Buck Cemetery
New Lisbon, Otsego County, NY

off County Route 14 on the Don Miller farm Visited 6/7/1985 Virginia Schoradt - Historian New Lisbon. Cemetery is surrounded by a stone wall which is in good repair. Grass is kept mowed and the area seems cared for. Condition: Very good.
Asaph Buck 20 Apr 1762-10 Feb 1848 Phebe Buck d. 30 Mar 1855 Age 86y9m Wife of Asaph (nee WAINRIGHT) Sabra Buck d. 16 Jan 1810 Age 21y Dau of Asaph & Phebe Sabra Buck d. 3 Jul 1831 Age 21y Dau of Asaph & Phebe Lydia Buck d. 20 ___ 180_ Age unreadable Dau of Asaph & Phebe Henry Buck d. 17 Mar 1825 Age 7y Son of Asaph & Phebe Harriett Buck d. 1818 Age 15y Dau of Asaph & Phebe Maria Buck d. 15 Feb 1879 Age 81y6m3d Dau of Asaph & Phebe Homer C. Buck d. 13 Feb 1880 Age 72y10m Lucy Buck d. 2 Jul 1836 Age 32y Wife of Homer C. (nee WALLACE) Harriet Buck d. 28 Aug 1887 Age 82y5m (nee TODD) (1st husband was a RICHARDSON) Charlotte A. Buck d. 1923 Dau of Homer C. & Harriet Isaac Davis d. 12 Jun 1843 Age 81y Elizabeth Davis d. 9 Dec 1821 Age 59y Wife of Isaac Deacon Guile Doane d. 25 May 1866 Age 66y Harriet Doane d. 17 Sep 1859 Age 55y Wife of Guile Robert Doane d. 13 Jun 1851 Age 79y Thankful Doane d. 17 May 1842 Age 64y Wife of Robert _____ Doane d. 180_ Daughter of Robert & Thankful James F. Doane d. 7 Oct 1815 Age 18y Son of Robert & Thankful Daniel Doane d. 20 Apr 1824 Age 28y Son of Robert & Thankful Mahala Doane d. 10 Mar 1882 Age 76y Ruth F. Doane 28 Oct 1855 Age 44y4m22d Sarah E. Knoch 3 Aug 1836-27 Sep 1915 Wife of Nicholas (nee DOANE) Lydia Platt d. 11 Sep 1825 Age 27y3m17d Wife of Joseph (dau of John & Lois MYRICK) Hattie E. VanSlyke d. 29 Aug 1881 Age 4y6m Sadie A. VanSlyke d. 29 Aug 1881 Age 1y1m Infant Son VanSlyke d. 1 May 1873 Francis G. VanSlyke 2 Apr 1874-2 Jan 1891 Minnie A. VanSlyke 23 May 1882-1 Apr 1901 Above 5 children of Nelson & Arvilla A. VanSlyke Nelson VanSlyke d. 27 Jun 1888 Age 42y Co I 1st Reg NY Eng Civil War Arvilla A. VanSlyke d. 22 Nov 1895 Age 56y Wife of Nelson John Wainright d. 1 Mar 1847 Age 75y Maria Wainright d. 11 Apr 1880 Age 70y8m8d Dau of John & Deborah Eliza Wainright d. 15 Feb 1847 Age 47y (Twin to Melissa) Asaph C. Wainright d. 15 Oct 1831 Age 32y Note: There are at least four fieldstone markers that are broken off a little above ground level,no writing visable.
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