Christman-Gregory Farm Cemetery
Pittsfield, Otsego County, NY
Contributed by G William Beardslee - Fort Collins, Colorado

Matteson, Norman D, son of Norman & Ida Matteson, d. 7-1-87, ae. 2 mo.

McIntyre, Stephen, d. 3-18-1842, ae. 42 yrs., 8 mo, 9 da.
McIntyre, Betsy, wife of Stephen, d. 4-26-1850, ae. 41 yrs., 9 mo., 0 da.
McIntyre, William, son of Stephen and Betsy, d. 1-11-45, 
		ae. 18 yrs, 8 mo., 11 da.
Colburn, Angeline, dau. of Stephen & Betsy McIntyre, d. 2-19-1846, 
		ae. 18 yrs., 2 mo., 7 da.
McIntyre, Elisha, d. 1-22-1859, ae. 61 yrs., 2 mo., 15 da.
Persons, Polly, wife of Elisaha McIntrye, d. 3-1-1877, ae. 74 yrs.
Persons, Phineas, d. 12-12-1879, ae. 73 yrs.
Persons, Rebecca, wife of Phineas Persons, d. 11-21-1867, 
		ae. 61 yrs., 9 mo., 21 da.
Persons, Lewis, son of Phineas & Rebecca, d. 3-24-1861, 
		ae. 30 yrs., 11 mo.,  12 da.

	Also contained on the 1957 burial list for the Cristman-Gregory Farm 

is other information apparently added at a later date. Written in hand and/or 

by a typewriter different than the rest of the document is the following post-


	"Children of Harvey Spafford buried here - no markers
	P P & wife Rebecca had 3 daughters
	Adelia 1835-1890	  wife of ______ Sargent, ch 2 sons 1 dau
	Clarrisa	          wife of Justice Woodard 1 dau
	Delilah                   wife of James Bartholomew no ch. none"


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