Otsego Business Directory
Town of Laurens
Contributed by Jean Chapman Snow


Explanations: Directory is arranged as follows: 1. Name of individual or firm. 2. Jpost office address in parenthesis. 3. Business or occupation A Star (*) placed before a name, indicates an advertiser in this work. Figures placed after the occupation of farmers, indicate the number of acres of land owned or leased by the parties. Names set in CAPITALS indicate subscribers to this work. The word Street is implied as regards directory for the villages.

Laurens, pp 177-183
(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses)

Ackley, Lemuel, (Mount Vision) hop grower and farmer 96
ACKLEY, WILLIS, (Laurens) hop grower and farmer 140
Allen, Aaron, (Laurens) blacksmith and farmer 8
Allen, Albert S., (Laurens) (Elwell & Allen)
Armstrong, Elisha, (Mount Vision) farmer 40, Main
Armstrong, Mary Mrs., (Mount Vision) farmer 50
Armstrong, Sylvester, (Mount Vision) farmer 5
Babcock, Hannah Mrs. (Oneonta) farmer 100
Babcock, Nathan W., (Laurens) dairyman and farmer 75
Baker, David, (West Oneonta) saw mill, dairyman and farmer 88
Baker, Oscar, (Laurens) hop grower, dairyman and farmer 63
Bard, Charles, (West Laurens) farmer 50
Barnard, Dennis, (Mount Vision) justice of the peace, carriage maker and 
farmer 28, Main
Barnard, John, (Mount Vision) wholesale egg dealer, Main
Barton, Almon, (Laurens) farmer 108
BARTON, PETER, (Laurens) dairyman and farmer 160, Civil
Bates, Roswell, (West Laurens) blacksmith
Beals, Edward E., (Mount Vision) farmer 70
BEERS, AMBROSE, (Laurens) prop. upper leather tannery, shoe manuf. And 
farmer 9 Butts Corners
Benedict, Albert, (Laurens) shoemaker
Bennett, Geo. G., (West Oneonta) farmer 76
Bennett, Martha Mrs., (West Laurens) farmer 50
Bennett, Perry, (West Laurens) retired farmer 5
Bennett, Russell, (West Laurens) produce buyer and farmer 16
Benton, Smith, (Otsdawa) farmer 50
Betts, Rodney, (West Laurens) farmer 60
BIRDSELL, JACOB, (Mount Vision) commissioner of highways, prop. Bloods 
Mills, feed, saw and planing mills, hop grower and farmer 18
Bissell & Bunn, (Mount Vision) (Seth H. Bissell and Henry C. Bunn) general 
merchants and wholesale egg dealers
Bissell, Seth H., (Mount Vision) (Bissell & Bunn) farmer 35
Blanchard, Ezra, (West Laurens)
Bowen, Amos (West Oneonta) farmer 111
Bowen, Daniel H., (West Oneonta) dairyman and farmer 115
Bowen, Zebulon, (Laurens) dairyman and farmer leases of Daniel Baker 87
Brewster, Daniel D., (West Oneonta) grist, flouring, plaster and cider 
mills, and farmer 60
Brewster, J.H., (Laurens) butcher, Main
Bridges, Eli, (Laurens) farmer 93
Bridges, E.W., (Laurens) carpenter
Bridges, Lyman, (Laurens) hop grower, dairyman and farmer 117
Briggs, Albert O., (Laurens) dairyman and farmer 165
BRIGGS, CHAS. I., (Laurens) farmer 50 and occupies farm of Isaac G., 109
Briggs, Godfrey, (West Laurens) farmer 125
Briggs, Howard, (West Laurens) farmer 100
Briggs, Isaac G., (Laurens) farmer 260, Main
Brightman, Chas., (Laurens) farmer leases of Chas. Briggs, 50
Brightman, Edward (Laurens) hop grower and farmer 25
Brightman, Geo., (Laurens) farmer 91
Brown, Delos N., (New Lisbon) farmer 156
Brown, Henry, (West Laurens) farmer leases 90
Brown, Henry Rev., (Hartwick) pastor Christian Church
Brown, John, (West Laurens) farmer 270
Brown, Levi, (West Laurens) farmer 75
Brown, Polly Mrs., (West Laurens) farmer 90
Brown, Wellington, (Laurens) dairyman and farmer 275
Brown, Wm., (Laurens) farmer 62
BUNN, HENRY C., (Mount Vision) (Bissell & Bun)
BUNN, WM., (Mount Vision) retired farmer 8, Main
Burnside, Ephraim, (Mount Vision)carpenter, Main
Butts, Galen H., (West Laurens) farmer 233
Butts, Harvey, (Laurens) farmer 280
BUTTS, MORRIS, (Laurens) dairyman and farmer 172
Butts, Norris, (West Laurens) saw mill and farmer 86
BUTTS, SALMON H., (Laurens) dairyman and farmer 70 
Camp, Geo. E., (Laurens) butcher, Main
Camp, James B., (Laurens) farmer 160
Carnrick, John, (Laurens) cider mill and farmer 1
CARR, ALFRED, (Laurens) dairyman and farmer 180
Carr, Daniel, (Laurens) farmer 65
Carr, Edmund, (Laurens) (with Roselpha A.,) farmer 100
Carr, Jonathan, (Laurens) farmer 18
Carr, Roselpha A., (Laurens) (with Edmund) farmer 100
Caulkins, Henry, (Mount Vision) farmer 60
Chamberlain, Jordan, (West Laurens) farmer 82
Charter, Chas. W., (Otsdawa) farmer leases 11
Chase, Nathan L., (Laurens) farmer 113
Cheney, Wm., (Mount Vision) blacksmith, Main
Clark, Justus T., (Laurens) prop. Laurens Nursery and farmer 13, Butternut
Clark, S. Andrew, (Laurens) blacksmith, Main
Clinton, Wm. M., (Clintondale, Ulster Co.) agent Otsego Cotton Mill
Cogshall, Isaac, (West Laurens) farmer 64
Cole, Wm. H. (Laurens) (Cook & Cole)
Coller, Robert, (West Laurens) farmer 62 
Comstock, D. Lansing, (Laurens) farmer 660, Main
Cook & Cole, (Laurens) (Nathan H. Cook and Wm. H. Cole) groceries and 
provisions, Main
Cook, Hannah Mrs., (Laurens) farmer 65
Cook, John J., (West Oneonta) dairyman and farmer 60
Cook, Nathan H., (Laurens) (Cook & Cole) hop grower, dairyman and farmer 183
Cooley, Adelia Mrs. (Laurens) millinery, Main
Cooley, Richard J., (Laurens) dairyman and farmer 78, Main
Cornell, Walter, (West Laurens) farmer, 200
Couse, Peter, (Mount Vision) blacksmith, Mount Vision St.
Crisman, Elizabeth Mrs., (Laurens) farmer 14 3/4
CUTLER, JESSE K., (Mount Vision) (W.W. Cutler & Son)
Cutler, R.J., (Laurens) farmer 96
CUTLER, WILLARD W., (Mount Vision) (W.W. Cutler & Son)
CUTLER, W.W. & SON, (Mount Vision) (Willard W. and Jesse K.) Manufs. And 
dealers in boots and shoes, Main
Daley, Bennett, (Laurens) farmer leases 160
Davis, Adelbert G., (Laurens) farmer leases 248
Day, Addison, (West Oneonta) (with William E.,) farmer 50
Day, P.W., (West Oneonta) farmer 25
Day, Wm. E., (West Oneonta) (with Addison) farmer 50
Dean, Delos W., (Laurens) (Strong & Dean) farmer 60
DECKER, EPHRAIM W., (Laurens) carpenter and builder, Brook
Decker, Philip, (Laurens) carpenter
De Forest, Abel, (West Oneonta) farmer 150
Dibble, Isaac B., (Oneonta) blacksmith and farmer 8
Dockstader, Jacob M., (West Laurens) blacksmith and farmer 100
Drew, H.N. & Co., (Laurens) (John A. Drew) general merchants, Main
Drew, John A., (Laurens) (H.N. Drew & Company)
Dunbar, Delos, (Laurens) farmer 310
Dunbar, Electa Mrs., (West Laurens) farmer 2
Dunbar, Jesse W., (Laurens) hop grower, dairyman and farmer 230
Eckerson, Mary R., (West Laurens) farmer 30
Edson, Barzilla, (Laurens) carpenter and builder, Main
Eldred, Aaron, (New Lisbon) (with Samuel) farmer 550
Eldred, Harriet Mrs., (West Laurens) farmer 50
Eldred, Harvey, (Laurens) farmer 191
Eldred, Haskell, (West Laurens) farmer 95
Eldred, Samuel, (New Lisbon) (with Aaron) farmer 550
ELWELL & ALLEN, (Laurens) (Lewis S. Elwell and Albert S. Allen) manufs. and 
dealers in lumber, shingles and lath
ELWELL, LEWIS S., (Laurens) (Elwell & Allen) prop. Laurens Flouring and 
Custom Mills, and saw mill, manuf. and dealer in flour and feed
Fairchild, Gideon J., (West Laurens) carpenter and farmer 53
Ferguson, Andrew, (Laurens) hop grower and farmer leases 96
Ferguson, Wm., (Laurens) farmer 96
Ferryl, James, (West Laurens) farmer 60
FIELD, HEZEKIAH, (Mount Vision) dairyman and farmer 192
Field, Rachel Mrs., (Mount Vision) milliner, Main
Field, Wm. C., (Laurens) lawyer, Main
Fields, Henry N., (West Laurens) carpenter and farmer 25
FISHER, ELISHA S., (Laurens) (Kidder & Fisher) town clerk
FITCH, BUCKINGHAM, (Laurens) (Fitch & Richmond)
FITCH & RICHMOND, (Laurens) (Buckingham Fitch and Leonard P. Richmond) 
props. Laurens House, and Cooperstown and Oneonta stages
Fletcher, Emeline Mrs., (West Oneonta) farmer 50
FOWLER, CHAS. A., (Mount Vision) farmer 33, Main
Fowlston, Geo. M., (Laurens) farmer 183
Fowlston, Joel L., (Laurens) farmer 100
Fuller, Chas., (Mount Vision) farmer 80
Fuller, James, (Laurens) shoemaker, Maple
Fuller, Jonathan, (Laurens) farmer 270
Gardner, Emilius, (West Laurens) dairyman and farmer 161
Gardner, Horace, (West Laurens) shoemaker
Gardner, Nathaniel, (Laurens) farmer 30
Gardner, Seth A., (Mount Vision) sawmill and farmer 51, Main
Garlick, John D., (West Laurens) farmer 2
Garlick, Rensselaer, (West Laurens) farmer leases of Rensselaer L., 65
GARLOCK, RUSH, (Mount Vision) dairyman and farmer leases 77
Georgia, Chas., (West Laurens) farmer 76
Georgia, Electa S., (Otsdawa) farmer 11
Gilbert, D.W., (West Laurens) prop. West Laurens Hotel
Gilbert, Levi, (Laurens) farmer 200
GILE, SYLVESTER, (Laurens)manuf. Boots and shoes, Main
Gile, Wm., (Laurens) horse dealer and farmer 100
Grant, Warren, (Laurens) farmer 100
Green, Allen H., (West Oneonta) (with Ira) farmer 83
Green, Erastus, (Laurens) hop grower, dairyman and farmer 150
Green, Ira, (West Oneonta) (with Allen H.) farmer 83
Green, Lewis, (Laurens) (with Wheeler) farmer 40
Green, Lyman, (Mount Vision) farmer 50
Green, Wheeler, (Laurens) (with Lewis) farmer 40
Greene, Almanzo, (West Laurens) farmer 52
Greene, John W., (West Laurens) farmer leases 52
Gregory, Mathew [sic] [sic], (Mount Vision) farmer 150
Griffith, Lorenzo, (Laurens) farmer 145
GROVER, HENRY C., (Laurens) hop grower, dairyman and farmer 80
GURNEY, MILTON, (Laurens) (Gurney & Tucker) postmaster and justice of the peace
GURNEY & TUCKER, (Laurens) (Milton Gurney and Le Roy Tucker) dry goods, 
groceries, boots, shoes, hats, caps and manufs. and dealers in clothing
Haight, Lewis, (Otsdawa) farmer 105
HALL, NATHAN G., (Mount Vision) carpenter and builder, Main
Hall, Roswell, (Laurens) harness maker, Main
HARRINGTON, ELLEN Mrs., (Laurens) millinery, Main
Harrington, Samuel H., (Laurens) lawyer, Main
HARRINGTON, WM., (Laurens) prop. billiard saloon and dealer in groceries, Main
Harris, Henry T., (Laurens) druggist, physician and surgeon, Maple
Harrison, Delos, (Mount Vision) (with Samuel) farmer
Harrison, James, (Laurens) farmer 50
Harrison, Samuel, (Mount Vision) farmer 684
Hathaway, James., (Otsdawa) (with heirs of Jonathan) farmer 190
Hathaway, King J., (Otsdawa) farmer 67
Hathaway, Le Grand U., (Otsdawa) farmer 133
Hathaway, Warren, (Otsdawa) (with Willard) farmer 88
Hathaway, Willard, (Otsdawa) (with Warren) farmer 88
Hayward, Allen Rev., (West Laurens) pastor Christian Church, physician and 
Herring, John, (Laurens) farmer 96
Herring, Louisa Mrs., (Laurens) farmer 116
Herring, Mary Mrs., (Laurens) farmer 116
Herrington, Abel, (West Laurens) farmer 78
Hillsinger, John, (West Oneonta) farmer 100
Hoag, Ira, (Laurens) wagon maker, Main
Hoose, Thos., (Mount Vision) farmer leases of Cornelius Lane, 150
Hopkins, Eliza A. Mrs. (Laurens) farmer 80
Hopkins, Henry, (West Oneonta) dairyman and farmer 155
Hopkins, Samuel, (Laurens) farmer 87
Hopkins, Willard, (West Oneonta) farmer 50
Hopkins, Willis, (West Laurens) farmer 50 and leases 100
Hopkins, Wm. L.,  (Laurens) dairyman and farmer 270
Howe, Henry Mrs., (Laurens) farmer 117
Howe, William, (Laurens) carpenter and builder, Main
HUDSON, STEPHEN T., (Laurens) (S.T. & H. Hudson)
HUDSON, S.T. & H., (Laurens) (Stephen T. and Horace) dealers in stoves and 
hardware, and manufs. tin, sheet iron and copper ware, Main
Hull, M.A. Mrs., (Laurens) dressmaker, Main
Hunt, G. Darwin, (West Oneonta) dairyman and farmer 155
HUNT, JAMES, (Mount Vision) carpenter and joiner
Hurlbert, Chas., (Otsdawa) farmer 70
Hurlbert, Geo., (Otsdawa) farmer 105
Hurlbert, Julia Mrs., (Laurens) millinery, Main
Jenks, M.S., (Laurens) house painter, Civil
Jenks, Sylvester, (Laurens) farmer 100
Jewell, Henry C., (Mount Vision) farmer 20
Johnson, Amos, (New Lisbon) farmer 125
JOHNSON, MENZO, (Laurens) dairyman and farmer 75, head of Main
Jones, Jennie C., (Mount Vision) milliner, Main
Kenyon, Brenton, (Mount Vision) farmer 45
Kenyon, Catharine, (Mount Vision) farmer 28, Mount Vision St.
Kenyon, James H., (Mount Vision) retired farmer 15 Main
Keyes, Harvey, (Mount Vision) farmer 34
KEYES, JOSIAH D., (Mount Vision) wholesale dealer in eggs, hop grower, 
dairyman and farmer 83
Keyes, Melville, (Mount Vision and Oneonta) lawyer
Keyes, Omar, (Mount Vision) saw mill, dealer in lumber, lath &c., hop 
growers, dairyman and farmer 115
KEYES, WASHINGTON T., (Mount Vision) dealer in dry goods, groceries, 
crockery, hardware, boots, shoes, hats, caps, ready-made clothing, drugs, 
medicines, paints, oils, dyestuffs &c., Main, also farmer 5
KIDDER & FISHER, (Laurens) (John S. Kidder and Elisha S. Fisher) carriage 
and cutter manufs., also dealers in paints, oils, varnish &c., Main
KIDDER, JOHN S., (Laurens) (Kidder & Fisher) farmer 16
Lake, Spencer, (Mount Vision) farmer leases of Henry Arver, 80
Lane, Cornelius, (Mount Vision) farmer 164, Main
Lane, Elihu, estate of, (Mount Vision) 224 acres, Cornelius E. Lane, manager
Lasher, Jacob A., (New Lisbon) farmer 175
LAURENS FLOURING AND CUSTOM MILLS, (Laurens) Lewis S. Elwell, prop.
LAURENS HOUSE, (Laurens) Main, Fitch & Richmond, props.
Lent, Isaac, (Laurens) hop grower and farmer 90
Loomis, Daniel C., (Oneonta) dairyman and farmer 54
Lull, Mianda, (West Laurens) farmer 12
Mackey, Le Roy, (West Laurens) farmer 176
MacMinn, George, (West Laurens) farmer 16
Manchester, Josephus, (Mount Vision) carpenter and farmer 1
Mann, Abel, (Mount Vision) hop grower and farmer 119
Mann, Clark, (Mount Vision) farmer leases 119
Mann, Ezra, (Mount Vision) hop grower, dairyman and farmer 75
Marlet [sic], Menzo, (Mount Vision) farmer 50
Marlett, Ezra, (Mount Vision) farmer 215, Main
Marlett, Geo. W., (Mount Vision) retired farmer 6, Main
Marlett, Menzo [sic], (Mount Vision) dairyman and farmer 57
Marlett, Silas, (Mount Vision) retired farmer, Main
Marlett, Simon S., (Laurens) farmer 203 and leases 80, Main
Martindale, James, (West Laurens) veterinary surgeon
Matteson, David S., (West Oneonta) farmer 61
MAYNARD, WM., (Laurens) overseer weaving department Otsego Cotton Mills
McCleland, Wm., (Laurens) farmer 130
McDOUGAL, EZRA, M.D., (Mount Vision) physician and surgeon, Main
MEAD, CHAS. H., (Mount Vision) hop grower and farmer 52
Mead, Damon H., (Laurens) blacksmith, Main
Mead, James N., (Laurens) hop grower and farmer 64
Mead, M.C., (Laurens) blacksmith, Main
Merrill, Nelson, (Laurens) shoemaker
Mickel, Chas., (West Laurens) farmer lw0
Miller, Elijah B., (Laurens) farmer leases 150
Miller, Samuel B., (Laurens) surveyor and farmer 150
Mills, Daniel, (West Laurens) postmaster, general merchant and harness maker
Morton, Porter, (West Laurens) blacksmith
Mulkins, Albert, (Laurens) farmer 43
Mulkins, Clarence, (Laurens) planing mill
Mulkins, Ezekiel, (Laurens) wood turner and farmer 5
Mulkins, Wm., (Laurens) carpenter, Main
Murdock, Hiram J., (Mount Vision) farmer 22, Main
MURPHY, WM., (Laurens) mason and farmer leases of Hiram Fritts, 100
Myers, Chas. P., (Laurens) farmer 310
Naylor, Geo., (New Lisbon) saw mill and farmer 104
Nearing, Richard, (Mount Vision) farmer leases 70
Nichols, Abram D., (Laurens) carpenter
Northrup, Morgan S., (Mount Vision) supt. County Poor House and farmer 77
Pattengill, Samuel, (Mount Vision) cabinet maker
Peck, Isaac B., (Mount Vision) blacksmith, West
PECK, WM. F., (Laurens) dairyman and farmer leases of Wm. H. Peck, 118
Pendell, D.L. Rev., (Mount Vision) pastor M.E. Church, Main
Perkins, Seymour, (West Laurens) farmer 100
Perry, Raymond, (Laurens) farmer 100
PHILLIPS, EDWARD, (Oneonta) hop grower, dairyman, farmer 126 and leases 170
Phillips, John R., (West Laurens) farmer 112
PIXLEY, ANDREW J., (Laurens) carpenter and joiner, Maple
Pixley, Lewis L. (Laurens) sawyer
Potter, Orman, (Laurens) cutter for Gurney & Tucker
Powell, Erastus D., (Laurens) farmer 160, Main
Pratt, Wm. H., (Mount Vision) patent right dealer, stationer and farmer 35
Randall, Geo. W., (Laurens) grocer
Rathbun, James D., (Laurens) farmer 140
Rathbun, Jonathan F., (Laurens) farmer 170
Rathbun, Stephen C., (Mount Vision) farmer 294
Richards, Enoch K., (West Oneonta) farmer 85
Richardson, Egbert, (Oneonta) dairyman and farmer 70
Richardson, Jacob, (Laurens) hop grower, dairyman and farmer 230
RICHARDSON, JUSTUS G., (Laurens) hop grower and farmer 170
Richmond, K.V., (Laurens) cabinet maker and undertaker, Main
RICHMOND, LEONARD P., (Laurens) (Fitch & Richmond)
ROBERTS, JOHN N., (Laurens) supt. Otsego Cotton Mills
ROBINSON, ADDISON T., (Mount Vision) (Tiffany & Robinson)
Robinson, Levitt Mrs., (Morris) farmer 130
Robinson, Silas F., (Mount Vision) dairyman and farmer 100
ROBINSON, WM. W., (Mount Vision) dairyman and farmer 157
Rockwell, John, (Laurens) carpenter
Root, Sylvester,  (Mount Vision) dairyman and farmer 60
Rous, Albert, (West Oneonta) farmer 60
Rous, Erastus C., (West Oneonta) saw mill and farmer 100
Scofield, Eben, (Laurens) farmer 150
SERGENT, L.R., (Mount Vision) speculator and farmer 262
Shaw, Mary A., (Laurens) farmer 11
SHERMAN, SYLVESTER, (Mount Vision) egg dealer and carpenter, Main
Shoudy, Geo., (Mount Vision) prop. Jacksonville Mills
Shove, Brice, (Mount Vision) farmer 44
SHOVE, HENRY, (Mount Vision) dairyman, farmer 229 and leases of Banyer 
heirs, 100
Shovel, John B., (Laurens) harness &c.
Shutters, Jerry, (Mount Vision) farmer 1
SLEEPER, HUDSON, (Laurens) hop grower and farmer 250
Smith, Horton, (West Laurens) farmer leases 16
Smith, James, (Laurens) hop grower, dairyman and farmer 136
Smith, John, (Laurens) farmer 248
Smith, John G., (West Oneonta) dairyman and farmer 100
Smith, Lewis D., (West Laurens) farmer 212
Smith, Robert, (Mount Vision) spinner and farmer 2
Smith, Wm. Mrs., (Laurens) farmer 50
SODEN, JOHN, (West Laurens) justice of the peace and farmer 250
Stafford, Rowland, (West Laurens) farmer 200
Stanton, Jeremiah, (Laurens) farmer 50
Stanton, Thos. E., (Laurens) farmer 150
Stenson, Richard, (West Laurens) farmer 207
Stevens, Gilbert, (Mount Vision) farmer 41, Main
St. John, Chas., (Mount Vision) butcher
St. John, Erastus, (Mount Vision) (St. John & Wilber)
St. John & Wilber, (Mount Vision) (Erastus St. John and M.J. Wilber) 
groceries, provisions, &c., Main
Straight, Austin F., (Laurens) farmer
STRAIGHT, JEREMIAH B., (Laurens) carpenter and builder, and manuf. and 
dealer in cabinet ware
Straight, Job, (Laurens) farmer 10
Straight, Nancy Mrs., (Laurens) farmer 125
Straight, Samuel, (West Laurens) farmer 100
Straight, Stephen F., (Laurens) carpenter, Main
Straight, Wm., (Laurens) farmer 204
STRONG, A.P., M.D., (Laurens) physician and surgeon, Main
Strong & Dean, (Laurens) (Harvey Strong and Delos W. Dean) general 
merchants, Maple
Strong, Harvey, (Laurens) (Strong & Dean) farmer 60
Strong, Wm. A., (Laurens) justice of the peace and farmer 388, Main
Sullivan, David, (Mount Vision) farmer 9
Sweet, Jane E., (Mount Vision) farmer 100
Taylor, Wm., (Laurens) farmer 62
Tentor, Elijah, (West Laurens) farmer 36
Thayer, John, (Laurens) farmer 46
Thord, David, (West Laurens) farmer 60
Thurston, Mary Miss, (Mount Vision) dressmaker, Main
TIFFANY & ROBINSON, (Mount Vision) (Thos. Tiffany and Addison T. Robinson) 
dealers in hardware and stoves, and manufs. and dealers in tin, sheet iron 
and copper ware, Main
TIFFANY, THOS., (Mount Vision) (Tiffany & Robinson)
Tinnie, Silas, (Laurens) farmer leases of Wm. Comstock 270
TUCKER, CHAUNCEY L., (West Laurens) (E. Tucker & Son) dealer in hops and 
butter at Morris village, and farmer 11
TUCKER, ERIE, (West Laurens) (E. Tucker & Son) farmer 126
TUCKER, E. & SON, (West Laurens) (Erie and Chauncey L.) manufs. and dealers 
in dressed and undressed lumber and lath
TUCKER, EZRA, (West Laurens) manuf. and dealer in lumber, and farmer 86
TUCKER, J. LEE HON., (West Laurens) justice of the peace and conveyancer
TUCKER, LE ROY, (Laurens) (Gurney & Tucker) supervisor
Van Buren, Abram, (Mount Vision) farmer 236
Van Buren, Cornelius, (Mount Vision) farmer 57, Main
Van Deusen, H.N. Rev., (Laurens) pastor M.E. Church
Verry, Geo., H., (New Lisbon) egg dealer and farmer 25
Walby, Delos, (Mount Vision) farmer 3
Ward, Abraham, (West Oneonta) farmer 21
WARD, JARVIS, (Laurens) architect and builder, Main
Ward, Jarvis Mrs., (Laurens) farmer 24
Washbon [sic], Wm. G., (Laurens) farmer 3
Washburn, David, (West Laurens) farmer 30
Weatherby, Samuel, (West Laurens) farmer 2 and leases 40
Weatherly, Anson, (West Laurens) carpenter and farmer 95
Weatherly, Eliza Mrs., (West Laurens) farmer 80
Weatherly, Henry, (West Laurens) farmer 76
Weatherly, Hiram, (Otsdawa) farmer 50
Weatherly, Hiram, (West Laurens) farmer 112
Weatherly, Warren, (West Laurens) carpenter
Webb, Benjamin, (Mount Vision) cooper and farmer 8, Main
Webster, Hannon, (West Laurens) farmer 50
Wellman, Geo. P., (Mount Vision) harness maker, Main
Wentworth, Chester L., (Mount Vision) (D. Wentworth & Son)
Wentworth, David S., (Mount Vision) (D. Wentworth & Son) farmer 20
Wentworth, D. & Son, (Mount Vision) (David S. and Chester L.,) blacksmiths, 
WEST, E.M., (Mount Vision) physician and surgeon, and farmer 1 1/2, Main
WHITEMAN, JOSEPH, (Laurens) farmer 16  and leases of Robert White, 35
Wilber, M.J., (Mount Vision) (St John & Wilber)
Wilcox, Orrin, (Mount Vision) farmer 8
Windsor, L.H., (Laurens) tannery, Main
Wing, Asa, (West Laurens) farmer 225
Wing, J., (West Laurens) grocer and farmer 7 
Wing, W.C., (West Laurens) farmer 150
Winsor, Amos, (Laurens) (with Lemuel E.) Dairyman and farmer 160
Winsor, Lemuel E., (Laurens) (with Amos) dairyman and farmer 160
WOOLHOUSE, CORNELIUS, (Laurens) farmer leases of Simon Marlett, 200
Wright, Chas., (Laurens) cooper and farmer 1
WRIGHT, CHAUNCEY, (Mount Vision) post master and dealer in dry goods, 
groceries, crockery, hardware, boots, shoes &c., Main, also farmer 10
Wright, Giles, (Laurens) farmer leases of heirs of Chas. Brightman, 105
WRIGHT, HARLAN A., (Mount Vision) wholesale egg dealer, hop grower, 
dairyman and farmer 183
Zuller, Daniel, (West Laurens) farmer occupies farm of Delos W. Dunbar, 310

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