Chase or Wooley Hill Cemetery
Burlington, Otsego County, NY
Contributed by Mrs. Jeanne P. Westcott of Edmeston


Bennett, William P.	16 Apr 1862	43y 7m 25d 
Bennett, Sarah		07 May 1876	85y	wf/o William P. Bennett
Bennett, Lillie		19 Oct 1863	2y 6m 17d   dau/o William and Sarah Bennett
Bennett, Job S.		16 Jun 1837	10y 10m 6d  son/o William and Sarah Bennett
H.M.B.			1832		stone next to Job S.
Bennett, William M.	04 Mar 1862	70y 2m 24d
Bennett, Flora M. 	24 Aug 1899	83y 25d
Bemis, David 		21 Sep 1816 	28y
Bemis, David		01 Nov 1862	49y 3m 14d
Bennington, Henry	Apr 18--	75y
Bennington, Mary	17 Mar 1865	57y	wf/o Henry Bennington
Bennington, Rachel E.	1846	3y 6m
Bennington, Robert	28 Mar 1908	79y
Bennington, Matilda	09 Nov 1912	77y	wf/o Robert Bennington
Briggs, Spencer		24 Apr 1882	56y 11m 14d
Briggs, Sarah A.	03 Feb 1885	55y 1m 21d   wf/o Spencer Briggs
Briggs, Willis L.	30 Nov 1851	3m 12d	son/o Spencer and Sarah A. Briggs
Briggs, Ida M.		20 Jul 1865	7y 6d	dau/o Spencer and Sarah A. Briggs
Briggs, Elvira		15 May 1871	18y 1m 12d   dau/o Spencer and Sarah A. Briggs
Brown, Lydia		06 Jan 1845	65y	wf/o James Brown 
Brown, Olive		17 Dec 1841	33y	wf/o Comstock Brown
Chase, Asa		13 Nov 1850	84y 6m 17d	
Chase, Hannah		09 Feb 1861	91y 5m 9d	wf/o Asa Chase
Chase, Hannah		17 Feb 1824	11y 1m 17d	dau/o Asa and Hannah Chase
Chase, Elizabeth	13 Feb 1824	16y 3m 4d	dau/o Asa and Hannah Chase
Chase, Sweat		27 Nov 1867          76y 1m 22d
Chase, Polly		15 Nov 1881	86y 4m 10d	wf/o Sweat Chase
Chase, Lydia		07 Jun 1838	29y	        wf/o Joseph Chase
Chase, Muriel		19 Sep 1810	4y 6m    	ch of Joseph Chase
Chase, Moses		08 Jun 1839	1y 8m 19d	ch of Joseph Chase
Chase, Huldah Ann	29 Oct 1861	47y 6m 16d	wf/o Joseph Chase
Chase, John		07 Jun 1840	22y 5m 3d   son/o of Buffam and Jemima Chase
Chase, Joshua		07 Apr 1842	37y
Chase, Albert J.	29 Jan 1863	19y  6m 26d  son/o Willet and Eliza (Harrington) 
Chase-Cival War Chase, Truman W. 04 Sep 1863 27y 7m 15d son/o Willet and Eliza Chase Chase, Henry 20 Dec 1845 5m 21d son/o Willet and Eliza Chase Chase, Henry M. 30 Dec 1845 9m 2d son/o Myron and Margaret Chase Chase, Betsey 11 Mar 1827 10m 11d dau/o Elisha and Lucy Chase Chase, Eddie 23 Jul 1863 4y 1m son/o Daniel and Sally M. Chase Chase, Ansel 28 Jan 1890 64y 11m 6d Chase, Lucy M. 01 Feb 1920 86y 2m 27d wf/o Ansel Chase Chase, Rebecca 08 Mar 1883 61y Cook, Abial 28 Jul 1844 86y Cook, Margaret 15 Feb 1825 51y wf/o Abial Cook Cook, Thomas 1926 1853-1926 Cook, Milton 1890 1803-1890 Cook, Margaret 26 Dec 1870 48y 9m 12d wf/o Milton Cook Emerson, Richard 05 Kim 1874 b. 25 Mar 1799 Emerson, Deborah 06 Dec 1846 44y 8m 20d wf/o Richard Emerson Emerson, Richard Sr. 30 Mar 1829 58y 7m 24d Emerson, Mary 09 Sep 1812 44y 5m 6d wf/o Richard Emerson Sr. Emerson, Lydia Jun 1836 35y dau/o Richard and Mary Emerson Emerson, Sarah 27 Apr1852 1y 6m 12d dau/o Joseph B. and Margaretta Emerson ( 9 or 10 graves nearby are marked only by crude head and foot, field stone.) Ferguson, Robert 19 Jan 1853 33y 25d Ferguson, Eliza Jane 25 Sep 1854 34y Ferguson, William 15 Jan 1850 77y Ferguson, Elizabeth 25 Jan 1837 78y wf/o William Ferguson Ferguson, infant 27 Mar 1813 son/o William Ferguson Ferguson, Hannah 13 Jan 1837 21y wf/o James Ferguson Ferguson, Marna 12 Jul 1837 3y 6m dau/o James and Hannah Ferguson Gorton, P.M. 80y no dates Gorton, O. 88y no dates Gorton, J.M 21y no dates Gorton, Georgie 28 Jul 1862 1y 8d son/o Daniel J. and Kate H. Gorton Hoag, Moses died ----- no readable Hoag, Ruth 23 Aug 1855 82y 7m wf/o Moses Hoag Hoag, Benjamin 17y no dates Hume, Walter 1893 1814-1893 Hume, Rebecca (Kenyon) 1894 1814-1894 his wf Hume, Rebecca 02 Mar 1859 1y 9m 2d dau/o Walter and Rebecca Hume Hume, unk 26 Jan 1864 2y 2m 3d dau/o Robert and Matilda Hume Kenyon, Mary 1847 76y wf/o Thomas Kenyon Kenyon, George 04 Jan 1867 76y 5m 22d Kenyon, Phebe 10 Oct 1870 80y 1m 20d wf/o George Kenyon Kellsey, Lydia 02 Feb 1816 35y 9m 4d wf/o James Kellsey Kellsey, Vienna 10 Jun 1816 10y 10m 14d dau/o James and Lydia Kellsey Two graves nearby with headstone "C.B." and "D.N." Kelsey, Solomon 07 Jun 1814 47y b. Sep 10, 1767 Kelsey, Anna (Brown) 07 Jul 1814 40y wf/o Solomon Kelsey Kelsey, Asa 10 Mar 1814 19y son/o Solomon and Anna Kelsey Kellsey, Robert 21 Feb 1846 52y Kellsey, Abigail 1856 59y wf/o Robert Kellsey Kellsey, Silas 22 Nov 1870 69y 5m 4d Kellsey, Sally 23 Feb 1868 67y wf/o Silas Kellsey Kelsey, Roswell 15 Oct 1880 83y Kelsey, Rhoda (Dye) 27 May 1870 66y wf/o Roswell Kelsey Kelsey, Asa 28 Mar 1890 57y 8m 7d Mather, Charles C. 27 Dec 1883 68y Mather, Mary K. 24 Dec 1875 50y wf/o Charles Mather Miller, Abner 30 May 1859 62y Miller, Mary 01 Mar 1853 63y wf/o Abner Miller Miller, Geroge J. 04 Mar 1822 2y 8m Newcomb, David 09 Jan 1838 b. 07 Sep 1769 Northrup, Charles G. 21 May 1849 4y 9m 23d son/o Christopher and Mary Northrup Parker, Franklin 07 Dec 1851 7y 7m son/o A. Deloss and Anna Parker Parker, Jane 11 Feb 1852 6y 8m 3d dau/o A. Deloss and Anna Parker Parker, DeWitt 09 Jul 1855 8y 2m son/o A. Deloss and Anna Parker Parker, A. Deloss 11 Dec 1851 27y 11m 22d Parker, Thomas Ervine 11 Nov 1816 2y 3d son/o Alexander and Ellen Parker Parker, Sarah Jane 28 Oct 1818 1y 2m 3d dau/o Alexander and Ellen Parker Parker, infant 29 Aug 1811 son/o Alexander and Ellen Parker Shove, Willie 15 Aug 1865 1y 9m 6d son/o Thomas B. and Henrietta Shove Wooley, Tillton 16 Mar 1854 73y Wooley, Deborah 05 Jan 1841 79y wf/o Tillton Wooley UNK, Herbert 29 Jul 1862 2y 9m 11d nearby Wooley UNK, infant son 11 Jan 1849 4d infant son of Joseph and Mary Ann _____. Wing, Chloe 25 Apr 1823 21y wf/o Amos Wing Located on the border between Tns of New Lisbon and Burlington, Otsego Co, NY. A county map dated 1856 shows "Friends Meeting House" here. Cemetery no longer used and off the road.
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