Otsego Business Directory
Town of Middlefield
Contributed by Jean Chapman Snow


Explanations: Directory is arranged as follows: 1. Name of individual or firm. 2. Jpost office address in parenthesis. 3. Business or occupation A Star (*) placed before a name, indicates an advertiser in this work. Figures placed after the occupation of farmers, indicate the number of acres of land owned or leased by the parties. Names set in CAPITALS indicate subscribers to this work. The word Street is implied as regards directory for the villages.

Middlefield, pp 189-195
(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses)

Adams, Harry, (Cooperstown) farmer 24
Aldridge, Smith, (Middlefield) saw mill, threshing machine and farmer 40
Allen, Frederick, (Middlefield) manuf. of wagons and sleighs
Allen, James J., (Middlefield) blacksmith and farmer 15 ˝
ALLER, HIRAM, (Phoenix Mills) farmer
Aller, James, (Phoenix Mills) farmer 120
Allison, Andrew, (Middlefield) farmer 100
AMERICAN HOTEL, (Middlefield) Albert Palmer, prop.
Andrews, Henry, (Middlefield Center) butcher and farmer 51
Andrews, James (Middlefield Center) farmer leases of Stephen Judson, 150
Andrews, N., (Middlefield) farmer 60
Aney, George, (Roseboom) (with Adolphus Lewis) farmer leases of Henry Aney, 255
ANTISDEL, ARTHUR, (Middlefield) agent for American Lightning Rod Co.
Baldwin, Henry A., (Westville) farmer 75
BALDWIN, PHILO, (Westville) farmer 82
BARNUM, H.G., (Middlefield Center) farmer 177 and leases of T.J. Barnum, 124
BARNUM, S.W., (Middlefield Center) prop. of cheese factory and farmer 169
Bates, A.T., (Westville) cooper and farmer 8
Bates, Catherine Mrs., (Westville) farmer 4
Bates, Nelson J., (Westville) prop. of grist and cider mills and mason
Bates, Reuben H., (Cooperstown) farmer
Bates, Samuel, (Westville) saw mill and farmer 118
Bates, T. I., (Westville) farmer 125
Beach, Nelson, (Middlefield Center) physician and surgeon, and farmer 10
Becker, Morgan, (Cooperstown) farmer
BELL, EDWIN, (Cooperstown) supt. and keeper of Lake Wood Cemetery
Bell, Lysander W., (Phoenix Mills) spinner and farmer
Bice, Jacob, (Westville) farmer 60
Blair, Cassius H., (Middlefield) farmer leases of Robert Blair, 93
Blair, David, (Middlefield Center) farmer 120
Blair, Robert, (Middlefield) farmer 108
Borst, David I., (Cooperstown) farmer 105
Bowen, Levi H., (Middlefield Center) farmer 220
Bowers, G. J., (Middlefield Center) carriage maker
BOWERS, MARTHA S. MISS, (Cooperstown) resident
Bowers, M.M.S. Mrs., (Cooperstown) farmer 109
Bowers, Peter, (Middlefield Center) farmer 150
Bowne, Lucian (Cooperstown) farmer 150
BRADLEY, JAMES, (Cooperstown) general agent for Cherry Valley Organ Co., 
prop. saw and shingle mills, and farmer 34 Briggs, Alanson, (Middlefield) machinist Briggs, E.C., (Middlefield) saw and grist mills and farmer 115 Brimmer, Andrew J., (Phoenix Mills) furnaces and tinware BROOKS, WILLIAM, (Cooperstown) dealer in eggs and farmer 334 Brown, Aaron C., (Cooperstown) farmer leases 102 Brown, Adelbert, (Middlefield) (with Robert) farmer 200 Brown, A.G., (Middlefield) farmer 86 Brown, Joseph, (Cooperstown) mason and farmer 2 Brown, Moses R., (Middlefield) farmer 280 Brown, R., (Middlefield) farmer 96 Brown, Robert, (Middlefield) (with Adelbert) farmer 200 Buel Ira, (Middlefield) farmer 100 Bunday, Grandille, (Milford) farmer leases of Wm. Clinton, 224 Burlon, J.H., (Middlefield) farmer 60 BURNS, CYRUS H., (Middlefield Center) carriage, wagon and sleigh maker Burton, Charles, (Middlefield) (with Jerome Head) farmer leases of Geo. Clark, 350 Burton, Samuel, (Middlefield Center) farmer 50 Butler, Benjamin N., (Middlefield) farmer Butler, Rensselaer, (Middlefield) farmer 100 Camp, Henry, (Westville) saw and cider mills, and farmer 30 Camp, John, (Middlefield Center) farmer 112 Camp, Lot, (Milford) farmer 154 Campbell, George, (Westville) farmer leases of Geo. Clark, 200 CANNEFF, WILLIAM T., (Middlefield Center) farmer leases of Mrs. M.J. Wood, 235 Celnen, John, (Middlefield Center) farmer leases of George Clark, 400 CENTRAL HOTEL, (Middlefield Center) Henry Wilson, prop. Chapel, John, (Middlefield Center) (with Joseph) farmer 54 Chapel, Joseph, (Middlefield Center) (with John) farmer 54 Chappell, John, (Middlefield Center) farmer 50 Chase, David H., (Middlefield Center) farmer 108 Chase, Henry, (Cooperstown) farmer 10 Chase, William P., (Westville) butcher Cheles, Joseph, (Middlefield) farmer 60 Clark, Denison, (Cooperstown) (with Henry) farmer 280 Clark, Henry, (Cooperstown) (with Denison) farmer 280 Clark, Isaac, (Westville) farmer leases of Albert Burt, 200 Claxton, John, (Middlefield) farmer 100 Cloxton [sic], George, (Roseboom) farmer leases of Henry Roseboom, 70 Clyde, Joseph L., (Middlefield Center) farmer leases of D.C. Clyde, 140 COFFIN, A.D., (Middlefield) farmer 150 COFFIN, CHARLES G., (Middlefield) farmer 361 Coffin, Jerome, (Middlefield) farmer leases of Charles, 260 Conklin, Alonzo, (Cooperstown) farmer 39 Connolly, Thomas O., (Roseboom) farmer leases of Henry Roseboom, 150 Cook, Garvin, (Middlefield) Cook, John, (Cooperstown) farmer 73 Cook, John, (Middlefield) farmer 240 Coonrod, Ann O. Mrs., (Cooperstown) milliner and dressmaker Coonrod, John H., (Cooperstown) prop. of saw mill, manuf. of cheese boxes, painter,
wagon maker and farmer 10 COOPER, ALEXANDER H., (Milford) dealer in clover and timothy seed, and farmer 67 Cooper, Jacob W., (Middlefield Center) carpenter and builder Cooper, William, (Milford) farmer Cornish, A.B., (Westville) farmer 130 CORNISH, HIRAM N., (Westville) farmer leases of Ira Howland, 165 Cornish, Judson, (Westville) farmer 100 Cornish, L.P., (Westville) farmer 90 Cornwell, John E., (Middlefield) school teacher Coss, John A., (Phoenix Mills) carpenter and builder CRANDALL, JOSEPH, (Westville) manuf. of pumps and wagons, and farmer 30 Crandall, Levi, (Middlefield) harness maker Crunan, Daniel, (Middlefield Center) farmer 104 Cummings, Daniel, (Middlefield) farmer 65 Cummings, Schuyler, (Middlefield) hop raiser and farmer 320 Daniels, Thomas, (Middlefield) farmer 11 Davidson, James W., (Middlefield Center) farmer leases of N.L. Mason, 250 Davis, Peter, (Middlefield) farmer 8 Davis, William W., (Middlefield) school teacher Dean, Egbert, (Middlefield) farmer Denton, B.A., (Westville) dealer in eggs Denton, Joel, (Westville) carpenter and farmer 4 Devoe, William, (Phoenix Mills) farmer leases of Mrs. Betsey Banister, 80 Dockstader, George, (Middlefield Center) farmer 100 Dodge, Timothy, (Phoenix Mills) farmer 6 Doolittle, Porter, (Westville) mason and farmer 9 Dusenbury, George, (Middlefield) shoemaker Dutcher, Oliver A., (Middlefield Center) farmer 43 Dutcher, Parchall, (Middlefield Center) farmer 107 Dutcher, Peter, (Middlefield Center) farmer 36 Dutton, William, (Westville) farmer 89 Easton, George, (Cooperstown) farmer 65 Eckler, Charles, (Middlefield) hop raiser and farmer 146 Eckler, Elson P., (Middlefield) farmer 75 Eckler, Josiah, (Cooperstown) farmer 85 Eckler, Lorenzo, (Westville) hop raiser and farmer 97 ˝ Eckler, Martin, (Middlefield Center) saw mill and farmer 220 Eckler, Mary J. Mrs., (Middlefield) farmer 146 Eckler, Nelson, (Cooperstown) farmer 167 EGGLESTON, EUGENE, (Milford) farmer 100 Eggleston, James, (Westville) farmer 156 Eggleston, Niles, (Milford) farmer 63 EGGLESTON, NILES B., (Westville) farmer 77 Eggleston, Raymond W., (Cooperstown) farmer 116 Eggleston, Wm., (Westville) farmer 109 Ellsworth, Hiram, (Phoenix Mills) farmer Ernst, George W., (Phoenix Mills) (Scott, Ernst & Co.) Ernst, Theodore, (Phoenix Mills) (Scott, Ernst & Co.) Fay, P., (Middlefield Center) farmer leases of R. Swetzy, 100 Ferris, W. H., (Westville) wagon and sleigh maker Finley, William, (Cooperstown) farmer 35 Fling, Abram, (Middlefield Center) farmer 96 Follett, J.C., (Middlefield) justice of the peace, blacksmith and farmer 10 Foster, Thomas, (Middlefield) farmer 10 Fowler, J.G., (Middlefield Center) prop. of saw mill and farmer 114 Francis, Samuel, (Phoenix Mills) supt. for Scott, Ernst & Co. FRITTS, VALENTINE, (Milford) farmer leases of Geo. Sweet, 167 Galer, Martin, (Middlefield) farmer 70 Gano, Philip, (Westville) farmer 70 GANO, THOMAS P., (Westville) farmer 104 Gates, Benjamin, (Middlefield Center) farmer 160 Gates, Darius, (Middlefield Center) farmer 100 GATES, MARTIN E., (Cooperstown) carpenter and builder Gaylord, Henry, (Phoenix Mills) sawyer Gilbert, B.M., (Middlefield) surveyor Gilbert, Fred A., (Middlefield) farmer leases of Mrs. George Parshall, 150 GILBERT, FAYETTE L., (Middlefield) dry goods and groceries, agent for Singer
Sewing Machines and farmer 43 Gildersheaves [sic], Peter, (Middlefield) farmer Gillett, Russell, (Middlefield) farmer 108 Gridley, George S., (Middlefield) (Warner & Gridley) Griffin, David M., (Phoenix Mills) farmer 4 Griffin, Geo. W., (Middlefield) farmer 120 Griffin, Philander Rev., (Middlefield Center) pastor of First Presbyterian Church Griffin, Willard, (Cooperstown) farmer 205 Hampson, Thomas, (Hartwick Seminary) spinner HAND, RICHARD C., (Westville) town constable, mechanic and farmer HANNAH, WILLIAM, (Middlefield Center) blacksmith Hanor, Ira S., (Cooperstown) farmer 108 Haskins, William, (Middlefield) farmer leases of Geo. Clark, 20 Head, Jerome, (Middlefield) (with Charles Burton) farmer leases of Geo. Clark, 350 Hearn, George, (Middlefield) tailor and farmer 10 HEARN, THOMAS H., (Middlefield) tailor Herdman, George G., (Middlefield) harness maker Hicks, M.B., (Middlefield) agent for American Lightning Rod Co. Hinds, Lucian, (Milford) farmer leases of Geo. Clark, 700 Hinman, George D., (Cooperstown) tanner and farmer 20 HOGAN, MICHAEL, (Middlefield) farmer 100 Holiday, John, (Middlefield) farmer 152 Hollenbeck, Francis, (Middlefield) farmer 60 Hopkins, Orville M., (Middlefield) farmer 107 Hoyt, Joseph, (Middlefield Center) farmer leases of Geo. Clark, 234 Hubbard, Charles H., (Cooperstown) farmer for Leonard Hubbard, Harrison, (Cooperstown) farmer leases 100 Hubbard, Leonard, (Cooperstown) farmer 125 Hubbell, Abigail Mrs., (Middlefield) farmer 120 Hubbell, E.F., (Middlefield) farmer 50 Hubbell, F., (Middlefield) farmer 50 Hubbell, M.G., (Westville) farmer 125 Hubbell, P.L., (Middlefield) farmer 92 Hunter, Dilora M., (Middlefield Center) farmer 125 Hunter, Elizabeth Mrs., (Cooperstown) farmer 50 Hunter, George, (Cooperstown) (with Henry) farmer 100 Hunter, Henry, (Cooperstown) (with Geo.) farmer 100 Hunter, S.W., (Cooperstown) farmer HUNTINGTON, SAMUEL G., (Middlefield Center) manuf. of shoe lasts and farmer 30 HUTCHINGS, JOHN, (Cooperstown) farmer 100 HUTCHINGS, WILLIAM, (Phoenix Mills) prop. of Phoenix Hotel and store Ingalls, Alanson, (Milford) farmer 140 Ingalls, Ralph, (Middlefield) farmer 90 Ingals [sic], William, (Middlefield) farmer 60 Irish, David, (Middlefield) farmer 73 Irish, John, (Middlefield) farmer 95 ISMOND, BELA, (Middlefield) farmer Ismond, James, (Cooperstown) farmer 102 ISMOND, JAMES M., (Middlefield) farmer 144 Jewell, Paschal A., (Westville) farmer 100 Jones, George C., (Middlefield) cider mill Jones, Henry, (Cooperstown) blacksmith Jones, J.E. Mrs., (Middlefield) milliner Jones, Sanders, (Middlefield) farmer 157 Jones, William, (Phoenix Mills) farmer 75 Judson, J.V., (Cooperstown) farmer 9 Kaple, John D., (Middlefield) school teacher KELLER, DAVID, (Middlefield Center) shoemaker and farmer 25 ˝ Keller, D.H., (Middlefield Center) shoemaker and agent for Warrior Mower and Reaper Kelley, Jeremiah, (Middlefield Center) dry goods and groceries Kelley, J.C., (Middlefield) farmer 222 Killey, Thomas, (Middlefield Center) farmer 112 Kitts, Adam, (Milford) farmer 10 Kinyon, Thomas (Middlefield Center) farmer 8 Knapp, Austin, (Cooperstown) tanner Knapp, Edward, (Middlefield) farmer 60 Kraham, James, (Roseboom) farmer leases of Thomas Vickers, 125 Lane, James, (Middlefield) farmer 100 Lawler, Peter, (Middlefield) blacksmith LEONARD, D.H., (Middlefield) farmer 86 and leases of Geo. Clark, 610 Lettis, Lester, (Middlefield) farmer leases of Mrs. H. Darling, 85 Lettis, Olive Mrs. (Middlefield) farmer 8 Lewis, Adolphus, (Roseboom) (with Geo. Aney) farmer leases of Henry Aney, 255 Ludlam, Henry, (Roseboom) farmer 110 Lynes, William H., (Cooperstown) farmer 150 Mackey, Anson, (Cooperstown) farmer 59 Manchester, T.G., (Cooperstown) farmer 50 MARKS, EGBERT, (Middlefield) (Parshall & Marks) supervisor Mason, Linus S., (Middlefield Center) farmer 275 Mason, Normal L, (Middlefield Center) wagon maker and farmer leases of L. S. Mason 252 McCabe, Patrick, (Cooperstown) mason and farmer leases 23 McCarthy, Charles, (Middlefield Center) farmer 133 McCollister, Timothy, (Westville) farmer 18 McDonald, James, (Middlefield Center) (with Thomas) farmer 216 McDonald, Thomas, (Middlefield Center) (with James) farmer 216 McDonald, William, (Middlefield Center) farmer 92 McEwen, David, (Phoenix Mills) farmer McGowan, Elias, (Middlefield Center) farmer 66 McKELLIP, DANIEL, (Middlefield) farmer 66 McLean, Andrew, (Milford) farmer leases of Geo. Clark, 200 McNallon, Peter, (Cooperstown) mason and farmer 50 Molloy, Michael, (Middlefield Center) farmer 172 Murphy, A.S., (Middlefield) farmer 100 Murphy, Norman, (Cooperstown) farmer 100 Murphy, S.T., (Middlefield) farmer 100 Neal, W.J., (Roseboom) farmer 110 Newell, N., (Cooperstown) farmer 105 Newton, Avery, (Milford) farmer Newton, E.A., (Westville) farmer 53 North, Aaron, (Middlefield) farmer North, A.B., (Middlefield) (with Thomas) farmer 275 North, Harrison, (Middlefield) dealer in hops and wool North, Harry, (Middlefield) (Yager & North) North, Hiram, (Middlefield) with James, farmer North, James, (Middlefield) (with Hiram) farmer North, Mary J. Mrs., (Middlefield) farmer 70 North, Thomas, (Middlefield) (with A.B.) farmer 275 Northrup, Morgan, (Phoenix Mills) keeper of poor house Olendorf, Peter, (Cooperstown) farmer 200 Olive, John, (Cooperstown) farmer 5 Osborn, Benjamin, (Westville) farmer 95 Osborn, Benjamin, (Westville) farmer 95 Ottaway, Henry N., (Cooperstown) farmer 50 Ottaway, John, (Cooperstown) farmer 50 Ottaway, Robert, (Cooperstown) farmer 60 PALMER, ALBERT, (Middlefield) prop. of American Hotel PALMER, ALMON D., (Westville) farmer 76 Palmer, Biram [sic], (Westville) farmer 180 Palmer, Byron, (Westville) mechanic, grafter of trees, hop grower and farmer 182 Palmer, Charles, (Westville) farmer Palmer, Elon, (Westville) physician Palmer, Everitt [sic], (Cooperstown) farmer 45 Palmer, Rensselaer, (Middlefield) dealer in wool, hops and butter PALMER, WILSON N., (Westville) farmer Parshall, Adriel, (Cooperstown) carriage maker and farmer 5 Parshall, A.C., (Middlefield) (Parshall & Marks) Parshall, Albert O., (Cooperstown) cider mill and farmer 185 Parshall, Daniel, (Middlefield) (with Levi) farmer 240 PARSHALL, ELIAS H., (Cooperstown) farmer 65 Parshall, G.W., (Cooperstown)farmer 80 Parshall, Levi, (Middlefield) (with Daniel) farmer 240 Parshall & Marks, (Middlefield) (A.C.Parshall and Egbert Marks) dry goods and groceries Parshall, Peter, (Cooperstown) saw mill and farmer 275 Parshall, Anson C. [placed here, not alphabetical order] (Middlefield)
(with Jonas P. Vanhuson) farmer 120 Paschell, C.D., (Middlefield) auctioneer Patten, Thomas, (Phoenix Mills) (with William) farmer 185 Patten, Wm., (Phoenix Mills) (with Thos.) Farmer 185 PAY, HENRY, (Westville) farmer leases 100 Peake, Hiram, (Cooperstown) farmer 160 Perkins, Arthur, (Middlefield Center) farmer 100 PHOENIX HOTEL, (Phoenix Mills) Wm. Hutchings, prop. Pickins, Charles, (Phoenix Mills) farmer leases of H. Sherman, 35 PIER, G.A., (Phoenix Mills) (with Isaac) hop raiser and farmer100 PIER, ISAAC, (Phoenix Mills) (with G.A.) hop raiser and farmer 100 Pier, Timothy, (Cooperstown) farmer leases of Mrs. A. Jones, 100 Pierce, Horace M., (Cooperstown) farmer 76 and leases 168 Pierce, O.L., (Cooperstown) tanner and farmer 7 Pitts, Catherine Mrs., (Middlefield) farmer 96 Pitts, Thomas H., (Middlefield) farmer 125 POPE, JAMES H., (Middlefield) manuf. of cheese boxes and cider Post, John, (Westville) postmaster, prop. of hotel and tin shop Pratt, A.J., (Westville) blacksmith Pratt, D.E., (Westville) (with Thomas) blacksmith and farmer 4 Pratt, George, (Middlefield) farmer 65 and leases of Coffin estate, 300 PRATT, JEREMIAH, (Westville) farmer 125 Pratt, R.D., (Westville) farmer 80 Pratt, Thomas, (Westville) (with D.E.) blacksmith and farmer 4 Preston, S., (Middlefield) farmer leases of Geo. Clark 160 Putman, John, (Middlefield) farmer 145 Reynolds, Eugene, (Westville) farmer 77 ˝ Reynolds, E.W., (Cooperstown) farmer 90 Reynolds, Israel, (Middlefield) farmer 50 Reynolds, James, (Middlefield Center) farmer 140 and leases of Geo. Clark, 200 Reynolds, William, (Middlefield) farmer 55 Rich, Morgan, (Westville) farmer 60 Risendorf, John, (Middlefield) farmer leases of Geo. Clark 160 ROBBINS, HARRY, (Middlefield) prop’r. of grist mill ROBERT, E., (Middlefield) butcher ROBERTS, HENRY C., (Middlefield) farmer leases 205 ROBINSON, JOHN, (Phoenix Mills) prop. of saw and planing mills ROGERS, BARTLETT, (Cooperstown)farmer 105 ROGERS, CALVIN, (Cooperstown) farmer 157 Rolland, Joel, (Middlefield) wagon maker Rouse, Robert, (Cooperstown) farmer 105 Rusell, Door, (Cooperstown) banker, New York City, and farmer 200 Ryan, William, (Middlefield Center) farmer leases 100 Saxton, James, (Westville) farmer 80 SAXTON, STEPHEN, (Westville) farmer 50 Scott, Ernst & Co. (Phoenix Mills) (John F. Scott, George W. and Theodore Ernst)
woolen mills Scott, John F., (Phoenix Mills) (Scott, Ernst & Co.) Secor, Levi, (Middlefield) painter, grainer and frescoer Sherman, Ansel, (Cooperstown) farmer 50 and leases 200 Shipway, Ann Mrs., (Middlefield Center) farmer 150 Short, Joshua, (Cooperstown) farmer 11 ˝ Short, William S., (Cooperstown) farmer 3 SHUMWAY, URI, (Westville) carpenter, mason and farmer 38 Sibley, James, (Cooperstown) farmer 75 SIBLEY, ORRIN, (Cooperstown) saw mill and farmer 234 Silenbeck, Arnold, (Westville) farmer 60 ˝ SIMMONS, A.M., (Westville) physician and surgeon Sittel, William, (Cooperstown) farmer 50 Smith, Alfred, (Middlefield Center) farmer 102 Smith, Caroline Mrs., (Middlefield Center) farmer 210 Smith, Caroline A. Mrs., (Cooperstown) farmer 110 Smith, Clark, (Middlefield Center) farmer 103 Smith, Francis C., (Cooperstown) farmer 145 Smith, Jerome, (Middlefield Center) farmer 137 Smith, Lorenzo, (Middlefield Center) farmer 50 SMITH, NATHAN, (Middlefield) physician and surgeon Smith, Russell, (Cooperstown) farmer 80 Smith, Warren C., (Cooperstown) farmer 16 Smith, William, (Milford) farmer 56 SMITH, WM. B., (Cooperstown) assistant supt. and conductor C.S.V.R.R. SNYDER, CHAUNCELAER, (Westville) carpenter and builder, undertaker and farmer 100 Steere, Amasa S., (Cooperstown) farmer 96 Stowell, Anson D., (Cooperstown) farmer leases 50 Stowell, Henry M., (Cooperstown) farmer 30 Stowell, Royal, (Cooperstown) farmer 175 Stowell, Winfield S., (Cooperstown) farmer leases 75 Sutherland, N.H., (Westville) shoemaker Swezey, Richard, (Roseboom) farmer leases of A. & J. Snell, 270 Tabor, William, (Middlefield) farmer 92 TALBOT, EBEN, (Phoenix Mills) farmer leases 10 Tarpenning, George, (Cooperstown) farmer leases of Seth J. Temple, 80 Tarpenning, John, (Cooperstown) farmer leases of Eben M. Temple, 214 Taylor, Daniel, (Middlefield Center) farmer 150 TEMPLE, WILLIAM, (Cooperstown) farmer 200 THAYER, CALEB B., (Cooperstown) farmer for Wm. Brooks Thayer, John, (Cooperstown) farmer 172 Thomas Walter B. Rev., (Middlefield) pastor of M.E. Church Tripp, E.R., (Middlefield Center) blacksmith TRIPP, HENRY, (Middlefield) farmer leases of John Eddy, 152 3/4 Tumber, John, (Cooperstown) farmer 40 Upham, Byron M., (Cooperstown) shoemaker and farmer 53 Van Buskark [sic], Morris, (Cooperstown) farmer 235 Van Buskark, W.H., (Cooperstown) farmer Vandee, Wm., (Milford) farmer 27 Van Deusen, William, (Middlefield Center) farmer 160 Van Duzen, W.H. (Middlefield Center) farmer 100 Van Duzsen [sic], Harry, (Middlefield Center) farmer 170 Van Huzon, Delose, (Middlefield) blacksmith Van Huzon, Harry, (Middlefield) blacksmith and farmer 17 Vanhuzon [sic], Jonas P., (Middlefield) (with Anson C. Parshell [sic]) farmer 120 VANNORT, ADAM, (Cooperstown) gardener for John F. Scott Van Patten, Abram, (Middlefield Center) farmer 94 ˝ Van Patten, Henry, (Westville) farmer 80 Ventress, Joseph S. (Middlefield Center) (Ventress & Weeks) Ventress & Weeks, (Middlefield Center) (Joseph S. Ventress and James G. Weeks)
blacksmiths Vickers, Dan., (Roseboom) farmer 97 ˝ Vunk, Francis, (Middlefield Center) farmer 40 Wait, Daniel W., (Middlefield Center) agt. For Champion Mower, Wood’s Mover and Reaper,
low wheel horse rake and tedder, and farmer 24 Walker, Chester, (Middlefield) farmer 50 Warner, Charles, (Middlefield) (Warner & Gridley) Warner & Gridley, (Middlefield) (Charles Warner and George S. Gridley) prop’rs of
hotel and farmers lease of George Clark 61 ˝ Warren, Barditt, (Middlefield) W.U. telegraph operator WARREN, E.B., M.D., (Middlefield) physician and surgeon Webb, Joseph, (Roseboom) farmer 99 Webb, J.H. Jr., (Roseboom) farmer 99 Webb, William (Middlefield Center) farmer 128 Weeks, James G., (Middlefield Center) (Ventress & Weeks) Westcott, E.R., (Phoenix Mills) farmer 190 White, James, (Cooperstown) farmer 2 White, Jerome, (Cooperstown) farmer 50 White, S. Miss, (Middlefield Center) farmer 36 White, William, (Cooperstown) farmer 56 Whiteman, Gara, (Roseboom) farmer 240 Wicks, Henry, (Middlefield) blacksmith Wicks, William L, (Middlefield Center) prop. of grist and cider mills, turner
and cheese box maker Wickwire, Amos C., (Middlefield Center) farmer 115 Wigby, William Jr., (Roseboom) farmer 245 Wilber, John, (Westville) farmer 28 Wilber, John I., (Westville) farmer 18 Wilber, Menzo, (Westville) farmer 75 Wilbor [sic], H., (Middlefield) farmer leases of O. Wilbor, 50 Wilbor, R.W., (Middlefield) farmer 30 WILSON, HENRY, (Middlefield Center) prop. of Central Hotel Winegar, Oren, (Cooperstown) farmer 80 Wood, Henry, (Cooperstown) farmer 100 Wood, James C., (Cooperstown) farmer 50 Wood, John T., (Cooperstown) farmer 117 Wood, Nelson, (Middlefield Center) shoemaker Wood, Oliver, (Middlefield Center) farmer leases of William Wood, 100 Wood, Robert, (Cooperstown) farmer Wood, William H., (Phoenix Mills) farmer 80 Yager, Chancey, (Middlefield) (Yager and North) Yager & North, (Middlefield) (Chancey Yager and Harry North) hardware and tinware
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