Otsego Business Directory
Town of Morris
Contributed by Jean Chapman Snow


Explanations: Directory is arranged as follows: 1. Name of individual or firm. 2. Jpost office address in parenthesis. 3. Business or occupation A Star (*) placed before a name, indicates an advertiser in this work. Figures placed after the occupation of farmers, indicate the number of acres of land owned or leased by the parties. Names set in CAPITALS indicate subscribers to this work. The word Street is implied as regards directory for the villages.


Otsego County Business Directory 1872-3 Morris, pp 201-208
(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses)

Adams, Geo., (Morris) teamster 
Adams, O. Mrs., (Morris) milliner and farmer 330, Main
Aldrich, Dennis J., (Morris) farmer leases 56
Aldrich, Job, (Morris) hop raiser and farmer 56
Aldrich, Sylvester, (Morris) carpenter and farmer leases 65
ALLEN, BENJ. T., (Morris) assessor, prop. saw mill, general speculator and farmer 
Angell, James R., (Morris) retired farmer, Main
Angell, Jonathan, (Morris) farmer
Aplin, Alanson, (Morris) hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 100
Applin [sic], Geo., (Morris) farmer leases 70
Arnold, Chas., (Morris) farmer 50
Arries, Alex., (Morris) leases 112
Avery, Asahel, (Morris) photographer, Main
Avery, Nelson, (New Berlin Center, Chenango Co.) farmer
AYER, CHAS. Rev., (Morris) pastor Baptist Church
Babcock, Lucy Mrs., (Morris) resident
Bagg Bros., (New Berlin Center) Chenango Co.) (William H. and Stanley) farmers 
lease 196
Bagg, Gamaliel, (Morris) farmer 76
Bagg, Henry, (New Berlin Center, Chenango Co.) hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 
Bagg, Nathaniel B., (South New Berlin, Chenango Co.) manuf. hand sleighs
Bagg, Stanley, (New Berlin Center, Chenango Co.) (Bagg Bros.) Inspector of elections
Bagg, Wm. H., (New Berlin Center, Chenango Co.) (Bagg Bros)
Bailey, Caleb, (South New Berlin, Chenango Co.) hop raiser and farmer 70
Bailey, Chas., (South New Berlin, Chenango Co.) carpenter
Bailey, Jared, (South New Berlin, Chenango Co.) farmer 30 and leases 93
Bailey, Legrand, (Morris) saw mill and farmer
Bailey, Leray, (Nw Berlin Center, Chenango Co.) farmer 120
Bailey, Squire, (South New Berlin, Chenango Co.) inspector of elections and 
farmer leases 80
Bailey, Stephen, (South New Berlin, Chenango Co.) dairyman and retired farmer 80
Baldwin, Lewis, (Morris) farmer 7
Baldwin, Milo, (Morris) dairyman and farmer 90
Baldwin, Wm., (Maple Grove) dairyman and farmer 158
Barker, Loring, (Maple Grove) postmaster, manuf. agricultural implements and 
farmer 9
Barr, H.H., (South New Berlin, Chenango Co.) farmer leases 40
Barr, Wm. M., (South New Berlin, Chenango Co.) farmer
Barrett, Geo. M. (Morris) wooden manuf. and farmer 56
Barrett, James H., (Morris) manuf. wooden ware, Broad
Barrett, Samuel E., (Morris) blacksmith
Bassett, L.D., (Morris) dentist, Main
Bauff, Edward, (Morris) farmer 100
Beadman, John, (South New Berlin, Chenango Co.) farmer 16
Becker, Eugene, (Morris) butcher and wooden ware manuf., Hargrave
Beekman, David, (Morris) (Beekman & Ward)
Beekman & Ward, (Morris) (David Beekman and John A. Ward) dry goods, groceries
 and ready-made clothing, Main
Beers, Oliver, (Morris) farmer 100
Bell, George, (Morris) hop raiser and farmer 60
Belmelly, Chas., (Morris) farmer 2 ˝
Bemiss, Thompson, (Morris) farmer 109 3/4
Benjamin, Andrew, (Morris) chairm maker and farmer 1
BENJAMIN, GEORGE, (Morris) prop. chair and cabinet ware manufactory, and farmer 9
BIDWELL, HORACE, (Morris) farmer
Bill, J.C., (Morris) saw mill and manuf. of brackets, mouldings &c.
Bishop, Ann Mrs., (Morris) occupies 6 acres
Bishop, Chas. H., (Morris) dairyman, farmer 6 and leases 100
Bishop, Lewis C., (Morris) wooden ware manuf. and farmer 12
Bourne, Cyrus, (Morris) hop raiser and farmer leases 50
Bourne, Danford, (Morris) dairyman, farmer 150 and (with John Colvin) cheese 
Bourne, Hosea, (Morris) farmer 50
Bourne, Philo, (Morris) farmer 29
BOWNE BROS., (Morris) (Charles A. and John) dairymen and farmers 250
BOWNE, CHAS. A., (Morris) (Bowne Bros.) attorney and counselor at law
Bowne, Isaac L., (Morris) carpenter
BOWNE, JOHN, (Morris) (Bowne Bros.)
Braley, Jesse P., (Maple Grove) carpenter and farmer 3 ˝
Braley, Olney, (Butternuts) farmer leases 102
Breed, Henry O., (Butternuts) farmer leases 5
Breffle, Gordon, (Morris) carpenter and farmer
Breffle, Spencer, (Morris) farmer
Breffle, Wm. F., (Morris) farmer 112
Bresee, Daniel J., (Morris) (Bresee & Harris)
Bresee & Harris, (Morris) (Daniel J. Bresee and Chancey S. Harris) undertakers 
and cabinet makers, Broad
Bridges, Nathan, (Morris) lawyer and justice of the peace, Main
Briggs, Nathan H., (Morris) carpenter, Hargrave
Brooks, Lyman, (Morris) farmer 5, Main
Brooks, Wm R., (Morris) farmer 67
Brown, Steven M., (Morris) carpenter
BROWN, WM., (Butternuts) farmer leases 50
Brownel [sic], David, (Morris) retired farmer
Brownell, Hiram, (Morris) farmer 25
Bugby, Lyman T., (Morris) farmer 106, Water
Bundy, Hosea, (Morris) farmer 250
Bunn, A.C., (Morris) physician, surgeon and coroner, Main
Bunn, W.E. & Co., (Morris) (Walter H. Bunn) hardware, stoves and tinware, Main
Bunn, Walter H.., (Morris) (W. E. Bunn & Co.)
Bunnell, Samuel H., (Morris) carpenter and farmer 2 3/4
Burdick, Nelson, (Morris) farmer 50
Burgess, Albert, (Morris) carpenter
Burgess, Hiram, (Morris) farmer
Burlingame, Tracy, (Morris) saw and cider mills and farmer 5
Busby, Richard, (Morris) farmer 66
Butler, Edwin, (Morris) wooden ware manuf.
Butler, Francis, (Morris) wooden ware manuf.
Buzzell, John D., (Morris) blacksmith and farmer 50, Broad
Camp, Chas., (New Berlin Center, Chenango Co.) farmer 60
Camp, Harrison, (New Berlin Center, Chenango Co.) carpenter, farmer 80 and (with
 A. Skinner) cheese box factory, grist and saw mills
Camp, Henry, (New Berlin Center, Chenango Co.) farmer
Card, Stephen, (Morris) farmer
Card, W. P., (Morris) carriage maker, Broad
CARPENTER, S.P. (Morris) editor of Morris Chronicle, Main
Casler, John, (South New Berlin, Chenango Co.) farmer
Caswell, John B., )(Morris) chair maker and farmer 2 ˝
Chaffee, Henry, (Morris) farmer
Chaffee, J.D. (Morris) hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 114
Chapin, Almon, (Morris) carriage maker
CHASE, HENRY, (Morris) mule spinner
Chase, Jothan [sic], D., (Morris) dairyman and farmer 76 
Chase, Newell H., (Morris) farmer 2 ˝    
Church, Ervin, (Morris) farmer 67 1/4
Churchill, Geo., (Morris) miller
Churchill, James, (Morris) farmer leases 140
Churchill, Richard M., (Morris) farmer
Churchill, Wm., (Morris) farmer leases 90
Clark, Burt, (South New Berlin, Chenango Co.) farmer
Cogshall, Jacob, (Morris) farmer 72
Colburn, Elijah, (Morris) farmer leases 140
Cole, John, (Morris) farmer 70
Cole, Richard, (Butternuts) dairyman and farmer 200
Collar, Aaron B., (Morris) hop raiser and farmer 114
Collar, Duane, (Morris) hop raiser and farmer 50
Collins, Jabez, (Morris) farmer 40, West.
Colvin, Christopher, (Morris) wooden ware manuf. and farmer 49
Colvin, Geo. I., (Morris) hop grower, dairyman and famrer 100
Colvin, Geo. M., (Morris) farmer
Colvin, John, (Morris) (with D. Bourne) cheese factory, dairyman and farmer 145
Cook, Harvey G., (Morris) (Pope & Cook)
Cook, Harvey W., (Morris) dairyman, hop raiser and farmer 148
COOK, J.E., (Morris) (A.G. Moore & Co.)
Cook, Samuel T., (Morris) farmer 13
Cooley, Richard, (Morris) jewelry, fancy goods, musical instruments &c., Main
Cooper, James C., (Morris) tailor, Main
COYLE, JAMES, (Morris) mule spinner in cotton factory
Cramer, S.A. Mrs., (Morris) milliner and dress maker, Main
Crawford, Lewis, (Morris) farmer
Creedon, Timothy, (South New Berlin, Chenango Co.) dairyman and farmer leases 180
Cristman, Catharine Mrs., (Morris) (with heirs) farmer 50
Cristman, Urias, (Morris) hop grower, farmer 100 and leases 50
Cruttenden, Albert, (Morris) farmer leases 146 ˝
Cruttenden, Hopestill, (Morris) farmer leases 146 ˝
Cullen, Thos. Rev., (Morris) rector Zion’s Church
Culver, Thos., (Morris) hop raiser and farmer 100
Curtis, Chas. W., (Butternuts) mason and farmer 10
DANIELS, A.E., Rev., (Morris) M. E. Clergyman, Main
Daniels, John N., (Morris) dairyman and farmer 84
Davenport, Lucius (Morris) saw mill and farmer 40
Davis, Geo. B., (South New Berlin Chenango Co.) farmer 5
Davis, Jonah, Mrs., (Morris) farmer 100, Church
Davis, Luther J., (Morris) blacksmith, Grove
Davis, Nelson B., (South New Berlin Chenango Co.)farmer 56
Davis, Samuel, (South New Berlin Chenango Co.) farmer 5
Davis, Wm. J., (Morris) dairyman and farmer 5
Deming, Daniel T., (South New Berlin Chenango Co.) farmer 28
Denning, Chas. L., (Morris) hop grower and farmer 80
Denning, Samuel, (Morris) hop grower and farmer 56
Dixson, [sic] Henry J., (South New Berlin Chenango Co.) constable and farmer 80
Dixson, Samuel R.., (Morris) commissioner of highways, dairyman and farmer 80
Dolman, R., (Morris) carpenter and machinist
Draper, Samuel C., (Morris) dairyman and farmer 128
Duroe, Collingwood, (Morris) dairyman and farmer leases 140
Dye, David D., (Morris) paper maker and farmer 75
Edwards, Orville, (Morris) cooper
Edwards, Wm., (Morris) farmer
Ehle, David W., (Morris) butcher, Main
Eldred, Andrew, (Morris) dairyman and farmer 110
Eldred, John, (Morris) hop raiser and farmer 200
Elliot, Geo., (Morris) hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 196
Falls, Chas., (Morris) farmer
Falls, Richard, (Morris) dairyman and farmer 100
Falls, Scott, (Morris) farmer
Fenton, M..W.D., (Morris) printer, Third
Flagg, Deloss L., (Morris) carpenter, corner Church and High
Flagg, James H. (Morris) (Flagg & Son)
Flagg, Jonathan, (Morris) (Flagg & Son)
Flagg, Orson, (Morris) farmer 1, Main
Flagg & Son, (Morris) (James H. and Jonathan) hop raisers and farmers 70
Fleming, Benjamin, (Maple Grove) farmer 40
Fleming, Wm., (Morris) cattle dealer and farmer 50
Folts, Jacob, (Morris) retired farmer 70
Folts, Spelman, (Morris) hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 240
Folts, Thurlow, (Morris) dairyman and farmer 113
Foot, Albert, (Morris) mechanic and farmer
Foot, Daniel, (Morris) farmer 62
Foot, Reuben, (Morris) hop raiser and farmer 1
Foot, Sedate, (Morris) farmer 84
FOOTE, LUCIUS, (Morris) farmer 26
Ford, Albert H., (South New Berlin, Chenango Co.) dairyman and farmer 200
Ford, E.J., (Morris) carriage maker
Ford, Geo., (South New Berlin Chenango Co.) farmer
Fox, C.W., (Morris) (Fox & Matteson)
Fox, David, (Morris) cooper, dairyman and farmer 118
Fox & Matteson, (Morris) (C.W. Fox and Merritt Matteson) physicians, Main
Franchot, Elizabeth Mrs., (Morris) resident, Church
FRANCHOT, J.A. MISS, (Morris) resident,Church
Furbush, John, (Morris) hop raiser and farmer 58
Gage, Chas., (South New Berlin Chenango Co.) shingle manuf.
Gage, Wm., (South New Berlin Chenango Co.) blacksmith
Gardner, Chas. B., (Morris) dairyman, farmer 73 ˝ and leases 225
Gazlay, J.H., (Morris) cheese manuf.
Genung, Benj., (Morris) farmer
George, George, (Morris) farmer 60
Gifford, Christopher, (Morris) watch repairer
Gifford, Jefferson, (Morris) farmer 8
Gifford, William, (Morris) wooden ware manuf., Lake
Gilbert, Butler, (Morris) dairyman and farmer 200
Gilbert, Morris, (Morris) dairyman and farmer 173
Goodrich, George N., (Morris) farmer 60
Goodrich, Lucius, (Morris) farmer
Goodrich, Menzo D., (Morris) butcher
Goodwin, Aner [sic] L., (South New Berlin Chenango Co.) farmer 130
Goodwin, Charles, (South New Berlin Chenango Co.) farmer leases 130
GRAFTON, EDWIN, (Morris) carriage and ornamental painter, Broad
Gray, Albert J., (Morris) principal Union School
Green, Nelson, (Butternuts) farmer 40
Greene, Reuben, (Morris) farmer 3
Greene, Wm. P., (Morris) hop raiser and farmer 60
Greig, Orlando H., (Morris) shoemaker
Griffin, Chas., (Morris) painter and farmer 2
Griffin, Wm., (Morris) machinist and farmer 5
Haight, David, (Morris) farmer 17
Haines, Geo., (Morris) carpenter and farmer 15
HALL, A.L., (Morris) wooden ware and cabinet manuf., and produce dealer, West
Hall, Geo., (Morris) carpenter, Water
Hall, Geo. W., (Morris) sas mill, carpenter, hop raiser and farmer 116
Hammond, Henry, (South New Berlin Chenango Co.) farmer 95
Hargrave, James R., (Morris) shoemaker
Hargrave, William, (Morris) shoemaker, Broad
Harrington, E.M., (Morris) tinsmith
Harrington, W. H. Rev., (Morris) pastor Universalist Church
Harris, Albert A., (Morris) tinsmith
Harris, Chancey S., (Morris) (Bresee & Harris)
Harris, Leonard, (Morris) farmer 45
Harris, Reuben, (Morris) farmer 103
Harris, Wm., (Morris) farmer 98
Harris, Zalmon, (Morris) dairyman and farmer 160
Harrison, Horace (Morris) retired farmer 146, Main
Hathaway, Hiram, (Morris) hop raiser and farmer 25
Hathaway, Orlando, (Morris) farmer 130
Hawkins, Uriah, (Morris) carpenter
HAWVER, R.J., (Morris) grist mill, Lake
Hay, John D., (Morris) dairyman and farmer 225
Hay, John T., (Morris) teacher
Hay, Walter S., (Morris) teacher and farmer leases 225
Henderson, Cyrel, (South New Berlin Chenango Co.) farmer 100
Hendrix, Adelbert, (Morris) farmer 15
Hewel, M. J. Mrs., (Morris) seamstress and laundress, Main
Hickok, Horace J., (Morris) farmer 5 0 and leases 500
Hoffman, John C., (Morris) tanner and currier
Hike, Jonas, (Morris) farmer
HOLCOMB, EDGAR, (Morris) manuf. croquet and wooden ware
Holden, Alpheus, (South New Berlin Chenango Co.) retired farmer
Holdredge, J. E., (Morris) tailor, Main
Holiday, Chas., (Morris) dairyman and farmer 133
Hopkins, Abram C., (Morris) farmer leases 61 
Hopkins, C. J., (Butternuts) dairyman and farmer leases 200
Hopkins, Leonard, (Morris) farmer 61
Hopson, E.A., (South New Berlin Chenango Co.) carpenter
Houghtailing, Abram B., (Morris) farmer 80
Houghtaling [sic], Geo., (South New Berlin Chenango Co.) carpenter and farmer 30
Houghtaling, Peter, (Morris) hop grower, dairyman and farmer 150
Howland, Albert, (Morris) farmer
Howland, Wm., (Morris) wheelwright
Hull, Clark B., (Maple Grove) farmer
Hull, Josiah B., (Maple Grove) farmer 52
Hurlbutt, Abraham E., (Morris) dairyman and farmer 175
Hurlbutt, E. F., (Morris) farmer leases 175
Hurlbutt, Harvey, (Morris) farmer 109
Hurlbutt, Wm, H., (Morris) farmer 107
Jackson, Daniel, (Morris) farmer 100
Jaquish, Daniel H., (Morris) carriage maker and farmer 8
Jaycox, Margaret A., (Morris) sa mill and farmer 5
Jacox [sic], Thos., (Morris) saw mill and farmer 37
Jacox, Wm., (Morris) physician and farmer 415
Johnson, Frederick, (Morris) dairyman, hop raiser and farmer 109
Johnson, Israel R., (Morris) farmer
Johnson, Moses T. (Morris) farmer
Johnson, Perry, (Morris) farmer
Johnson, Rha [sic], (Morris) retired farmer, Grove
Keith, Horace, (Morris), farmer 45
KELLER, JOHN  N., (Morris) farmer leases 260
KELLOGG, EZRA, (Morris) farmer 50
Kellogg, Joel, (Morris) farmer
Kenyon, J.P., (Morris) druggist, Main
Kidder, Edward P., (Morris) mason
Kidder, Major H.P., (Morris) carpenter
Kilkennie, Dennis, (Morris) dresser tender in cotton factory
Kinney, C. G., (Morris) farmer, Main
Kinney, Chas. P., (Morris) hop raiser and farmer 40
Kinney, Oliver P., (Morris) farmer, High
Kirkland, Wm., (Morris) farmer 6
LAKE, CHARLES, (Morris) farmer
Laurence D.I.. (Morris) drugs, groceries and fancy goods, Main
Lee, R. H., (Morris) (Lee & Yates)
Lee & Yates (Morris) (R. H. Lee and W. H. Yates) carriage makers and dealers in 
srings, axles, iron &c. Broad
Leggett, Isaac, (Morris) farmer 104
LEONARD, RUSSELL, (Morris) prop. cotton factory in Pittsfield, dairyman, farmer 
230 and (with W. F.) Prop. cheese factory, Broad
LEONARD, W. F., (Morris) (with Russell) cheese factory
Leonard, W. T., (Morris) prop. cotton factory, saw mill, grist mill, general 
store and farmer 600
Lewis, Israel P., (Suth New Berlin Center, Chenango Co.) farmer 23
Lewis, Nelson, (South New Berlin Center, Chenango Co.) carriage makers
Lewis, Sarah Mrs., (Morris) farmer 1
Light Bros., (Maple Grove) (John and Chas.) Farmers lease 65
Light, Chas., (Maple Grove) (Light Bros.)
Light, John, (Maple Grove) (Light Bros.) farmer 200
Light, Wm B., (Maple Grove) printer, hop grower and farmer 65
Little, James, (Morris) merchant tailor, Main
 Lucus, John, (South New Berlin Center, Chenango Co.) shingle manuf. and farmer 1
Lull, Abigail, (Morris) farmer 65
LULL, EDWARD, (Morris) farmer 25 and leases 100
Lull, Ezra, (Morris) farmer 150
Lull, Ezra, Jr., (Morris) farmer leases 150
Lull, Henry J., (Morris) woolen factory and farmer 15
Lull, Jacob K., (Morris) retired tanner, boot and shoe dealer and farmer 4
LULL, J.M., (Morris) dealr in dry goods and groceries, pres’t. Soldiers’ Monument
 Association, and Pres’t. Hillington Cemetery, Main
Lull, Nathan, (Morris) carder, dairyman and farmer 140
Lull, Oliver T., (Morris) farmer 260
Luther, Moses H., (Morris) stone cutter, wagon and sleigh repairer, Grove
Lynch, S.A. Mrs., (Morris) resident, Third
MANN, CHANCELLER [sic], (Morris) prop. of Morris Hotel, Main
Manning, John P., (Morris) carpenter, corner Broad and Lake
Mansfield, Isasc, (Morris) supervisor and farmer 78
Matterson, Andrew Pl, (Morris) farmer 96
Matterson, Edward, (Morris) farmer 52
Matteson, Benj. H., (Morris) hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 150
Matteson, Henry S., (Morris) sealer of weights and measures and farmer leases 150
Matteson, Joshua D., (Morris) retired hat manuf. and farmer 5, Church
Matteson, L.C., (Morris) sawmill, carpenter and farmer 31 ˝
Matteson, Merritt, (Morris) (Fox & Matteson)
Matteson, Otis B., (Morris) prop. Holmesville Tannery and dealer in produce, 
wooden ware &c
Matteson, S.S., (Morris) general merchant
Matthews, Henrietta and Marietta Misses, (Morris) farmers 6, Main
Maxum, C. H., (Morris) harness maker, Third
Maxum, Charles H., (Morris) carpenter, Water
McCard, Jesse, (Morris) farmer
McIntier [sic], Parley, (Morris) farmer, West
MCINTYRE, HENRY, (Butternuts) farmer
McNitt, Nelson, (Morris) dairyman and farmer 210
MERRIMAN, ISAAC, (New Berlin Center, Chenango Co) dairyman and farmer 110
Merriman, R.R., (New Berlin Center, Chenango Co.)dairyman and farmer 53
MICKEL, ARTEMUS, (Butternuts) farmer 18
Mickle [sic], Ira H., (Morris) hop raiser and farmer 80
Millard, Nathan (Morris) farmer 50
Millard, Thos., (Morris) farmer 50
Miller, Alvin, (Maple Grove) hop raiser and farmer 87
Miller, Benj., (South New Berlin, Chenango Co.) farmer
Miller, Josiah, (South New Berlin, Chenango Co.) dairyman and farmer 150
Minor, Clinton, (Morris) farmer leases 280
Mitchel, Joseph, (Morris) farmer
Moffeit [sic], Wesley, (Morris) wooden ware manuf. and farmer 53
Moffet, Richmond, (Morris) saw mill and farmer 42
Monroe, Hiram, (Morris) mason and farmer
Moody, Lucius, (Maple Grove) blacksmith
Moore, A.C., (Morris) retired farmer, Broad
MOORE, A. G. & CO., (Morris) (J.E. Cook) bankers, Main
Moore, Chester, (Morris) farmer 133
Moore, Nathaniel, (Morris) (Moore & Thurston) farmer 173
Moore, Orrin H., (Morris) dairyman and farmer 100
Moore & Thurston, (Morris) Nathaniel Moore and Alfred Thurston) general 
merchants, Main
*MORRIS CHRONICLE, (Morris) Main, S.P. Carpenter, editor
MORRIS HOTEL, (Morris) Main, Chanceller Manu., prop.
Morris, J.R., (Morris) dairyman and  farmer 150
*MORRIS LIVERY STABLE, (Morris) J. W. Still, prop.
Mott, Joseph, (Morris) expressman, Water
Mudge, Ransom, (Morris) farmer
Murdock, S. W., (Morris) dry goods, hats, caps, boots and shoes, Main
Myrick, Orlando, (Morris) retired carpenter
Newton, Horatio P., (Morris) farmer 50
Nooning, Alanson, (Morris) farmer 2
Osborn, Asel, (Morris) dresser tender in cotton factory and farmer 1 3/4
OTSEGO HOUSE, (Morris) E.L. Payner, prop., Main
Ott, Michael, (Morris) hop raiser and farmer 60
Palmater, Amos, (Morris) carpenter and wooden ware manuf.
Palmater, Wm., (Morris) manuf. wooden ware, Water
Palmer, A.P., (Morris) (Palmer Bros.)
Palmer Bros., (Morris) (W. H. and A.P.) (with heirs) farmer 225
Palmer, W. H., (Morris) (Palmer Bros.)
Parcell, A.L., (Morris) hand sleigh manuf., Water
Parcel, Isaac R., (Morris) farmer 10
Parcell, P.J. Mrs. (Morris) farmer 5 1/4
Patrick, John J., (Morris) farmer 180
PAYNE, E.L., (Morris) prop. of Otsego House and farmer 14, Main
Payne, Helen Miss, (Morris) milliner and dressmaker, Main
Pearsall, Mary Mrs., (Morris) hop raiser and farmer 126
Pearsall, Nelson B., (Morris) hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 140
Perine, Peter S., (Morris) carpenter
Perkins, Willis, (Morris) hop raiser and farmer 100
PERRY, H.M., (Morris) farmer 4
Perry, James, (Morris) dairymand and farmer 522
PERSONS, PETER, (Morris) carpenter and joiner
Phelps, James, (South New Berlin, Chenango Co.) farmer 62
Philips [sic], Reuben W., (South New Berlin Chenango Co.) farmer 99
Place, Gilbert, (Morris) blacksmith
Platt, Chas. G., (Maple Grove) farmer 1
Pope & Cook, (Morris) (James Pope and Harvey G. Cook) boots and shes, Main
Pope. Hamilton, (Morris)flour and feed, Main
Pope, James, (Morris) (Pope & Cook)
Porter, Jacob G., (Butternuts) hop raiser and farmer 120
PORTER, V.D., (New Berlin Center, Chenango Co.) farmer 10
POTTER, GILBERT, (Morris) general speculator, Harbrave
Potter, O.R., (Morris) general speculator
Potter, Royal, (Morris) farmer, High
Potter, W.M., (Morris) prop. of Louisville House, Main
Quinby, Thomas, (Morris) carpenter
Radley, Aaron, (Morris hop raiser and farmer 50
Ramsdell, Nehemiah, (Morris) wooden ware manuf.
Rawlins, Alpheus, (Butternuts) farmer leases 180
Reave, Ellis, (Morris) farmer 107
Ridley, T.A., (Morris) cabinet maker and wooden ware manuf., West
Ripley, Benj., P., (Morris) printer, High
Rockwell, Harvey W., (Morris) farmer leases 133
Rood, Martha Mrs., (Morris) retired farmer
Root, Wm.G., (Morris) farmer
ROSE, ADAM, (Morris) farmer
Rotch, Francis (Morris) farmer occupies 150
Rowe, Thomas (Morris) cooper and farmer
Sage, Deborah Mrs., (South New Berlin Chenango Co.) (with heirs) farmer 1
Sample, Wm., (Morris) cotton spinner, Lake
Sanderson, Leroy, (Morris) machinist
 Sanderson, Rufus, (Morris) farmer 7, Lake
Scribner, John M., (Morris) farmer occupies 6
Scudder, Edwin L., (Morris) shoemaker
Seely, John F., (Morris) carpenter and farmer 15
Sergeant, H., (Morris) postmaster, Main
Sergeants [sic], Ira M., (South New Berlin Chenango Co.) dairyman and farmer 
leases 200
Sergeart [sic], Isabel Mrs., (South New Berlin Chenango Co.) farmer 50
Shaw, John, (Morris) dairyman and farmer occupies 150
SHAW, LEWIS N., (Morris) carder in cotton factory
Shaw, Peter, (Morris) dairyman and farmer 133 ˝
SHAW, WM. W., (Morris) farmer
Sheff, Albert, (Morris) farmer leases 50
Sheff, Charles, (Morris) carpenter
Sheff, George, (Morris) dairyman and farmer 62 ˝
Sheff, George H., (Morris) blacksmith
Sheff, Russel M., (Morris) farmer 52
Shelland, James C. Rev., (Morris) pastor M.E. Church, Broad
Sherborne, F.W., (South New Berlin Chenango Co.) dairyman and farmer 103
Sherman, S. Miss, (Morris) dress maker, corner Third and West
SHOLES, ANDREW J., (South New Berlin Chenango Co.) farmer 55 and leases 156
Skinner, A., (New Berlin Center, Chenango Co.) (with Harrison Camp) cheese box 
factory, grist and saw mills
Smith, Benj., (Morris) carpenter and farmer 12
Smith, Chas. J., (Morris) farmer 51
SMITH, DAVID D., (Morris) farmer 100
Smith, F.A., (Morris) overseer of weaving in cotton factory
SMITH, IRA, (Morris) teacher
SMITH, JACOB, (New Berlin Center, Chenango Co.) farmer
Smith, Jacob, (Morris) retired tanner
SMITH, SILAS, (Butternuts) farmer 17
Smith, Silas S., (Morris) farmer leases 126
Smith, Wm., (Morris) farmer 100, Broad
SNOW, NEWTON, (Morris) supt. Cotton factory
Southern, James, (Morris) hop raiser and farmer 50
SPAFFORD, ANSON, (Morris) (Wenmoth & Spafford) farmer 3 ˝
Spear, H.S., (Morris) farmer occupies 175
Starr, Bera, (Morris) (Starr Bros.)
Starr Bros., (Morris) (Geo. And Bera) hop raisers and farmers 130
Starr, David, (Maple Grove) farmer 50
Starr, Geo. (Morris) (Starr Bros.)
Starr, Gould, (Morris) farmer
Starr, Henry, (Maple Grove) hop raiser and farmer 47
Starr, Samuel S., (Maple Grove) retired farmer
Stenson, Francis F., (South New Berlin Chenango Co.) carpenter, hop grower and 
farmer 56
Stevens, John H., (Morris) farmer 6 ˝
Stewart, T.E., (Morris) overseer of spinning in cotton factory
Stewart, Wm., (Morris) farmer 5
Stewart, Wm. J., (Morris) machinist and farmer 27
Stewart, Wm. J. Jr., (Morris) machinist and farmer
*STILL, JOHN W., (Morris) physician and surgeon, and prop. Morris Livery Stable, 
St. Mary, M., (Morris) chair maker
Stone, E.M. Mrs., (Morris) tailoress
Stone, Wm. J., (Morris) painter and farmer
Stranahan, James W., (Morris) retired farmer
Sutherland, A.R., (Morris) teacher and farmer 30
Sutherland, Reuben, (Morris) farmer
 Sweet, Elijah P., (Morris, mechanic and farmer
SWIFT, H.M., (Maple Grove) general speculator
Tanner, Doolittle, (Morris) farmer
Taylor, Wm., (Morris) farmer leases 230
Terry, Leroy, (Morris) farmer 27
Thomas, Alex., (Morris) farmer, Third
Thomas, James, (Morris) farmer 20
Thomas, James S., (Morris) famrer 40
Thomas, John, (Morris, hop raiser and farmer 12
Thresher, Edwin, (Morris) farmer
Thresher, Nathan, (Morris) dairyman, hop raiser and farmer 170
Thurston, Alfred, (Morris) (Moore & Thurston)
Thurston, A.E., (Morris) painter and paper hanger, Third
Thurston, D. Wesley, (Morris) mason, Third
Thurston, Elijah, (Morris) carpenter, Third
Thurston, Elijah, (Morris) farmer 35
Thurston, Elisha, (Morris) mason, Third
Tilley, C., (Morris) cooper and famrer 50
Tillson, Albert, (Morris) farmer
Tillson, Asa, (Morris) saw mill, hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 200
Tillson, A. H., (Maple Grove) dairyman and farmer 280
Tillson, Cephas S., (Maple Grove ) dairyman and farmer 162
Tillson, Chas. B., (Maple Grove) farmer 52
Tillson, Sidney M., (Morris) farmer 82 ˝
Tipple, John, (Morris) retired farmer
Tobey, Albert, (Morris) carpenter
Tobey, Edward, (Morris) farmer 53
Tobey, Elisha, (Morris) dairyman and farmer 120
Tobey, Joseph E., (Morris) farmer leases 120
Tobey, Stephen, (Morris) dairyman and farmer 65
Tobey, Zaccheus, (Morris) dairyman and farmer 150
Tobias, D.C., (Morris) farmer 16
Toles, Nelson, (Morris) dairyman and farmer 150
Tracy, Alonzo, (Morris) farmer
Tracy, Elijah, (Morris) farmer
Tucker, C.L., (Morris) lumber dealer, prop. saw mill in Laurens, and farmer 25
Tucker, Robert, (Morris) farmer 3
Tucker, Robert, (Morris) farmer 50
Turner, Albert, (Morris) painter
Turner Bros., (Morris) (Thos. and Leroy) hop raisers, dairymen and farmers 109
Turner, Francis G., (Morris) farmer 60 and occupies 30
Turner, Jonathan, (Morris) dairyman and farmer 130
Turner, Leroy, (Morris) (Turner Bros.)
Turner, Thos., (Morris) (Turner Bros.)
Turner, Wm., (Butternuts) dairyman and farmer leases 130
Turner, Wm., (Morris) shoemaker
TURNEY, C.H., (Morris) prop. billiard and dining rooms, Broad
Tyler, Samuel, (South New Berlin Chenango Co.) retired farmer 40
Valentine, Henry, (Morris) farmer 60
Van Deusen, Henry H., (Morris) carpenter and farmer 11, Broad
Van Deusen, John, (Maple Grove) carpenter
Van Rensselaer, R.H., (Morris) farmer 200, Main
Vrooman, Wm., (Morris) teamster
Wade, Isaac, (Morris) farmer 35
Wakefield, Hezekiah, (South New Berlin Chenango Co.) farmer leases 150
Wanzer, D.C., (Morris) farmer 80
Wanzer, Wm., (Morris) farmer 50
Ward, John A., (Morris) (Beekman & Ward)
Ward, W.F, (Butternuts) dairyman and farmer 110
Washbon, H.R., (Morris) lawyer and farmer 200, Main
Washbon, John G., (Morris) dairyman and farmer 240
WATERS, BENJAMIN, (Morris) farmer
Weatherley, Daniel, (Morris) farmer 50
Webster, Edwin, (Morris) dairyman and farmer 100
Weeden, Peleg, (Morris) (S.G. Weeden & Co.) farmer 15
Weeden, Samuel G., (Morris) (S.G.Weeden & Co) farmer 14
Weeden, S.G. & Co., (Morris) (Samuel G. and Peleg Weeden) harness manufs. and 
dealers, Main
Wellman, Jesse, (Morris) retired farmer
WENMOTH & SPAFFORD, (Morris) (Wm. H. Wenmoth and Anson Spafford) carriage and 
sleigh makers, props., planing mill, scroll sawing and turning, also dealers in 
and manufs. of brackets, mouldings and bendins of every kind, Grove
WENMOTH, WM. H., (Morris) (Wenmoth & Spafford)
Wheaton, John E., (South New Berlin Chenango Co.) teacher of school and practical
WHEELER, EDSON, (South New Berlin Chenango Co.) justice of the peace, hop raiser,
 dairyman and farmer 130
Wheeler, N.H., (South New Berlin Chenango Co.) carpenter
Whitcomb, Chas. L., (Morris) farmer leases 167
Whitcomb, David E., (Morris) dairyman and farmer 167
Whitcomb, Edwin G., (Morris) farmer
Wickham, Daniel, (Morris) retired blacksmith and farmer
Wickham, German, (Morris) farmer 86
Wightman, Adelbert, (South New Berlin Chenango Co.) painter
Wightman, Athlina, (South New Berlin Chenango Co.) farmer
Wightman, Sidney R., (Morris) teacher and farmer 77
Wilcox, Monroe, (Morris) retired farmer
Wilcox, Stephen (Morris) retired farmer
Wing, Elizabeth Mrs., (Morris) (with heirs) farmer 40, Main
Wing, Stephen D., (Morris) farmer leases 40, Main
Wing, Stephen H. (Morris) retired farmer 225
Wing, Walter A., (Morris) retired insurance agent
WINTER, LORENZO, (Morris) farmer 28
Winton, Amasa A., (Morris) farmer 50
WINTON, D.C., (Morris) wooden ware manuf and justice of the peace, Hargrave
Winton, John, (Morris) expressman
Winton, Zar, (Morris) farmer 50
Withey, Josiah, (Morris) cabinet maker and farmer 1 1/2
Wood, Erastus T., (South New Berlin Chenango Co.) painter
Wood, Noah, (Morris) carding mill,dairyman and farmer 115
Yates, E.W., (Morris) retired hotel keeper and farmer 3, West
Yates, Geo. A., (Morris) farmer 250
Yates, W.H., (Morris) (Lee & Yates)
Youmans, Levi, (Morris) farmer
Young, Chas., (Morris) farmer 3 ˝
YOUNG, MOSES, (Morris) farmer

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