Mrs., (Exeter) farmer, 2
Taylor, Milton H., (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 228
Thompson, Charles F., (Schuyler’s Lake) school commissioner
Town, Amos, (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer
Turner, Caleb, (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 84
Turner, Syphera, Mrs., (Exeter) farmer 98
Turner, William A., (Exeter) (with Mrs. Syphera) farmer
Underwood, Amanda, Mrs., (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 13
Van Court, Daniel, (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer 113
Van Court, Martin, (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 50
Van Court, Stephen, (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 40
Van Keuren, Charles, (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, leases 107
Veber, Daniel, (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 2
Veber, Israel L., (Schuyler’s Lake) cheese box manufacturer
Veber, John H., (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 150
Veber, Lucius O., (Schuyler’s Lake) (L.O. Veber & Co.) Postmaster
Veber, L.O. & Co., (Schuyler’s Lake) (Lucius O. Veber and L.F. Eygabroat) general merchants
Walker, George G., (Exeter) farmer
Watson, Orlando, (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 130
West, John W., (West Exeter) farmer, 200
West, Milton P., (West Exeter) farmer, 177
Westcott, A.E. Miss, (Schuyler’s Lake) milliner and dressmaker
WESTCOTT, T.M. (Schuyler’s Lake) boot and shoe maker, dealer in hides and pelts, and owns 3 acres
Wheeler, Sanford, (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer leases 165
Wilcox, O. H,  (West Exeter) postmaster and general merchant
Williams, Sherman, (Exeter) farmer, 148
Wilmarth, Joseph, (Richfield) cheese factory and farmer, 300
Wood, Herman H., (Exeter) farmer, 196
Wood, Jerome A., (Exeter) farmer, 110
Wright, David, (Schuyler’s Lake) farmer, 52
Wright, Robert, (Schuyler’s Lake) (with Wayne Clark) farmer, 40
Young, Henry G., (Exeter) cheese factory and farmer, 60

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