Angel Hill Cemetery
Exeter, Otsego County, NY

List provided by the Exeter Historical Society
William Angell, (In Memory of) who died Feb 18, 1830 in the 87th year of his age. b. May 27, 1742 (He became the proprietor of the land where his remians now lie in 1790. His industry subdued the wilderness around him and he lived to a good old age to witness the growing prosperity of the country. His life was exepllary. His benebolence was unbounded. He lived the life of a Christian and died the death of the
righteous.) Angell, Mrs. Susana (In Memory of ) consort of William Angell who died Oct 27, 1822 in the 78th year of her age Angell, James P died Oct 21, 1824 , age 22 days Angell, Mary S died Dec 12, 1830 in the sixth year of her age (Son and daughter of Jonathan and Hannah Angell "Sweet, Lovely Babes, Be It Short They Stay Upon this World of Strife. Why Didst Thou Fly So Soon Away." Angell, Hannah, 2nd Wife of Caleb Angell died May 29, 1865 Aged 93y 10m 4d Angell, Prentice, son of Caleb and Hannah Angell who died 1821 age 18 years "Who heard a voice from Heavan saying unto me write; Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord from hence forth, yea saith the Spirit that they may rest from their labours and their work do follow them." Angell, Noah b. Sep. 4, 1805 d. Nov. 25, 1809 age 4yrs, 2mo 21days. son of Hannah & Caleb "Suffer little children to come unto me & forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God" Angell, Joseph died March 1, 1888 age 79 years Angell, Electa Rose his wife, b. Nov 8 1809 died Apr 4, 1871 aged 61 ye 4m 26d Sutherland, Rascellas 1830-1910 Angell, Ida his wife 1829 - 1915 Angell, Oscar E. Feb 6, 1835 - June 18, 1910 Rose, Ellen J. his wife July 23, 1840 - ? ?, Eunice G. wife of Oscar E. Angell died Feb 10, 1862 age 23y, 3m 17d Angell, Mr. William died Aug 10, 1811 age 25y 8m 11d "Hark from the Tomb a Doleful Sound My Ears Attend the Cry Ye Living Men Come View the Ground Where You Must Shortly Lie." Angell, Abigal daughter of Jonathan and Mary Angell died Nov 16, 1808 in the 8th year of his age. "Weep Not for the Body Which From the Grave You Could Not Save." Angell, Jonathan Born Aug 21, 1802 Died Mar 17, 1883 Angell, Hannah wife of Jonathan died Dec 19, 1830 Age 30 years Angell, Celinda his wife born Jan 9, 1809 died Apr 26, 1896 Angell, Esther their daughter died Mar 7, 1849 age 21 years Angell, Melville son of Jonathan and Celinda Angell born Aug 9, 1840 died Sept 28, 1874 Angell, Dwight born Mar 24, 1832 died Oct 21, 1882 Angell, Lester born Oct 22, 1848 died May 13, 1898 Angell, Caleb died Aug 28, 1831 in the 81st year of his age. Robinson, Deborah daughter of William and Hannah Robinson died Aug 3, 1841 age 49 Shepard, Jerusha died Aug 2, 1866 age 74 Angell, Caleb 1799- May 31 1875 Niles, Eliza 1799-1878 Angell, Jeremy who died Sept 27, 1811 age 13y 11m 27d "In Life's Gay Morn and Youthful Bloom I Met My Fate, It Was the Tomb "Tis In Those Regions I abide Where Lives the soul and naught beside You'll shortly have to Meet me There." Angell, David born Sept 1801 died March 13, 1891 Rose, Fanny his wife born Feb 28, 1808 Died Nov 8, 1876 Alice Adelia Adopted daughter of Henry J and Henrietta Angell died Dec 7, 1852 7m 7d Angell, Mr. Jonathan died June 21, 1839 age 81 years "The Path of the Just Shines Brighter And Brighter Untill the Perfect Day." Angell, Mary wife of Jonathan Angell died Feb 5, 1829 in the 66th year of her age "Peacfull May She Sleep Out the Sabbath Of the Tomb, and Wake to Rapture In a Life to Come." Gorton, Sarah wifed of James R. Angell died Apr 16, 1852 age 58y 5m Angell, Laurinda H. wife of Lyman E. Boomer and dau of J.R. and S.B. Angell Died Apr 10, 1845 age 28 y 3m 19d Mitchell, Thomas D. died Oct 6, 1853 age 89 years Mitchell, Sarah wife of Thomas D. died Aug 19, 1821 in her 60th year Pettet, Miss Azuba died May 1841 age 58 years Chappell, Adelia wife of John Chappell died Jun 18, 1852 Roe, Rebecca wife of Asa Roe died April 9, 1821 age 40 years *** See the Schuyler Lake Cemetery listing for additional Angell family burials.
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