Briar Creek Cemetery
Also Knows As
Emmons Cemetery
Otego, Otsego County, NY
Re-typed by Annette Campbell

Abandoned cemetery on Briar Creek Road in the township of Otego, Otsego County NY. Cemetery in poor condition. Taken from a hand written copy, read in June 1965.
Romeno Fuller d. 26 Mar 1824 Age 12y s/o Calvin F. & Mary M. Eleanor B. 16 Mar 1822-29 Apr 1877 (only initial of surname) Desire Emmons d. 31 Mar 1882 Age 87y w/o Edmond Levi B. Church d. 9 Apr 1867 Age 45y Lucius S. Church d. 14 Jun 1865 Age 1y1m s/o Levi & Abbarene Ebenezer Church d. 10 Feb 1879 Age 88u1m10d Cornelia A. Church d. 5 Mar 1865 Age 18y3m d/o Levi & Abbarene Ezra J. Wait 1833-1861 Nanette Wait 1839-1861 w/o Ezra J. James Wait d. 1 Sep 1855 Age 71y7m25d Glora E. Wait d. 1 Aug 1863 Age 2y9m1?d d/o Eben & Eliz. Edwin P. Carr, Esq. d. 1 Mar 1845 Age 24y7? Samuel T Thompson d. 1828 Age 21y Anne Emmons d. 29 Feb 1840 Age 37y w/o Oliver Elizabeth Emmons 14 Jan 1826-26 Apr 1891 Peter Farnum d. 12 Mar 1848 Age 79y Mary Jane Farnum d. 21 Feb 1825 Age 10y d/o Peter & Chloe Malvina Radmer.Radmour? d. 11 Mar ____ Age 52y w/o Jared Robert M. Haynes 14 Jun 1841-27 Oct 1878 s/o George & Ann Edgar J. Wyman d. 20 Jan 1864 Age 17y7m1d Jefferson Church d. 21 Apr 1886 Age 83y Ann Church d. 18 Oct 1881 age 69y6m4d w/o Jefferson Charity Church d. 20 Sep 1872 Age 82y3m18d w/o Ebenezer Elizabeth Waite d. 11 Jan 1857 Age 69y9m2_d w/o James Lucy Carr d. 23 Jan 1845 Age 47y7m w/o Edward Ann Mauder Haynes 12 Nov 1801-19 Oct 1876 w/o George Samuel Thompson d. Sep 1822 Age 90y Abbarene JESTER 22 Oct 1822-6 Apr 1898 On the same stone, AC A. Wyman monument--tipped over, face down. Alfred Haynes d. 11 Sep 1864 Age 28y7m4d George Haynes 27 Jul 1801-8 Oct 1878 native of Warwickshire, Eng. John H. Heliker 1835-1908 Amanda Heliker 1835- w/o of John H. (nee EMMONS) Frances E. Goodsell d. 7 Jul 1874 Age 22y8m23d w/o Lorenzo D. Ida Estell Church d. Mar 1888 Age 30y3m d/o L. & A. Joy Godley d. 2 Jan 1879 Age 2m11d d/o A. & C. Mary Deyoe 1870-1884 Nellie Westcott 1874 These 2 on same stone Edwin P. Fuller d. 8 Aug 1868 Age 86y Darius Smith d. 8 Jul 1849 Age 83y Elizabeth Smith __ ___ ____ Age 62y wife of Darius (nee COLEGROV) Copy is smeared in dates--can't read-AC Visited by Carmilla Ritchey on 28 Oct 1978. Submitted by Carold MacPherson, copy from
Otego Historical Society. Re-Typed by Annette Campbell. Directions--Located on Briar Creek Road, County Road 5, across the road from the Bertrand & Dolores Heath property. The cemetery is on a side hill and is kept in good condition in 1978 CARR, Edward died December 30, 1841 51y7m. Information not from cemetery. Recorded in DAR Records, pages 6&7 in Huntington Library, Oneonta. CARR, Edwin P. Esq. died March 1, 1845 24y7m "He lives in memory" CARR, Lucy died January 23, 1845 47y7m Wife of Edward Carr "Our Mother" CHURCH, Abbarene JESTER born October 22, 1822 died April 6, 1893 Wife of Levi Church. CHURCH, Levi B. died April 9, 1867 45y "Sadly we miss thee" Husband of Abbarene JESTER Church CHURCH, Lucius S. died June 14, 1865 1y1m son of Levi & Abbarene. CHURCH, Cornelia A. died March 5, 1865 18y3m daughter of Levi & Abbarene. CHURCH, Ida Estell died March 8, 1888 20y3m "At Rest" daughter of Levi & Abbarene CHURCH, Ebenezer February 10, 1879 88y1m13d CHURCH, Charity died September 29, 1872 82y5m13d wife of Ebenezer CHURCH, Ann died October 18, 1881 69y6m4d Wife of Jefferson CHURCH, Jefferson died April 21, 1886 83y DEYOE, Mary L. 1870-1962 WESTCOTT, Nellie 1874-1884 Daughters of C. G. & M. E. WESTCOTT EMMONS, Desire died March 31, 1882 87y7m14d wife of Edmond P. EMMONS, Edmond P. died 83y9m14d Stone against Desire's Unreadable poetry EMMONS, Elizabeth C. born January 14, 1826 died April 26, 1891 "Be ye also ready" EMMONS, Elizabeth died March 2, 1864 33y7m19d wife of Lucius Stone broken but readable A wife a mother lies beneath this sod, Her happy spirit now doth rest with God. A daughter kind, a sister ____ld and true, beloved by all who did her truly know. We mourn when we her value prize, Although we trust she's happy in the skies. EMMONS, Lucius died August 28, 1869 40y1m12d Husband of Elizabeth His stone is Leaning against Desire Emmons stone. 4 lines of unreadable poetry. EMMONS, Herbert J. died January 22, 1864 5y6m19d son of Lucius L. & Elizabeth EMMONS, Anna died February 20, 1840 73yrs. Surname spelled EMONS. Wife of Oliver. "Search the scriptures" EMMONS, Flora M. died March 5, 1857 5m9d daughter of James & Delia E, FARNAM, Mary Jane died February 21, 1825 daughter of Peter & Chloe FARNAM, Peter died March 12, 1848 79y "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord FULLER, Calvin P. died January 8, 1868 86y2m2d Stone down FULLER, Mary died March 29, 1864 83y2m5d Wife of Calvin P. "Be also ready" Unreadable poetry. Stone down FULLER, Romeno W. died March 26, 1824 12y Son of Calvin & Mary (Fuller record has Rossanna) FULLER, Edwin P. died August 8, 1868 86y GODLEY, Joy died January 2, 1879 2m14d Daughter of A. & O. Godley "Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven" GOODSILL, Frances H. died July 7, 1874 22y8m23d Wife of Lenzo D. Stone down (Name probably should be Lorenzo Dow as it was a popular name in those days, after a famous preacher Lorenzo DOW.--AC) HAYNES, Alfred died September 11, 1864 28y7m4d HAYNES, George born July 27, 1801 died October 8, 1878 Native of Warwickshire, Eng. "____ the perfect man and behold the upright, for the end of that man is peace" HAYNES. Ann MANDER born November 12, 1801 died October 19, 1876 wife of George. "How sweet to rest in heaven above, where all is peace and joy and love" HAYNES, Robert M. born June 14, 1842 died October 27, 1878 Son of George & Ann. "In the midst of life we are in death" HELIKER, John H. 1835-1908 HELIKER, Amanda EMMONS 1835- ____ His wife OLIVER, Owen E. died 1867 PEARCE, Mary A. died February 18, 1874 89yrs wife of Walter "There is rest for the weary" (Top of stone is gone) PEARCE, Walter E. died September 21, 1869 45y Husband of Mary A. RADMOUR, Malvina died March 11, _____ Age 52 wife of Jared (Infor not from cemetery, Recorded in Otsego County Cemetery Records, Vol. 3-- page 27 in Huntington Library, Oneonta, NY) SMITH, Darius died July 8, 1849 83y SMITH, Elizabeth COLEGROVE died June 1, 18300 62y wife of Darius (stone down) (Information not from cemetery. Recorded in Otsego County Cemetery Records, Vol. 3---page 27 in Huntington Library in Oneonta) SUTHERLAND, Lucy P. died January 15, 1859 30y10m25d Wife of Smith Sutherland THOMPSON, Samuel died September __, 1822 90 yrs. of age THOMPSON, SAMUEL died 1828 21y (Beside above Samuel) WAITE, Flora E. died August 1, 1863 2y9m19d Daughter of Eben E. & Elizabeth WAITE, James died September 1, 1835 71y7m25d WAITE, Elizabeth died January 11, 1857 65y9m22d wife of James WAITE, Ezra J. 1833-1861 WAITE, Manelta E, 1839-1861 wife of Ezra J. WYMAN, M. Eleanor B. born March 16, 1822 died April 29, 1877 (Think this is the mother of the three children, Susan, Edgar & Elmer) WYMAN, Susan A. died April 16, 1862 7y10m20d / WYMAN, Elmer D. died November 28, 1863 2y8m22d / Children of Wm. & Eleanor M. WYMAN, Edgar J. died January 20, 1864 17y7m1d / WYMAN, Jonas died August 9, 1835 37 years WYMAN, Polly died August 29, 1851 52 years wife of James
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