County Rt. 48 Cemetery
Otego, Otsego County, NY
Contributed by Rene' Treffeisen

**These graves were removed to the Evergreen Cemetery, Otego**

Newspaper Article Published in the Richfield Springs Mercury
September 21 1972

DOT Seeking Information
For Cemetery Relocation

Albany, August 30 – The State Department of
Transportation is seeking information to aid it in 
locating descendants of persons buried in an abandoned 
burial plot on the path of planned Interstate
Route 88 in the Town of Otego, Otsego County.  Upon
location of next of kin, the remains will be reburied
elsewhere at Department expense.

The plot is on property of Mrs. Mildred B. Hyatt 
on Otsego County Road 48 (Wells Bridge-Otego Rd.) 
about a mile west of the Otego village bridge over the
Susquehanna River.  Containing an estimated four 
Graves, the plot is near the river’s south bank.  One
Legible headstone is that of Robert Rathbun, who died
July 17, 1830.

Anyone with information that could assist the 
Department in finding descendants is asked to write or 
Otherwise contact John L. Rohner, Regional Real
Property Officer, State Department of transportation,
71 Frederick street, Binghamton, New York 13902
(phone 772-1540).

Rathbun,  Robert     d. Jul 17, 1830   Age 53y
            Freelove    d. Dec __, ____  wife of Robert (stone flat on ground)

If anyone has any information about the other graves that were originally here and removed,
please send it to the county coordinator.
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