Colliersville - Cooperstown Junction Cemetery
Colliersville, Otsego County, NY
Read, Compiled and Contriubed by Sandy Goodspeed

Readings done in order with Row A starting first row toward Oneonta &
reading from Rt 7 to RR tracks.
Each row in alpha order; the numbers represent stones in row sequence.
If same Letter- #, it indicates all on same stone [marked st/] or stones side by side 
or all one surname or grouped together ( ) indicates married name; DAR=checked against earlier DAR listing. DOCC= Deaths reported by Oneonta City Clerk to "The Herald" (newspaper) Row ALGER stone: A-1 Alger, Martin, st/wife Elizabeth; Hannah Patten 1846-blank * A-1 (Alger,) Elizabeth PATTON, his wife, st/hus Martin, Hannah Patten 1846-1899 A-1 Patten, Hannah; st/Martin & wife Elizabeth Alger 1849-1896 * DOCC: Alger, Martin, d. June 23, 1919, 73 yrs, bur. Coop. Junction BOSTWICK stone: A-2 Bostwick, Martin; st/Myra, Charles 1900-1960 A-2 Bostwick, Myra; st/ Martin, Charles 1872-1928* A-2 Bostwick, Charles; st/Martin, Myra 1875-1945 *DOCC: Bostwick, M. C. d Jan 31, 1928, 55y3m30d; bur Coop. Junction A-2 Bostwick, Grover NY Cpt HQ Co 106 Fld Art WWI separate stone 1897 Apr 16-1968 Jun 3 MALETTE stone: A-3 Malette, William W; st/ wife Isabella HEATH 1828-1913 A-3 (Malette,) Isabella HEATH, his wife; st/hus Wm. W 1828-1897 A-3 (Malette,) Clarence A (footstone only ) d 1900 Aug 20@4m6d* A-4 Bostwick, Murray (father) 1870 Jan 11-1917 Apr 23 A-4 (Bostwick,) Lily JOHNSON (mother), w/o Murray 1873 Jun 17-sunk- can't read A-4 Ryan, Ida HOWE 1868-1923 *DOCC: Malette, Clarence Arthur d Aug 20, 1900, 4 m,6d; bur Coop. Junction SPENCE stone: A-5 Spence, Jayne E;st/Jennie H, James A 1944-blank A-5 Spence, Jennie H; st/Jayne E, James A 1919-blank A-5 Spence, James A. (Sr.); st/Jayne E, Jennie H 1904-1986 BOSTWICK stone: A-6 Bostwick, Ellery M; st/Dorothy M. US Army WWII 1910 May 30- 1983 Aug 4 A-6 Bostwick, Dorothy M; st/ Ellery M 1915-blank QUACKENBUSH stone: B-1 Quackenbush, James D; st/wife Sarah J PERSONS (Front) (DAR b 24th) 1824 Feb 29-1894 May 6 B-1 (Quackenbush,) Sarah J PERSONS, his wife; st/ James D (Front)-DAR 1830 Jul 5-blank B-1 Quackenbush, Mary R; st/Ella (side) 1857 Mar 24-1860 Aug 4 B-1 Quackenbush, Ella; st/Mary R (side) 1862 Feb 11-1864 Jan 1 B-1 Quackenbush, Mary R, d/o John D & Sarah J (small broken stone) d 1860 Aug 4@3y4m10d QUACKENBUSH stone: B-1 Quackenbush, George-DAR d 1864 Aug 27@37y5m20d B-1 Quackenbush, David (side/wife Mary) -DAR d 1874 Feb 26@76y9m24d B-1 (Quackenbush,) Mary, w/o David (side/hus David)-DAR d 1885 Apr 28@80y7m23d C-1 (Aylesworth,) Phebe Ann, w/o Silvanus L Aylesworth-DAR d 1852 Feb 23@26y7m12d C-1 Aylesworth, Silvanus L -DAR d 1853 Oct 8@32y5m20d C-1 Sowle, Eliza (DAR list had DAVID but no stone for him in cem.) 1816 May 9-1880 Aug 25 C-1 (Sowle,) Lois, w/o David Sowle-DAR 1790 Oct 17-1881 May 1 C-1 Unknown, Lois B illegible C-1 Unknown, Franklin E illegible C-2 (Barnes,) Jennie L, youngest d/o Philip & Jane T Barnes separate stone d 1861 Dec 24@12y5m BARNES stone: C-2 Barnes, Philip (Front) (DAR has b 27th) 1798 Jun 22-1876 Mar 9 C-2 (Barnes,) Jane T, w/o Philip (side 1) -DAR 1811 Sep 5-1886 Jan 17 C-2 (Tubbs,) Helen A BARNES, w/o George Tubbs (back) -DAR 1844 Jun 29-1877 Jun 16 C-2 Unknown, Pembroke (fs by sep stone for Jennie L Barnes) no data C-3 Newman, Fred 1881-1962 C-3 Newman, Lester W (Spanish-American War) 1844-1895 COLLIER stone: D-1 Collier, Isaac /wife Betsy Kromer (F) d 1882 Jul 29@83yr D-1 (Collier,) Betsy KROMER, his wife /hus Isaac (F) d 1884 Aug 9 @86y8m D-1 Collier, Lambert Co A 16th Regt NY HA (side) d 1863 Feb 15@23y6m D-1 (Burnside,) Mary, w/o Wm. W. Burnside (side Collier mon) d 1863 May 27@37yr D-1 (Collier,) Margaret TANN RUSSSELL, w/o Nelson (beside) d 1883 Jan 8@53yr COON stone: D-2 Coon, James H. st/ Betty J 1927-blank D-2 Coon, Betty J. st/James H 1927-1984 D-2 Coon, Adelaide H V 1898-1995 D-2 Coon, Harold M NY GM1 US Navy WWI 1893 May 22- 1954 Aug 27 Coon stone: D-2 Coon, Dwight C / wife, Ella; fs-D. C. 1859 Oct 2-1896 Dec 11 D-2 (Coon,) Ella, his wife /hus Dwight C; fs-E.C.F. 1873 Jul 13-1907 May 1 D-2 Coon, Margaret J, w/o George H-DAR d 1873 Jan 7@47y9m12d D-2 Coon, George H-DAR d 1872 Apr 6@52y10m25d D-3 (Ballou), Miranda, w/o Rev Ransom Ballou d 1853 Jun 17@50y6m22d D-4 Townsend, Belle 1885-1910 E-1 VanDusen, W T 7th NY H.A. no dates E-1 Livingston, Peter Co E 89th Rev NY Vol GAR d 1902 Dec 18@75yr E-2 (Pratt,) Arian COON, w/o William Pratt (DAR had Platt & 7 mo) d 1881 Mar 28@85y2m28d E-2 (Coon,) Mary, w/o George Coon, deceased-DAR d 1857 Apr 8@83yr E-2 Coon, George "In memory of"-DAR d 1840 Feb 20@67ye of his age E-2 Coon, Dewitt illegible E-2 (Coon,) Maria, w/o George Coon -DAR d 1855 Mar 5@29y9m20d E-2 (Coon,) Hester, w/o Conrad Coon-DAR d 1875 Jul 30@76y4m27d E-2 Coon, Conrad-DAR d 1859 Nov 22@67yr Miller stone: E-3 Miller, William H (Miller mon) 1825-1903* E-3 (Miller,) Hannah BOSTWICK, his wife (Wm.) (Miller mon) 1830-1906** E-3 Miller, Polly Ann (Miller mon) +footstone Polly Ann 1849-1850 E-3 Miller, Sophia (Miller mon) +footstone Sophia 1858-1860 E-3 Miller, Minnie (Miller mon) 1869-1870 **PR-Miller, Wm. H., father Mrs. Mary Wilbur, Mrs. Sitterley &c. 74 yrs, paraly.; res. Maryland; bur Coop Junct 7/20/03 (266) #280 **DOCC: Miller, Hannah d Feb 18. 1906, 75 yrs; bur Coop. Junction **PR-Miller, Hannah (Mrs Wm.) 76 yrs, pneu., res. 14 Gault Ave., bur Coop. Junct. 2/20/06 (394) #369 BURNSIDE stone: F-1 (Burnside), Arian, w/o James E. Burnside; st/son Warren (DAR had 39y) d 1839 Jul 23@32y10m9d F-1 Burnside, Warren, s/o James E & Arian; st/Arian d Pauania?, VA (cut off) F-1 Burnside, Catherine?, d/o Gland T & Margaret d 1851 May 1 EVERY stone: F-2 Every, Edmond R; st/Sarah A 1826 Mar 13-1897 Oct 1 F-2 Every, Sarah A; st/Edmond R 1830 Oct 6-1906 Sep 20 F-3 Alger, Lena d 1886 Feb 20@4mo F-3 Alger, Mildred A 1880 Sep 18-1880 Nov 3 VanDeusen stone: F-4 (VanDeusen,) Willie Infant, s/o John & Emma VanDeusen; st/ Ralph C d 1875 May 2 F-4 (VanDeusen,) Ralph C, s/o John & Emma VanDeusen; st/Willie d 1876 May 11@1y10d F-5 Every, Floyd d 1875 Jan 24@25?y2?m12d F-6 Lasher, Gertrude (Baby), d/o ? Elizabeth Lasher 1843? Oct 18 @3yr F-7 Peck, Elizabeth, d/o Solmon & Margaret (Peck?) 1835? Jun 6@1y1m8d F-7 Bostwick, Britta?, d/o ? ? d 1860 Feb 2@15y4m F-7 Bostwick, Rosell, s/o Orrin & Margaret? + flat stone Rozell d 1857 Jun 29@14y11m F-7 Bostwick, Orrin, s/o Orrin & Margaret? d 18(71?) Feb 16@6mo BOSTWICK stone: G-1 Bostwick, Gursham;st/wife Betsey Thorne 1828-blank G-1 (Bostwick,) Betsey THORNE, his wife; st/hus Gursham 1827-1901 G-2 Quackenboss, James d 1840 Sep 8@76y8m G-2 (Quackenboss,) Nelly, w/o James Quackenboss d 1851 Feb 1@85yr G-2 (Quackenbush,) Rachel, w/o John T Quackenbush d 1880 Jun 13 @89y6m7d G-2 Quackenbush, Peter d 1831 Sep 19@45yr G-2 (Quackenbush,) Mary, relict of Peter Quackenbush d 1876 Apr 6@90yr G-2 (Vogel,) Elizabeth, w/o ----- Vogel d 1824 May 29@59yr G-2 (Yager,) Nancy, w/o Michael Yager d 1858 Sep 21 @ age (buried) G-2 Yager, Frank, s/o Michael & Nancy d 1860 May 15@2m5d G-3 Losee, Emanuel d 1831? Oct 7?@5yr? G-4 Muccald, Domenico, Minnesota PFC US Army WWI 1893 Aug 25- 1973 Aug 20 H-1 Brookins, Lois Widow d 1827 Feb 28@83y10?m23d H-1 Brookins, Alanson d 1824 Aug 9@16y6m3d H-1 Hilsinger, Elmer NY, Pvt 102 Field Sig Bn 27 Div WWI 1896 Feb 13- 1952 Dec 6 VanValkenburgh stone: I-1 VanValkenburgh, James; st/wife Catherine-DAR d 1840@91yr I-1 (VanValkenburgh,) Catherine, his wife;st/hus James-DAR d 1833@87yr I-1 (Burnside,) Maria, w/o Samuel Burnside -DAR d 1820 Jul 3@44y2m23d I-1 Burnside, Samuel (DAR had died July; stone reads Aug) d 1836 Aug 26@56y4m16d I-1 (Burnside,) Sarah, w/o Samuel Burnside -DAR d 1854 Jul 22@ 74y2m20d I-2 Unknown, piece of stone flush to ground (Catherine Derby?) no data I-2 Derby, Catherine, w/o James Is this her piece that's flush to ground?- DAR list d 1849 Sep 26@49y26d I-2 Derby, James -DAR d 1868 Apr 18@69y7m29d Burnside stone: I-2 Burnside, James C/ wife Adelia -DAR d 1880 Jun 30@75y9m26d I-2 (Burnside,) Adelia, w/o James C. /hus James C-DAR d 1858 Sep17 @50y6m10d I-2 Burnside, Thomas -DAR d 1853 Feb 16@65y5m18d I-2 (Burnside,) Elizabeth, w/o Thomas Burnside -DAR d 1860 Feb 12@ 69y2m1d I-2 Kolbe, Frances 1897-1974 HENYON stone: I-2 Henyon, Viola I; st/William A 1875-1962 I-2 Henyon, William A; st/Viola I 1870-1956 J-1 Burnside, Margaret, Mrs, w/o Mr Gloud T -DAR d 1826 Jan 28@46yr ??? Burnside, Gloud T (found no stone-on DAR listing) d 1861 Jul 3@ 81y3m19d J-1 Burnside, Andrew, s/o James & Mary (DAR listing Oct 15th) d 1819 Oct 6@6yr J-1 Burnside, Ariann, w/o Thomas Burnside -DAR d 1806 Jan 15@51yr J-1 Burnside, Thomas (Esq) (DAR marker) -DAR d 1827 Jul 20@77yr J-1 (Burnside,) Elizabeth, w/o George Burnside -DAR d 1844 Aug 3@ 37yr16d J-2 Walley, Garret, Mr-DAR d 1826 Aug 22@63yr J-2 Walley, Margaret, w/o Mr. Garrett-DAR d 1847 Nov 10@77yr J-2 Walley, Mary Jane, d/o Garrett & Margaret d 1848 Sep 8@3y3m1d J-3 Silliman, Emma, d/o ? & ? d 1849 Mar/May 26@?m J-3 Walley, Margaret Jane, w/o James G-DAR d 1850 Apr 13@35y10m7d J-3 Walley, James G-DAR d 1857 Apr 15@44y4m8d J-4 Rowner, Frank d 1888 Nov 6@76yr J-4 Rowner, Freddie, s/o Frank & Frances d 1871 Jan 23@11yr5m J-4 (Rowner,) Francis FISHER, w/o Frank Rowner d 1885 Mar 13@61yr CLEVELAND stone: J-4 Cleveland, Anna W; st/Clifford H 1910-1969 J-4 Cleveland, Clifford H, Sr Sgt US Army Air Corps WWII; st/Anna W 1919 Nov 19-1995 Oct 12 K-1 Burnside, Nancy (DAR listing@70y1m11d)-DAR d 1868 Aug 20 @70y1m11d K-1 Burnside, Mary, d/o Samuel & Hannah -DAR d 1822 Sep 16@20y9m K-1 Burnside, Samuel (web: Gen SS Burnside's father) -DAR d 1825 May 15@55yr K-1 (Burnside,) Hannah, w/o Samuel (DAR listing 1826 @ 50yr) d 1836 Mar 10@58yr Burnside stone: K-1 Burnside, Samuel, Gen; st/ wife Lydia Ann Sherman (GAR)-DAR 1811-1880 K-1 (Burnside,) Lydia Ann SHERMAN, his wife; st/hus Gen Samuel; (DAR d 1855) 1812-1885 K-2 Sherman, Rachel, w/o Samuel -DAR d 1816 Jun 22@77yr K-3 Walley, John (DAR said four children buried by his side)\ d 1826 Feb 22 @ 32 yrs K-3 West, Elizabeth-DAR d 1815 May 15@66yr FERN stone: K-4 Schermerhorn, Mary Q, w/o P? C; F Fern mon 1811 Apr 12-1887 Jan 13 K-4 Fern, George, st/wife Elizabeth; side Fern mon 1839 Apr 4-1889 Mar 15 K-4 (Fern,) Elizabeth, w/o George; side Fern mon 1835 May 4-blank K-5 (Shellmon,) Emeline, w/o Frederick Shellmon (list Shellman)-DAR d 1876 May 2@25yr K-6 Hilsinger, Alverna R, wife,mother 1913-1999 HILSINGER stone: K-6 Hilsinger, David; st/ wife Marie (Vet) 1915-1971 K-6 Hilsinger, Marie; st/hus David 1900-1949 L-1 Platt, Edward J -DAR 1823 Feb 24-1892 Feb _9 or _0 PLATT stone: L-1 Platt, Arthur J; st/ Alice W Everett 1853 Nov 17-1889 Aug 28 L-1 (Platt?,) Alice W EVERETT; st/ Arthur J 1865 Mar18-1947 Feb 19 L-1 Snook, Charles H, s/o George and Eliza d 1847 Sep 29@2y6m22d L-1 (Snook), Ellen, w/o Tunis d 1836 Mar 11@39yr L-2 Coon, Conrad (DAR had Coonrad on 7th) d 1815 Jan 17@73yr L-2 (Coon), Ann, Mrs, w/o Mr. Conrad -DAR d 1824 Apr 29@73yr L-2 Coon, Susan 1820 Jul 20-1899 Oct 17 L-2 (Coon), Magdalane, w/o James Coon-DAR d 1835 Sep 20@50yr L-3 Fern, James (list 1850) d 1851 Aug 27@73y7m6d L-3 (Fern,) Sarah, w/o James Fern late of Old England-DAR d 1832 Feb 12 @57yr L-3 Fern, William, s/o James & Sarah d 1829 Mar 10@26yr L-3 (Allsop,) Sarah FERN, w/o John Allsop, d/o James Fern -DAR d 1860 Dec 2@51y6m4d L-3 Fern, James (DAR had 40y) d 1852 Dec 3@46y8m7d L-3 (Fern,) Ann COON, w/o James Fern-DAR 1804 Jan-1886 L-3 Allsop, John-DAR+B271 d 1876 Apr 2@66y13d HILSINGER stone: L-4 Hilsinger, John; st/wife Ellen A 1840-1919* L-4 Hilsinger, Ellen A. his wife; st/hus John 1843-1906** *PR-Hilsinger, John Emmons 77 yrs, Bright's disease; bur Coop. Jct 4/25/19 (560) #889 **PR-Hilsinger, Ellen (Mrs John) 62 yrs, pneu., res. Emmons; bur Coop. Jct 7/6/06 (137) #389 HILSINGER stone: L-4 Hilsinger, Frank; st/wife Sarah 1868-1939 L-4 Hilsinger, Sarah, his wife; st/hus Frank 1874-1942 M-1 Deitz, Eliza, d/o Adam & Sally 1825 May 30-1883 Dec 3 M-1 Platt, Elbert, s/o ED & Ann d ? ? ?@5y5m8d M-1 (Platt,) Maria, w/o Edward Platt d 1845 Apr 27@18y11m20d M-1 Deitz, Sallie, w/o Adam D (can't read) dates from DAR listing d 1834 Jul 22@30y2m M-2 Deitz, Adam D. (can't read; broken off) dates from DAR listing d 1833 Sep 1@41y7m26d M-3 Deitz, James-DAR d 1825 Feb 13@73y4m M-4 Deitz, Infant, s/o ? & Cornelia Dietz illegible GROSSE stone: M-4 Grosse, Clement L; st/Tillie H 1901-1971 M-4 Grosse, Tillie H; st/Clement L 1910-1977 N-1 Emery, Susannah, d/o Richard & Elizabeth d 186(3?) Apr 19@29yr N-1 (Harkness,) Isobel, w/o James (DAR had 17d) d 1850 May 20@ 18y8m12d N-1 Deitz, Peter W (DAR had 46) d 1881 Dec 10@16y3m5d N-1 (Deitz,) Maria C, w/o John -DAR d 1872 Aug 19@80y7m25d N-1 Dietz, John -DAR d 1849 Oct 16@63yr BURNSIDE stone: N-2 Burnside, William; st/ wife Catherine 1807 Feb 19-blank N-2 Burnside, Catherine Deitz; st/hus William 1827 Mar 17-1891 Dec 26 N-2 Deitz, Ariann d 1883 Jun 4@illegible N-2 Deitz, William H 1824 May 21-1887 May 21 N-2 (Deitz,) Jerusha D PLATT, w/o W H Deitz 1829 Nov 28-1894 May 25* O-1 Collins, Sally-DAR d 1863 Dec 25@59yr8d O-1 (Every,) Elizabeth WALLEY, w/o Richard Every (DAR had Feb 26) d 1879 Dec 25@79y11m29d O-1 Every, Richard -DAR d 1872 Sep 16@82y3m1d *DOCC: Deitz, Jerusha d May 25, 1894, 64 yrs; bur Junction EVERY stone: O-2 Every, Alonzo B; st/wife Sabrina L Burnside fs Father 1833 Jul 22- 1916 Jul 18 O-2 (Every,) Sabrina L BURNSIDE, w/o Alonzo fs mother 1840 May 24- 1881 Jun 24 O-3 (Shepherd,) Minerva, w/o Harrison Shepherd -DAR d 1878 Jul 15@ 19y1mo O-4 (Knapp,) Hannah, w/o David -DAR d 1895 Mar 2@85y6m20d O-4 Knapp, David -DAR d 1883 Jun 29@72yr KNAPP stone: O-4 Knapp, Salomon; st/ wife Jane 1795-1859 O-4 (Knapp,) Jane, his wife; st/hus Salomon 1801-1867 O-4 Knapp, William M 1852-1908 BARNES stone: P-1 Barnes, Simeon R /wife Margaret J Platt (Barnes mon F) 1831 Aug 24- 1910 Feb 28* P-1 (Barnes,) Margaret J PLATT, w/o Simeon st/husb (Barnes mon F) 1833 Dec 14-1888 Oct 4 P-1 Barnes, Charles P st/F. Leslie, s/o SR &MJ (on mon side-see separate stone below) 1854 Dec 4-1872 Jan 15 P-2 (Barnes,) Charles P, oldest s/o Simeon R & Margaret J Barnes(separate stone) d 1872 Jan 15@17y1m11d P-1 Barnes, F. Leslie /Charles P, s/o SR &MJ (mon side) 1858 Aug 4- 1883 Feb 12 *DOCC: Barnes, Simeon B. d Feb 28, 1910, 76 yrs; bur Coop. Junction P-2 Barnes, F Leslie (also on Barnes mon side/Charles P-see above) 1858-1883 P-2 (Barnes,) Elizabeth F HANFORD, w/o F Leslie 1861-1904 P-3 (Platt,) Nancy, w/o Stephen -DAR d 1870 Jan 31@70y3m18d P-3 Platt, Stephen-DAR d 1865 or 1885 Nov 26@68y10m14d P-3 (Platt,) Flora, d/o Gloud & Ariann Platt (DAR had 3rd) d 1873 Mar 31@13y10m P-3 (Pendell,) Rachel PLATT, w/o Rev G M Pendell, d @ Seney Iowa Rev. 14-13-DAR d 1881 Jul 24@38y8m1d P-3 Platt, Gloud B -DAR d 1883 Jul 22@56y2m16d P-3 Platt, Ariann (DAR has Sept) d 1893 Apr 1@ 66yr P-4 Goodenough, Artemus J d 1872 Sep 25@46y7m25d P-4 Burnside, Sylvester -DAR d 1869 Mar 9@40y7m10d P-4 (Queal,) Ellen, d/o Richard & Hannah Queal d 1864 Jun 2@8y2m2d P-4 (Burnside,) Lovina, d/o ------- ------- d 1864 Mar ? ?@illegible SEWARD stone: P-5 Seward, J Wesley; st/Vivian M 1917-blank P-5 Seward, Vivian M; st/J Wesley 1917-1998 WHISPELL stone: P-6 Whispell, Harry L; st/Dorothy M 1931-1999 P-6 Whispell, Dorothy M; st/Harry L 1938-blank DAYTON stone: Q-1 Dayton, Merlin C; st/wife Agnes & ch (Dayton mon) 1858-1940 Q-1 (Dayton,) Agnes A BARNES, his wife; st/hus Merlin (Dayton mon) 1857-1926 Q-1 Dayton, Warren C, s/o Merlin & Agnes (Dayton mon) 1886-1898 Q-1 Dayton, Infant, ch/o Merlin & Agnes (Dayton mon) d 1890 FOX stone: Q-2 Fox, Francis M/ wife Martha M Platt (front Fox mon) 1829 Aug 22- 1915 Apr 10 Q-2 (Fox,) Martha M PLATT, w/o Francis M.; st/hus (front Fox mon) 1837 Jan 17-1894 Jul 28 Q-2 Fox, Walter D (side 1 Fox mon) 1861 Mar 11-1885 Mar 21 Q-2 (Fox,) Lydia M.CARR , w/o Francis M (side 2 Fox mon) 1868-1954 R-1 Carr, Nellie M 1899-1970 R-1 Carr, Earl F NY Pfc 12 Trench Mortar Btry WWI 1894 Sep 12- 1956 Dec 22 R-1 (Fox,) Lydia 1868-1954 BIRKETT stone: R-2 Birkett, Cardell W; st/M. Doris 1927-blank R-2 Birkett, M. Doris; st/Cardell W 1926-blank BURNSIDE stone: R-3 Burnside, Nelson (Burnside mon) 1833-1920* R-3 (Burnside,) Adelia WALDRON, his wife (Burnside mon) 1836-1901 R-3 Burnside, Edward (Burnside mon) 1859-1894 R-3 Burnside, Frank (Burnside mon) 1861-1897 R-3 Burnside, Almeron (Burnside mon) 1863-1930 R-3 Burnside, Waldron (Burnside mon) 1866-1934 R-3 Burnside, John (Burnside mon) 1868-1912 R-3 (Burnside,) Warren B. Waterman or WATERMAN, Warren B (Burnside mon) 1899-1900 R-3 Waterman or Burnside, Warren B (Burnside mon) See Burnside, Warren Note: name listed as Warren B Waterman on Burnside monument R-3 Burnside mon has cross (Sp-Amer War?) who?? *DOCC: Burnside, Nelson, d 5/17/1920, 87 yrs; bur Coop. Junction DAYTON stone: S-1 Dayton, Gideon M /wife Mary Coon & Ransley (front mon) 1825 Jan 20- 1897 May 29 S-1 Dayton, Mary COON /hus Gideon & Ransley (front mon) 1824 Aug 6- 1897 Jun 10 S-1 Dayton, Ransley /wife Rebecca B Lindsley (front mon) d 1863 Nov 3@ 67yr S-1 (Dayton,) Rebecca B LINDSLEY, his wife /hus Ransley (fron mon) d 1868 Aug 28@73yr S-1 Dayton, Inette; st/Adin (back Dayton mon) 1862 May-1940 Feb S-1 Dayton, Adin W.; st/Inette (back Dayton mon) 1868 Apr-1947 Jul S-2 Unknown, Minnie (next to McLaury mon) d 1820 Sep 6 McLAURY stone: S-2 McLaury, John H /wife Elvira E Dayton (front mon) 1819 Oct 15- 1894 Aug 30 S-2 (McLaury,) Elvira E DAYTON, his wife /hus John H McLaury (front mon) 1827 Dec 20-1910 Mar 10 S-2 Westcott, Adon B /Angeline Dayton; & Minerva Dayton(back McLaury mon) d 1900 Oct 1@72yr S-2 (Westcott,) Angeline DAYTON, his wife / hus Adon; Minerva Dayton (back of McLaury) d 1901 Feb 5@69yr S-2 Dayton, Minerva A; back McLaury mon/Adon & Angline Dayton) d 1915 Feb 16@86yr SILLIIMAN stone: S-3 Silliman, Francis B; F/wife Jane Moreness 1837 Jul 5-1927 Jul 3 S-3 (Silliman,) Jane MORENESS, his wife; F/hus Francis B 1845 Aug 3- 1911 Jun 20 S-3 Silliman, Wesley (VET) side 1 1874-1938 S-3 Silliman, Frank (side 2) + fs Frank 1866 Oct 19-1917 Jan 7 S-3 Hoyle, Ada, w/o S. K. Hoyle / Arthur, Bertha (back Silliman mon) 1864-1947 S-3 Hoyle, Arthur /Ada, Bertha (back Silliman mon) (Sp-Am vet) 1872-1950 S-3 Hoyle, Bertha /Ada, Arthur (back Silliman mon) +footstone Bertha 1877-1938 SILLIMAN stone: S-3 Silliman, Charles H (Front)+ fs father 1879-1929 S-3 Silliman, Jennie Grimes, his wife (Front) + fs mother 1886-1983 S-3 Silliman, Charles H/wife Jennie Grimes (on mon) 1879-1929 S-3 Silliman, Jennie GRIMES /hus Charles H (on mon) 1886-1983 S-3 (Silliman,) Maude TERK, his wife (back) 1885-1979 S-3 Silliman, Glenn D (Back) 1881-1968 S-3 Wilcox, Hazel L, daughter (Back) 1918-1989 SILLIMAN stone: S-3 Silliman, John B MM3 US Army WWII;8/19/20-8/19/94 st/wife Mary 1920-1994 (Aug 19, 1920-Aug 19, 1994) S-3 Silliman, Mary; st/hus John B 1924-1993 S-4 Colburn, Beulah (DO under name) (back to back/Kathleen Rose Sperry, dau) 1918 Jan 17-1989 Jun 2 S-4 Sperry, Kathleen Rose, "dau, beloved wife,mother" (back to back/Beulah Colburn 1928 Apr 14-1991 Jun 20 MONTGOMERY stone: S-5 Montgomery, Pearl; st/Dewitt (front mon) 1889-1978 S-5 Montgomery, Dewitt O; st/Pearl (front mon) 1886-1941 S-5 Montgomery, Waneta, dau (mon back) 1907-1928 S-5 Montogmery, Willard, son (mon back) 1915-1916 T-1 Martin, Della DAYTON 1823-1904 WHEELER stone: T-2 Wheeler, Stephen F (front/wife Emma Hillsinger) 1855 Oct 5-blank T-2 (Wheeler,) Emma HILLSINGER, his wife (front/hus Stephen F) 1852 Oct 7-1899 Feb 5 T-2 Wheeler, Eva May (side) 1880 Jun 27-1883 Sep 24 BURNSIDE stone: U-1 Burnside, Delos W (front/wife Sarah H Every) 1835 Apr 2-1907 Feb 18 U-1 (Burnside,) Sarah C. EVERY, his wife (front/hus Delos W) 1837 Dec 26-1923 Jan 21 U-1 Burnside, Irving A (back/Jennie E & Ford L) 1864 Aug 22- 1930 Sep 13 U-1 Burnside, Jennie E (back/Irving A & Ford L) 1865 Dec 15-1899 Jan 25 U-1 Burnside, Ford L (back/Irving A & Jennie E) (+fs 1881-1934) 1881 Jun 7-1934 Jul 31 EVERY stone: U-2 Every, William W /w Mary E Wells; Merton D Father GAR 1839-1888 U-2 (Every,) Mary E WELLS, his wife /hus Wm W; Merton D 1849-1941 U-2 Every, Merton D; st/Wm W & Mary E 1878-1896 U-3 Burnside, Olive BEGEAL 1884-19blank STUKELEY stone: V-1 Stukeley, Sherman B/w Mary A Webster; Robert H (F) 1813 Sep 16- 1880 Sep 16 V-1 (Stukeley,) Mary A WEBSTER, his wife; st/h Sherman B; Robert H (Front) 1823 Feb 13-blank V-1 Stukeley, Robert H; st/Sherman & Mary (side) 1843 Jul 21-1890 Nov 19 GUNN stone: V-2 Gunn, George D (front/w Polly Ann Bostwick) 1823 Dec 15- 1892 Jun 26 V-2 (Gunn,) Polly Ann BOSTWICK, his wife; front/hus George) 1826 Oct 3-1901 May 22 * V-2 Gunn, Sophie E (side/Mary J) 1855 Jul 26-1870 Nov 2 V-2 Gunn, Mary J (side/Sophie E) 1862 Jan 16-1864 Jun 18 * DOCC-Gunn, Polly Ann d May 22, 1904 @ 77 yr ROE stone: V-3 Roe, David; st/wife Pauline E (VET) 1870-19blank V-3 Roe, Pauline E., his wife; st/hus David 1879-1934 DIAMOND stone: V-4 Diamond, Timothy; front/wife Mary Ann Mickle; Roscoe D 1813-1901 V-4 Diamond, Mary Ann MICKLE; front/hus Timothy; Roscoe D 1851-1891 V-4 Diamond, Roscoe; front/ Timothy & Mary Ann 1879-1896 V-4 Diamond, Minnie (back) 1878-blank RIDDELL stone: W-1 Riddell, Murray H, h/o Vinnie E Every (front) +fs father (SAW Vet) 1867 Sep 11-1932 Sep 17 W-1 (Riddell,) Vinnie E EVERY, his wife; st/Murray H (front) + fs mother 1865 Dec 22-1955 Dec 3 W-1 Riddell, Donald S (front) fs Donald; Sp-Am War? VET 1902 Sep 5- 1909 Dec 19 W-1 Riddell, W Every (back/wife Daisy; Alton B) 1897 Dec 19-1978 Jan 26 W-1 (Riddell,) Daisy, his wife (back/W Every, Alton B) 1899 Aug 10- 1965 Jul 10 W-1 Riddell, Alton B. (back/W Every, Daisy) buried at Elk Creek, NY 1904 Sep 3-1995 Mar 28 W-2 Beams, Raymond 1898-1961 CHRISTIAN/BURNSIDE stone: W-3 Christian, Lewis A./w Mary C Gunn (Front Christian/Burnside mon) 1863-blank W-3 (Christian,) Mary C GUNN, his wife; st/h Lewis (Front Christian/Burnside mon) 1867-1926 W-3 Christian, Roy (front Christian/Burnside mon) 1892-blank W-3 Burnside, Charles /w Elizabeth Gunn VET (B Christian/Burnside mon) 1851-1920* W-3 (Burnside,) Elizabeth GUNN, his wife; st/h Chas (B Christian/Burnside mon) 1850-1909** *DOCC: Burnside, Charles W. d Dec 30, 1919, 68 yrs; bur Coop. Junction (year differs) **DOCC: Burnside, Elizabeth d Jan 11, 1909, 59 yrs; bur. Coop. Junction W-4 Craft, Frederick 1857-1925* W-4 (Craft,) Caroline COLLINS, his wife, w/o Frederick 1861-1907 *DOCC: Craft, Frederick d Nov 8, 1925, 68 yrs; bur. Coop. Junction BARNES stone: X-1 Barnes, Willis J /w Mary Pechtel +fs father 1855-1928 X-1 (Barnes,) Mary PECHTEL /h Willis J +fs mother 1858-1932 X-1 Barnes, Jesse Willis (back mon/Belle Page Barnes) 1884-1936 X-1 Barnes, Belle PAGE (back mon/Jesse Willis) 1883-1970 BARNES stone: X-2 Barnes, Grant B/w Alma J Ireland;Cpl Co G 1 Reg NY Inf-SAW) * 1867-1903 (Apr 8, 1867-Sep 30, 1903) X-2 (Barnes,) Alma J IRELAND, his wife; st/h Grant G 1876-1966 X-2 Barnes, Alma Jane Ireland-flat st: 6 Apr 1876-20Jan 1966 Army Nurse Corps WWI) *PR-Barnes, Grant 36 yrs tuberc., resided Cooperstown; bur Jct 10/3/03 (O F Com) #287 X-2 Barnes, Denison R. /w Lucy Jane Gurney; NY Pvt Co D 3rd NY Cav- Civil War 1838-1898 X-2 (Barnes,) Lucy Jane GURNEY, st/h Dennison R 1844-1920 X-2 Barnes, Ruric /Denison R & Mary Jane 1872-1889 X-3 Miller, Silas L (by Blanche Tennant) 1880-1926 X-3 Tennant, Blanche A HOWE MILLER (by Silas L Miller) 1884-1944 X-3 Tennant, Ralph W NY Pvt QM Corps VET; by Blanche 1936 Mar 26 (only 1 date) X-4 Hazard, Charles B, h/o Louisa Jackson 1850-1907 X-4 (Hazard,) Louisa JACKSON, his wife, w/o Charles B 1851-1928 X-4 Hazard, Ruth A (DAR) 1891-1933 X-4 Hazard, Charles G 1885-1943 X-4 Hazard, Maude J 1883-1972 MEWHORTER stone: X-5 Mewhorter, Missouri/ Robert 1860-1928* X-5 Mewhorter, Robert 1878-blank *DOCC: Mewhorter, M. H., d 2/26/1928 yrs; bur. Coop. Junction Y-1 Sullivan, Frances E 1902-1950 SMALLIN stone: Y-2 Smallin, Percy B; st/ Edna H (Vet) 1893-1992 Y-2 Smallin, Edna H; st/ Percy B (DAR) 1892-1959 EVERY stone: Z-1 Every, Julia; mon/Annie & Edmund E; Front 1838-1911 Z-1 Every, Annie E; mon/Julia & Edmund E; Front 1859-1909 Z-1 Every, Edmund E; mon/Julia & Annie E; Front Front 1861-1930 Z-1 Every, Dorr W 1870-1933 Z-2 Barnes, Nellie F., d/o Jerry & Anna d 1880 Jul 13@1y11m7d BARNES/TARBOX stone: Z-2 Barnes, Jerry P (front mon/wife Anna E Tarbox) GAR d 1912 May 10 @72 yr Z-2 (Barnes,) Anna E TARBOX, his wife (front mon/hus Jerry P) d 1918 Apr 25@69yr Z-2 Woodhall, Charles H (back Tarbox mon/wife Florence G Barnes 1878 Jan 21-1950 Jul 25 Z-2 (Woodhall,) Florence G BARNES, his wife (back Tarbox mon/hus Chas) 1880 Feb 9-1970 Oct 24 Z-3 (Every,) Lena BARNES, his wife, w/o Dorr W) 1873-1940 Z-3 Felion, Helen EVERY 1894-1960 CRAFT stone: Z-4 Craft, John; st/wife Matilda; Fred; Harry 1850-1932 Z-4 (Craft,) Matilda, his wife ;st/hus John; Fred; Harry 1853-1926 CRAFT stone: Z-4 Craft, Fred; st/ John & Matilda; Harry 1873-1914 Z-4 Craft, Harry; st/ John & Matilda; Fred 1884-1889 Z-4 Craft, unkown flat square stone right in front of mon & US flag nothing-no marker CLARK stone: end Clark, Marian E; st/Earl D 1897-1992 end Clark, Earl D; st/Marian E 1896-1980 end Craft, William J 1881-1927 end Crounse, Vinnie CRAFT, beside Wm. J. Craft 1885-1980 end Crounse, Gilbert NY Pvt US Army WWI 1887 Jun 24-1982 Aug 8 ADEE stone: end Adee, R Walter; st/wife Ula Craft; md 6/19/1938 VET 1912 Apr 26- 1988 May 13 end (Adee,) Ula CRAFT, his wife; st/hus R Walter 1917 Dec 25-1982 Apr 5 end Ludlow, Milton S (VET) 1905 Mar 30-1960 Oct 31 THE END Record says buried Coop. Junction but can't find stones: DOCC: Brewer, Sarah J. d Oct 22, 1898, 68 yrs; bur Junction (Coop. Junction)--Is this Sarah Quackenbush DOCC: Howe, Ella DALEY d Feb 23, 1929, 17 days; bur Coop. Junction DOCC: Place, Charles Merton, d Nov 1, 1923, 1 hr; bur. Coop. Junction DOCC: Quackenbush, Deborah (BURNSIDE) d Apr 30, 1900, 83 yrs; bur Coop. Junction DOCC: Quackenbush, Rebecca d May 2, 1900, 57 yrs; bur Coop. Junction DOCC: Smith, Bert James d Feb 19, 1908, 25 yrs; bur Coop. Junction PR-Newman, Eli 71, shock , res. Emmons; Lewis' Fun. Home; bur Cooperstown Jct 9/26/42 #1515 PR-Quackenbush, David, bro Geo. Q., 36 yrs, suicide, Otego-Colliers; bur Jct. 6/14/06 (582)
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