Otsego Business Directory
Town of Milford
Contributed by Jean Chapman Snow


Explanations: Directory is arranged as follows: 1. Name of individual or firm. 2. Jpost office address in parenthesis. 3. Business or occupation A Star (*) placed before a name, indicates an advertiser in this work. Figures placed after the occupation of farmers, indicate the number of acres of land owned or leased by the parties. Names set in CAPITALS indicate subscribers to this work. The word Street is implied as regards directory for the villages.

pp 195-201
(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses)

Ackley, Eli, (Colliersville) farmer 70
ACKLEY, GEORGE W., (Colliersville) farmer 110
Ackley, Seth, (Portlandville) farmer 58L
ADAMS, GEORGE W., (Milford) general merchant
Adams, Noah, (Portlandville) farmer 10
ADAMS, ORVILLE J., (Milford) furniture
Ailesworth, Floyd, (Portlandville) farmer 57
ALLEN, ABRAHAM, (Milford) shingle maker
Allen, Judson, (Milford) farmer leases of David Wilber, 150
Aplin, Samuel C., (Portlandville) dentist
Avery, Alonzo B., (Colliersville) (Avery & Platt)
Avery & Platt, (Colliersville) (Alonzo B. Avery and G. Platt) saloon and grocery
Aylesworth, Frelin, (Portlandville) farmer 170
Aylesworth, George, (Portlandville) farmer 63
Aylesworth, Luzerne, (Portlandville) farmer 65
BABCOCK, ALEXANDER H., (Portlandville) farmer 1
BAKER, JAMES O., (Milford) farmer 100
Baker, Jerome E., (Milford) carpenter
Baker, Warren L., (Portlandville) farmer 178
Barnes, Ansell, (Colliersville) farmer 150
Barnes & Fox, (Colliersville) sash, doors and blinds, and lumber dealers
Barney, Daniel, (Milford) carriage maker and farmer 35
BARNEY, ELERY [sic] H., (Milford) farmer
Barney, John, (Portlandville) farmer 130
Bartlett, Deloss, (Portlandville) farmer 11 and in Oneonta, 64
Bates, Byron, (Milford) farmer 186
BATES, HENRY, (Milford) farmer 164 and in Hartwick 10
Bates, Henry Z., (Milford) house painter
Beals, George W., (Milford) farmer 30
Beam, George, (Colliersville) farmer leases of Abram Cuck, 160
Bissell, Amos, (Milford) farmer, 185 and in Hartwick 20
Bliss, William, (Portlandville) farmer leases of George Clark, 125
Boorn, L Mrs., (Milford) tailoress
BOORN, STEPHEN C., (Milford) currier for W.E. Stickney
BOWE, SENECA, (Colliersville) farmer 50
Brady, Thomas, (Portlandville) stone mason and farmer 1 1/2
BROOKS & HALL, (Milford) (Orson M. Brooks and George Hall) blacksmiths
BROOKS, ORSON M., (Milford) (Brooks & Hall)
BROWER, PETER O., (Portlandville) prop. Milford Center House, grocery and farmer 3
BROWN, GEORGE W., (Milford) farm laborer
Brown, James, (Laurens) farmer 80
Brownell, Walter W., (Milford) farmer 120
Bullis, Albert, (Colliersville) painter and glazier
Bunn, William A., (Oneonta) farmer 200
Burk, Ira, (Portlandville) farmer 40
Burnett, Isaac, (Milford) allo. physician
Burns, Robert, (Colliersville) farmer 3
Burnside, Alfred, (Milford) farmer 112
Burnside, Andrew, (Colliersville) farmer 102
Burnside, Washington, (Maryland) farmer 100 and in Maryland, 77
Bush, George, (Portlandville) farmer 73
Butler, Daniel E., (Portlandville) farmer 200
Cady, Frederick J., (Maryland) farmer 128 and in Maryland 62
Carpenter, Azel, (Portlandville) farmer 80
Carvin, David, (Colliersville) farmer 5
Carvin, Porter, (Colliersville) farmer 30
CEPERLEY, CHAUNCEY, (Colliersville) farmer 95
Chase, Isaac, (Portlandville) blacksmith and farmer 30
CHASE, OLIVER T., (Portlandville) farmer 129
Chauncey, Edwin, (Portlandville) blacksmith and farmer 20
CHAUNCEY, EDWIN, (Portlandville) (Chauncey, Squires & Co) (Chauncey & Morgan) farmer 61 ½
Chauncey & Morgan, (Portlandville) (Edwin Chauncey and Henry H. Morgan) undertakers
CHAUNCEY, SQUIRES & CO., (Portlandville) (Edwin Chauncey, Asa D. Squires, Marcus Elliott and ____Rowley) prop’rs of saw mill and lath mill, and farmers in Middlefield, 205
Clark, Elihus W., (Portlandville) works farm of heirs of Wm. L. Wright
CLINE, HIRAM C., (Milford) deputy sheriff, farmer 208 and in Hartwick 68
Clough, Eli D., (Milford) carpenter and farmer 2 ½
Cole, Cornelius, (Mount Vision) farmer 6
Collier, Isaac, (Portlandville) farmer 6 ½
Cooke, Morey S., (Portlandville) attorney
Coon, George H., (Colliersville) farmer 200
Coxhead, Henry, (Milford) carpenter
Crandall, Timothy, (Portlandville) farmer 146
Crandall, Timothy, (Portlandville) farmer 140 [sic]
CRANDELL, JUSTUS (Portlandville) farmer 250
Cronkhite, Ebenezer, (Milford) carriage maker
CRONKHITE, ELIZABETH A. MRS., (Portlandville) tailoress and dress maker
CRONKITE [sic], & DENISON (Portlandville) (James W. Cronkite and Samuel Denison) carriage makers
CRONKITE, JAMES W., (Portlandville) (Cronkite & Denison)
Cronkite, Marsavan, (Laurens) farmer leases of Mrs. Adelia Cronkite, 15
Cronkite, Nelson, (Portlandville) carriage and sleigh maker, blacksmith and manuf. of Cronkite’s patent wheelbarrow
Crouch, William, (Milford) farmer 125
Crowford, Henry, (Portlandville) farmer 100
Cumming, James, (Milford) farmer 100
Cummings [sic], Egbert, (Milford) farmer leases of James Brown 4
Dailey, Morris (Milford) farmer 6
Daniels, Emily Mrs., (Mount Vision) farmer 130
Dayton, Gideon M., (Colliersville) saw mill
DENISON, SAMUEL, (Portlandville) (Cronkite & Denison)
Deuel, Egbert, (Portlandville) carpenter and farmer 24
Diefendorf, Abram, (Colliersville) general merchant and post-master
Dingman, Jacob, (Portlandville) farmer 75
Drew, Harris B., (Portlandville) farmer leases of Mrs. Adelia Cronkhite, 60
Dunham, Dwight, (Milford) rents tannery of John Eddy
EDDY, JOHN, (Milford) (Eddy & Reige) banker, tannery, saw mill and coal dealer
Eddy & Reige, (Milford) (John Eddy and E. A. Reige of New York) dealers in hops, malt and barley
EDSON, DAMON, (Portlandville) farmer 150
Edson, Elijah, (Portlandville) farmer 135
Edson, Eugene, (Portlandville) farmer leases of Barzilla Edson, 270
EDSON, JOSEPH, (Portlandville) FARMER 130
Edson, Reuel, (Portlandville) farmer 260
EKERSON, JOHN, (Milford) foreman in tannery for Walton E. Stickney
ELIOT, ISAAC, (Milford) boot and shoe maker
ELIOTT [sic], MARCUS, (Portlandville) (Chauncey, Squires & Co)
Elliott, Marcus A., (Milford) farmer 107
Ellis, Lewis, (Portlandville) farmer leases 162
ELWELL, JULIUS, (Portlandville) prop. grist mill, saw mill, shingle machine, planing mill and lath mill and farmer 2
Empie, Daniel, (Milford) farmer 91
Epes, George, (Portlandville) farmer 50
FAY, WILLIAM L., (Milford) farmer
Ferguson, James, (Portlandville) farmer 130
FERN, JAMES, (Colliersville) farmer 47
Finch, Elmer, (Colliersville) farmer leases of Mrs. Mary Lane, 35 3/4
Fox, Gilbert A., (Milford) harness maker and farmer 1 1/4
GAGE, JAMES B. (Portlandville) farmer rents of Samuel Preston, 138 and of K. Wilber, 48
GAGE, WILLIAM, (Maryland) farmer 60 and in Maryland 36
Gammet, Solomon, (Portlandville) farmer leases of Simon Green, 258
Garlock, Elbert C., (Portlandville) farmer leases of Henry C. Miller
Garlock, George S., (Portlandville) farmer 70
Gaylord, Elijah D., (Portlandville) blacksmith
GEORGIA, ORIN N., (Milford) farmer 90
Georgia, Orin N., (Portlandville) farmer 90
Gifford, Elihu, (Oneonta) farmer 150
Gifford, Nathaniel, (Portlandville) farmer 104
Gillett, Lester, (Portlandville) farmer 75
Goodenough, Artemas, (Colliersville) farmer 60
Goodrich, Chauncey, (Milford) farmer 39 ½
GOODYEAR HOUSE, (Colliersville) Horace F. Jencks, prop.
Goodyear, Jared, (Portlandville) grist mill, saw mill, cider mill and plaster mill, and farmer 2124
GREEN, SCHUYLER, (Colliersville) manuf. of laths and pickets, and turning lathe
Green, Daniel, (Colliersville) farmer 142
GREEN, MARVIN, (Colliersville) farmer 115
Gurnay [sic], William H., (Portlandville) grocer
Gurney, Abram D., (Portlandville) farmer 75 ½
Hall, Frank H., (Milford) butcher
HALL, GEORGE, (Milford) (Brooks & Hall)
Hall, George Mrs., (Milford) milliner
Hall, Thomas, (Portlandville) farmer 103
Hanes, Menzo, (Colliersville) farmer 64
HARDY, ALBERT, (Milford) attorney
HARDY, WILLIAM H., (Milford) farmer leases of Wm. R. Hardy, 100
HARDY, WILLIAM R., (Milford) farmer 108
HART, ISAAC J., (Portlandville) farmer
Hawver, Boyce W., (Milford) (Hawver & Lidell)
Hawver, John V., (Milford) carpenter
Hawver & Lidell, (Milford) (Boyce W. Hawver and John H. Lidell) general merchants
HAYNER, GEORGE, (Milford) boot and shoe maker and farmer 4 ½
Haynor [sic], Erastus, (Milford) farmer leases of Geo.Clark, 300
HILSINGER, ELIAS, (Colliersville) blacksmith and farmer 1 1/2
Hoag, George D., (Milford) farmer 200
Hollister, Leroy, (Milford) farmer 60
Howel [sic], David, (Milford) tailor
HOUSE, CHAUNCEY, (Milford) farmer leases of Jacob Seeber, 120
Howland, Egbert A., (Milford or Portlandville) farmer 104
Hubbard, Augustus, (Portlandville) farmer 135
Huested [sic], James, (Colliersville) mason
Humphrey, Fanny Mrs., (Milford) farmer 2
Hungerford, Hannah Mrs., (Colliersville) farmer 20
Hungerford, James, (Colliersville) farmer leases of Sylvester Lyman, 70
HUNT, WILLIAM, (Milford) carpenter
Huntington, Solon, (Colliersville) farmer 100
HYNEY, ABRAM H., (Portlandville) farmer rents of George Goodrich, 80
JENCKS, HORACE F., (Colliersville) prop. of Goodyear House
JUDD, FRED, (Milford) cooper
Kieth [sic], Elijah R., (Portlandville) farmer 120
KIMBELL, HENRY, (Colliersville) farmer leases of Jared Goodyear, 110
KIMBELL, LEMUEL, (Colliersville)blacksmith and farmer 18
Kingman, Nehemiah W., (Mount Vision) farmer 95
Knapp, Anson C., (Milford) farmer 200
Knapp, Levi S., (Milford) farmer 50 and in Westford, 37
Kniskern, Gilbert, (Milford) prop. of Milford House
Lane, Hamilton J. (Colliersville) (with Elmer Finch) farmer rents of George Clark, 260
Lane, William, (Portlandville) farmer 30
Lawyer, Philetus, (Colliersville) saw mill, cider mill and farmer 22
LEANING, JOHN, (Portlandville) farmer 155
Leaning, Mary Mrs., (Portlandville) farmer 5
LEE, MORTIMER M., (Milford) general merchant
Lidell, John H., (Milford) (Hawver & Liddell)
Low, John, (Milford) farmer 201
Low, Joseph M. (Portlandville) dealer in patent portable gas works and farmer 130
LYON, ALONZO, (Portlandville) farmer leases of John M. Low, 130
Lyon, Alvin, (Milford) prop. of saw mill and farmer 120
Lyon, Harry, (Portlandville) farmer 40
Lyon, Rebecca Mrs., (Mount Vision) farmer 50
Lyon, Warren, (Milford) farmer 90
Manchester, George, (Portlandville) farmer leases of B. Alesworth, 104
Manning, Joseph H., (Portlandville) boots and shoes and carpenter
Marble, John, (Portlandville) mason
Martin, Albert M., (Milford) farmer 498
Maryhew, David, (Mount Vision) farmer 5
McAuliff, John, (Portlandville) farmer rents of Aaron Wilber, 200
McKown, Patrick, (Portlandville) farmer 100
McLaury, John H., (Milford) farmer leases of George Clark, 300
Meckevoy [sic], Patrick, (Milford) farmer 4
MILFORD CENTER HOUSE, (Portlandville) Peter O. Brower, prop’r.
Miller, Henry C., (Portlandville) farmer 4
MILLER, PETER, (Portlandville) farmer 130
MILLER, WILLIAM H., (Portlandville) carpenter and farmer 3 ½
Millett, Abram, (Colliersville) boot and shoe maker
More, Andrew, (Milford) farmer 110
Morgan, Henry H., (Portlandville) (Chauncey & Morgan) carriage maker
MORRIS, ADOLPHUS G., (Portlandville) farmer 192
Morris, David E., (Portlandville) farmer 105
Morris, Richard R., (Portlandville) farmer 16 ½
Mosher, Alfred, (Portlandville) farmer 164
Mott, John A., (Portlandville) farmer 100
MUMFORD, ALBERT A., (Portlandville) farmer
Mumford, Alfred, (Portlandville) farmer 180
Mumford, Hiram, (Oneonta) farmer 130
Mumford, Roberson [sic], (Portlandville) carpenter and farmer
MUMFORD, THOMAS G., (Portlandville) farmer 37
Murdock, Ellory, (Milford) farmer leases of David Wilber, 65
Murry [sic], Freeman, (Milford) farmer 134
Murry, William, (Portlandville) farmer 40
Newell, John F., (Milford) house painter
NEWMAN, LESTER G.W., (Mount Vision) farmer 42
Osburn, Chester, (Portlandville) farmer 3 ½
OSTERHOUDT, HIRAM, (Colliersville) farmer 60
Packer, David, (Portlandville) blacksmith
Packer, David (Portlandville) farmer 83
PACKER, DEMMON, (Portlandville) farmer 63
Packer, Mary Mrs., (Portlandville) farmer 1
 Packer, Oscar, (Portlandville) farmer 63
Packer, William, (Portlandville) farmer 261
Palmer, Ruth Miss, (Portlandville) Yankee notions
Parshall, Elias, heirs of, (Milford) farmer 80
PARSHALL, JAMES E., (Milford) general merchant
PARSHALL, JAMES N., (Milford) tailor
Patrick, George, (Milford) farmer 57
PEASLEE, ROBERT, (Milford) farmer 1 1/2
Peck, Alfred W., (Milford) farmer leases 125
Pepper, Cary B., (Milford) clerk in Wilber’s Bank
PHILLIPS, FREDERICK, (Milford) blacksmith
Phillips, George W., (Milford) carriage maker and (with John) farmer 122
Phillips, John, (Milford) (with George W.) Farmer 122
Pitts, John B., (Milford) farmer leases of George Clark 300
Platt, Deloss D., (Portlandville) farmer 64
Platt, G., (Colliersville) (Avery & Platt)
Platt, Garret, (Mount Vision) farmer 190
PORTLANDVILLE HOUSE, (Portlandville) John G. Sickler, prop.
POTTER, EMERY, (Portlandville) laborer
Potter, Horace, (Portlandville) farmer 85
POTTER, JOHN, (Portlandville) carpenter
Potter, Leroy, (Portlandville) farmer 1
POTTER, RICHMAN H., (Mount Vision) farmer leases of Ezra Marlett, 205
Pratt, Spencer T., (Milford) produce dealer
Pride, Hebbard [sic], (Milford) farmer 132 ½
QUACKENBUSH, EGBERT M., (Portlandville) farmer 114
Quackenbush, Jacob L., (Portlandville) farmer 104
Quackenbush, James, (Colliersville) farmer 116
Queal, William G. Rev., (Milford) pastor M.E. Church
Ray, Alonzo, (Milford) farmer 163
REYNOLDS, AMOS A., (Portlandville) farmer 47 ½
Reynolds, George N., (Portlandville) farmer 50
Rice, Abram, (Colliersville) carpenter
Richards, Rebecca Mrs., (Portlandville) farmer 1 1/2
Robinson, Henry, (Milford) farmer 100
Rose, Eli, (Portlandville) dealer in hops and butter and farmer 176
ROSE, EUGENE K., (Portlandville) farmer 120
Rose, Nathan W., (Portlandville) farmer 180
Rose, Robert M., (Portlandville) farmer 130
Rowland, Ezra, (Portlandville) farmer leases of Seth Rowland, 150
Rowland, Humphrey, (Portlandville) farmer 40
ROWLAND, LEWIS, (Portlandville) FARMER LEASES OF George Rose, 85
Rowland, Seth, (Portlandville) farmer 215
Rowley, Daymon L, (Milford) farmer leases 220
ROWLEY, ____, (Portlandville) (Chauncey, Squires & Co)
RYNESS, GEORGE, (Portlandville) mason
Safford, Ezra W., (Portlandville) allo. physician
SALISBURY, ANDREW, (Milford) prop. of saw mill and cider mill and farmer 5
SALISBURY, JOHN, (Milford) farmer 65
Sargenes [sic], Job R., (Milford) meat market, farmer 2 and in Hartwick 50
Sargents, Solomon, (Milford) farmer 50
SCHERMEHORN [sic], NICHOLAS, (Milford) farmer 184
Schermehorn, Peter, (Milford) farmer 65
Schermerhorn, George H., (Portlandville) farmer 16 ½
Scholl, William N. Rev., (Milford) pastor of Presbyterian Church
Scott, Charles, (Portlandville) farmer 60
SCOTT, EGBERT L, (Milford) farmer 54 and in Hartwick 87
Scott, William, (Milford) farmer 100 and in Hartwick 25
SCRAMLING, EGBERT A., (Portlandville) (Van Etten & Scramling) postmaster
SEBOLT, ORLANDO, (Milford) blacksmith
Seeber, Abram S., (Milford) allo. physician
 Seeger, Edward, (Portlandville) farmer 60
Seger [sic], Dudley, (Colliersville) farmer 164
Seger, William H., (Colliersville) saw mill and cider mill and farmer 175
Shafer, Peter T., (Milford) farmer 4
Sherman, Adelbert, (Mount Vision) farmer 132
Shute, John, (Milford) farmer 63
SICKLER, JOHN G., (Portlandville) PROP. OF Portlandville House and meat market
Silleman, Asa, (Colliersville) farmer 105
Silleman, Francis B., (Colliersville) farmer 40
Siver, Adam, (Portlandville) farmer 75
Siver, George, (Portlandville)farmer 2
Siver, John, (Portlandville) farmer leases of George Siver, 50
SMITH, EDWARD H., (Portlandville) farmer 113
SMITH, HIRAM, (Portlandville) farmer leases 90
SMITH, JOHN W., (Milford) ticket express, freight and mail agent, and farmer 40 ½
SMITH, MARTIN L., (Colliersville) ticket, freight and express agents, and telegraph operator
Smith, Sullivan, (Milford) hardward and tinware, and farmer 16
SNOOK, ELIZA Mrs., (Colliersville) farmer 50
SOMERS, GEORGE A., (Portlandville) ticket, freight and express agent
SOULE, ERASTUS, (Milford) carpenter
Southworth, Ithamer, (Portlandville) farmer 104
SOUTHWORTH, MARTIN G., (Portlandville) saw mill and farmer leases of David Wilber, 3
Southworth, Peter, (Portlandville) farmer 104 ½
SOUTHWORTH, SANFORD L., (Portlandville) farm laborer
Spencer, Andrew,  (Milford) farmer 150
SQUIRE, ISRAEL, (Portlandville) farmer 31
Squire, William, (Portlandville) farmer 47
SQUIRES, ASA D., (Portlandville) (Chauncey, Squires & Co.) farmer 80
Stephens, Ezra, (Portlandville) farmer 200
Stickney, Walton E.,  (Milford) tannery and feed mill, farmer 62 and in Middlefield, 13 1/4
Still, Joseph, (Portlandville) farmer 61 ½
STOCKING, OTIS I., (Maryland) carpenter
Stocking, William S., (Maryland) farmer 100
Stone, Norman, (Portlandville) farmer 1 1/2
STOUTENBURGH, CHARLES H., (Milford) farm laborer
Swartwout [sic], James, (Colliersville) hotel proprietor
Sweet, Emilius B., (Milford) farmer occupies estate of Amos Sweet, 93
TARBOX, LEVI  B., (Colliersville) farmer 124
Tarbox, William A., (Portlandville) house painter
Teel, George, (Milford) farmer 80
Thayer, William T., (Portlandville) farmer 60
Thorn, Denison R. (Portlandville) carpenter
THORN, JOEL, (Portlandville) eclectic physician
THORN, LEWIS D., (Portlandville) boot and shoe maker, and farmer 53
Thorn, Loren, (Colliersville) farmer 1 1/2
Thorn, Lucinda Mrs., (Portlandville) dress maker
THORN, STEPHEN W., (Portlandville) carpenter, prop. of saw mill and farmer 5
THURSTON, RICHARD C.,  (Milford) farmer 80
Tillapaugh, Charles, (Maryland) farmer 80
Tobias, Jonathan, (Milford) blacksmith
Townsend, Charlotte Mrs, (Portlandville) farmer 57
Townsend Edward, (Portlandville) carpenter and farmer 4
Townsend, John J. and Enoc [sic], (Portlandville) farmer 415
Townsend, Robert M., (Portlandville) attorney
Van Buren, Ann Eliza Mrs., (Mount Vision) farmer 140
Vanburen [sic], Henry, (Mount Vision) farmer 50
VAN ETTEN, ELI, (Portlandville) (Van Etten & Scramling)
Van Etten, Eli, (Portlandville) farmer
VAN ETTEN & SCRAMLING, (Portlandville) (Eli Van Etten and Egbert A. Scramling) general merchants
Vanvlack, Jesse, (Portlandville) farmer 60
Vescelius, William A. (Milford) jeweler and watch repairer
Wakefield, Thomas L., (Portlandville) harness maker
Walker, Isaac, (Portlandville) farmer 110
WALLACE, HARLEM, (Portlandville) farmer laborer
Ward, Henry B., (Portlandville) farmer leases of David Wilbur, 210
Waters, Amos F., (Milford) farmer 165
Waters, Russel [sic], (Milford) farmer173
Weatherly, Philo, (Portlandville) farmer 3
Wellman, Alfred, (Milford) farmer 124
Wellman, Alfred E., (Mount Vision) farmer 190
Wellman, Alonzo, (Portlandville)farmer 44
Wellman, Harrison, (Portlandville) farmer 250
WELLMAN, MARTIN B., (Milford) farmer 131
Wells, Peter, (Colliersville) farmer 25
Wescot [sic], Orlando, (Portlandville) farmer 100
Westcott, Daniel H., (Colliersville) farmer 20
WESTCOTT, GEORGE, (Milford) farmer 158
Westcott, Hosea, (Milford) farmer 175
Westcott, James C., (Portlandville) carpenter
Westcott, Luzerne, (Portlandville) farmer 125
WESTCOTT, OTIS, (Portlandville) farmer 274
Whitford, Samantha A. Miss, (Portlandville) milliner
Whitney, Orason, (Portlandville) carriage painter and farmer 2
Wilber, Aaron, (Milford) farmer 1 1/2
Wilber, Briggs, (Portlandville) billiard saloon
WILBER, DAVID, (Milford) (D. Wilber & Son) banker, postmaster, farmer 25 and in Maryland, 200
WILBER, D. & SON, (Milford) (David and George J.) Dealers in hops
WILBER, GEORGE I. [sic], (Milford) (D. Wilber & Son) cashier Wilber’s Bank
Wilcox, George M., (Milford) farmer 196
Wilcox, Henry, (Milford) farmer 176
Wilcox, Menzo, (Milford) farmer 72
Williams, Benjamin F. Rev., (Portlandville) pastor Milford Baptist Church
Willamn, Horace, (Milford) farmer leases of David Wilber, 300
Winsor, Daniel, (Portlandville) farmer 51
Wood, Julia Miss, (Milford) milliner
WOODBECK, JASPER, (Colliersville) farmer 149 ½
Woodcock, James B., (Colliersville) farmer 24
Wright, Daniel, (Portlandville) farmer 13
WRIGHT, E. HARRIS, (Colliersville) miller
Wright, Walter, (Portlandville) carpenter and farmer 3
YAGER, BYRON, (Portlandville) general merchant
YAGER, ELBERT, (Milford) farm laborer
Yager, Philetus, (Portlandville) house painter
Yeoumans [sic], John, (Portlandville) farmer 50
Youman [sic], Anthony, (Portlandville) farmer 20
Youmans [sic], Benjamin, (Portlandville) farmer 23
Youmans, Catherine Mrs. (Portlandville) farmer 80
Youmans, Nathan, (Portlandville) farmer 90

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