Frank Costella Farm Cemetery
Hartwick, Otsego County, NY
Copied by Katherine Mills Hamilton & Zillah VanCleft Bull 1938
Re-Typed by Annette Campbell

This farm is also known as the old Donelly Place. 
Located near Snowdon Hill, north of Hartwick, NY   
Condition: Terrible

Reeve Dilly   d. 22 Oct 1828   Age 74y11m
Desire Dilly   d. 9 Aug 1817   Age 65y5m8d   w/o Reeve
Claudues Dilly   d. 12 Dec 1848   Age 57y3m6d
Artemas Brockway   d. 18 Apr 1841   Age 54y
Ezra K.S. Rose   d. 29 Jun 1817   Age 1m21d   s/o Jehiel & Lavinia
Diadama Rose   d. 13 Dec 1817   No Age
Pomeroy Rose   d. 4 Nov 1813   Age 7y24d   s/o Diadama
Cynthia Angel   d. 2 Apr 1842   Age 74y   w/o Joseph  (b. ca. 1768)
Amanda Angel   d. 3 Nov 1823   Age 24y  d/o Benjamin & Abagail 
    (b. ca. 1799)
James Angel   d. Apr 1816   Age 80y   (b. ca 1736)
Ann Angel   d. 27 Apr 1811  Age 71y   ( 1740)  w/o James
Joseph H. Reed   d. 9 Sep 1839   Age 2y3m2d   s/o Anson & Sophia
Elisha Nickerson   d. 20 Oct 1847   Age 19y   s/o Elisha & Ann
Julia Nickerson   d. 18 May 1855   Age 32y   d/o Elisha & Ann
Daniel Nickerson, Capt.   d. 29 Jul 1828   Age 72y
Abigal Nickerson   d. 14 Apr 1828   Age 76y   w/o Daniel, Capt.
Mary Nickerson   d. 16 Aug 1791   Age 34y   w/o Daniel, Capt.
Anna Nickerson   d. 6 Dec 1831   Age 44y   w/o Elisha, Esq.
Harriet Nickerson   d. 26 Mar 1838   Age 18y   d/o Elisha & Anna
Elisha Nickerson, Esq.   d. 13 Feb 1844   Age 54y
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