Butternut Valley Cemetery
Also Known As Brick School House
Burlington,Otsego County, NY
Contributed by Virginia A. Schoradt,Hisorian Town of New Lisbon

Surnames beginning with the letter "F"
FERRIS Norman C.; 1851- Ella Estella Spencer; his wife; 1850-1915 Jessi (?) ; 1815-1897 AnReline Crippen; his wife; 1820-1884 FITCH, John T.; d. May 2, 1823, ae 37 yr FLETCHER, William; 1870-1936 (same lot as Walling) FOOTE, Amelia; see Barton FOOTE, Emeline Perry; see Perry FOOTE William; b. Aug. 23, 1820: d. Aug. 13, 1884 Hannaha; his wife: b. Dec. 15, 1824; d. Mar. 6, 1883 Alva E.; d. Sept 10, 1891; ae 43 yr Emilv,; his wife; d. Mar. 16, 1929; ae 88 vr Ransom A.; 18Q5-1913 Cora A.; 1878-1907 John J.; d. Dec. 31, 1890 Effie S.; his wife: d. Sept. 18, 1888; ae 48 yr FRANKLIN, Caleb; see Smith FRANKLIN, Rosannah; see Smith FREEMAN Col. Gato; d. May 19, 1828; ae 96 yr Parmelia; wife of Col. Cato: d. Apr. 19, 1838; ae 73 yr FREEMAN, Gharlotte R.; see Jackson FREEMAN/PORTER Robert Freeman; 1816-1896 Harriet Delong; 1819-190Q Joel Porter; 1839-1913 Lovesa Freeman; his wife: I844-1904 FULLER Charles H.; 1852-1927 Belle Telford; his wife; 1842-1890 FULLER, Ruth M.; see Wormwood FULLER, Thomas R.; see Wormwood FULLER, Warren B.; see Wheeler
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