Caulkins-Seymour Cemetery
Otsego, Otsego County, NY
Copied by Mrs. Grace Beach and Mrs. Zillah Van Cleft Bull in 1934
Anita Harrison in 1989
Typed by Marion Brophy

This cemetery is located on Hurtubise Road, just off Route 205, north of Whitehouse Road

AVERY	Amanda M,  dau of Solomon and Betsey Avery     
     Died Nov.20, 1839  in 20th year of her age  
  "		......  dau of  Solomon and Betsey Avery      
     Died ... 1837...25 year of her
			 age    	(stone flaked off)

BALDWIN	Aaron,     Died Sept.14, 1833   in  84th year of his age

BARTON	Laura,   dau of Hiram and Nancy,   Died Dec.30, 1844   age 2 years
     "		Diantha,  dau of Hiram and Nancy,   Died  June 14, 1854
                age 4 years,11months, 10 days 
BENJAMIN	James,     Died Dec.3, 1844   in  32nd  year of his age

BLISS		Jacob,      Died March 29, 1813    in  74th  year of his age
     "		Mary,      Died July 28, 1825    in  53rd  year of her age      

BRIDGMAN	Nancy, wife of William Bridgman and dau of 
               Jonathan & Abigail SEYMOUR,  Died  Oct.11, 1831   age 37 years

CAULKINS	 Mr. A.,       Died 1813
		Hannah, wife of William,.   Born May 10, 1751      Died Oct.10, 1819
     "		William,     Born  Aug.13, 1749       Died Dec.4, 1831
     "		Hezekiah,     Born  March 18, 1778      Died  Oct.5, 1848
     "		Zilpha, wife of Hezekiah,    Born Feb.11, 1787     Died  June 18, 1845

DUNBAR	Rebecca, wife of John Dunbar,   Died March 2, 1845   age 75 years

GARDNER	George,    Died June 27, 1849     age 38 years

GATES	Mehitable,  consort of Jesse Gates    
Died  May 30, 1824  in 44th year of her age

KINNE	Patty H.,    Died  March 4, 1838   age  29 years    
            She was the intended bride of Phillip PEASE, Jr.,  
             by whom this stone is raised 

MIX		Dorothy,  consort of Rufus Mix, Died March 26, 1814 age 53
     "		Elisha,      Died March 24, 1819 age 19 year

MURDOCK	Betsy Maria, wife of Daniel, Died Nov.12, 1837age 26 years

ROWE		Hannah,  wife of Frederick, Died Feb.14, 1859age 94 years

RUNYAN	James,  son of John and Ann, Died July 24, 1816 age 9 mo 24 days

RUSSELL	John,    Died  March 25,  1832  in the 75th year of his age

SEYMOUR	Deacon Jonathan,     Died  July 26, 1819   in 60th year of his age
		Abigail, consort of Jonathan,     Died  Jan. 2, 1833    age 71
     "		Rev. George,      Died June 16, 1825   in his  29th year
     "		Mariett,  dau of Hart & Mercy Seymour, Died  March 22, 1833  
			  age 1 year,  10 months
     "		Susann,      Died April 3, 1812 age 86

SHEARLOCK	  Sarah,  Relict of Thomas Shearlock Died  Dec. 13, 1810 
                in the 86th year of her age

WEAVER	Benjamin,     Died Nov. 18, 1802   in the 55th year of his age
     "		Prudence,  dau of Benjamin and Prudence Weaver, Died May 18, 1817 
			age  14 years,  11 mo  14 da
WEEKS	Anna Dorothy,  wife of Andrew, Died March 10, 1830 age 75 years

WILLARD	Deacon David,     Died April 10, 1818 in 77th year  of his age
     "		Martha,  consort of Deacon David, Died Dec. 13, 1805 in her 57th year 
WOOD	Emila,  Consort of Capt. Silas Wood, Died Sept. 29, 1814  in the 34th 
		year of her age  
     "		Gideon,     Died  Nov.9, 1822  in the 78th year of his age
     "  		Mary, wife of Gideon,  Born in East Hadden, Conn. in 1752,   
			Died  in Cooperstown,  Dec. 1841   age 89 years
     "		Lucy,  dau of Gidean and Mary, Born in Richmond, Mass 1792 Died
			 March 1861   age 69 years 
		There are other stones, face down and/or illegible

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