County Route 34 Cemetery
Westford, Otsego County, NY
Partial copy by Neal & Norma Bostwick
Re-Typed by Annette Campbell

This cemetery is located on Cemetery on County Route 34 near Campbell Road, 
Westford, Otsego Co, NY States it was getting dark when this was copied and should be rechecked by anyone interested in this cemetery. Knapp Ely G. d. 24 Jul 1864 Age 34y6m12d Footstone E.C. K. L. R. K. --Footstone Catherine d. 7 Aug 1849 Age 24y1m12d s/o Edgar Suthard Irving W. d. 2 Dec 1853 _____ d. 38y3m8d H. S. Footstone Southard Isaac W. d. 26 Nov 1854 Age 32y2m11d Footstone I.W.S. son of Isaac & Elizabeth Elizabeth d. 23 Nov 1881 Age 83y I. S. Footstone - probably Isaac, Sr. David d. 25 Dec 1838 Age 78y Footstone D.S. H. G. Footstone Heirtt Sam d. 11 Jul 1847 Age 85y Footstone S. H. Lucinda d. 30 Dec 1846 Age 82y Footstone L. H. Frances M. 10 Feb 1796-10 May 1875 Wife of Amos born New London CT (nee CHESTER) A. H. Footstone--probably Amos Heirtt Campbell John d. 14 Oct 1845 Age 74y William d. 6 Jun 1859 Age 79y Tirzah d. 1 Feb 1866 Age 85y Wife of William Footstone T. C. Willsey Walter O. d. 26 Jan 1857 Age 8m14d s/o Jonathan & Harriet Footstone W.O. W. John A. d. 13 Dec 1836 Age 41y11m11d Patricia d. 24 Mar 1864 Age 64y2m24d Wife of John A. Chase Mary d. 20 Dec 1855 Age 69y7m18d w/o Benjamine Benjamine d. 28 May 1847 Age 68y4m28d Footstone B. C. Harrison L. d. 25 Sep 1853 Age 24y3m15d Footstone H.C. Howe Artemus d. 22 Feb 1849 Age 72y4m Fanny d. 23 Apr 1819 Age 32y w/o Artemus (small stone A. Howe & wife) Mills Edward d. 6 Aug 1862 Age 86y Footstone E. M. Snider Loisa d. 16 Sep 1827 Age 26y w/o Andrew Snyder Elizabeth d. 18 Oct 1832 Age 80y w/o John Tyler Lyman H. d. 11 Mar 1862 Age 29y11m5d s/o H.H. & Persus Persis d. 11 Nov 1869 Age 67y5m w/o Harvey H. ______ Harriet d. 30 Sep 1829 Age 42y Williams Margaret Elizabeth d. 17 Mar 185? Age 1y6m12d d/o Ezra & Charlotte Anna d. 1 Mar 1812 Age 27y w/o Ezra (nee STANLEY) Footstone A.S.W. David d. 31 Aug 1830 Age 68y11m18d Babcock Sylvinia d. 26 Nov 1846 Age 63y Footstone S.B. w/o Col. Samuel Col. Samuel d. 26 Sep 1839 Col. Samuel 1761-1836 Pvt 12th MA Reg Rev War Badeau Amezy d. 8 Jul 1861 Age 63y9m3d Am_____ d. 28 Jun 1867 Age 65y6m2d w/o Amezy D. Alexander d. 17 Mar 1851 Age 25y s/o A. & A. James d. 21 Mar 1867 Age 79y6m Lucinda d. 17 Feb 1862 Age 67y w/o James Footstone L.E. B. Groff Emily Amanda d. 20 Dec 1844 Age 1y6m2d d/o Gilly Groff Loomis Ann E. d. 2 Jun 1854 Age 5y6m12d d/o Charles & Emily Charles 1819-1912 Footstone A. L. Gallop Sidney d. 7 Sep 1810 Age 16y s/o L.W. & Polly DeLong Ephraim d. 5 Dec 1843 Age 58y10m5d Footstone E.D. Elizabeth d. 9 Mar 1861 Age 62y25d w/o Ephraim Hubbard Albert d. 18 Oct 1844 Age 31y6m12d Footstone A. H. Many field stones that are most likely grave markers-nothing on them
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