St. Josephs
Richfield Springs Cemeteries
Compiled from Obits - Exact Cemetery Name Unknown For Each Obit
Richfield, Otsego County, NY
Contributed by Judy Morgan

This compilation was made from Obituaries found on the web site.

Apparently the name Richfield Springs Cemetery, can also mean Lakeview.  Lakeview and St. 
Joseph's run together, no fence in between as before, therefore we have decided to
put all information from the obits into one grouping for both cemeteries, not knowing
exactly which cemetery is meant by "Richfield Springs".
This is NOT a complete listing
Charles C. Chamberlin, born 1823, died 1902 husband of Charlotte Allen Derthick Charlotte Allen Derthick, born 1/1835, died 5/20/1919 wife of Charles Chamberlin daughter of John & Harriet Jaques Derthick Edwin J. Johnson, born 1874, died 1927 husband of Mary Elizabeth Johnson Mary Elizabeth Johnson, born 1840, died 1917 wife of Edwin J. Johnson James B. Johnson born 1836, died 1901 G.B. Ames, born 1875, died 1924 wife of E.H. Johnson William Bullion, born 1819, died 1901 husband of Rebecca Bullion Rebecca Bullion, born 1840, died 1922 wife of William Bullion Leander P. Seaton, born 1847, died 1905 husband of Jennie V. Wheeler Jennie V. Wheeler, born 1848, died 1925 wife of Leander P. Seaton James Henry Preston, born 11/30/1832, died 5/27/1883 husband of Lavantia Morgan Lavantia Morgan Preston, born 1832, died 1918 wife of James Henry Preston Camie May Preston, born 4/12/1874, died 1/7/1885 daughter of James & Lavantia Preston Jerome Wolcott born 1849, died 1903 J. Monroe Hyde born 6/1/1822, died 5/30/1899 Lowell S. Henry, born 1847, died 1919 husband of Mary S. Downs Mary S. Downs Henry, born 1857, died 1918 wife of Lowell S. Henry Vivian E. Henry, born 1888, died 1912 daughter of Lowell & Mary Downs Henry Jennie Dygert, born 1842, died 10/19/1895 wife of William C. Dygert Horace Buel born 1793, died 7/19/1879 R.J. Dutcher, born 7/30/1810, died 2/3/1884 husband of Leah Dutcher Leah Dutcher, born 1815, died 5/16/1882 wife of R.J. Dutcher Mary D. Seivert, born 11/4/1867, died 11/29/1880 Louise D. Seivert, born 5/8/1879, died 6/1/1880 both are children of Christian & Augusta Seivert Patrick F. McGuigan born 1873, died 1928 John Stone, born 1851, died 1895 husband of Sarah Kearney Sarah Kearney Stone, born 1847, died 1926 wife of John Stone Harry Stone, aged 2 years, 6 months Robert Stone, aged 2 years both are sons of John & Sarah Kearney Stone Joseph Layten, born 1774, died 6/12/1859 husband of Esther Layten Esther Layten, born 1783, died 6/15/1828 wife of Joseph Layten Henry/Harvey B. Layten, born 11/16/1817, died 1/19/1883 husband of Susan Hyde son of Joseph & Esther Layten Susan Hyde Layten, born 8/8/1815, died 12/22/1879 wife of Henry/Harvey Layten Scott Layton born 2/1/1853, died 1930 husband of Harriet Layton son of Harriet M. Layton Harriet Layton born, 7/13/1858, died 5/6/1937 daughter of Lanny Hoke & Nicholas Casler wife of Scott Layton who died in 1930 Harriet M. Layton, born 10/11/1840, died 1/18/1883 wife of Harvey Layton mother of Scott Layton murdered in her home Angelina B. Young, born 4/13/1810, died 1/18/1883 mother of Harriet M. Layton Angelina & Harriet both murdered in their home Mathew Layton born 6/1807, died 5/7/1872 William Teabout, born 1833, died 2/28/1880 husband of Mary M. Teabout Mary M. Teabout, born 1854, died 2/14/1923 wife of William Teabout Marguerite Teabout born 1892, died 1912 Harrison Whitney, born 1842, died 1887 husband of Emma Layton Emma Layton Whitney, born 1856, died 1929 wife of Harrison Whitney Howard T. Leiford born 1892, died 1929 Henry A. Seeber, born 1856, died 1919 husband of Rosa E. Allin Rosa E. Allin Seeber, born 1854, died ____ wife of Henry A. Seeber George D. Sitts, born 1850, died 11/24/1905 Civil War veteran, Co. D. 6th Reg. NY, Vol. Cav. William R. Johnson, born 1834, died 3/25/1895 Civil War veteran, Co. D. 26th Reg, 1861-1865 George Hews, born 7/1731, died 11/5/1840 husband of Sarah Hews looks like aged 109 years, 2 months Sarah Hews, born 12/29/1740, died 10/14/1828 wife of George Hews Franklin Peck, born 1869 husband of Catherine M. Finch Catherine M. Finch Peck, born 1877 wife of Franklin Peck Howard F. Peck, born 1901, died 1919 son of Franklin & Catherine Finch Peck John A. Kayner, born 12/20/1847 husband of Hattie Wilsey Hattie Wilsey Kayner born 2/14/1856 wife of John A. Kayner Carry B. Kayner, born 5/15/1876, died 4/9/1893 daughter of John & Hattie Wilsey Kayner Newton St John, born 8/8/1835, died 4/10/1892 husband of Mary Amelia St John Mary Amelia St John, born 8/25/1829, died 5/27/1895 wife of Newton St John Fred Gayer?, born 1859? husband of Harriet D. Eyckman Harriet D. Eyckman Gayer?, born 1867, died 1928 wife of Fred Gayer? Mabel Williams Tice, born 4/24/1883, died 1/2/1902 wife of Earl Tice Delbert F. Snedeker born 1866, died 1916 James F. Spiers, born 1862, died 1919 husband of Clara Spiers Clara Spiers, born 1863 wife of James F. Spiers Warren Spiers, born 1898, died 1906 son of James F. & Clara Spiers Olive Hershey born 1834, died 1901 Cylda L. Thayer Congdon, born 1858, died 9/29/1898 wife of Frank Congdon Frank Congdon, born 1858, died 1/23/1943 husband of Cylda Thayer Thayer Congdon, born 11/29/1886, died 5/27/1960 husband of Bertha McManus son of Frank & Cylda Thayer Congdon Gilbert Morgan Fenton, born 10/7/1834, died 3/23/1908 husband of Mary J. Somers Mary J. Somers Fenton, born 2/24/1843, died 10/15/1911 wife of Gilbert Morgan Fenton Elias Passey, born 1812, died 8/5/1898 Civil War veteran, Co F, 30th Regt, Maryland John Passey born 1879, died 1927 Anna Feldman Dugan, born 1862, died 1891 wife of Frank Dugan Frank Dugan, born 1856, died 1906 husband of Anna Feldman Dugan Frederick Feldman born 1831, died 1900 Matilda Dugan born 1884, died 1907 Emma Dugan born 1887, died 1922 William Dugan born 1868, died 1927 Clark Shelman Civil War veteran, Co D, 5th NY Cav. Harriet Casler born 7/13/1858 Nicholas Casler born 11/25/1831, died 5/1/1895 Lena A. Casler born 8/21/1834, died 2/1/1905 William Ellwood born 1886, died 1918 Fred W. House, born 1870 husband of Emma Ward Emma Ward, born 1866, died 1907 wife of Fred W. House Ephraim Ward, born 7/4/1828, died 4/26/1897 husband of Fannie Hoke Fannie Hoke Ward, born 5/1/1825, died 3/20/1921 wife of Ephraim Ward Lovell Osterhout, born 8/9/1851, died 2/13/1892 husband of Mary Osterhout Jonathan Morgan, born 1834, died 1909 husband of Cora Morgan Cora Morgan, born & died (can’t read) wife of Jonathan Morgan Peter J. Morgan born 1860 husband of Catherine Sternberg Catherine Sternberg Morgan, born 1861, died 1924 wife of Peter J. Morgan David S. Sternberg, born 1815, died 1895 husband of Abby J. Telden Abby J. Telden Sternberg, born 1827, died 1907 wife of David S. Sternberg Telden Sternberg, born 1856 husband of Angeline Sternberg Angeline Sternberg, born 1857, died 1920 wife of Telden Sternberg W.B. Dennison, born 1861 husband of Eliza Beatty Dennison Eliza Beatty Dennison, born 1865, died 1895 wife of W.B. Dennison James E. Flint, born 1862 husband of Jennie P. Flint Jennie P. Flint, born 1842, died 1894 wife of James E. Flint Mary C. Richmon born 1822 Gretchan Murdock Lathrop born 1900, died 1923 Charles M. Lathrop, born 1839, died 1918 husband of Valenoe A. Potter Valenoe Potter Lathrop, born 1849 wife of Charles M. Lathrop Charles Teabout born 1870, died 1921 David E. Williams, born 8/24/1842, died 5/3/1912 Civil War veteran - Co C, 94th Regt, NY Vol, Inf. Alonzo Phillips, born 1822, died 1907 husband of Euphemia Lumley Euphemia Lumley Phillips born 1827 Helen W. Burdick, born 1862 daughter of Alonzo & Euphemia Lumley Phillips Maria Schonthaler, born 1860, died 1921 wife of G. Thomas Harrison born 1836, died 8/28/1901 Flora A. Frink born 1871, died 1892 Mary Frink, born 1838, died 1901 wife of John Frink John Frink, born 1821, died 1901 husband of Mary Frink Jerome Teabout, born 1834, died 1917 husband of Katherine Teabout Katherine Teabout, born 1844, died 1922 wife of Jerome Teabout Annie L. Teabout, born 1877, died 1900 daughter of Jerome & Katherine Teabout Margaret Folan Wands born 1798, died 1884 Elizabeth Wands Winnie born 1824, died 1897 Irene Knapp Winnie born 1837, died 1898 Jay Minnie born 1846, died 1926 Wyman Winnie born 1844, died 1916 Jane D. House Osterhout, born 10/16/1833, died 11/11/1879 wife of Amiel Osterhout daughter of Leo & Nancy House Melrose H. McRorie, born 1874, died 9/8/1877 son of Charles & Mary McRorie aged 2-10-22 George McRorie, born 9/24/1817 in Scotland, died 1/23/1892 died in Richfield, NY husband of Julia M. VanBenschoten Julia M. VanBenschoten McRorie, born 9/9/1822, died 1/4/1903 wife of George McRorie died in Winfield, NY Almon C. Cole, born 1825, died 1889 husband of Sarah Cole Sarah Cole, born 1831, died 1914 wife of Almon C. Cole Charles W. Cole, born 1880 husband of Mary Cole Mary Cole, born 1854, died 1917 wife of Charles W. Cole Lafayette Stout Blue, born 1824, died 1886 husband of Mary Ann Gould Mary Ann Gould Blue, born 1832, died 1911 wife of Lafayette Stout Blue Nathan Gould, born 1761, died 1842 husband of Nancy Gordon Gould Nancy Gordon Gould, born 1766, died 1822 wife of Nathan Gould Lucius Gould, born 1787, died 1832 husband of Mary Ann Dar? Mary Ann Dar? Gould, born 1798, died 1878 wife of Lucius Gould James C. Armstrong, born 10/10/1807, died 11/17/1889 husband of (1) Ann E. Conklin, (2) Mary Cleve Ann E. Conklin Armstrong, born 1/4/1806, died 10/26/1830 wife of James C. Armstrong Mary Cleve Armstrong, born 6/12/1811, died 5/1/1851 wife of James C. Armstrong Sarah Rebecca Armstrong, born 9/21/1846, died 4/3/1853 looks like daughter of James & Mary Armstrong Dr. Orlando W. Armstrong, born 6/25/1839, died 4/29/1898 husband of Mary Farrington Mary Farrington Armstrong, born 11/20/1835, died 9/2/1914 wife of Orlando W. Armstrong Jacob M. Armstrong, born 4/3/1851, died 10/16/1851 looks like son of James & Mary Armstrong Orange H. Conklin born 1/12/1815, died 2/9/1898 Nancy Conklin born 10/29/1800, died 9/5/1819 Brayton A. Weatherbee, born 7/16/1820, died 9/21/1895 husband of Philena H. Bell Philena H. Bell Weatherbee, born 12/3/1831, died 5/4/1880 wife of Brayton A. Weatherbee Hattie E. Weatherbee Saulpauch, born 9/7/1855, died 6/12/1880 wife of Charles H. Saulpauch daughter of Brayton & Philena Bell Weatherbee William R. Weatherbee born 1880, died 1916? Anna Doubleday, born 10/15/1854, died 4/15/1886 wife of Elias B. Weatherbee Biancia Coburn Doubleday born 3/31/1829, died 6/13/1901 Adna? B. Armstrong, born 1855, died 1908 husband of Mary E. Armstrong Mary E. Armstrong, born 1858 wife of Adna? Armstrong Weltha Eliza Cleamo? Benedict, born 7/12/1805, died 4/28/1884 wife of Elisha Benedict Elisha Benedict, born 1802, died 1846 husband of Weltha Eliza Cleamo? John W. Tunnicliff, born 1785, died 1858 buried with the Benedict family Joseph Flint born 1825, died 6/15/1860 husband of Josephine Downey Josephine Downey Flint, born 11/7/1860, died 7/7/1925 wife of Joseph Flint Louie H. Flint, born 1857, died 10/26/1882 aged 25-7-14 son of Josiah & Mary J. Flint Benjamin Lomis, died 2/27/1859, aged 48 years husband of Sarah A. Lomis Sarah A. Lomis, died 3/4/1864, aged 49 years wife of Benjamin Lomis Edwin W. Lomis died 3/31/1865, aged 25 years William R. Wall, born 3/10/1838, died 9/13/1906 husband of Cornelia N. Wall Cornelia N. Wall, born 11/17/1848, died 12/29/1913 wife of William R. Wall Lewis Wall, born 7/19/1873, died 10/25/1918 son of William R. & Cornelia N. Wall Joseph Wall, born 5/26/1889, died 6/25/1890 son of William R. & Cornelia N. Wall Stanley E. Palmer b. 6/8/1894 d. 12/8/1966 son of Curtis and Nettie Palmer Delos Palmer, born 1843, died 1919 son of Nathan Palmer and Mary Ames Nathan Palmer, born 4/22/1838, died 6/27/1905 son of Nathan Palmer and Mary Ames Margaret Sternberg, born 7//30/1839, died 7/7/1925 wife of Nathan Palmer & daughter of James & Eve Sternberg Curtis Palmer, born 1857, died 7/1/1922 son of Nathan Palmer & Margaret Sternberg husband of Nettie Andrus Nettie Palmer, born 1863, died 6/12/1939 daughter of John & Mary Andrus wife of Curtis Palmer Alida Palmer, born 3/1860, died 5/19/1924 daughter of Seneca & Elizabeth Palmer Seneca Palmer, born 12/1/1821, died 10/8/1903 husband of Gertrude Elizabeth Rickard son of Squire Humphrey Palmer & Mary Wilbur Gertrude Elizabeth Rickard, born 5/1835, died 1908 wife of Seneca Palmer Jennie Palmer, born 1877, died 9/7/1963 wife of Willard C. Palmer daughter of Jacob & Ella Towne Vrooman Jeanette Wilkinson, born 5/5/1911, died 5/6/1977 wife of Jack Wilkinson daughter of Raymond & Lena Clute Ralph C. “Skippy” Wilkinson, born 1945, died 6/1/1961 son of Jack & Jeanette Clute Wilkinson Edward Dunscomb Ibbotson, born 7/25/1874, died 8/15/1958 son of Joseph & Mary Dunscomb Ibbotson Howard Lee Boss, born 6/6/1914, died 3/14/1957 son of Frank & Christina Wolfe Boss Idora Cushman Simmons, born 1867, died 11/21/1939 wife of William C. Simmons daughter of Joseph b. & Mary Jane Dingman Cushman Joseph B. Cushman 1835 - 1909 Mary J. Dingman, wife 1837 - 1903 Mary E. Comstock, born 1843, died 5/15/1924 daughter of Judge Jay Comstock George A. Delong, born 5/16/1841, died 10/7/1894 son of Charles & Mary Delong Louis Firman born 5/12/1879, died 4/2/1959 husband of Valma Getman Lyle G. Knapp, died 3/14/1965 husband of Jeane Robinson Maurice L. Lane, died 7/16/1972 son of Harry & Flora Llewellyn Lane wife of Frances Jones Gertrude A. Egerland died 10/25/1926 daughter of Charles C. & Charlotte Derthick Chamberlin wife of Herman A. Egerland William Watkins West, born 7/27/1887, died 5/14/1930 son of Ora West & Jennie Tilden husband of (1) Lelah Fox, (2) Geneva House Lee Sternberg, born 1856, died 5/12/1930 son of David & Abbie Tilden Sternberg Lillian May Brower Smith, born 1868, died 5/9/1930 wife of William Smith daughter of David Brown & Imogene Darrow Elizabeth Walker born 3/20/1894, died 6/18/1965 wife of Guy Walker daughter of Avery & Emily Patterson Barringer Norman Rutt born 10/10/1843, died 4/29/1926 son of Jacob & Polly Rutt husband of Julia Smith Wellington Osborn Getman, born 1/14/1865, died 5/1/1926 husband of Grace Lawler son of Delos & Hester Osborn Getman William Byrne Swift, born 1920, died 5/2/1926 son of Mr & Mrs Justin Swift Julia Williams, born 12/4/1883, died 5/9/1924 daughter of Mr & Mrs David Williams Richard Clapper born 1910, died 10/15/1971 (or 1972) Oscar W. Bond, born 6/4/1869, died 8/26/1971 son of Charles & Mary Catherine Bond Edith M. Ellwood, born 12/15/1891, died 8/1/1966 wife of William Ellwood daughter of Fred W. & Emma Ward House Martha Petrie, born 1916, died 7/30/1966 wife of Harry Petrie daughter of Charles & Ethel Weldman Winchell Gertrude H. Vaughn, born 3/13/1878, died 9/3/1961 wife of Edwin Vaughn daughter of George & Sarah Ann Holley Miss Jennie Sheridan, born 12/27/1863, died 8/20/1951 daughter of Bernard & Millie Osterhoudt Sheridan Miss Mary Humphrey Sponburg, born 2/23/1887, died 8/16/1951 daughter of Isaac & Caroline Sponburg Mrs Fayette Storing, born 5/3/1859, died 12/9/1934 daughter of Joseph & Lydia Ballard Petrie Miss Louise Tunnicliff, born 3/1/1878, died 2/3/1934 daughter of George & Clara Hosford Tunnicliff George White Tunnicliff, born 1839, died 2/25/1926 husband of (1) Lina Johnson, (2) Clara Anna Hosford son of Aurelius Tunnicliff & Anne Tunnicliff Oliver N. Alexander, born 7/4/1876, died 2/6/1934 husband of Fannie Lynch son of Ephraim & Charlotte Round Alexander Adele Andino, born 1901, died 10/21/1930 daughter of Manuel & Mina Burrows Andino Helen Leonard Wilder, born 1830, died 10/22/1900 wife of (1) C.B. Hayden & (2) Curtis B. Wilder Mabel M. Mason, born 11/7/1873, died 7/23/1929 wife of Hugh Freeman daughter of Norman J. & Lucy Miller Mason William Fay, died 9/12/1928 son of James & Catherine Hopkinson Fay Corinne Thomas, born 1859, died 1/4/1928 wife of Andrew Thomas daughter of Delos & Mary Tunnicliff Orendorff Edward L. Somers, born 7/9/1854, died 12/26/1929 husband of (1) Jennie Hershey, (2) Sarah Smith Florence Lloyd Quaif, born 11/7/1861, died 2/17/1926 wife of Norman Quaif daughter of Peter & Margaret Brazee Lloyd Josephine Downey, born 11/7/1860, died 7/71926 wife of Patrick Flint daughter of Joseph & Mary Jane Flint Jenette Furmin, born 11/5/1841, died 6/29/1926 wife of Walter Furmin daughter of James & Phyleatheata McCredy Bullion Ella A. Vrooman, born 12/12/1850, died 11/20/1924 wife of Jacob Vrooman daughter of Rufus & Rebecca Towne Guy Kinne, born 1/8/1840, died 6/17/1921 husband of Maria Jane St John son of William & Lucy Marshall Kinne Etta Bullion, born 2/11/1852, died 1/27/1922 wife of Charles Bullion daughter of Charles & Elizabeth Mann Robinson Angenette Black, born 9/1876, died 6/18/1921 wife of John Black daughter of William Ward & Sarah Weeks Don Barrus, died 3/1921 son of Menzo Barrus & Mary Louise Freeman Victim of auto accident Dwight Luce, born 11/14/1851, died 9/6/1919 husband of Anna E. Seeber son of S.A. & Lina Walker Luce August Kinne, born 8/25/1869, died 9/10/1919 husband of Eloise Lewis Guywits son of Guy & Maria St John Kinne Mary Eugenia Hinds, died 8/3/1919 (or 1920) daughter of Eugene & Mary Buchanan Hinds John Sponable born 1835, died 8/1/1919 Richard Morris Roberts, born 1895, died 4/24/1966 husband of Grace English Roberts Mrs George D. Berner, born 1884, died 4/24/1884 daughter of Edward & Eva Wheeler Ackerman Arthur Hyde Elwood, born 5/1/1847, died 1/21/1934 husband of Hattie A. Losee son of Augustus R. Elwood & Olive Beardsley Hyde secretary of the Richfield Springs Cemetery Association George R.T. Hewes, born 9/1731, died 11/5/1840 aged 109 years & 2 months “helped drown the tea in Boston in 1770” Charles H. Garline, born 8/11/1884, died 1/20/1958 son of Charles & Alice Ball Garline Gustave Robinson, born 11/10/1882, died 5/17/1960 husband of Mabel Firman son of Mr & Mrs William Robinson Mary Edna Uzdavinis, born 1932, died 6/28/1976 auto accident wife of Joseph Uzdavinis daughter of Robert & Leslie Monahan Burke James Lynch, born 9/7/1888, died 9/17/1954 husband of Sara Monahan Laura B. Ames, born 1900, died 4/13/1972 wife of Otis Ames daughter of Clarence & Clara Schooley Brown Bernard VanValkenburgh, born 2/17/1928, died 5/19/1988 husband of Beatrice Baker VanValkenburgh son of Harlan & Ida Mae Crossway VanValkenburgh Doris Dibble, born 1899, died 12/3/1976 wife of Fremont Dibble daughter of William & Cornelia Orendorf Bigelow Daisy Chesebro, born 1881, died 2/14/1964 wife of Maynard Chesebro who died in 1961 daughter of John & Lydia LaBarr Rose Mildred Booth, born 1894, died 6/22/1971 wife of Andrew Booth who died in 1947 daughter of Mr & Mrs Welllington Zoller Mary Hall McRorie, born in Berwickshire, Scotland 4/3/1852, died 1/12/1937 wife of Charles E. McRorie who died 4 years ago daughter of Robert & Mary Sheriff Hall Mary Jane Osterhout, born 6/23/1853, died 1/23/1936 wife of Madison Osterhout who died 11 years ago daughter of John & Mary Ann Rogers Ostrander Frances Townsend, born 3/24/1835, died 9/18/1926 wife of (1) John VanAntwerp, (2) Eli Townsend daughter of Thomas Lennebacker & Anna Jacobs Frank Acers, died 8/4/1922 husband of Josephine Storing George Storing died 1/19/1922 M.P. French died 5/4/1922 Mrs Gilbert Fenton, born 1843, died 10/15/1911 mother of Mrs Frank Snyder Mrs Warren Seeber born 1834, died 4/6/1906 Commander Clark died 6/1885 or 6/1886 son of Charles L. Clark his remains were removed from the United States steamship “Alliance” he died at sea Mabel Buchanan, born, 1882, died 9/23/1970 wife of Lynn Buchanan who died in 1939 Ralph Slygh, born 1873, died 10/13/1963 husband of Mabel Vrooman George Filburn, born 1905, died 1960 husband of Lucy Krawczeski son of John & Jane Filburn Lillian West Johnson, born 1868, died 1/24/1962 wife of Edwin James Johnson who died in 1927 Herbert Storer born 2/14/1874, died 12/18/1950 Sarah Jane Jacques, born 12/10/1810, died 4/6/1883 wife of Moses Jacques daughter of Johan Wemple & Sarah VanAlstine Clarence E. Keyes born 1846, died 1/5/1928
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