Bliven Cemetery
Maryland, Otsego County, NY
Dorothy Parmerter Town Historian

South Hill Schenevus

Bliven, Benjamin d. 7/23/1850--age 44
William S. d. 10/5/1864--age 25
Green d. 1/20/1852--age 77
Polly d. 2/11/1849 (wife of Green)
William G. 1806-1881
Laura (Tilison) 1810-1888 (wife of Wm. G.)

William Servard 1/12/1887-5/15/1905
James Lawton 10/3/1859-3/10/1905
Sarah (Dean) 6/1/1861-3/4/1905 (wife of James Lawton Bliven)

Bliven, Antoinette d. 8/11/1848--age 7 (daug. of B.M. & E.) 

Bliven, Charles R. d. 3/10/1840--age 19 (son of B.M. & E.)

Johnson - tall monument inscribed “Our Parents”

Olmstead, Matilda d. 6/29/1875--age 43 (wife of Anson)

Olmstead, Orlando D. d. 7/2/1885--age 10 (son of Anson & Matilda M.)

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