Otsego Business Directory
Town of Hartwick
Contributed by Jean Chapman Snow


Explanations: Directory is arranged as follows: 1. Name of individual or firm. 2. Jpost office address in parenthesis. 3. Business or occupation A Star (*) placed before a name, indicates an advertiser in this work. Figures placed after the occupation of farmers, indicate the number of acres of land owned or leased by the parties. Names set in CAPITALS indicate subscribers to this work. The word Street is implied as regards directory for the villages.



Otsego County Business Directory 1872-3   Town of Butternuts

Otsego County Business Directory 1872-3   Hartwick, pp 171-176
(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses)

Adams, Joshua, (Hartwick Seminary) farmer, 52
Aldrich, Landrin, (South Hartwick) farmer, 84
Alger, Obed, (South Hartwick) farmer, 15
ALGER, WILLIAM C., (Hartwick) undertaker, clock repairer and turner
Angley, Thomas, (Hartwick) farmer, 100
Aplin, George W., (Toddsville) farmer, 100
Armstrong, John, (Hartwick Seminary) farmer, 40
Arnold, Mason D., (Hartwick) harness maker
Ashcraft, Jedediah, (Hartwick) cabinet maker
Ashcroft, Orlando B., (Hartwick) blacksmith
Auger, Austin, (Hartwick) farmer rents of George, 272
Auger, Frederick, (Milford) farmer, 200
Auger, Charles M., (Hartwick) farmer, 100
Augur, George M. (Hartwick) farmer, 16
Avery, Albert A., (Hartwick) blacksmith
Avery, Joanna, Mrs. (Hartwick) farmer 1 
Barney, James H., (Hartwick) farmer, 29
Beach, Frank, (South Hartwick) farmer, 1
Beckley, Albert, (Milford) farmer, 60
Beckley, Charles, (Hartwick Seminary) farmer, 8
Beckley, Delos, (Milford) farmer, 92
Beckley, Elijah, (Hartwick Seminary) farmer, 125
Beckley, Horace, (Milford) farmer, 125
BECKLEY, HORACE J., (Hartwick Seminary) blacksmith
Bilderbeck, Henry, South Hartwick) farmer, 103
Bishop, Andrew J., (Hartwick) farmer, 62
Bishop, Delos, (Hartwick) farmer, 8
Bishop, Oliver, (Hartwick) veterinary surgeon and farmer, 25
Bissell, Edwin A., (Hartwick) (F.H. Bissell & Sons) farmer, 25
Bissell, Enoch, (South Hartwick) farmer, 50
Bissell, Frederick H., (Hartwick) (F.H. Bissell & Sons)
Bissell, F.H. & Sons, (Hartwick) (Frederick H., Edwin A. and Theron E.,) 
general merchants and harness makers
Bissell, John, (Cooperstown) blacksmith and farmer, 90
Bissell, Theron E., (Hartwick) (F.H. Bissell & Sons) farmer, 16
Bliss, Rensselaer, (Hartwick Seminary) farmer, 72
Bolls, James W., (Toddsville) carpenter
Bolton, Daniel, (Toddsville) farmer, 22 
Bradley, Hiram S., (Hartwick) insurance agent, house painter and grainer
Bradley Horatio, (Hartwick) farmer, 60
BRADLEY, ISAAC  R., (Hartwick) farmer, 47
Bradley, Oscar, (Milford) farmer, 180
Branch, William H., (Hartwick) tailor and farmer, 117
Brazee, David, (Hartwick Seminary) farmer, 240
Brooks, Asahel, (Mount Vision) farmer, 125
Brooks, Romanzo D., (Mount Vision) farmer, 20
Brown, Henry, Rev., (Hartwick) pastor of Christian Church
Brown, Julia, Mrs. (Hartwick) farmer, 2
Brownell, Erastus, (South Hartwick) grist and saw mills, and farmer, 2
Brownell, Samuel, (Milford) farmer, 164
BUELL, CHAS. W., (Toddsville) farmer,116
Burch, Orlo, (Hartwick) farmer, 60
Burdett, Adelbert, (South Hartwick) farmer, 128
Burdick, Adelmer A., (South Hartwick) farmer, 128
Burditt, William D., (Hartwick Seminary) farmer leases of Luther I. 
Burditt, 125
Burk, Gilbert, (Toddsville) butcher
BURLINGHAM, JAMES L., (Hartwick) carriage maker
Burlingham, Morell, (Milford) farmer, 60
Butts, Elisha, (Toddsville) paper maker
Calkins, Selon, (Hartwick) farmer, 5
Camp, James, (Toddsville) farmer, 96
Campbel [sic], Sylvenus, (Toddsville) mason
Card, Edward, (Hartwick) farmer, 50
Card, Edward, Jr., (Hartwick) farmer, 114
Card, Job, (South Hartwick) ashery and farmer, 80
Card, John L., (Hartwick) farmer, 26
Card, Jonathan, (South Hartwick) shoemaker and farmer, 36
Carr, Arnold, (South Hartwick) farmer, 80
Carr, Chester, (Toddsville) farmer, 56 and in Otsego, 81
Carr, De Forest, (Toddsville) farmer, 88
Carr, Edwin, (Toddsville) farmer 75 and in Otsego, 25
Carr, Samuel, (Hartwick Seminary) farmer, 87
Carr, Samuel, (Toddsville) farmer, 85
CASS, LEWIS, (Toddsville) farmer, 68
CHASE, ELIZABETH, Mrs., (Cooperstown) farmer, 60
CHASE, GEORGE W., (Hartwick Seminary) (Mercer, Son & Co)
Chase, Horace, (Hartwick) farmer, 50
Chase, Hosea, (Cooperstown) farmer, 90
Chase, Nathan, (Cooperstown) farmer, 160
Chase, Reuben, (Hartwick) farmer, 50
Chase, William, (Cooperstown) saw mill and farmer leases 98
CHILDS, JONATHAN, (Hartwick Seminary) carriage maker and painter
Clark, Francis, (Hartwick Seminary) farmer, 51
Clinton, William, (Milford) general agent of Clintonville Cotton Mill
Conklin, John, (Hartwick) farmer, 200
Conley, James M., (South Hartwick) farmer, 60
Cook, Anson, (Hartwick) farmer, 100
COOK, DANIEL, (South Hartwick) carpenter and farmer 1 3/4
Cook, Mordington, (Hartwick) farmer, 100
Cook, Stephen, (Fly Creek) farmer 92
Curry, William, (Hartwick) farmer 160
Davis, William, (Hartwick) attorney
Davison, William, (Hartwick) farmer, 100
Davison, William C., (Hartwick Seminary) postmaster and farmer, 120
Dean, Abner, (Toddsville) mason
Dingman, Arminda, Mrs., (Hartwick) farmer, 3
DUNBAR, RENSSELAER H., (Hartwick) (Harrington & Co)
Edmons [sic], Arnine, (Hartwick) farmer, 2 3/4
Edmunds, Armon, (Hartwick) cheese maker
ELDRED, ANDREW W., (Hartwick) (R. & A.M. Eldred)
Eldred, Deloss, (South Hartwick farmer, 66
Eldred, Dexter H., (Hartwick Seminary) cooper
Eldred, Lucius F., (Toddsville) carpenter and farmer, 1
ELDRED, RUSSEL, (Hartwick) (R. & A.M. Eldred)
ELDRED, R. & A.M., (Hartwick) (Russel and Andrew M.) Props. of Eldred House
EVANS, RANSOM, (Milford) farmer leases of Samuel Harrison, 100
EVANS, WILLIAM P., (Hartwick Seminary tutor Hartwick Theological and 
Classical Seminary
Field, Delos T., (Hartwick) farmer, 178
Field, Elisha, (Hartwick) farmer, 6
Field, E.A., (Fly Creek) farmer, 6
FIELD, GEORGE, (Hartwick) farmer, 488
Field, Monroe H., (Hartwick) farmer, 62 
Field, Orson, (Hartwick) farmer, 75
FIELD, RILEY, (Toddsville) farmer, 85
Fisk, Benjamin, (Cooperstown) (with Rufus) farmer, 100
Fisk, Rufus, (Cooperstown) (with Benjamin) farmer, 100
FITCH, CHANNING R., (South Hartwick) woolen goods and groceries
Fitch, James R., (South Hartwick) farmer, 80
Fitch, Orrin, (Hartwick) farmer, 7
Freeland, Peter, (South Hartwick) farmer, 1 1/4
Fuller, Austin, (Hartwick) farmer, 80
Gardner, Chauncey, (Hartwick) farmer, 83
Gardner, David, (Hartwick) farmer, 18 and in New Lisbon, 90
Gardner, Nelson B. (Mount Vision) farmer, 100
GARDNER, ROBERT W., (Hartwick) blacksmith and farmer, 2
Gardner, Samuel, (Hartwick) farmer, 8
Gilbert, Addison, (Hartwick) farmer, 75
Goewey, Henry, (Hartwick Seminary) farmer, 100
Goewey, Robert E., (Hartwick) farmer, 100
GOEWEY, THOMAS H., (South Hartwick) farmer, 118 
Graves, Calvin, (Cooperstown) farmer, 10
Green & Harrington, (Hartwick) (Merton Green and Nathan B. Harrington) 
props. of grist and saw mills, and farmers, 9
Green, Merton, (Hartwick) (Green & Harrington)
Hackley, Samuel N., (Hartwick) farmer, 150 and in Otsego, 40
Hall, Lewis, (Cooperstown) farmer, 179
HARRINGTON, ALFRED W., (Hartwick) billiard saloon
HARRINGTON, CHESTER L., (Hartwick) (Chester L. and Sheffield Harrington, 
and Rensselaer H. Dunbar) general merchants
HARRINGTON & CO., (Hartwick) (Chester L. and Sheffield Harrington, and 
Rensselaer H. Dunbar) general merchants
HARRINGTON, HASKEL, (Hartwick) prop. of Hartwick Hotel
Harrington, James K., (Hartwick) farmer, 10
Harrington, Nathan B., (Hartwick) (Green & Harrington)
HARRINGTON, SHEFFIELD, (Hartwick) (Harrington & Co) farmer, 20
Timothy T. Titus, A.M., principal; Rev. James Pitcher, assistant; William 
P. Evans, tutor; Mrs. Helen E. Tilton, music teacher
Head, Lavina, Mrs., (Hartwick) farmer, 50
Hinds, George L., (Cooperstown) farmer, 678
HOLBROOK, CHESTER A.,  (Toddsville) farmer leases 116
HOLBROOK, DARIUS, (Toddsville) (with Harvey) farmer, 130
HOLBROOK, HARVEY, (Toddsville) (with Darius) farmer, 130
Holdridge, Harvey, (Hartwick) farmer, 82
Hollister, George F., (Hartwick) farmer, 163 3/4
Hoose, John, (Mount Vision) farmer, 100
Hoose, Stephen, (South Hartwick) farmer, 100
Houck, John M., (Toddsville) carpenter and farmer, 6
House, George N., (Toddsville) shoemaker and farmer, 2
House, Nelson,  (Hartwick) farmer leases 97 
Howland, Asa, (Toddsville) saloon keeper
Hubbard, Henry R., (South Hartwick) shoemaker and farmer, 3
HUBBARD, LASELLE L., (South Hartwick) postmaster and grocer
HUNGERFORD, ALLEN E., (Hartwick Seminary) eclectic physician and farmer, 11
Hunter, William C., (South Hartwick) farmer, 115
Hutchins, Martin, (South Hartwick) farmer, 40
Hutchins, William,  (Hartwick) farmer, 1
HYDE, GEORGE,  (Hartwick) cooper
Ingalls, Allen, (Cooperstown) farmer, 50
Ingalls, Evander, (Cooperstown) farmer, 140
Ingalls, Menzo, (Cooperstown) farmer, 70
Ingalsbe, James, (Cooperstown) farmer, 105
Ingalsbe, Jane, Miss,  (Hartwick) dress maker
Ingalsbe, Lorin,  (Hartwick) shoe maker
Irish, Thomas S., (Toddsville) farmer, 97
ISMOND, CEYLON E., (Hartwick) homeo. physician
JACKSON, ANDREW, (Toddsville) carriage maker
Jacobs, Chester, (South Hartwick) farmer, 144
Jacobs, Horace, (Hartwick) farmer, 160
Jacobs, Thomas, (South Hartwick) farmer, 121
Jarvis, Frederick T., (Hartwick Seminary) farmer, 153
Jeffrey, Thomas, (Hartwick Seminary) farmer, 93
Jenks, Thomas, (Hartwick) cooper
Jones, Betsey, Mrs. (South Hartwick) farmer, 15
Jones, Jane E., Mrs., (Hartwick) milliner
Jones, Oscar H., (Toddsville) farmer, 100
Jones, Rachel, Mrs., (Hartwick Seminary) farmer, 200
KENYON, AMOS, (Hartwick) house and carriage painter
King, Landin, (South Hartwick) farmer, 118
Kinnie, Hiram, (Hartwick Seminary) farmer, 130
Kinyon, Isaac, (Milford) saw mill
Kirby, George, (Hartwick Seminary) farmer, 87
Knolton, Maria, Mrs., (Hartwick) farmer, 50
Knowlton, Elijah, (Toddsville) farmer, 21
Lee, John, (Mount Vision) farmer, 98
Lewis, George E., (Hartwick) (T.P. Lewis &Son)
Lewis, Theodore P., (Hartwick) (T.P. Lewis & Son) farmer, 26 and in Otsego, 114
Lewis, T.P. & Son, (Hartwick) (Theodore P. and George E.) General merchants 
and druggists
Light, John G., (Milford) blacksmith
Linahen, Jeremiah, (Hartwick Seminary) farmer, 25
Lineham [sic], ____, Mrs., (South Hartwick) farmer, 75
Low, George, (Hartwick) farmer, 175
LUCE, ADOLPHUS S., (Hartwick) (Luce Brothers)
LUCE BROTHERS, (Hartwick) (Rufus P. and Adolphus S.) general merchants and 
LUCE, JOHN L., (Hartwick) boot and shoe maker
LUCE, RUFUS P., (Hartwick) (Luce Brothers)
LUTHER, ARTHUR A., (Hartwick) farmer, 98
Luther, Marcus, (Milford) farmer, 200
Luther, Margaret, Mrs., (Milford) farmer, 72
Luther, Walton, (Milford) farmer, 80
Lyons, Alanson, (Hartwick) farmer, 100
Mallory, William, (Toddsville) farmer, 30
Manchester, Louisa, Mrs., (Hartwick Seminary) farmer, 1
Maples, Edwin, (Hartwick) (with Oscar) farmer, 325
Maples, Hannah E., Mrs., (Hartwick) farmer, 3
Maples, Harvey, (Hartwick) farmer, 207
Maples, Oscar, (Hartwick) (with Edwin) farmer, 325
Marsh, Hiram K., (Hartwick) farmer, 129
Matteson [sic], Henry, (South Hartwick) farmer, 72
Mattison, Amos, (South Hartwick) farmer, 75
Mattison, Leonard, (South Hartwick) farmer, 59
McCabe, Michael, (Hartwick Seminary) farmer, 30
MERCER, JAMES H., (Hartwick Seminary) (M.H. Mercer & Son) (Mercer, Son & Co)
MERCER, MARSHAL H., (Hartwick Seminary) (M.H. Mercer & Son) (Mercer, Son & Co)
MERCER, M.H. & SON, (Hartwick Seminary) (Marshal H. and James H.) 
groceries, boots and shoes
MERCER, SON & CO., (Hartwick Seminary) (Marshal and James H. Mercer, and 
George W. Chase) blacksmiths
METCALF, LUCIAN T., (Hartwick Seminary) house painter and farmer 1
Mickel, Philip, (Milford) farmer, 106
Miller, James P., (Toddsville) carpenter
MILLS, ROBERTS, (Hartwick) farmer, 70
Monroe, Edwin M., (Toddsville) jeweler
Moon, James, (Hartwick Seminary) farmer
Morehouse, Gould, (Hartwick) farmer, 30
Mott, Josiah, (Hartwick) carpenter and farmer, 8
Munson, Abijah, (South Hartwick) farmer, 60
Murdock, George, (Hartwick) farmer, 120
Murdock, Harvey, (Hartwick) farmer, 80
Murdock, Ira W., (Hartwick) farmer, 120
MURDOCK, WHEELER, (South Hartwick) FARMER, 132
Murphy, John, (Hartwick) farmer, 9
Murry, Charles H., (Hartwick) farmer leases of George Hinds, 135
Norton, Esli [sic], (Hartwick) tailor
Norton, Theodore A., (Hartwick) (Wilcox & Norton)
Norton, Thomas, (Hartwick) farmer, 5
Owen, Benjamin F., (Hartwick) farmer 62 
PAINE, EDWARD J., (Toddsville) (Paine & Wood)
Paine, John S., (Hartwick) farmer, 50
PAINE & WOOD, (Toddsville) (Edward J. Paine & Wm. Wood) farmer, 62
PALMER, JOHN W., (Hartwick) farmer, 63
Parshall, Orestes H., (Hartwick Seminary) farmer, 120
Payne, Stephen W., (Toddsville) machinist
Pearse, Reuben, (South Hartwick) farmer, 50
Pendel, David L., Rev., (Hartwick) pastor of M.E. Church
Perkins, L.P., (Hartwick Seminary) farmer, 168
Perkins, Naaman, (Toddsville) farmer, 53
Perry, Jonathan, Rev. (Toddsville) Lutheran clergyman
Perry, Joshua G., (Milford) farmer, 165
Perry, Mary A., (Milford) farmer, 116
Pettengill, Deloss, (Mount Vision) farmer, 92
Philips, Barney, (Hartwick) farmer, 125
Philips, Frederick, (Hartwick) farmer, 142
Pickens, Anson, (Hartwick) farmer, 50
Pickens, Edwin, estate of, (Hartwick) carriage and blacksmith shop, shingle 
and planing mill
Pickens, Martin, (Hartwick) farmer, 100
Pierce, Deleazon, (Hartwick) farmer, 60
Pierce, Dewit [sic], (Hartwick) blacksmith
PITCHER, JAMES, Rev., (Hartwick Seminary) assistant Hartwick Theological 
and Classical Seminary
Pope, James, (South Hartwick) farmer, 116
Potter, Ervin, (Hartwick) butcher and farmer, 8
Potter, Rufus, (Hartwick) farmer, 60
Prentice, John A., (Hartwick ) farmer, 56
Pride, Asa, (South Hartwick) blacksmith
Proctor, Leonard R., (Hartwick)farmer, 51
Quackenbush, Granville J., (Toddsville) overseer of cotton mill
Reynolds, Laura and Rebecca, (Hartwick) milliners
Rich, Michael, (Milford) farmer, 80
Richards, Welcome, (Hartwick) carpenter
Robinson, Charles, (Hartwick) farmer, 37
Robinson, Delos, (Hartwick) (with Nelson T.) farmer, 10
ROBINSON, ELISHA, (Hartwick) (E. Robinson & Son) postmaster and farmer, 26
ROBINSON, E. & SON, (Hartwick) (Elisha and Henry D.) hardware
Robinson, George F., (Hartwick) farmer, 249
ROBINSON, GEORGE G. (Hartwick) farmer, 122
ROBINSON, HENRY D., (Hartwick) (E. Robinson & Son)
Robinson, Jared, (Hartwick) farmer, about 130
Robinson, Melvin T., (Hartwick) (with Delos) farmer, 10
Robinson, Solomon L. (Hartwick) allo. physician and farmer 35
Rounds, Giles, (Mount Vision) (with John) farmer, 86
Rounds, John, (Mount Vision) farmer, 86
Rowland, Deloss, (Milford)
Russel [sic], David, (Toddsville) farmer, 125
Russell, Charles, (Hartwick) farmer, 245
Salesbury, Elmer, (Milford) farmer leases of Edwin H. Tucker, 200
Schermerhorn, Robert, (Toddsville) blacksmith
Seebort, Henry, (Hartwick) farmer, 22 
SHAUL, JACOB D., (Hartwick) horse broker
Shepard, Asa J., (Hartwick) farmer, 65
Shepard, Linus E., (South Hartwick) farmer, 50
Sherman, James D., (Hartwick) blacksmith
Shillieto, Joseph, (Hartwick) farmer, 130
Short, Cyrus, (Hartwick Seminary) farmer, 150
Shove, Henry, (South Hartwick) farmer, 100
Shove, John W., (Mount Vision) farmer,100
Shumway, Allen D., (Toddsville) foreman in machine shop
Shumway, Sands, (Toddsville) post master
Shute, Orlands, (Toddsville) general merchant and deputy postmaster
Sitser, George W., (Hartwick) carpenter
SMITH, AUSTIN, (Mount Vision) farmer, 66
Smith, Gerard R., (South Hartwick) farmer, 100
Smith, Morell, (South Hartwick) farmer, 92
SMITH, PETER S., (Hartwick) allo. physician and farmer, 15
Spaulding, Hunt & Col., (Milford) prop. Clintonville Cotton Mill and 
farmer, 375
Sperry, David, (South Hartwick) farmer leases of Leroy Sergents, 111
Stanton, John P., (South Hartwick) farmer, 80
Steere, Delos, (Hartwick) farmer, 130
Steere, Elizur, (Hartwick) farmer, 150
STEERE, JEROME B., (Toddsville) farmer, 94
STEERE, RUFUS, (Toddsville) prop. of cotton mill, dry goods store and 
farmer, 130; in Otsego, 2 cotton mills, 2 dry goods stores, one grist mill 
and 250 acres; in Middlefield, 50 acres
Stewart, John, (Milford) farmer, 125
Swackhammer, Susan, (Hartwick Seminary) farmer, 1
Swartout, Cortland, (Hartwick Seminary) farmer, 200
Swartout, Richard, (Hartwick Seminary) farmer, 175
Sylvester, Joseph, (South Hartwick) farmer leases of Abigail Murdock, 122
Taylor, Chandler, (South Hartwick) farmer, 4
Teachout, Cornelius, (Hartwick Seminary) (with Henry Winsor) farmer, 125
Teachout, Elkanah, (Hartwick Seminary) carriage maker
TEMPLE, EBEN M., (Hartwick Seminary) farmer, 13
Thompson, Barzilla, (Hartwick) farmer, 3
Tiffany, White, (Hartwick) farmer, 43
TILTON, HELEN E. Mrs., (Hartwick Seminary) music teacher Hartwick 
Theological and Classical Seminary
*TITUS, TIMOTHY T. Rev., (Hartwick Seminary) principal Hartwick Theological 
and Classical Seminary and pastor Lutheran Church
TODD, ORANGE, (Hartwick Seminary) farmer, 133
Todd, Samuel S., (Toddsville) traveling agent for Rufus Steere
Tompson [sic], Barzillai [sic], (Hartwick) carpenter
Travis, Gould J. Rev., (Hartwick) Baptist clergyman
Tucker, Lucius G., (Hartwick) farmer, 85
Vanlyke, Henry D., (Toddsville) mason and farmer, 12 
Vanschaick, Samuel, (Hartwick) farmer, 100
Vanslyck, Cypran, (Hartwick Seminary) farmer, 1 
VAN SLYKE, NATHAN (Milford) general mason
Vars, Anson, (South Hartwick) farmer, 60
Vunk, Peter, (Hartwick Seminary) shoemaker
Walden, William P., (Hartwick) farmer, 25
Walker, Ripley, (Hartwick) farmer, 22
Walling, David, (South Hartwick) saw, shingle and planing mills, and farmer, 37
Ward, Daniel, (Hartwick) farmer, 78
Ward, Erastus, (Hartwick) farmer, 65
Ward, Harvey, (Hartwick) (with Samuel) farmer, 70
Ward, Samuel, (Hartwick) (with Harvey) farmer, 70
Webb, Mary A., Mrs. (Hartwick) farmer, 125
Wells, Amos F., (Toddsville) farmer, 96
Weeks, Caroline, Mrs., (Cooperstown) farmer, 50
Weeks, Elisha, (Hartwick Seminary) mason
Weeks, Eve, Mrs. (Hartwick) farmer, 144
WEEKS, JABEZ R. (Toddsville) boot and shoe maker
Wells, Edwin A., (Hartwick) farmer, 50
Wells, John, (Hartwick) carpenter
Wells, Stephen, (Hartwick) farmer, 218
Wilcox, Frederick, (Hartwick) (Wilcox & Norton) farmer, 5
Wilcox & Norton, (Hartwick) (Frederick Wilcox and Theodore A. Norton) 
general merchants and produce dealers
WILCOX, THOMAS, (South Hartwick) dealer in butter and wool, and farmer, 24
WILLIAMS, MARLIN, (Hartwick) farmer, 135
Williams, Palmer G., (Hartwick) iron foundry
Willis, Simon, (Hartwick) farmer, 15
WILSON, JOHN T., (Toddsville) chair maker and painter
Wilson, William W., (Toddsville) agent for paper mill
WINDSOR, NATHAN E., (Toddsville) farmer, 16
Winslow, James, (Milford) farmer, 38
Winslow, Mary, Miss, (Milford) tailoress and dressmaker
Winsor, Hosea, (Hartwick) farmer, 130
Wood, Walter, (Toddsville) farmer, 92
WOOD, WILLIAM, (Toddsville) (Paine & Wood)
WOODCOCK, WILLIAM, (Hartwick) carriage maker
WRIGHT, ISAIAH D., (Mount Vision) farmer, 98
WRIGHT, PORTER, (Hartwick Seminary) hotel keeper and farmer, 2

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