Otsego Business Directory
Town of Oneonta
Contributed by Jean Chapman Snow


Explanations: Directory is arranged as follows: 1. Name of individual or firm. 2. Jpost office address in parenthesis. 3. Business or occupation A Star (*) placed before a name, indicates an advertiser in this work. Figures placed after the occupation of farmers, indicate the number of acres of land owned or leased by the parties. Names set in CAPITALS indicate subscribers to this work. The word Street is implied as regards directory for the villages.


Ackley, Mitchell, (Oneonta) farmer 12
Alger, David, (Oneonta) farmer 1
Alger, Delos, (Oneonta) farmer 100 
Alger, George, (Oneonta) farmer 3
Alger, Hiram N., (West Oneonta) blacksmith
Allen, George, (Oneonta) (Tourjee and Allen)
Allen, H.H. Rev., (Oneonta) Presbyterian minister
Allsap, John, (Oneonta) farmer 160
Alton, W.W. (Oneonta) (Tobey, Alton & Co.)
Amsden, John M., (Oneonta) blacksmith, Main
Anable, Alfred, (Oneonta) farmer 31
Arnold, Francis, (Oneonta) farmer 94
Babcock, Seymour, (Oneonta) saw mill and farmer 100
Baker, Daniel, (West Oneonta) farmer 186
Baker, Harvey, (Oneonta) carpenter, Main
Baker, Luther, (Oneonta) farmer 65
Baker, Spencer, (West Oneonta) farmer 139
Ballard & Lewis, (Oneonta) (S.M. Ballard and A.C. Lewis) props. Susquehanna House,
 Main corner Chestnut
Ballard, N., (Oneonta) (Ballard & Pardos)
Ballard & Pardos, (Oneonta) (N. Ballard and W. Pardos) billiard hall and 
restaurant, Main, up stairs
Ballard, S. M., (Oneonta) (Ballard & Lewis)
Barnes, Ira, (Oneonta) farmer 1
Barr, Catharine Mrs.  (Oneonta) farmer 14
Bates, Jonathan, (West Oneonta) farmer 75
Bates, Justice, (Oneonta) farmer 50
Beach, chancellor, (Oneonta) commissioner of highways
Beach, Noah, (Oneonta) mason and farmer 9, Chestnut
Beach, Oren N., (Oneonta) (Miles & Beach)
Beams, Dewitt, (Oneonta) farmer 49
Beams, John, (Oneonta) farmer 21
Beams, Phebe, (Oneonta) farmer 80
Beams, Wm., (Oneonta) farmer 20
Beman, Wm., (West Oneonta) farmer 1
Bentley, Webster, (West Oneonta) farmer 50
Bergen, W.J., (West Oneonta) cooper
Betts & Culver, (West Oneonta) F.M. Betts and Benj. Culver) general merchants
Betts, F.M., (West Oneonta) (Betts & Culver)
Bingham, Anson, (Oneonta) farmer leases 120
Bissell, F.A., (Oneonta) (Bunn & Bissell)
Bissell, W.D., (Oneonta) (Bissell & Yager)
Bissell & Yager (Oneonta) (W.D. Bissell and D.J.Yager) coal dealers, near A. & S.
Bixby, Charles W., (Oneonta) (Ford & Bixby)
Blakely, Jerusha, (Oneonta) farmer 20
Blanchard, Erastus, (Oneonta) farmer 120
Blanchard, William, (Oneonta) farmer 50
Blend, Abram, (Oneonta) farmer 183
Blend, Esick, (Oneonta)(farmer 60
Blend, G.W., (Oneonta) physician and druggist, Main
Blend, George W.  (Oneonta) farmer 120
Blend, John A., (Oneonta) hop grower and farmer leases 60
BLEND, L.H., (Oneonta) architect and builder, manuf.of mouldings, brackets, 
newels, store fronts, pickets, &c., Broad near Depot
Bornt, Frederick, (Oneonta) farmer 250 and (with Adelbert Champlin) 200
Botsford, Wm.  Mc., (West Oneonta) general merchant
Bowen, Darius, (West Oneonta) farmer 106
Bowen, J.W., (Oneonta) liquors, Main
Brewer, Hiram, (Oneonta) (Brewer & McDonald)
Brewer, Hiram J., (Oneonta) carpenter and farmer 15
 Brewer, Isaac, (Oneonta) farmer 5
Brewer & McDonald, (Oneonta) (Hiram Brewer and J.  McDonald) carpenters and 
builders, Main
Brewer, S.F., (Oneonta) mason
Brightman, Delos, (Oneonta) farmer 57
Brightman, Joseph, (Oneonta) farmer 125
Brightman, Wm., (Oneonta) farmer 57
Brisack, Anson B., (Oneonta) mechanic and farmer 8
Brisack, Joseph, estate of, (Oneonta) 17 acres
Bronson, Herbert M., (Oneonta) carpenter
Brown, A., (Oneonta) farmer 2
Brownson, L.E., (West Oneonta) general merchant
Brownson, Seymour, (Oneonta) insurance agent and town clerk, Main
Hull (Bull?), Henry (West Oneonta) farmer 93
Bull, Joseph, (West Oneonta)farmer 96
Bull, N.  N., (Oneonta) principal Oneonta Free School
Bundy, E.C. & J.H., (Oneonta) bakery, confectionery, groceries, toys, &c., Main
Bundy, L.L. (Oneonta) (Bundy & Scramling)
Bundy & Scramling, (Oneonta) L.L.Bundy and George Scramling) attorneys, Main
Bunn & Bissell, (Oneonta) (C.E. Bunn and F.A. Bissell) wholesale and retail
 dealers in eats, fish, oysters, produce &c., Main
Bunn, C.E., (Oneonta) (Bunn & Bissell)
Burnside, G.R., Rev., (Oneonta) Baptist minister, Main
BURNSIDE, S.S., (Oneonta) lawyer and notary public, Main
Burton & Co., (Oneonta) (P.C. Burton, T. J.  Gildersleeve and L. Goldsmith) own 9 
Burton, P.C., (Oneonta) (Burton & Co.)  watches and jewelry, Main
Bush, Peter, (Oneonta) mechanic
Butler, Ervin E., (West Oneonta) merchant tailor
Butler, E.S. Mrs., (West Oneonta) milliner and dressmaker
Butts, Chas. H., (Oneonta)freight receiver A.& S .R .R. Depot
Campbell, Gilbert P., (Oneonta) farmer
Carr, A.E., (West Oneonta) carriage maker
Carver, E.  M., (Oneonta) cashier First National Bank of Oneonta
Case, S. H., (Oneonta) physician and farmer 8
Ceperley, David, (Oneonta) farmer 58
Clark, John L., (Oneonta)farmer 27
Coates, L.T., (Oneonta) (Pardee & Coates)
Cobb, W. N.  Rev., (Oneonta) presiding elder, M.E. church
Cohn, Jacob, (Oneonta) merchant tailor, bats, caps and gents’ furnishing goods, 
Cook, Chauncey, (West Oneonta) farmer 100
Cook, Robert S., (West Oneonta) farmer 40
Cook, Seth, (West Oneonta) farmer leases 150
Cook, Wm.  S., (West Oneonta) farmer 32 and leases 66
Cooley, Morris, (Oneonta) farmer 120
Cooley, Wm., (Oneonta) hop raiser, farmer 62 and leases 60
Cope, James, (Oneonta) (J. Cope & Co.)
Cope, John, (Oneonta) (J. Cope & Co) president First National Bank of Oneonta, and 
Cope, J. & Co., (Oneonta) (John and James Cope) dry goods, groceries and building 
materials, Main corner Broad
Couse, Anthony, (Oneonta) farmer 103
Couse, E.D., (Oneonta) farmer 125
Couse, Henry, (Oneonta) farmer 118
Couse, James W., (Oneonta) farmer 125
COUSE, JARED, (Oneonta) carpenter and farmer 12 ˝ 
Couse, Wm. H. (Oneonta) farmer 125
Crandall, _____, (Oneonta) farmer 80
Culver, Benj., (West Oneonta) (Betts & Culver) postmaster and constable)
Cummings, H. J., (Oneonta) groceries, Main
CURTISS, E.G., (Oneonta) tobacco, cigars, pipes and all kinds of smokers’ goods,
Dean, Milo, (West Oneonta) farmer 37
Dean, Paulina, (Oneonta) farmer 6
Deyo, Simeon, (Oneonta) billiard rooms
*DODGE, G.A., (Oneonta) publisher of Otsego Democrat
Douglass, Elizabeth A. Mrs., (Oneonta) farmer 25
DRIGGS, SETH B., (Oneonta) sash and blind manuf., Chestnut
Durfee, Samuel, (West Oneonta) resident
DYE, A.D., (Oneonta) books, stationery and music, Main
Dye, Jonathan, (Oneonta) farmer 90
Edmunds, Nathaniel, (Oneonta) farmer 250
Elwell, M. N., (Oneonta) custom miller, grain dealer and lumber manuf., Main
Emmons, Carleton, (Oneonta) farmer 560
Enos, Ariel, (Oneonta) farmer 25
Farrington, Jacob, (Oneonta) general merchant, Broad
Fern, E. D., (Oneonta) miller, Main
Ferrell, J. M., (Oneonta) deputy sheriff and agent for Phoenix Life Insurance Co.,
Figger, Wm.  H., (Oneonta) farmer 11
First National Bank of Oneonta, (Oneonta) John Cope, president; E. M. Carver, cashier, Main
Fisher, Joseph, (Oneonta) gate tender, Charlotte Turnpike
Ford & Bixby, (Oneonta) (N. I. Ford and Charles W. Bixby) drugs, medicines, 
paints, oils, paper hangings &c.,  Main
*FORD BROTHERS, (Oneonta) (D.W. and C.E.)  Manufs. of cultivators, plows,
 scrapers, head cutters &c., Mechanic, near A. & S. Depot
FORD, C.E., (Oneonta) (Ford Brothers)
FORD, D.W., (Oneonta) (Ford Brothers)
Ford, E.R., (Oneonta) directors of A. & S.  R. R. and farmer 240
Ford, N.I., (Oneonta) Ford & Bixby
FOX, R.L., (Oneonta) (Osborn & Fox)
Francis, Levi, (West Oneonta) shoemaker and farmer 1
Francis, Wm., (West Oneonta) mechanic
Freiot, C.J., (Oneonta) photographer, Main
Fritts, Benjamin, (Oneonta) farmer 118
Gallup, David, (Oneonta) farmer 109
Gamut, Henry M., (Oneonta) farmer 30
Gates, A.J., (Oneonta) (Gates & Spaulding)
Gates & Spaulding, (Oneonta) (A.J. Gates and William Spaulding) carriage makers,
Gaylor, James, (West Oneonta) carpenter
Gifford, Daniel, (Oneonta) farmer 206
Gifford, Daniel, (Oneonta) farmer 180
Gifford, Daniel E., (Oneonta) farmer 70
Gifford, Henry, (Oneonta) farmer 100
Gifford, H.R., (Oneonta) assessor, prop.  saw mill and farmer 15
Gifford, James H., (Oneonta) farmer 100
Gifford, R.C., (Oneonta) (with Daniel) speculator
Gildersleeve, T.J., (Oneonta) (Burton & Co)
Gile, Alvin, (Oneonta) farmer 115
Gile, Edward, (Oneonta) farmer 50
Gile, Erastus, (Oneonta) farmer 89
Gile, Lydia J.  Mrs., (Oneonta) farmer 141
Gile, S.J., (Oneonta) marble works, Main
Godsell, John, (Oneonta) farmer 32
GOLDSMITH, L., (Oneonta) (Burton & Co.)  millinery, silks, fancy and dry goods, 
Goodyear, Jared, (Oneonta) farmer 101
Gould, Hanson, (Oneonta) farmer
Gowey, John A., (Oneonta) farmer 130
Green, Betsey Mrs., (West Oneonta) resident
Green, Clark, (West Oneonta) (with Ezra) farmer 75
Green, Rha, [sic], (West Oneonta) farmer 75
Green, Simon, (Oneonta) farmer 218
Gregory, J., (Oneonta) harness maker, Main
Griffin, Austin, Rev., (Oneonta) M.E. minister
Hackett, John, (Oneonta) farmer 130
Hackett, William, (Oneonta) farmer 232
Haines, ____, (Oneonta) farmer leases of Emery Quackenbush, 150
Hamilton, H.A., (Oneonta) physician, Main
Hand, Alex., (Oneonta) physician, Main
Harrington, A.G., (West Oneonta) blacksmith
Hathaway, Al., (Oneonta) constable and clerk Eagle Hotel
Hathaway, L., (Oneonta) prop. Eagle Hotel, Broad near Depot
Hemstreet, Nathan, (Oneonta) (Hemstreet & Young)
 Hemstreet & Young, (Oneonta) (Nathan Hemstreet and George Young) wholesale and 
retail dealers in flour, feed, plaster, salt, seeds &c., White Store, near A. & S.
Henniker, Henry, (Oneonta) farmer leases 35
Hoag, Wilson, (West Oneonta) farmer 70
Hodge, Andrew E., (West Oneonta) assessor and farmer 56
Hodge, Daniel, (West Oneonta) farmer 186
Hodge, E.C. Rev., (Oneonta) Free Will Baptist minister and farmer 100
Holmes, Isaac, (West Oneonta) farmer 108
Holmes, Willis, (Oneonta) farmer 2
Houghtaling, Jane Mrs., (Oneonta) farmer 60
Howard, Charles, (Oneonta) mason and musician, south side river
Hudson, Silas, (Oneonta) farmer 54
Hummell, Aaron, (Oneonta) farmer 80
Hummell, Nicholas, (Oneonta) farmer 120
Humphrey, R.V., (Oneonta) billiard room, Main
Hungerford, George, (Oneonta) farmer 40
Hunt, John L., (Oneonta) farmer 22
Huntington, Solon, (Oneonta) farmer 175
INGALLS, GEO.  W., (Oneonta) carpenter, Chestnut
Ingalls, John C., (Oneonta) stone cutter, Chestnut
Jay, Wm. (Oneonta) prop.  East Oneonta Hotel and farmer 2
Jencks, Andrew J., (Oneonta) farmer 5
Jencks, Jas.  W., (Oneonta) farmer 70
Jenks, [sic] Devear, (West Oneonta) farmer leases 60
Jenks, Patience Mrs., (West Oneonta) farmer 6
Jenks, Willard, (Oneonta) farmer 60
Johnson, Alex. H., (Oneonta) farmer 143
Johnston, William, (Oneonta) merchant tailor, gents’ furnishing goods, &c., Main
Keenan, M., (Oneonta) blacksmith, Main
Keyes, J.H. & M., (Oneonta) attorneys and notaries public, Main
Kibbe, T.V., (Oneonta) meat market, Main
Kilbourne, Seymour, (Oneonta) farmer 106
King, Oren, (West Oneonta) farmer 84
Knapp, Seth, (Oneonta) farmer 10
Lakin, Wm., (Oneonta) barber, Main
Lewis, A.C., (Oneonta) (Ballard & Lewis)
Lewis, C.W., (Oneonta) prop. Oneonta Rail Road House, Main corner Chestnut
Losee, Joel, (Oneonta)farmer 47 ˝
Luther, E., (Oneonta) (Wing & Luther)
Madison, Palmer, (West Oneonta) farmer 3
Martin, Andres, (Oneonta) resident
McCrum, William, (Oneonta) furniture dealer and undertaker, Main
McDonald, J. (Oneonta) (Brewer & McConald)
MEAGHER, THOMAS F., (Oneonta) dining saloon, Main
Mendel, Andrew, (Oneonta) (A. Mendel & Bros.)
Mendel, A. & Bros., (Oneonta) (Andrew, Samuel and Benedict) ready made clothing,
 dry goods, hats, caps, boots, shoes &c., Main
Mendel, Benedict, (Oneonta) (A. Mendel & Bros)
Mendel, Samuel, (Oneonta) (A. Mendel & Bros)
Michael, C.L., (Oneonta) agent for Washington Life Insurance Co.  and real estate 
agent, Main
Miles, Abel S., (Oneonta) (Miles & Beach)
Miles & Beach, (Oneonta) (Abel S. Miles & Oren N. Beach) livery and exchange 
stables, Chestnut
Miller, Cornelius, (Miles & Beach) farmer 50
Miller, D.M., (Oneonta) farmer 99
Miller, D.M., produce commission merchant, Main
Miller, John E., (Oneonta) farmer 32
Miller, Reuben W., (Oneonta) tailor, Main
Miner, John, (Oneonta) farmer 22
Moffatt, Ransom, (Oneonta) farmer 83
Moody, A.C., (Oneonta) (Moody & Vosburgh)
Moody & Vosburgh, (Oneonta) (.C. Moody and E.M. Vosburgh) wholesale and retail
dealers in stoves, tinware &c., agents for the Buckeye Mower and Reaper, Main
Morell, Isaac, (Oneonta) farmer 45
Morell, Jacob, (Oneonta) farmer 61
Morenus, J.T., (Oneonta) farmer 45
Morgan,E.J., (Oneonta) physician denstist, Brick Block
Morris, Albert, (Oneonta) (Morris Bros.)
Morris Brothers, (Oneonta) (Albert and Wm.  H.,) flour, salt, feed, grain, cheese 
&c., wholesale and retail, Chestnut
Morris, Wm. H., (Oneonta) (Morris Bros.)
Morrison, A. B., (Oneonta) wholesale and retail dealers in groceries, wines and liquors, Brick Block, Main
Mosher, Joshua, (Oneonta) (T.K. Mosher & Bros.)
Mosher, T.K. & Bros., (Oneonta) (Joshua and Wm. H.,) carriage and spoke makers, 
Mosher, Wm.  H., (Oneonta) (T.K. Mosher & Bros.)
Moulton, O.T., Rev., (Oneonta) free will Baptist minister
Nash, Henry, (Oneonta) farmer 140
Niles, Hanson, (West Oneonta) farmer 150
Niles, Henry, (West Oneonta) brick maker and (with Nathaniel) farmer 96
Niles, Nathaniel, (West Oneonta) (with Henry) farmer 96
Northrup, Betsey Mrs., (West Oneonta) resident
Northrup, Isaac, (West Oneonta) farmer
Olin, J.M., (West Oneonta) wagon maker and painter
Olin, Polly Mrs., (West Oneonta) resident
Olin, S.M., (West Oneonta) justice of the peace and farmer 20
Orr, David, (Oneonta) farmer 139
OSBORN & FOX, (Oneonta) (L..  Osborn and R.L. Fox) wholesale and retail dealers in
dry goods, groceries, drugs, medicines &c., Main
OSBORN, L.S., (Oneonta) (Osborn & Fox) farmer 75
Osborn, Luman S., (Oneonta) farmer 62
Osterhout, Abram, (Oneonta) farmer 75
Osterhout, Ann, (Oneonta) prop.  Susquehanna Valley Hotel and farmer 70
*OTSEGO DEMOCRAT, (Oneonta) G. A.  Dodge, publisher
Ottman, John W., (Oneonta) hack driver, Chestnut
Packard, Melissa, (Oneonta) farmer 2 ˝
Pardee & Coates, (Oneonta) (H..S. Pardee and L.T. Coates) boots and shoes, Main
Pardee, H.S., (Oneonta) (Pardee & Coates)
PARDOE, EDWARD B., (Oneonta) house, sign, banner and ornamental painting, done 
with neatness and dispatch, Chestnut
PARDOE, JOHN, (Oneonta) house, sign and ornamental painter, Chestnut
Pardoe, W., (Oneonta) Ballard & Parsoe)
Parish, Ephraim, (Oneonta) famrer 250
Parsih, ?George, (Oneonta) farmer 125
Parish, Huntingon, (Oneonta) farmer 85
Parish, Stephen, (Oneonta) farmer 66
Parr, Geo., (Oneonta) poultry dealer and farmer 2, Chestnut
Peet, Elizabeth, (Oneonta) farmer 77
Peet, James, (Oneonta) farmer 77
Peet, John F., (Oneonta) farmer 114
Peet, Solomon, (Oneonta) farmer 150
Perry, Jesse V., (West Oneonta) commissioner of highways and farmer 50
Perry, John, (Oneonta) carpenter
Peters, Isaac H., (Oneonta) boots, shoes, leather and hides, Main
Peters, John, (Oneonta) farmer 80
Phillips, John, (Oneonta) farmer 60
Pope, C.D., (Oneonta) flours, feed, grain, seeds &c.  Main
Pope, E.D., Mrs., (Oneonta) physician, Dietz
Quackenbush, Clinton, (Oneonta) farmer 100
Quackenbush, David, (Oneonta) resident
Quackenbush, Emery, (Oneonta) (Strait & Quackenbush)
Quackenbush, Jacob, (Oneonta) farmer 40
Ramsey, George H., (Oneonta) groceries, fruits, oysters &c.  Main
Ray, James Mrs., (Oneonta) millinery and fancy goods, Main 
Reynolds, E.A., (Oneonta) agent D. & H..C.  Express Co.
*REYNOLDS, G.W., (Oneonta) postmaster and publisher
Reynolds, Reuben, (Oneonta) (Ruland & Reynolds)
Richards, S. & A., (Oneonta) brick makers and farmers 33
Richards, Samuel N., (Oneonta) farmer 134
Richardson, Jonathan, (Oneonta) commissioner of highways and farmer 120
Richards, Sally Mrs., (Oneonta) farmer 154
Roberts, James, (Oneonta) groceries and provisions, Main
Roberts, John B., (Oneonta) groceries, provisions, crockery, glass ware, wall 
papers &c.,  Main
Roberts, William, (Oneonta) farmer 9
Rood, William, (Oneonta) farmer 47
Roundy,______, (Oneonta) station agent, Emmons Station
Rowe, H.N., (Oneonta) farmer 170
Rowe, Jacob, (Oneonta) tin peddler
Ruland, John, (Oneonta) (Ruland & Reynolds)
Ruland & Reynolds, (Oneonta) (John Ruland and Reuben Reynolds) flour, seeds and 
groceries, Main
Sabin, Egbert, (Oneonta) (T. Sabin & Son)
Sabin, T., (Oneonta) (T. Sabin & Son) farmer 10
Sabin, Timothy, (Oneonta) cheese factory and creamery
Sabin, T. & Son, (Oneonta) (Egbert) butter, cheese and wool, Main
Sage, Harvey, (Oneonta) farmer 100
Schermerhorn, John, (Oneonta) farmer 80
Scramlin, Allen, (Oneonta) farmer
Scramlin, John, (Oneonta) farmer 3
Scramlin, Peter Rev., (Oneonta) Free Will Baptist clergyman and farmer 81
Scramling, [sic] Allen, (Oneonta) farmer 570
Scramling, George, (Oneonta) (Bundy & Scramling)
Seperly, David, (Oneonta) farmer 60
Sessions, Horace, (Oneonta) farmer 3
Sheldon, James,  (Oneonta) farmer
Shellman, W. H., (Oneonta) wagon maker, Chestnut
Shepard, Erastus,  (Oneonta) farmer 100
Shepard, Isaac,  (Oneonta) farmer 197
Shepard, Sanford,  (Oneonta) farmer 51
Sickler, John,  (Oneonta) farmer 13
Silvernail, L.C.,  (Oneonta) eclectic physician and surgeon, Main
Slade, Hiram, estate of,  (Oneonta) 4 acres
Slade, James & H.L.,  (Oneonta) farmers 254
Slade, Sherman,  (Oneonta) farmer 163
Sleeper, Ephraim, estate of,  (West Oneonta) 25 acres
Smith, Jane Mrs., (Oneonta) farmer 22
Smith, Katie,  (West Oneonta) resident
Smith, Samuel,  (Oneonta) farmer 4
Smith,_____, Mrs.,  (Oneonta) farmer 20
Snow, William W.  Hon.,  (Oneonta) farmer 50, Chestnut
Spaulding, William,  (Oneonta) (Gates & Spaulding)
Stanton, Mary, Mrs., (West Oneonta) resident
Steere, Irving,  (Oneonta)
Stewart, ______,  (Oneonta) wagon maker
Stowell, J.D.,  (Oneonta) boots, shoes, leather and findings, Main
Strait, Alvinza,  (West Oneonta) farmer 90
Strait, Andrew,  (West Oneonta) watch repairer
Strait, Burton,  (West Oneonta) farmer 19
Strait, Geo., estate of, (West Oneonta) 26 acres
Strait & Quackenbush,  (Oneonta) (William Strait and Emery Quackenbush) practical 
machinists and props. Oneonta Iron Works, near A. & S. Depot
Strait, Rufus,  (West Oneonta) farmer 25
Strait, William,  (Oneonta) (Strait & Quackenbush)
Swart, Ascenath Mrs., (Oneonta) farmer 40
Swart, Elkanah,  (Oneonta) farmer 109
Swart, George,  (Oneonta) farmer 188
Taber, Joseph, (West Oneonta) saw mill and farmer 130
Taber, J.N.,  (West Oneonta) farmer 175
Terry, Isaac,  (Oneonta) mason and farmer 1
Thayer, Asa,  (West Oneonta) (with Geo. W.) prop. West Oneonta Hotel
Thayer, Enos,  (West Oneonta) farmer 150
Thayer, Geo.W., (West Oneonta) (with Asa) prop.West Oneonta Hotel
Tobey, A.B., (Oneonta) (Tobey, Alton & Co.)
Tobey, Alton & Co., (Oneonta) (H.M. Tobey, W.W. Alton and A.B. Tobey) general 
merchants, Main
Tobey, H.M.,  (Oneonta) (Tobey, Alton & Co.)
Tourjee & Allen  (Oneonta) (George Tourjee and George Allen) planing and feed 
mills, Main
Tourjee, George,  (Oneonta) (Tourjee & Allen)
Treadwell, Lyman,  (Oneonta) farmer 4 ˝
Tucker, Jay,  (Oneonta) telegraph operator A. & S. R.R. Depot
Tyler, John N.,  (Oneonta) farmer 120
Van Luvan, Jonas,  (West Oneonta) resident
Van Wie, A., (Oneonta) (Van Wie Bros.)
Van Wie Bros.,  Oneonta) (D.A. and A.)  Stoves, tinware, hardware, paints, oils 
&c., Brick Block, Main
Van Wie, D.A.,  (Oneonta) (Van Wie Bros.)
Van Woert, Andrew,  (Oneonta) farmer 356
Van Woert, J.P.,  (Oneonta) constable and collector, Main
Van Woert, Peter,  (Oneonta) farmer 12
Van Woert, S.P.,  (Oneonta) farmer 189
VILLOZ, A.L., (Oneonta) fashionable hair dresser, Main.  Particular attention paid 
to children’s hair cutting
Vosburgh, E.M., (Oneonta) (Moody & Vosburgh)
Wadsworth, Paul, (Oneonta) station agent A. & S.  R.R. Depot
Wales, E.V. Rev., (Oneonta) Presbyterian clergyman, Main
Walling, Alonzo, (Oneonta) farmer leases of Samuel, 140
Walling, Erastus, (Oneonta) farmer 300
Walling, J.R.L., (Oneonta) surveyor and farmer 141
Walling, Ransom, (Oneonta) farmer 66
Warner, Hezekiah, (Oneonta) farmer 92
Watkins, Hezekiah, (Oneonta) farmer 23
Wells, J.L. Rev., (Oneonta) M.E. clergyman
White, Anthony, (Oneonta) carpenter and farmer 24
White, Ezra, (Oneonta) farmer 153
White, Horace, (West Oneonta) farmer 144
WHITE, RANSOM, (Oneonta)carpenter and joiner, Academy
Whitman, Geo. R., (West Oneonta) farmer 265
Whitman, Henry C., (West Oneonta) farmer 90
Whitmarsh, Berlinda, (Oneonta) farmer 80
Whitney, Delos, (Oneonta) farmer leases 88
Whitney, Geo. R. (Oneonta) carpenter and farmer 5
Whitney, Roswell, (West Oneonta) shoemaker
Whitney, Wm., (Oneonta) physician
Wickham, A.G., (Oneonta) farmer 130
Wickham, H., (Oneonta) coopering, staves, hoop poles, lime, plaster and cement, Broad
Wickham, Henry, (Oneonta) farmer 19
Wickham, Henry, (Oneonta) cooper and farmer f21
Wilcox, Henry, (Oneonta) farmer 75
Wilds, Lavina (West Oneonta) resident
Williams, Francis J., (West Oneonta) farmer 38
Williams, Thoms [sic], (Oneonta) barber, Main
Winans, Judson, (West Oneonta) carpenter
Wing, A.F., (Oneonta) (Wing & Luther)
Wing & Luther, (Oneonta) (A.F. Wing and E. Luther) furniture dealers and undertakers, Chestnut
Winne, David, (Oneonta) farmer 104
Winne, John, (Oneonta) farmer 100
Winne, Robert, (Oneonta) farmer 50
Wolf, Conrad, (Oneonta) farmer 88
Wood, Alonzo, (Oneonta) baggageman, A. & S.  R.R. Depot
WOOD, DAVID, (Oneonta) carpenter, Main
Wood, Seeley, (Oneonta) farmer 75
Woodbeck, Freeman, (Oneonta) farmer 63
Woodin, Henry, (Oneonta) carpenter
Yager, Burton C., (Oneonta) farmer 83 and leases of Freelove Gould 42
Yager, David, (Oneonta) resident
Yager, David J., (Oneonta) (Bissell & Yager) justice of the peace and farmer 6
Yager, Delos, (Oneonta) farmer
Yager, Geo. H., (Oneonta) farmer 48
Yager, Harmon D., (Oneonta) resident
Yager, Henry, (Oneonta) farmer 50
Yager, Jacob, estate of, (Oneonta) 123 Acres
Yager, John, (Oneonta) farmer 130
Yager, Peter, (Oneonta) farmer 200
Yager, Solomon, (Oneonta) hop grower and farmer 170
Yager, Theodore, (Oneonta) (Hemstreet & Young)
Youngman, John, (Oneonta) farmer 144
Youngs, John, (Oneonta) farmer 120
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