Brown Cemetery
Roseboom, Otsego County, NY
Read by Mrs. Alice M. Aspinwall (1895-1975)of Westville, NY and Mrs. Lealah Smith (1893-1971) of Bainbridge, NY Sep 13, 1858
Contributed by Charles Aspinwall son of Mrs. Aspinwall
Re-typed by Annette Campbell

Located between Middlefield and Roseboom in the town of Roseboomon a Y road. Condition:Bad
Brown Joseph d. 16 Jul 1860 Age 83y6m0d Mary d. 14 Dec 1867 Age 88y2m23d Wife of Joseph (not found in 1958-taken from a 1938 listing) Reynolds Fanny C. d. 4 Aug 1854 Age 5y3m25d Dau of Jesse & Phebe Brown Thomas I. d. 29 Nov 1880 Age 77y Lydia d.14 Oct 1875 Age 72y Wife of Thomas I. (nee REYNOLDS) Brown Elizabeth d. 8 Sep 1853 Age 22y5m17d Dau of T & L Ann d. 1 Mar 1863 Age 25y Dau of T. & L. Mary d. 21 Apr 1866 Age 35y Dau of T. & L. Eudora S. d. 24 Dec 1879 Age 9y8m12d Dau of MA & PM R. Fenton d. 9 Dec 1864 Age 3m14d Son of AN & SR Matthew d. 18 May 1872 Age 65y5m5d Anna d. 9 Mar 1874 Age 74y Joseph 16 Feb 1827-22 Feb 1896 Sarah Jane 22 May 1833-21 Nov 1878 Wife of Joseph (nee ALLEN) Rhines A. Belle C. No data (footstone-"Belle") Marks David d. 11 Feb 1840 Age 52y11m0d Martha d. 2 Mar 1877 Age 87y0m12d Wife of David Brown Thomas d. 12 Jul 1823 Age 74y (not found in 1958- listed in 1938) Rebecca d. 19 Feb 1816 Age 68y Wife of Thomas (not found in 1958-listed in 1938) Catherine d. 2 Nov 1862 Age 69y2m8d Wife of Abraham (not found in 1958-listed in 1938) _______ Joel G. d. 18 Oct 1856 Age 45y1m6d (No surname on stone) (not found in 1958-listed in 1938) _______ Stone lying face down (same condition on 1938 list)
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