Butternut Valley Cemetery
Also Known As Brick School House
Burlington,Otsego County, NY
Contributed by Virginia A. Schoradt,Hisorian Town of New Lisbon

Surnames beginning with the letter "O"
OLIN, Lucinda: see Cummings OLIVER Andrew; 1821-1865 Elizabeth Scott; his wife; 1783(?)- I864 James, 1783-1868 Betsey; 1828-1863 OLIVER, James, Jr.; 1812-1829 OLIVER, Agnes Airis; his wife; 1812-1902 OLIVER, John A.; 1818-1851 ŠLIVER, Christina; see Hume (two stones near Olivers, completely peeled away) ONDERDONK, Susanna; aee Mather 0'NIEL Vincent J.: June 18, 1917 Sept. 28, 1994 Ann; Feb. 20, 1914; Jan. 25, 1990 ORENDORFF, Amanda; see Rice OTTAWAY, Mary A.; see Bundy OTTAWAY William J.; 1859-1939 Martha E.; 1864-1946
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