Carr Cemetery
Otego, Otsego County, NY
Read 20 Sep 1968 by Alma Slawson & Edith Gage
Re-Typed by Annette Campbell

Abandoned cemetery located of the farm now owned by Fred Kiel, Jr. 
West Branch of Otsdawa Rd., Otego, Otsego Co, NY. 
Very Poor Condition
Evidence of Other Burials

J. Shelden (Sheldon)   d. 3 Sep 1823   Age 90y29d  hand carved stone

Dorcas Hopkins     d. 6 Sep 1849   Age 68y

Andrus C. Lamb   d. 25 Aug 1846   Age 35y   w/o Asa W.
One stone here face down--unable to move it.

Rowland Carr   d. 15 Jan 1852   Age 61y
Deborah Carr   d. 27 May 1873   Age 82y6m  w/o Rowland

Samuel R. Carr   d. 24 Dec 1897   Age 66y
Azuba A. Carr   d. 15 Mar 1862   Age 32y21d   1st wife of Samuel R.
Susan Carr   d. 24 Jun 1864   Age 27y10m11d   2nd w/o Samuel R.
Rowland Carr  d. 26 Jul 1858   Age 7m20d
Infant Carr   Child of Samuel R. & Azuba

Ethan Burdick   d. 27 Jul 1867   Age 76y5m
Rebecca Burdick   d. 26 Feb 1874   Age 87y7m11d   w/o Ethan

Peleg Burdick   d. 23 Jun 1836   Age 77y
Catherine Burdick   d. 3 May 1847   Age 86y   w/o Peleg
Lottie Burdick   No data   d/o Peleg & Catherine

John M. Carr   d. 1850   Age 30y

Laura Carr   d, 1 Sep 1858   Age 35y7m   w/o James H.
William H. Carr   d. 13 Feb 1848   Age 11m5d  s/o James H. & Laura
John M. Carr   d. 15 Feb 1852   Age 10m   s/o James H. & Laura

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