Otsego Business Directory
Town of Maryland
Contributed by Jean Chapman Snow


Explanations: Directory is arranged as follows: 1. Name of individual or firm. 2. Jpost office address in parenthesis. 3. Business or occupation A Star (*) placed before a name, indicates an advertiser in this work. Figures placed after the occupation of farmers, indicate the number of acres of land owned or leased by the parties. Names set in CAPITALS indicate subscribers to this work. The word Street is implied as regards directory for the villages.

pp 183-188
(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses)

Albert, Alfred, (Schenevus) farmer 75
Albert, Andrew, (Schenevus) marble worker, Mill
Allen, Jane Mrs, (Schenevus) farmer 40
Allen, Timothy, (Chaseville) farmer
Allen, Timothy B., (Chaseville) farmer 100
Babcock, Richardson, (Schenevus) carpenter
BailEy, Sumner, (Chaseville) farmer 130
Bailey, S.J., (Chaseville) farmer 100
Baldwin, Jenny, (Schenevus) dressmaker, Main
Baldwin, Solomon, (Schenevus) farmer 100, Main
Ball, Ogilvie D., (Schenevus) allo. physician and surgeon, Main
Banner, Hiram, (Schenevus) farmer 131 
BARNES, JERRY P.,        (Colliersville) farmer 75 
Barnes, Jutson, (Schenevus) farmer 130
Barnes, Pendell, (Colliersville) saw mill &c.
Barnes, Philip, (Colliersville) farmer 125
Bates, Alexander J., (Schenevus) groceries and provisions, near Depot
Beers, D., (Schenevus) farmer 70
Benedict, George A., (Schenevus) farmer 40 
BENEDICT, PHILOR, (Schenevus) ( Ferry & Benedict) 
Bennett, Aaron W., (Schenevus) farmer 216
Bennet, Ansel, (Schenevus) farmer 125
Bennett, Ellis L., (Schenevus) farmer 175
Bennett, George H., (Schenevus) farmer 200
Bennett, John C., (Schenevus) farmer 119
Bennett, M. & W., (Schenevus) farmer 160
Bennett, Simeon, (Schenevus) farmer 100
Bennett, William, (Schenevus) farmer 100
Bennett, William H., (Schenevus) merchant tailor and clothier, Main
Bice, Henry, (Schenevus) sawyer, Mill
Blanchard, Joseph G., (Maryland) practical engineer and machinists, and (with Mary [sic],) saw mill and farmer 215
Blanchard, Morey, (Maryland) (with Joseph G.,) saw mill and farmer 215
Bliven, Green, (Schenevus) farmer 55
Bliven, William, (Schenevus) farmer 102
Boardman, Levi, (Schenevus) farmer 720
Boorn, Henry W., (Colliersville) allo. physician
*BORDEN, GEORGE W., (Schenevus) dealer in fine watches and jewelry, Main
Bostwick, David, (Colliersville) sash and blind maker
Bostwick, Orran, (Maryland) carpenter and farmer 1 1/2
Bostwick, William, (Schenevus) marble worker
Brady, Peter J., (Schenevus) cooper, Main
Bresee, Julian, (Schenevus) farmer 40
Bronk, Catharine E. Mrs. (Schenevus) farmer 120, Main
Brown, Amos H. Hon., (Schenevus) farmer 140
BROWN, C. & H.W., (Schenevus) farmer 566
Brown, F.H., (Schenevus) marble worker, East
Brown, Loren T., (Schenevus) (Brown & Mills)
 Brown, Mary C. Mrs., (Maryland) farmer 84 ˝
Brown & Mills, (Schenevus) (Loren T. Brown and William O. Mills) carriage manufacturers, Main
Brown. P.W., (Schenevus) wagon manuf., Race
Brown, Sanford, (Schenevus) assessor and farmer 200
BROWN, THADDEUS C., (Schenevus) farmer 192
Brownell, Alfred, (Schenevus) farmer 85
Brownell, Charles, (Elk Creek) farmer 150
Brownell, Daniel, (Elk Creek) farmer 100
Bulson, Myron, (Schenevus) farmer 50
Bulson, William H., (Schenevus) farmer 140
Burnside, Byron S., (Maryland) (Burnside & Sons)
Burnside, Dewitt, (Maryland) farmer 100
Burnside, E.S., (Maryland) (Burnside & Sons)
Burnside, Horace L., (Maryland) (Burnside & Sons)
Burnside, James C., (Colliersville) refused information
Burnside, John P., (Maryland) farmer 145
Burnside, Lester, (Maryland) assessor and farmer 175
Burnside, Nelson, (Colliersville) farmer
Burnside & Sons, (Maryland) (E.S., Byron S. and Horace L.,) saw mill, lath machine and farmers 450
Burnside, Tyler, (Maryland) farmer 140
Bush, Augustus, (Schenevus) farmer 100
Bush, Clark T., (Schenevus) dealer in patent rights, Main
Bush, John H., (Schenevus) farmer 150
Bush, Jonas, (Maryland) farmer 1
Bush, Peter, (Chaseville) farmer 140
BUTLER, L.E., (Maryland) (Butler & Van Zandt)
Butler, Stewart E., (Maryland) farmer 109
BUTLER & VAN ZANDT, (Maryland) (L.E. Butler and B.F. Van Zandt) lumber dealers and farmers 135
Butler, William S. Rev., (Schenevus) Christian clergyman
Butts, Jacob, (Schenevus) farmer
Butts, Jacob A., (Schenevus) furniture dealer and undertaker, Main
Cady, John M., (Maryland) farmer 274
Cady, William, (Maryland) resident
Campbell, Addison, (Maryland) farmer leases of James McKeown
Carpenter, Ira E., (Schenevus) wagon maker, Main
Carven, ____ Mrs.,  (Maryland) dress maker
Carvin, L.F., (Maryland) shoemaker
Cass, Byron W., (Schenevus) farmer 200
Chamberlain, Dewitt, (Schenevus) physician
Chamberlain, Harvey, (Maryland) farmer 185
Chamberlain, Henry, (Chaseville) farmer
Chamberlain, John, (Schenevus) carpenter
Chamberlain, Maria Mrs., (Chaseville) farmer 4
Chamberlain, Mary Mrs., (Schenevus) resident, Main
Chamberlain, Mary A. (Schenevus) saloon keeper, billiard rooms, dealer in fish, oysters, fruits and confectionery, Main
Chamberlain, Salley A. Mrs., (Maryland) farmer 2
Chamberlain, W.H., (Elk Creek) farmer leases 130
Chase, Azro, (Chaseville) farmer 800
Chase, Brazil, (Chaseville) carpenter
Chase, Charles, (Schenevus) mason
Chase, Cyrus, (Elk Creek) teamster
Chase, Jerry, (Schenevus) farmer 50
Chase, John, (Schenevus) carpenter, East
Chase, Mary Ann Mrs., (Chaseville) resident
Chase & Mills, (Schenevus) (Samuel T. Chase and John Mills) hardware, stoves, coal, lime, cement, carriage trimmings &c., Main
Chase, Milo, (Schenevus) farmer 1
Chase, Samuel G., (Schenevus) farmer 90
Chase, Samuel T., (Schenevus) (Chase & Mills)
Chauncey, William R., (Colliersville) justice of the peace and farmer 55
Chester, H., (Schenevus) cashier Thompson, Chester Co.’s Bank, Main
Clark, John, (Elk Creek) farmer 20
Clark, William H., (Schenevus) keeper of boarding house for Morse and Gleason, Main
Cole, Schuyler, (Schenevus) farmer 130
Colyer, Wesley, (Schenevus) restaurant and billiard rooms, Main
Cook, Harvey W., (Schenevus) retired farmer, Main
Cook, James W., (Schenevus) farmer 27
Cooley, Hannah C. Mrs., (Schenevus) tailoress, Main
Cornish, T.E., (Chaseville) shoemaker
Crippen, Amos H., (Schenevus) painter, Main
Crippen Bros., (Chaseville) (P. & C.H.,) grain, flour, feed and lumber
Crippen, Egbert, (Schenevus) miller, Main
Crippen, Joseph G., (Maryland) harness maker
Crippen, Philip, (Schenevus) farmer 7, Main
Crippen, Wellington E., (Schenevus) farmer 110 and leases 25, Main
Cross, Isaac, (Maryland) farmer 92
Cunningham, John, (Schenevus) resident
Cyphers, Caroline Mrs., (Schenevus) resident, Main
Davis, Eugene, (Schenevus) wagon maker, Main
Davis. Jeremiah, (Chaseville) constable
Davis, John, (Colliersville) teaming and farmer leases of Azro Chase, 100
DeLong, Alanson C., (Schenevus) farmer 12, Main
Demmens, Chester, (Schenevus) farmer 50
Demming, John, (Chaseville) mason
Demmings, H., (Schenevus) farmer 100
Denoyelles, Edward, (Schenevus) (with Ransom,) farmer 175
Denoyelles, Ransom, (Schenevus) (with Edward) farmer 175
Doolittle, Wilber S., (Schenevus) millwright and carpenter
Draper, Lysander, (Maryland) postmaster, hardware and groceries 
DUMONT, CYRUS,  (Schenevus) watch maker and jeweler, Main 
Dunham, Samuel H., (Schenevus) resident, Race
Dutcher, William, (Schenevus) blacksmith
Eldridge, Daniel, (Schenevus) farmer
Ellsworth, Alonzo, (Maryland) resident
Emerson, William S., (Maryland) cabinet maker
Ennies, T.W., (Schenevus) barber, Main
Evans, Ransom M., (Schenevus) carpenter, East
Fagan, Patrick H., (Schenevus) wagon maker and painter, and blacksmith, Main
FAIRCHILD, PHILIP W., (Schenevus) farmer 60
Fellows, William, (Schenevus) farmer 16
FERREY & BENEDICT, (Schenevus) (Hon. E.E. Ferrey and Philor Benedict, attorneys)
FERREY, ELIJAH E. Hon., (Schenevus) (Ferrey & Benedict) prop. of plaster and feed mills, planing factory, cider and saw mills, and farmer 320
Ferrey, Julian, (Schenevus) agent for Hon. E.E. Ferrey
Ferris, Hattie Mrs., (Schenevus) dressmaker, Main
Fields, John, (Schenevus) farmer Main
Fink, John, (Schenevus) pedler [sic]
Fisher, Hiram H. Rev., (Maryland) Baptist clergyman
Follett, Ashley C., (Schenevus) physician and druggist, Main
Follett, Halsey, (Schenevus) blacksmith, Main
Follett, Henry, (Schenevus) dentist, Main
Fox, George, agent, (Maryland) farmer 125
Fuller, Salmon, (Schenevus) farmer 80
GARVIN, DANIEL M., (Schenevus) track master
Gilland, A. Delilah, (Schenevus) milliner, Main
Glazier, Loren, (Schenevus) ) (Glazier & Waterman) town clerk
Glazier & Waterman, (Schenevus) (Loren Glazier and Lester Waterman) harness makers, Main
Gleason, Frank, (Schenevus) agent for Morss & Gleason
Goddard, Diana Mrs. (Schenevus) farmer 1
Gove, Eliza Ann, (Elk Creek) farmer 9
Graham, Charles H., (Schenevus) attorney, Main
Graney, John O., (Schenevus) agent for Gernon & Lynch, saloon keepers, near Depot
Grassfield, Lewis, (Maryland) wagon maker
Green, Don D., (Schenevus) farmer 52
Gridley, Lyman, (Maryland) farmer 5
Gunn, George D., (Colliersville) constable, carpenter and farmer 5
Gurney, Chester, (Schenevus) expressman, Race
Gurney, David S., (Maryland) farmer 232
Gurney, Jesse, (Maryland) lumbering and farmer 143
Gurney, John J. (Maryland) farmer 72
Gurney, Sanders, (Schenevus) express carrier, Main
GURNEY, S.H., (Schenevus) general merchant, postmaster and justice of the peace, Main
Guy, Brothers, (Schenevus) (Harry and George) grist mill
Guy, George, (Schenevus) (Guy Brothers)
Guy, Harry, (Schenevus) (Guy Brothers)
Haith, Dennis, (Schenevus) farmer 52
Hall, Thomas, (Schenevus) farmer
Halleck, Daniel, (Schenevus) resident
Ham, Kate Mrs., (Schenevus) tailoress, Main
Hammond, Robert, (Maryland) farmer 100
HAMMOND, ROBERT W., (Maryland) farmer 110
Hand, Isaac, (Maryland) variety pedler [sic]
Hanor, E.B., (Schenevus) farmer 200
Hanor, William A., (Maryland ) farmer 130
Haswell, Edward, (Schenevus) bridge carpenter, Main
Hathaway, Christopher, (Schenevus) clock repairer and farmer 1
Haynes, Levi, (Schenevus) farmer leases 300
Haynor, Harvey M., (Schenevus) saw mill and farmer 375
Haynor, John, (Schenevus) farmer 90
Hazen, Levi, (Schenevus ) farmer 80
Holbrook. Ziba, (Schenevus) farmer 100
Holdridge & Hubbard, (Schenevus) (R. Holdridge & J. Hubbard) hardware, Race
Holdridge, R., (Schenevus ) (Holdridge & Hubbard)
Hooker, E., (Maryland) farmer 180
HOOKER, R., (Maryland) (Van Zandt & Hooker) farmer 96
Hoose, Laura, (Maryland ) farmer 47
Hotchkin, Ashley, (Schenevus ) resident
HOTCHKIN, WILLIAM S., (Schenevus) (Lane & Hotchkin)
Houck, Peter, (Schenevus) farmer 100
Houghton, Daniel D., (Chaseville) cooper and farmer 18
Houghton, Eliphalet E., (Schenevus) allo. physician, Main
House, Daniel, (Maryland) farmer 160
House, Joseph, (Maryland) blacksmith
Howland, Henry, (Schenevus) farmer 80, Main
Hoyt, Andrew, (Schenevus) farmer leases of Levi Boardman, 100
Hubbard, Edward, (Maryland) farmer 130
Hubbard, Ezra, (Elk Creek) farmer 114
Hubbard, J., (Schenevus) (Holdridge & Hubbard)
Hubbard, Oliver B., (Schenevus) farmer 21
Hubbard, Samuel, (Schenevus) farmer 200
Hull, Hobart B., (Schenevus) carpenter and farmer 100, Mill
Isman, ______, (Schenevus) farmer 100
Jackson, Lemuel, (Maryland) farmer 1
 Johnson, Brocksannia Mrs., (Maryland) saw mill and farmer 15
Johnson, William, (Maryland) blacksmith
Jones, James J., (Schenevus) carpenter and farmer 20
Kelley, Edmund, (Elk Creek) postmaster and farmer 50
Kelley, Thomas, (Elk Creek) painter
Kelly, Daniel, (Elk Creek) farmer 5
Kelly, Hugh, (Elk Creek) farmer 30
Kelly, Levi, (Maryland) farmer 30
Kelly, Lewis, (Schenevus) livery stables, Main
Kelly, Mary A., (Schenevus) dressmaker, Main
Kenyon, Darius, (Maryland) farmer 100
Ketchum, Lorenzo, (Schenevus) farmer 50
Kinsley, Kate Mrs.  (Elk Creek) resident
Knough, Casper, (Maryland) (with Alonzo Stalker,) farmer leases of J. Leonard
Knough, Martin, (Maryland) farmer leases of John Knough, 156
Lake, Isaac V., (Schenevus) farmer 100
LAMPHERE, ARNOLD S., (Schenevus)farmer 110
LAMPHERE, ASENATH Mrs., (Schenevus) farmer 20
Lamphere, Orin, (Schenevus) carpenter
LANE & HOTCHKIN [sic], (Schenevus) (Oscar F. Lane and William S. Hotchkin) steam sash and blind manufactory, Main
Lane, Jane Mrs.  (Schenevus) resident
Lane, Nelson, (Schenevus) resident, Main
LANE, OSCAR F., (Schenevus) (Lane & Hotchkin)
Lason, James W., (Schenevus) farmer 40
Lason, Joel, (Schenevus) farmer 140
Livingston, Jacob, (Schenevus) farmer 20
Loveland, Benjamin, (Schenevus) painter
Magee, Israel, (Maryland) farmer 86
Mallett, William W., (Schenevus) farmer 112
Mallory, Harvey, (Schenevus) farmer 50
Manzer, Benjamin, (Schenevus) (Manzer & Young)
Manzer, Silas, (Chaseville) farmer 75
Manzer & Young, (Schenevus) (Benjamin Manzer and Perry Young) photographers, Main
Marble, Banner, (Maryland) farmer 80
Marble, Henry L., (Maryland)farmer 213
Martin, Albert Rev., (Schenevus) Baptist clergyman, Main
Marin, Page, (Schenevus) farmer 100
MARYLAND HOUSE, (Maryland) Henry Wilson, keeper
McHarg, J. Jr., (Schenevus) general merchant, Main
McIntyre, J.H., (Schenevus) sawyer
McKeown, Gilbert, (Maryland) farmer 101
McKown, James, (Maryland) farmer 813
Merrihew, William, (Schenevus) painter and farmer 1, Monitor
Milligan, Robert, (Schenevus) farmer 140
Mills, John, (Schenevus) (Chase & Mills)
Mills, William O., (Schenevus) (Brown & Mills)
Morehouse, Betsy S., (Schenevus) milliner, Main
Morss [sic] & Gleason, (Schenevus) props. Schenevus Tannery, Main and farmers 270
Mull, Barney, Schenevus) mason
MULTER, Jacob J., (Schenevus) (J.J. & J.L. Multer)
*MULTER, J.J. & J.L., (Schenevus) (Jacob J. and J. Leslie) editors and proprietors Schenevus Monitor
MULTER, J. LESLIE, (Schenevus) (J.J. & J.L. Multer)
Nellis, Abram, (Schenevus) farmer 5
Nellis, David, (Chaseville) farmer leases of Andrew Chase, 600
Nellis, George W., (Schenevus) carpenter
Nellis, William, (Schenevus) farmer 164
Newell, John V. Rev.,(Schenevus) M.E. clergyman, Main
NOONAN, DENNIS, (Schenevus) (with John) farmer 200
NOONAN, JOHN, (Schenevus) (with Dennis) farmer 200
O’Brien, Michael, (Schenevus) blacksmith, Main
Odell, Daniel B., (Maryland) cooper
Olmstead, William, (Schenevus) lime burner
Packer, James W., (Maryland) carpenter
Page, John, (Elk Creek) cooper
Palmatier, James, (Schenevus) farmer 8
Palmer, David A., (Elk Creek) farmer 100
Palmer, Henry, (Elk Creek) farmer 92
Parsons, Timothy, (Schenevus) resident
Patrick, Barley, (Schenevus) (with Thomas) farmer 150 in town of Westford
Patrick, Thos., (Schenevus) (with Barley) farmer 150 in town of Westford
Pechtel, Jacob, (Maryland) (with John W.) Farmer 140
Pechtel, John H., (Maryland) farmer leases
Pechtel, John W., (Maryland) (with Jacob) farmer 140
Peck, John, (Chaseville) miller
Peebles, Hugh, (Schenevus) farmer 420
Peebles, John E., (Schenevus) carpenter and farmer 5
Pendell, George M., (Colliersville) farmer 45
Perry, David, (Elk Creek) wagon maker and farmer 130
Perry, Flavel W., (Elk Creek) farmer 90
Perry, Hannah, (Elk Creek) farmer 6
Perry, Milton F., (Schenevus) dry goods, groceries, drugs and medicines, Main
Pierce, Jefferson, (Schenevus) farmer 180
Place, William A., (Schenevus) prop. of Place’s Hotel, Main
Platt, Andrew H., (Maryland) farmer 230
Platt, Merlin J., (Maryland) farmer leases 230
PLUMB, JAMES M., (Maryland) farmer leases of David Wilber, 255
Pratt, Daniel, (Maryland) farmer leases of John M. Cady 105
Preston, Julius E. (Schenevus) telegraph operator, Schenevus Station
Price, Tryphena Mrs., (Chaseville) resident
Prindle, John H. (Elk Creek) farmer 35
Rathbone, Amos H., (Schenevus) constable and farmer 100, Monitor
Rathbone, Elizabeth, (Schenevus) tailoress, Monitor
Ray, Frederick, (Maryland) (Ray & Son)
Ray & Son, (Maryland) (William and Frederick) planing and saw mills, and rake factory
Ray, William, (Maryland) (Ray & Son)
Reynolds, Halsey, (Chaseville) farmer 210
Rich, Henry W., (Maryland) liquor agent
Rider, John, (Maryland) painter
Rider, Silas, (Maryland) farmer 22
Ritch, Mary A., (Maryland) milliner
Robinson, Frederick G., (Maryland) leases woodland of J. Leonard
Robinson, Rensselaer W., (Schenevus) overseer of the poor and butcher, Main
Robison, Joseph B., (Schenevus) mason and farmer 15
Rose, Ithamer, (Maryland) (with James) farmer 100
Rose, James, (Maryland) (with Ithamer) farmer 100
Rose, John J., (Maryland) commissioner of highways and farmer 6
Rury, Frederick B., (Schenevus) carpenter, Mill
Russell, H. & R., (Maryland) farmers 100
Russell, Isaac, (Maryland) farmer 40
SCHENEVUS MARBLE WORKS, (Schenevus) Oscar P. Toombs, prop.
*SCHENEVUS MONITOR, (Schenevus) J.J. & J.L. Multer, editors and proprietors, Monitor
Schermerhorn, Jasper, (Elk Creek) farmer 30
Schermerhorn, Philip, (Colliersville) blacksmith
Seaver, Zenas, (Schenevus) (with Philor D.) farmer 80
Seward, John E., (Elk Creek) blacksmith and farmer 1 1/4
Seward, Porter, (Chaseville) farmer 25
Shaver, Eliza Mrs., (Chaseville) resident
Shelly, George, (Schenevus) marble worker, Race
Shelly, George, (Schenevus) farmer 100
Shutts, George A., (Chaseville) carpenter
Shutts, John, (Chaseville) farmer 3 ˝
Shutts, Simon, (Chaseville) resident
Sibley, Jared, (Maryland) farmer 100
Sides, George W., (Elk Creek) cooper
Simmons, Peter, (Schenevus) eclectic physician and general merchant, Main, also produce commission dealer in New York City
SKINNER, THOMAS J., (Maryland) general merchant
Slater, Dexter C., (Maryland) blacksmith
Slater, Henry, (Schenevus) prop of Railroad House, Main
Slingerland, Isaac, (Schenevus) general merchant and farmer 72, Main
Slingerland, Stephen R., (Schenevus) farmer 150, Main
Smallin, Abram, (Maryland) farmer 72
Smallin, John, (Schenevus) resident
Smallin, John J., (Maryland) farmer 9 ˝
Smallin, Martin T., (Maryland) farmer 114
Smith, Gilbert, (Schenevus) resident
Smith, Jesse, (Schenevus) shoemaker, Mill
Smith, J.W., (Schenevus) butcher
Smith, Shubal, (Schenevus) farmer 14
Snyder, Frederick, (Schenevus) farmer 6, Main
Snyder, S., (Schenevus) farmer 70
Somerville, Joseph, (Maryland) farmer 70
Sornberger, G., (Schenevus) farmer 100
Soule, Mira Mrs., (Schenevus) resident, Main
Spafford, Amos, (Schenevus) farmer 11, Main
Spencer, Amos D., (Colliersville) farmer 200
Spencer, Eugene W., (Maryland) farmer 25
Spencer, George, (Schenevus) shoemaker and farmer
Spencer, Horace D., (Colliersville) farmer 550
Spencer, Israel, (Maryland) (with Uriah, Philip D. and Joseph) saw mill and farmer 300
Spencer, Joseph, (Maryland) (with Uriah, Philip D. and Israel) saw mill and farmer 300
Spencer, Philip D., (Maryland) (with Uriah, Israel and Joseph) saw mill and farmer 300
Spencer, Uriah, (Maryland) (with Philip D. Israel and Joseph) saw mill and farmer 300
Spencer, William C., (Maryland) farmer 98
Sperry, Alanson, (Schenevus) farmer 30
Sperry, Alvin, (Schenevus) farmer 190
Sperry, Robert E., (Maryland) station agent and telegraph operator
Spurbeck, Frank, (Schenevus) farmer 100
Stalker, Alonzo, (Maryland) (with Caspar Knough) farmer leases of J. Leonard
Stevenson, Irving, (Schenevus) books, stationery and confectionery, Main
Stever, Charles, (Schenevus) farmer 140, Main
Stever, C.H., (Maryland) wagon maker
Stever, Delos W., (Schenevus) life and fire insurance agent, and farmer 130 Main
Strain, Milton, (Schenevus) farmer 70
Strauss, Samuel, (Schenevus) dry goods and clothing, Main
Streter, Caspar, (Maryland) farmer leases of Hugh Peebles, 200
Stuart, Thomas, (Maryland) farmer 116
Swackhammer, Isaiah, (Schenevus) farmer 4
 Swartout, Joseph, (Chaseville) grocer
Swift, Jerome, (Maryland) farmer 220
Swift, Stephen G., (Maryland) farmer 116
Swift, Zaccheus, (Maryland) mason
TABER, WILLIAM L, (Schenevus) prop. of Taber House, farmer 40 and in Broome Co., 114 1/4
Tallmadge, Adelbert, (Maryland) carpenter
Tallmadge, John M., (Schenevus) farmer 100
Tallmadge, _____ Mrs., (Maryland) farmer 2
Tator, George, (Schenevus) farmer 35
Tator, Rose M., (Schenevus) milliner
Thompson, Augustus G., (Chaseville) blacksmith
Thompson, D.S., (Elk Creek) wagon maker and farmer 3
Thompson, James D., (Elk Creek) shoemaker
Thompson, James M., (Schenevus) supervisor
Thompson, John, (Elk Creek) brick maker, auctioneer and farmer 121
Thompson, Julius R., (Schenevus) attorney, Main
Thompson, J.T., (Schenevus) general merchant, president of Thompson, Chester & Co.’s Bank and farmer 600, Main
Thompson, Niram C., (Maryland) farmer 1
Tipple, Charles E., (Chaseville) farmer leases of Henry Howland 85
Tompkins, Austin, (Schenevus) baggage man, Race
Tompkins, John, (Schenevus) mason, Main
Tompkins, Robert, (Schenevus) farmer 20
Tompkins, Samuel, (Schenevus) farmer 120
TOOMBS, OSCAR P., (Schenevus) prop. Schenevus Marble Works, Monitor
Tubbs, Amos, (Maryland) farmer leases of Hugh Peebles, 100
Tubbs, Chester, (Maryland) (with John and Melvin) farmer 109
Tubbs, George, (Colliersville) sash and blind maker
Tubbs, John, (Maryland) (with Chester and Melvin) farmer 109
Tyler, James E., (Schenevus) speculator; Main
Utter, Augustus, (Maryland) mason and farmer 2
Vanderboe, Orlando, (Schenevus) shoemaker
VAN ZANDT, B.F., (Maryland) (Butler & Van Zandt) (Van Zandt & Hooker) justice of the peace
VAN ZANDT & HOOKER, (Maryland) (B.F. Van Zandt and R. Hooker) lumber dealers and farmers 25
Van Zandt, Joseph, (Schenevus) farmer 2
Van Zandt, Betsy Mrs., (Schenevus) farmer 300
Vincent, Edward, (Maryland) farmer leases of David Wilber, 160
Vincent, Henry, (Maryland) farmer leases of David Wilber, 342
Wagar, M.A., (Maryland) grocery ad saloon
Wagar, Philip J., (Maryland) farmer 100
Wager [sic], Delevan, (Maryland) farmer 120
Wager, Hamilton, (Maryland) farmer 120
Wager, Morell, (Maryland) refused information
Wager, Truman, (Schenevus) farmer 6
Walker, A.D., (Schenevus) furniture dealer and undertaker
Walker, Fanny, (Chaseville) farmer 70
Walling, Milton (Chaseville) justice of the peace and farmer 100
Warner, Henry, (Schenevus) farmer 50
Warner, J., (Schenevus) marble worker
Warner, Joel T., (Maryland) blacksmith
Warner, Samuel H., (Maryland) prop. of Maryland House
Waterman, Lester, (Schenevus) (Glazier & Waterman)
Waterman, Samuel, (Elk Creek) farmer 50
Waters, E. & L., (Maryland) farmers 209
Wayman, Moses, (Schenevus) farmer 100
Webster, D.M., (Schenevus) farmer 200
Webster, Ebenezer, (Maryland) farmer 150
Webster, John, (Maryland) farmer leases of James Lason, 130
Webster, Michael, (Elk Creek) farmer 110
Webster Myron N., Jr. (Schenevus) school teacher and farmer 100
Webster, Myron N., Sen., (Schenevus) farmer 45 and in town of Westford, 100
Webster, Samuel, (Elk Creek) assessor, prop. of saw mill and farmer 8
White, Hiram, (Schenevus) drover, Main
Wickham, Shepherd, (Schenevus) farmer 160
Wickham, Thaddeus, (Schenevus) farmer 130
Wightman, Bennet, (Maryland) stone mason
Wightman, Melvin, (Maryland) farmer leases of William, 130
Wightman, Oliver, (Maryland) farmer 170
Wightman, Paul, (Maryland) carpenter and farmer 30
Wilber, Elizabeth, (Maryland) farmer 60
Wilber, Samuel M. (Schenevus) carpenter and farmer 1
Wilber, Smith, (Schenevus) retired merchant, Main
Wilber, Elijah J., (Schenevus) lumbering and farmer 183
Wilber, Lewis, (Maryland) farmer 35
Wilcox, Albert E., (Schenevus) tinsmith, Race
Wilcox, Henry, (Schenevus) shoemaker
Wilsey, James, (Elk Creek) resident
WILSON, HENRY, (Maryland) keeper Maryland House
Wilson, Richard C., (Schenevus) farmer 160, Main
Wilson, Simon B., (Chaseville) general merchant, postmaster and farmer 4 ˝
Wilson, William, (Elk Creek) farmer 18
Wilson, Wilsey, (Elk Creek) farmer 100
Wilson, _____, (Schenevus) farmer leases of Hobart Hull, 100
Winnie, Rensselaer, (Maryland) farmer 160
Winnie, Samuel, (Schenevus) commission merchant, New York City
Witt, George L., (Schenevus) carpenter and farmer 200, Mill
Wood, Charles G. Rev., (Schenevus) M.E. clergyman, Main
Woodcock, Delos, (Maryland) farmer 2
Woodcock, Gilbert, (Chaseville) farmer 2 ˝
Wright, German, (Schenevus) railroad contractor, carpenter and farmer 90
Wright, German Mrs., (Schenevus) milliner, Main
Wright, John, (Schenevus) carpenter, wagon maker and painter, Race
Wright, Milton, (Schenevus) carpenter, Main
Wright, William E., (Schenevus) carpenter, Monitor
Young, J. Edward, (Schenevus) printer, Main
Young, Perry, (Schenevus) (Manzer & Young)

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